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1500) Chris  Male
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Beverley Callard is to star as Roxanne in new stage show The Thunder Girls [coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com]

I wonder what Liz' storyline will be as she exits the Street, so that Beverley takes time off to perform in this play?

blitzen 33 minutes ago
Usually Andy breaks a leg and she has to go to Spain to run his pub for him. Maybe this time it will be his collarbone or a ruptured spleen, Poor accident-prone Andy. lol
1499) Chris  Male
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Sixteen years ago - [twitter.com] eek!
1498) Hey Jude 
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Tracy, no harm done, honestly! I never worry about spoilers and I just meant I was looking forward to tonights eppie.
1497) Mark  Male
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According to this web site Carla out ranks Gemma for the number of appearances in 2019 episodes.
So you people were imagining Gemma as having more favouritism.
You didn't notice because of your bias against Gemma.


Maggie Today at 05:38
Actually, this shows that Gemma has been the #2 character used this year and was at #26 last year. I'd say that proves there has been some sort of 'favouritism' towards that character since the new producer took over! smile

Mark Today at 05:46
Well that's a different way of looking at it that I hadn't considered. Thanks.

Maggie Today at 06:03
Thanks to you for that link, Mark! I hadn't realized that Gemma has received more screen time than Sally, Johnny, Jenny and Liz, Peter and some others who have been involved in major story lines lately.

Mark Today at 06:08
It would be nice if some of those wiki links could be at the top of the Guestbook page for when we want to look up some Biographies for fun or to argue with one another.

Nell Today at 08:55
Thanks for the link.

Gemma's rise has been nothing short of insane and those numbers prove it. But she's also dominated more in the amount of time per episode, interacting with more characters than Carla has, so in some ways I'd put her ahead of Carla. As of today Cdn timeline anyway. Carla is about to be featured in a big story so she might well be seen and talked about more soon. No. 2 for a character like Gemma (for the purposes of that site's stats) says to me people are right about thinking of taking a temporary break.

Lynn 11 minutes ago
Something stinks because her acting is not that good and her character type has been done to death on the show.

My take:
Someone in charge REALLY likes Dollie-Rose (for reasons unknown to all of us who view the show); all contrary opinions are ignored and dismissed. Until her backers are gone, or she messes up in a spectacular manner we will have her inflicted on us.

The PTB will ignore all the unhappy co-workers, the divisions and her co-workers because she is considered beyond reproach. So who at the top is so charmed by Dollie-Rose?

I have lived it and seen it so often: favouritism for reasons we cannot fathom. Time may reveal all. I am sure that many of us have worked for bosses who favour a staffer and we are left shaking our heads as to what could be going on, and why the rest of the staff is now not worth an ounce of consideration.
1496) Chris  Male
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Peter Tork of The Monkees has passed, at age 77. R.I.P. Peter. [www.bbc.com]
1495) Hey Jude 
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Tracy I said to Marie the other day that I think Roy is lovely! I haven't seen tonights show yet, but I can't wait! big grin

Tracy Today at 02:28
Sorry for the spoiler...
I forget, I used to always type the words THURSDAY EPISODE above my posts, if I posted immediately after watching.
I rarely watch it in 'real time' anymore.

Mark Today at 02:43
Today is thursday so no error was committed.

Tracy Today at 02:50
Yes, there was, because BC is behind us on the clock, so they haven't seen it yet. We mustn't think Canada only revolves around Ontario, lol wink

Nell Today at 03:36
It's ok (at least for me). Many of us on the west coast get the time change TV option - so we can watch CBC Ontario at the same time as you. Those are the shows I tape, starting at 4:00 or 4:30 pm. I used to be able to tape the Newfoundland CBC shows, but they took that option away. Too bad - Newfoundland had some great local TV adverts.
1494) Tracy 
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Love Jenny. Love how she called Liz to thank her. Love how she told Johnny she wanted him to think she cheated on him so he could feel the pain she felt. Wonderful actress.

AND --- I was glad she is the only one trying to help the Guestbook figure out what the heck happened with Gemma and Liz lol lol

T Today at 02:31

Mark Today at 02:49
I watched Thursday's episode and I saw none of that.
This is fake news.

Tracy Today at 02:54
What??? Did you get up and leave the room?
Jenny was on the phone leaving Liz a voicemail message, when Johnny walks in the back room. Then Johnny tells her he as booked a romantic evening in a hotel and he booked her a message for 1pm. He asks Gemma if she is okay to work the bar.
And J and J discuss how or what Gemma may have done to convince Liz to avoid the court case/trial.

Mark Today at 03:02
Oh is that who it was? How were we supposed to know?
I figured she was just talking to a telemarketer.
Yes I heard the part about Johnny announcing the trip
and asking Gemma to work late.
I didn't hear the part about J-J discussing Gemma though.
Ok I retract the fake news accusations.
1493) Nancy 
Ontario Location
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Today at 01:40 Write a comment

ZOMG! I am bubbling over with excitement. What would I give to provide an experience that would be "most gratifying" to Roy? I really hope it wouldn't involve trains or bats, but I'd go there if I had to. How can David Nelson make me care so much about a fictional character and his bizarre gratifications?

Nancy Today at 01:43
Oh good lord and he was "completely captivated" by bargeing around England as a child. He is loquacious with happiness these days -- hope that's a Carla effect that will last.

Mark Today at 02:03
They are meant for each other.
I like how Roy said to Johnny that he pointed out her hypocrisy in criticizing Jenny's drinking.
That is another sign of true love.
I wish Roy would ask Peter for some seduction tips
as Carla is waiting for Roy to make the first move on her.

Tracy Today at 02:06
SNAP! I said to my husband, I'm going to find out what is most gratifying for me this weekend!!!! - Roy seems so pleased with something so basic (to Peter). My hubby reminded me that I can look and admire something inexpensive (purchased from Homesense) for days and repeatedly say how happy I am with my purchase!

Tracy Today at 02:09
Lol Mark! IMHO Carla only sees him as a friend. I know you think otherwise, but I just cannot see them as a couple.

And I too liked how Roy mentioned the hypocrisy in Carla judging Jenny's drinking habits.

Roy is lovely.

Nell Today at 02:22
Carla with Roy romantically is the equivalent of putting Rita with Seb. 🤢

Carla has a group of male fans of all ages (including 20 something year olds) on the UK guestbook who spend a good deal of time fantasizing about her, and complaining how they think she's way out of Peter's league. I can only imagine what their response would be to grandfather Roy!

Nell Today at 02:24
BTW I like Roy. But he's an old man who deserves a nice elderly woman. He doesn't need to be robbing the cradle. He's not that insecure.

Tracy Today at 02:35
I dont think it would be out of insecurity for Roy, if by miracle he did have feelings for Carla (or vice versa, Mark ;) I just don't see there being a physical attraction between the two. I called it a father figure admiration before, but I take that back now. It is an equal friendship built on love for sure, but not with a sexual connection.

Mark Today at 02:55
You two are envious of Carla's looks lol

Carla is rich enough to buy a boat but can't afford to rent a place of her own?
She's living at Roy for a reason. She's playing the long game.
Love knows no age and Carla is no spring chicken so he's not robbing the cradle.
She's tired of men who can't commit that is why she is attracted to Roy and because he's the only one who calls her on her hypocrisies and her flaws.

Nell Today at 03:23
I admire Carla's good looks. When guys say they think she's hot, I get it. If I was gay she'd be my crush. I don't think Roy would be able to keep up with her.

It's unrealistic to me that the writers have her living at Roy's. I blame it on writers who don't think.

Mark Today at 04:57
Roy born in 1954
Carla born in 1975
difference of 21 years.

Johnny born 1953
Jenny born 1971
difference 18 years

If it doesn't bother you that
Jenny and Johnny then it shouldn't
bother you that Carla and Roy get married.

Maggie Today at 05:11
It has nothing to do with age for me. They are just different relationships. I've never seen any inkling that Roy and Carla are attracted to each other - whereas Johnny and Jenny obviously were. Big difference.

Roy and Carla clearly love each other and I think that's why they continue to live together even though they don't have to - they're family and keep being 'there for' each other. I just don't see why this would suggest any romantic feelings.

Mark Today at 05:51
Well I'm glad you aren't using the age discrimination card against Roy and Carla.

Roy is going to give her some jewelry so this is going to add fuel to Carla's repressed passion.
She's made so many mistakes in past romances that she's afraid of losing the friendship with Roy if she makes the first move.

Nell Today at 08:48
Many viewers weren't impressed with Jenny and Johnny being put together either. Age discrimination? Nope. It's about the older man/ younger woman fantasy being overplayed time and again. But I agree, completely different relationships too. There's zero romantic chemistry between Roy and Carla. Less than zero actually. I'd put it in the negatives. No indications whatsoever of it going there. More a case of wishful thinking than evidence based thinking. Reminds me of the overused word on this forum as of late - fake. Sorry, that's how I see it.

Lise Today at 13:07
Roy sees Carla as the daughter he never had.

Carla loved Haley and I think Haley had asked Carla to look out for Roy.
Which was easy to do as Carla also loved Roy.

It's a pure and beautiful friendship.

Gail 34 minutes ago
I feel the age difference is far too great at this point. Maybe 20 years ago it would have been different but not now. I also think that Carla and Roy have a deep connection based on friendship and for her he's a father figure as other's have said. Also, she promised Haley she would look after him and she loved Haley as she loves Roy and will keep her promise. I wouldn't mind seeing them together romantically, I have to admit that, but I just don't see that in the cards and would be surprised if they went there! I think Johnny and Jenny work and seem right together. Interestingly he cheated on his younger wife with an older woman. It's usually the other way around.
1492) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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You said a mouthful Chris! Alternate universe is right! lol lol
1491) Lise 
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Yesterday at 23:47 Write a comment


Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Alice Today at 02:35
Thank you Lise. Yes, it was quite nice.
1490) Kate  Female
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 22:21 Write a comment

Why does Maria owe Rita money?

Chris Yesterday at 22:41
Rita loaned Maria the funds so that she could buy a 50% interest in Audrey's salon.

Kate Yesterday at 23:06
So did she use the money to buy part of the Salon ..If so, then why does Rita want her money back or is she just expecting some kind of income from her investment?

Alexandra Yesterday at 23:11
Rita was going to ask for the money back so she could buy the Kabin from Norris.

Chris Yesterday at 23:31
I don't believe that we heard the terms of Rita's loan to Maria, just that it was a loan and not a gift.

Kate Yesterday at 23:33
If Maria used the money to buy half of the salon,then how can she give it back to Rita?

Alexandra Yesterday at 23:43
I think Rita was desperate, but, after her conversation with Maria, she realized that she couldn't ask for her money back. I don't know where she thought Maria would get the money from.

Chris Today at 00:13
In the real world, there would be an expectation that Rita's loan would be repaid from Maria's increased income from her 50% ownership in the salon. But, Coronation Street is in an alternate universe, so that's not going to happen, it seems. confused

Mark Today at 01:59
They should have signed a loan agreement.
The only way Rita could get her money back is if Maria defaults on her loan repayment and then Rita could take Maria's share of the salon.
Then Rita would have to sell her share of the salon.
So it's a complicated process that would take too long for Norris to wait around for.
Rita is just being bossy Rita and blaming Norris for all her misery.

Kate Today at 02:33
Rita ain't ever seeing that money.

Mark Today at 05:01
But her inheritor will inherit Maria's debt... ha ha ha.
1489) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 22:12 Write a comment

From The Sun - Inside Coronation Street star Lisa George's quirky Manchester home [www.thesun.co.uk]

Lisa said, "I'm not mad, really." wink

Lise Yesterday at 23:45
Quirky or tacky...?

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Tracy Today at 00:01
Tacky, I'm afraid

Nell Today at 00:56
I'm not going to judge. It's her home. Whatever makes her comfortable.

Nell Today at 03:46
I say eccentric. I'd love to spend an afternoon at her place and not because she's on Corrie. It would be fun. wink

Lise 32 minutes ago
It's bizarre. It would give me nightmares.

But obviously it makes her happy.
1488) blitzen 
Edmonton Location
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Yesterday at 22:05 Write a comment

Wayyy down there somewhere, Tracy speculated that the twins were written out partly because they didn't want to deal with another couple of child actors on set. Which is one of the reasons I am skeptical about this supposed quadruplets story actually happening. Can you imagine the logistics involved in having FOUR babies on set at the same time?!? Obviously they would be able to use dolls for some scenes, but to make the story realistic (!) there would have to be times when we could see all 4 actual babies at once. That would also mean the presence of social workers, parents or guardians, health & safety officers...madness.

Maggie Yesterday at 22:16
I agree, Blitzen - unless the babies do not survive, which could be part of the story line.

Beachy Carol Yesterday at 22:58
Maggie you may be right but I sure hope they don’t go that route. Already recently little baby Ruairi sadly passed away, we saw not so long ago that Jenny is still grieving her little boy, Sara has lost a baby, Jack had a life threatening injury and life changing operation, baby Susie was used as a pawn and moved off the street, and little Bertie is still fighting for his life and his mother is too. And we don’t yet know what will happen with Amy’s baby. I think if the writers give then take away quads the viewing public will be in an uproar. Just don’t go that route! Terrible story anyway.

Maggie Today at 04:46
Agreed, Beachy, that would be an awful story and way too much. I wouldn't put it past them, though. Just the list you provided is already way too much! I just can't envision how they could make Ches and Gemma having 4 babies remotely realistic or believable. Hopefully, this is a red herring and turns out to be nothing - maybe someone overhears something and gets the wrong end of the stick.
1487) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 21:36 Write a comment

Happy Birthday, Alice. smile

Alice Yesterday at 23:15
Thank you Chris. Much appreciated.
1486) Louise 
sunny cold Alberta Location
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Yesterday at 21:28 Write a comment

I appreciate the comments about Dolly Rose’s acting ability, or lack thereof. I think that’s a large part of why I can’t stand Gemma – even though at first I didn’t mind her and thought she was kind of funny, in small doses. Having been exposed for so long to her gaping mouth and eyes that make her look astonished at all times I realize the woman simply can’t act. She has an extremely narrow range of voice, pitch, movement, gestures, facial expressions and emotional expression. She just doesn’t appear natural, it’s like she’s always over-acting to try and convey….something – there’s no nuance. She's grating. Real actors don’t need to play to the last row second balcony as she seems to do.

As annoying as Becky or Kylie could be they were always interesting to watch because the actresses had talent, I never wished they would leave the set. Dolly Rose may indeed be a lovely person but I think she’s been done a disservice in being convinced she’s star material, she ain’t. Or maybe she’s been subjected to the worst directing in the history of tv, though I highly doubt that as the rest of the cast are very good. For example Beth is gobby and annoying but she’s convincing, she’s a natural, she can convey a range of emotions. Gemma can't.

carolyn Yesterday at 22:25
I totally agree Louise.

Nell Today at 01:18
My theory is the producer knows how wildly popular Becky and Kylie were, and he's trying to make a mark with his own Becky or Kylie in Gemma. Well, he thinks she's a hilarious character, so that's his judgement for you.

I agree with everything you said too, Louise. Good post.
1485) Lise 
TO Location
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Yesterday at 21:23 Write a comment

Who's leaving, returning or joining...


Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow)

Status: Returning

When: Early 2019

Dianne Today at 00:11
My money's on Bhavna Limbachia (Rana) being killed when the factory roof collapses.

Tracy Today at 01:07
****** SPOILER SPOILER ******

Agreed. The actress who plays Rana and Imran's mother is back filming now. Perhaps for scenes following Rana's death???

Or, it's a red herring and it will be Norris?

Maggie Today at 04:30
I don't mind spoilers but don't understand why they publish this sort of info. It would be much more interesting not to know when a character will be leaving or when someone will be returning. I'd think they'd want to keep people guessing and give them some surprises.

Mark Today at 05:09
I agree Maggie. I notice this in another British program.
They show summaries at the start of the show
(so I wait to watch it 10 minutes into the program).
It's a strange British need to protect themselves from suspense anxiety.
Maybe it's an ADD thing.
1484) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 21:01 Write a comment

Mark,I like your take on the Gemma\Liz scenario,it makes more sense to me than what we saw last night.
I also agree that Gemma who is as loud as Beth would not be a good mother figure t Joseph and it makes me wonder even more why he would chose Gemma over Emma who was very doting to Lily and Max when she was with David.

Tracy,Perhaps when Adam returns,he could be Emma's Prince Charming and sweep her off her feet?Or would he be too old for her?
Like you,I also want to see Emma paired with someone who puts her first and maybe make Chesney regret choosing Gemma over her.

Tracy Yesterday at 21:08
Mark, I forgot to reply to your point (thanks Marie!) - you are so right about Chesney who was so strong in his conviction to dedicate himself to Joseph. And now he chooses Gemma?!
Not sure about Adam with Emma... too old for sure, as she is supposed to be ages with Bethany. Eva was the lady for him. Or Angie. So goodness knows what will happen when he returns. I tried to look up some info as to why the actor is taking a break, but come up with nothing really -- just confirmation he will be back.
phew!!!!! embarrassment

Mark Today at 01:54
How about CRAIG the policeman - artist?
He's the doting type.
He would be focussed on maximum complexion Emma.

We saw tonight a barmaid isn't a good girlfriend because she has to work evening shifts
vs Emma with whom Chesney could have spent his evenings cuddling and assembling puzzles (or better yet mecanno sets).

It's not enough to go after the loudest gum chewing girl.
You have to check her schedule!

Tracy Today at 02:19
Yes Craig would be sweet with Emma. Someone else has suggested Craig previously. Not that she has to be paired with anyone. But since she made the comment she believes in fairy tales, I hope she gets a prince worthy of her love and affection.

Maggie Today at 04:23
Tracy, Nicola might also be a good match for Adam - (is she staying around?) or...maybe Adam will return with a girlfriend!

I like Emma and also hope for her to find a Prince Charming but she seems a bit of an odd duck when it comes to relationships. First, she jumped in with David and wasn't terribly distressed when he and Shona got back together and now she's just fine with Ches being with Gemma - no hard feelings on either count, we'll all stay friends. She's either the most mature, secure person on the street or she's actually not mature at all, doesn't understand commitment/love, and is very insecure and a bit flaky. Emma has certainly shown sadness and disappointment in both cases but she does handle it awfully well! wink

Pearl Today at 04:26
Ages: Emma - 19, Craig - 20, Adam - 30. Maybe the right man for Emma isn't on the street yet.
1483) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Yesterday at 19:20 Write a comment

I at first thought that Paul and Gemma gagged and tied Liz up in her flat, but giving her a lift to the airport makes much more sense, funny that no one saw Liz get into the van though, but it could happen that way!

I really hope they tone Gemma down and that we see less of the shreiking and yelling at everyone. I could easily handle her if she just stopped all the shrieking and accusations. As some have said, when Fizz first arrived, no one could stand her and then she grew up and softened. But Gemma is already an adult and she still acts like a teenager. I really liked Gemma in the beginning, I hope I don't regret ever liking her.

Mark: Some of us who liked Becky, me at least, were more impressed by the actresses acting ability, not the fact she could throw a rock into someone's storefront. Yep she had awful temper tantrums, but she was so good at it! lol

I also adored Phelan like my friend, Tracy here, did. Still missing him.

Nell Yesterday at 19:41
I agree, the actress who played Becky is an amazing actor! I don't think Dolly Rose can act at the same level.

Tracy Yesterday at 20:54
ahh.... Connor McIntyre... missing him too. Damn them for killing him off. I will start watching EastEnders lickety split if Kate Oates can poach him over to BBC !!!!

And I agree, loved Becky for her acting. She clearly has done so well after leaving Corrie - so talented. As is Suranne Jones (Karen MacDonald) who I loved in Corrie.

Gail Yesterday at 21:38
Connor McIntyre would fit in so well on East Enders! I wish Kate Oates would get him to join the cast and play a similar character to Pat Phelan. Recently they had the Irish actor Patrick Bergin playing a villain and he was quite chilling. When they do villains on East Enders, they do them well! The guy who played Stewart Highway is also very good. I love East Enders! I didn't know Kate Oates is about to become the new producer! She should fit in nicely!

Tracy Yesterday at 21:50
Gail, do you watch EE currently, consistently?
How far behind are we?
Is it on Vision, and if you know the schedule off by heart, can you advise on that too, if you reply to my post? cheers

Nell Today at 01:58
Gail, EE has been in transition with Kate Oates on board for a while now. There's a lot of anticipation about her official episodes beginning this week.

EE is on Friday nights on Vision TV, three 40-min episodes back to back. Starting 9 pm PST, so that would be 12 midnight EST into Saturday early a.m.

Tracy Today at 02:26
Thanks for the info. I might just check it out again.

Nell Today at 03:42
I'd also love to know how far behind Canada is. Gail and/or Alice, do you know?
1482) Jim  Male
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Yesterday at 19:15 Write a comment

Is Rosie coming back?

Chris Yesterday at 19:51
Helen Flanagan has said Rosie will return, but has not given any timeline. Helen recently gave birth to her second child and is enjoying motherhood. I hope to see her return soon. smile

Tracy Yesterday at 21:53
Chris, do you know - is her husband/partner still playing for Celtic? I believe she is enjoying her maternity leave in Glasgow. Who could blame her! wink
(I'm an Aberdeen supporter, and then Rangers btw)

Tracy Yesterday at 21:56
Chris, do you know - is her husband/partner still playing for Celtic? I believe she is enjoying her maternity leave in Glasgow. Who could blame her! wink
(I'm an Aberdeen supporter, and then Rangers btw)

Chris Yesterday at 23:27
Yes, Scott Sinclair is still playing for Celtic. [www.celticfc.net]

I don't really follow Scottish footie, but I believe Scott has been doing well.

Tracy Today at 00:05
Scott Sinclair, that's him! I forgot his name.
Thanks Chris.
1481) Lise 
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Yesterday at 18:42 Write a comment

In the MIRROR:

Coronation Street viewers got a shock tonight when Liz McDonald bowed out of the ITV soap.

In a massive twist, Liz made the last-minute decision not to turn up to Johnny and Jenny Connor's trial.

Gemma Winter pleaded with Liz not to testify in court - then revealed her and Rita had come up with a plan.

The police started searching all over the Street for missing Liz but no one had seen the former Rovers landlady.

She made her escape in the back of the Underworld van driven by nervous Paul alongside Gemma.

Mark Yesterday at 19:05
Thanks Lise! smile

So now we have to read newspapers to understand the show's loose ends? frown

Lise Yesterday at 19:29
Yep! It was less than clear. Left us hanging...

But your guess was right Mark.

Gail Yesterday at 19:36
What?? So Beverly Callard has left Corrie permanently or just for a while?? I guess she's gone to Spain to visit Andy. Now he's a character they should definitely bring back but I guess they need him in Spain so Bev and Simon can use him as an excuse when they leave the show for a while!

Nell Yesterday at 19:39
It's only a temporary break. Bev Callard is doing the Rocky Horror Show. She'll be back. smile

Gail Yesterday at 19:46
Oh Phewwww! Thanks Nell. I would hate to see Liz leave again.

Nell Yesterday at 19:47
Me too, Gail! smile

Mark Yesterday at 19:48
They asked Liz to join the Rocky Horror show because they don't need to make changes to her current make up style.

Mark Yesterday at 19:50
Now if only the writers could have Steve go and join her.
I'm ready to keep Gemma in exchange.

Lise Yesterday at 19:50
That sentence was a bit misleading wasn't it Gail.

Gail Yesterday at 19:57
It definitely was Lise! I did read that she was going to be the narrator of that show a while ago and with the filming being so far ahead she's just leaving our screens now. So true about the makeup Mark! LOL

Mark Yesterday at 20:09
Gail: another one is the mother on CBC's Shitt's Creek.

Tracy Yesterday at 20:49
Well, I must have been drunk on my decaf tea last night, cos I didn't catch any hint of Gemma even coming near Liz. I feel we were left to guess what had happened. In fact, I was hoping it will be addressed tonight (as I said in my post this morning)...

I think the stint of Rocky Horror is done now for Manchester; I saw on Twitter, it is moving to Liverpool next month (or maybe it was April).
The actress has mentioned she is back on the Corrie set after a vacation. I think they film 6 weeks in advance? maybe more?
*** Chris, can you confirm? ***

and hey - wee bit harsh about the makeup lol

Tracy Yesterday at 20:57
oops I meant coffee, not tea. not that it matters. I don't know why I typed tea. I'm a coffee gal.
Sipping a McDonalds one as I type actually!

Chris Yesterday at 23:37
Tracy, yes normally, scenes are filmed six weeks in advance of being aired. However, prior to the Christmas holidays, it can be as much as eight weeks in advance due to filming being shut-down for more that a week.

Chris Yesterday at 23:53
*more than a week. #drat

Tracy Today at 00:06
Cheers. I thought that is what you have confirmed previously. 6 weeks on average.

Nell Today at 02:11
Bev Callard was saying she was asked how she felt about having to wear fishnet stockings. She said, Are you kidding? I play Liz MacDonald! That's normal for me. (Or words to that effect). The UK show sounds like so much fun, with lots of audience participation.
1480) Jeannie 
Canada Location
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Yesterday at 17:33 Write a comment

The comments re Gemma remind me of those posted when Becky came on the show. She was SO common but most of us came round to liking her or at least respecting her acting abilities. Then she left or was scooped away, can't
remember which.
The producers seem to like the "girl from the estates" redeemed/transformed, whatever. Personally, I think it's been done to death but it must be challenging to fill six episodes....

I'm wondering if Chesney will go back to Emma. He seems to be looking a bit conflicted (or possibly something else beginning with con.... lately.)

One more gripe and I will leave: I heartily agree with those who were surprised to see the court totally erase Abi's twins' birth family from their lives. No visits? No contact? Ever?

Surely that's a bit nineteen-fiftyish?

England is fairly advanced in their social programs. I could be wrong but I can't see that happening there.

Mark Yesterday at 17:44
Chesney kicked out Beth for being too loud and bullish so not to disrupt Joseph and to focus on him but now he brings in disruptive Gemma?
He wanted to put Joseph ahead of relationships.
How is Gemma going to be a good mother to Joseph?

Alexandra Yesterday at 17:49
Two things about Gemma:

Unlike the other bad/crude/nasty characters who have been on the show, Gemma never seems to get any pushback for her bad behaviour from anyone else, with the exception of Fiz. Johnny and Jenny tolerate her accusations, rudeness and bad work habits when anyone else would fire her. Rita has her move in and Imram gives her the information she wants. The other bad characters - Becky, Cilla, Janice, Beth, Phelan - all got pushback from others when they crossed the line.

The other thing is that I do not think that the actress who plays Gemma is particularly good, whereas some of the other actor/actresses/thespians (esp. Katherine Kelly, Connor McIntyre) were very talented.

Gail Yesterday at 19:10
That's very true about Becky Jeannie. She was dominating the show for quite a long time. I was never a fan although I did come around to liking her a little more over time. I also wondered if Abi meant that she had lost her twins forever with no contact? I don't think that's realistic. The court can't just do that as easily as they did can they? They could go into foster care for a long time while the parent/parents get their lives on track and prove they are capable of providing all the necessities of life for the child to the satisfaction of the courts but I can't see them being taken away permanently. I would expect they are given a chance before anything that drastic.

Jeannie Yesterday at 19:31
Hi Gail...I could be wrong but my understanding was that the fostering family would now adopt the twins and Abi and Seb would have no contact.
Very harsh, and unbelievable in this day and age, but as I said earlier, that was my understanding. If anyone else can clarify, please do.

Alexandra Yesterday at 19:48
Jeannie and Gail...as I understood it, Abi concluded that the twins would have a better and happier life if the fostering family adopted them than any life she could give them. Seb was very upset with her for making that decision and not continuing to fight to get the twins back.

What I don't understand is why the court would not allow the twins to continue to have some kind of relationship with their older brother.

Gail Yesterday at 19:55
Oh Ok, so she decided to stop fighting thinking that she was giving them a better life which truth be told, she probably is! But it's hard to imagine doing something like that. :( Thanks Alexandra. All that must have slipped my mind. wink

Mark Yesterday at 19:57
Jeannie: I think I heard a social worker on the show explain it's because Abby is too unreliable with her drunkenness and drug use it affects the children's need for stability.

Jeannie Yesterday at 20:00
Thanks Alexandra and Mark.

Tracy Yesterday at 20:44
Very good post here.
I will add Kylie to it too. Couldn't stand her at first, but then was so sad she decided to leave and was killed off. I don't like to discredit actors on here, but I would agree the actress Gemma/Dolly isn't of the same calibre as 'Becky'. *Catherine Kelly has a new show 'Cheat' coming out in the UK in March btw, hope it will show up here or on Netflix for everyone.

I thought the same thing about Chesney, when Gemma suggested the pub rather than a cozy night in alone with Ches. I think he made a mistake, Emma was more suited to him. But in saying that - I'm no fan of Ches, so I hope Emma finds her own Prince Charming who doesn't put her as 2nd best.

I do wonder if the reason the twins are written out, simply to not have child actors on the set/payroll. So many diff ways to look at the situation, if it were real life.

Alexandra Yesterday at 22:04
Gail, I think it stuck in my mind because of the scene where Abi was outside the fence around the yard where the foster family lives, watching the kids playing and looking so happy. That was when she made the decision to give them up and it was plain that it wasn't easy for her.
1479) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 17:26 Write a comment

My take on the van and Liz story:

Gemma and Paul planned to kidnap Liz
but because Rita had spoken to Liz prior to the kidnappers arriving,
Liz ended up asking Gemma and Paul to drive her to the airport
in the van so that she wouldn't be spotted by the police who were on the street.

Bad writing in my opinion, it would have been more fun to see Liz hiding in back of the van.

Lynn Yesterday at 18:02
You may be right about the Liz scenario. Obviously, she did not take a car from Streetcars for her trip to the airport or Steve would have known about her leaving.

I find it annoying that things are left hanging when a line or two would clarify things. Gemma is always yapping so have her say something useful wink and fill in the details.

Mark Yesterday at 18:08
"Gemma is always yapping so have her say something useful"

lol I know.

Gemma: Look Steve, Liz changed her mind about testifying
and got us to drive her to the airport.

Maybe it was the timing and she wanted Liz to be airborne
but I don't think Gemma is that clever.

Tracy Yesterday at 20:58
These would have made some good scenes.... ugh, why was it missed... roll eyes (sarcastic)
1478) Lynn 
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Yesterday at 16:59 Write a comment

Where is Kevin these days? Maybe in my flipping I am missing his scenes.

I also thought that Rita's behavior was over the top. I am finding her a bit much lately. A decent character turning into a vile old shrew, IMHO. Her nasty comments and meddling are getting tiresome, and I find her hard to like much of the time.

Shona and her kid...don't care about the whole dumb business. I do not like Shona one bit, (another tiresome meddler) and her with David is just too stupid to contemplate for me.

blitzen Yesterday at 17:20
We'll be seeing Kevin soon.

I agree about Rita. She's acting like Brian betrayed her or something, when only 5 minutes ago she's the one who changed her mind about buying the Kabin as she couldn't bring herself to ask for her money back from Maria. He's promised her that her job is safe, so what exactly is her problem? Although I did like her recent scenes with Liz.

I want to like Shona. I DO like the actress. And I think she has good chemistry with David--but I still think them being together is not believable, and I could not care less about poor widdle Clayton getting bullied in prison. How shocking to find out that criminals can be nasty and violent people and that prison isn't a nice place to be! Thanks to the writers for pointing out this burning social issue!

Louise Yesterday at 17:27
So true, Rita’s carrying on is way over the top. I don’t like what they’re doing to that wonderful character.
I like Shona but her relationship with David is just too improbable. It was obvious from the start that situation will eventually blow up, it's just a matter of when.

Mark Yesterday at 17:50
Rita was always bossing Norris even when he was the owner
and she'd mock him to others in the pub.
The months away from her allowed him to reflect on this
so he didn't feel the need to speak to her directly.
1477) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 16:47 Write a comment

Gayle,I was also confused about Liz's necklace in the van as I thought Gemma and Paul did kidnap Liz until she phoned Steve to let him know she was on a flight to Spain I think.
It was a confusing ending all around not helped by Gemma's constant shrieking.
I also thought Rita overreacted [cue more shrieking] as I thought she would be relieved that the Kabin wasn't sold to strangers and Brian did want her to stay in the Kabin.
I hope Rita does calm down and make amends with Brian and Cathy.
I also felt sorry for Shona but I didn't like Bethany lying to her uncle David for Shona to hide the fact that Shona was visiting Clayton in jail.
I also could understand David being less than sympathetic about Clayton as well.

Maggie Yesterday at 18:03
Count me as one who also thought Rita overreacted. I can see her being angry at Norris for selling without first talking to her about it personally but I don't understand why she'd be mad at Cathy and Brian. They didn't somehow betray her - they thought she'd be pleased to hear they would be the new owners.

Tracy Yesterday at 21:02
I'm undecided on Rita, I can see all 3 points of views: Norris' Rita and Brian/Cathy. Although Brian was annoying, they way he spoke to Rita on the street. He often puts his foot in it. But I think he was trying to help save Rita's job and seemed to have definite compassion for her a few days ago in the Rovers, when Rita confided in him about the sale of the Kabin and what that would mean for her life.
1476) Gayle 
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Yesterday at 15:48 Write a comment

I must be thick, but I didn't understand the connection with Liz, Paul and Gemma. Why was her necklace found in the van? I just going to assume that Gemma convinced her not to show up in court and they gave her a lift to the airport.
Did anyone else think Rita over reacted to Brian and Cathy buying the cabin?I was disappointed that Norris did not tell Rita, I always thought they were friends. But at the end of the day Rita is in her eighties and she deserves to retire. If she wanted I'm sure they would keep her on as sort of a consultant.
I know that Jenny was very frightened sitting in the court room but I loved Johnny's remark, this isn't Law & Order. (I am a huge fan of that show and really enjoyed the U.K. version that had Bradley Walsh (Danny Baldwin) and Toyah (sorry I've forgotten her real name) in it.
I felt really sorry for Shona last night she is between a rock and a hard place.

blitzen Yesterday at 17:26
They didn't just give her a lift, they smuggled her into the van without anyone seeing, so the police wouldn't know where to look for her. Hence the over-the-top nervousness and terrible lying. If Liz was caught she could have been given a fine or even a short spell in jail for obstructing justice.
1475) Gail 
Toronto Location
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Yesterday at 14:55 Write a comment

Tracy, I think you may be right that it possibly just feels to some as though Gemma is getting more screen time than she actually is. When you don't like a character less is more! The same thing has been said about other unpopular characters in the past. Personally, I don't mind her all that much but I can't say the same for her brother. I hope he leaves soon because he's a pointless character. I can also completely understand why some people don't like Gemma. We all have characters we like or dislike for our own reasons. I can remember when people thought the same thing about Tracy, Michelle, the Platts, Stella, Anna, and very recently Shona, and for a while it was Leanne and Eva's mother who was dominating the scenes. There will probably come a time when we're all saying "Where is Gemma?" Although maybe not! LOL

Tracy Yesterday at 15:16
Absolutely. I have felt that way about Me Me Mechelle, remember? But it passed, and hopefully this too shall pass for those who say they are loathing it.
I gave up on EastEnders many years ago for an affair between Stacey and her father-in-law (I forget his name). I just thought it was so ridiculous, I couldn't watch it anymore. I was only planning to take a break, but then I just never got back into it. And I think it changed networks, or maybe the time wasn't convenient anymore, I forget.

I always liked Stella, I didn't get the dislike for her either. Would be nice to see her and Eva back one day, but not likely as the actress who plays Stella quit as the set was too far a commute from her life and daughter in London.

Nancy Yesterday at 15:35
We're currently seeing about as much of Michelle as I can stand. But I am pretty weirded out about the disappearance of Cain and ABel. Is Ali working again? Is he sunk in a mire of alcoholism and self-pity? What has happened to him and are we going to be suddenly surprised by how far he has fallen in this interim time of not seeing him?

Mark Yesterday at 17:35
I too liked Stella's class and style.
I never understood the hate for her
while Becky smashing store front windows
and car windshields, kidnapping, getting drunk,
and setting fires was admired and cheered.

Tracy Yesterday at 20:35
My husband, more of a Corrie lurker, figured Ali would take a break and come back on the scene addicted to drugs. But yes, where is that guy? I didn't like him when he first arrived, but then I warmed up to him; then didn't care for him again. Ali is a yo-yo for me!

Pearl Yesterday at 23:48
I read somewhere that James Burrows' (Ali) wife just had a child so he could be on paternity leave. We did briefly see Ryan talking with Bethney a week or so ago but imo Ali is the more interesting of the two. Miss him!
1474) Tracy 
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Yesterday at 12:50 Write a comment

Gail, re your remarks on post 1457.

I too thought the scenes with Nick and David were light hearted and meant to be funny. Realistic too. And to be fair, I'm sure there are many hairdressers out there who wouldn't mind fitting the bill as the sexy lady who attracts in the customers for the barber shop. We see it in the female bartenders and waitresses in clubs and restaurants too. Not all of them are blindly being taken advantage of. Also, I liked the expressions on the ladies faces in the Rovers, when they found out what David and Nick were up to. Good writing, IMHO.

Mark, to your point: yes, I think Adam is the fittest guy on the show (although he is too young for me) and Peter is hot as well. I love a bad boy! I love both their looks and the way they dress. I think Carla and Michelle are very sexy ladies, but Sarah is the prettiest. I am liking Maria's wardrobe a lot lately too.

As for Gemma, I wonder how much screen time she is actually getting, compared to others. I doubt it would be as much as some guestbookers might think. Given she is so disliked, it is probably seeming more painfully longer to watch her. I'm not on board with the loathing of her. She is definitely not my favourite, but she isn't ruining the show. I too, have been waiting for her to soften up, but I guess that simply isn't in the cards or plans for Gemma. Not in the foreseeable, at any rate.

As for all the negative feedback online, I guess it depends where you are looking/reading. I find I am drawn to the more positive remarks about the show in general.
Genuinely hope that it gets better for those of you who are going to stop watching after all the years. But perhaps taking a break is a good idea. There are plenty of sites that post reviews and recaps, if you ever need to get caught up, should you come back to watching Corrie.

I'm glad Liz took off; although the writing was poor in the fact they left it as a loose end - what were Paul and Gemma up to, in the van? How did Liz' necklace end up in the back? I hope they will clarify all that, but I doubt they will - too trivial now that the story has come to a close. Sigh...
And what about Mike Thornberry (?) -- he was supposed to go on a date with Liz before Jenny ran her over... where is he? I know the actor has been doing the Full Monty play, but I somehow thought he was coming back for more than just 1 or 2 eppys. I hope he comes back again. I like him.

Here's hoping Jenny and Johnny can put all this behind them, and get back to running the Rovers.

Kate Yesterday at 14:56
Tracy ,re your remarks on post 1476.

Why so angry and judgemental ?
It is a fictional show and everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is civil.
I think it is fun to hear all the different ways people see things and gives me food for thought.

Tracy Yesterday at 15:10
which post Kate, I'm not with you...? post 1476, a typeo on your part?

I didn't mean to come off angry at all. I'm confused as to why you have picked up otherwise? Why are you calling me out specifically?

hmm, just goes to show how we all 'read' tones differently.

People are saying they will quit Corrie because of Gemma. I feel sad they want to give up on the show; I have been there before and it is difficult. My family history is all about watching Corrie, I would be letting the team down if I stopped, in a sense... I was being totally sincere, if that is the comment you are referring to.

Kate Yesterday at 15:30
Apologies...I meant 1474..

Nancy Yesterday at 15:33
Hey Tracy - just saying that I did not find your post angry or judgemental. MOre pensive. So don't worry that everybody is reading your post that way. I have to disagree with you about Sarah who is just so self absorbed and something like frightened or defensive that I can't see her face without seeing those things plastered all over her. Usually I think Shona is one of the most beautiful, but last night she was looking underfed or something - very drawn and sculptural. She's one who I've liked since she hit the Cobbles and I think she's a brilliant actress. When she's being crushed between competing loyalties it's almost too painful to watch sometimes.

Mark Yesterday at 17:09
Tracy is saying she hopes it gets better so people don't stop watching.
But that if they don't like it, it's ok to take a break.

Where's the hate?

Tracy Yesterday at 20:32
Sincere thanks Nancy, I appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts :)
and thanks Mark as well -- you are correct. So many people posting about how they are going to quit Corrie - I was just addressing it by saying I genuinely hope they don't.

Moving forward... :)
1473) Maggie 
Vancouver Location
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Yesterday at 03:09 Write a comment

Beachy Carol mentioned the producers wanting to appeal to younger viewers and I've noticed that there are quite a few young teenagers on the street these days. We have Simon, Amy, Summer, Aadi and Asha; and Faye, Craig, Seb, Emma and Bethany aren't much older. Doesn't that seem like a lot? I've always had the idea that children on the street generally didn't have friends around much, let alone growing up together on the street. There was Steve, Andy and Tracy but I can't think of many others. Can you?

And, of course, there are a lot of younger children on the show now too. I enjoyed the way the Christmas Nativity story brought all those kids and families and neighbours together - as would be normal for a community school.

Mark Yesterday at 05:23
As kids there was also Nick, David, Sarah.
As teens there was Leanne and Toyah, Jenny, Terry.

Tracy Yesterday at 12:56
No doubt they are banking on some of these teen actors to stick it out with the show and become iconic elders in the future.
They need to attract and hook in the younger viewers. I suspect the target would be the 20 somethings who are just getting their lives organized. Mind you, that could be the 30 somethings now, as it seems we are getting to be an older generation for marriage and children. They should want he committed viewers who have a routine life, who are home almost all evenings to tune in. IMHO anyways ;)
Rosie and Sophie added to the list.

Maggie Yesterday at 14:07
Yes, there have been siblings growing up together, of course, but I was referring more to neighbourhood children growing up together. There could be a lot of teenage relationships and conflicts coming up for this current group over the next few years.

I wonder which one(s) will end up owning the Rovers one day!

Nell Yesterday at 14:13
Speaking of the Rovers, I wonder if the producer is working out a plan to somehow get Gemma to own the Rovers one day. He has 2-3 years to figure it out.
1472) carolyn 
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Yesterday at 02:28 Write a comment

I am losing such interest in the show, I am going to Europe for 2 weeks in May and don't even plan to record it. Hearing that Gemma will carry the show throughout 2019 makes me think my days watching it are coming to an end. I detest Iain McLeod - he has ruined my favorite program. Characters should all have equal time - as I see it lately Gemma is at the center dominating and everyone else is simply getting snippet parts that are brief and over with in minutes. And tonight when the dull and boring Chesney looked disappointed because he could not lull the beautiful, sexy Gemma to bed, I rolled my eyes.

Someone mentioned David as being one of the best actors on the show - he most definitely is. He never ceases to impress.

Dianne Yesterday at 04:02
For awhile it was all about Michelle. I guess every character gets their 15 min. of fame.

Janice from British Columbia Yesterday at 12:29
Dianne, it's like getting weeks of fame nowadays instead of 15 minutes; very saddening when they are obnoxious characters that have over-the-top stories.

I am now going to record the Sunday episodes and get it all over in one go instead of six goes.

Mark Yesterday at 18:05
I almost stopped watching during the Kevin and Molly push and pull affair.
I love you, I don't love you, I love you again, now I don't.
It seemed like it would never end.
Becky's crisis's were tedious as well.

Pearl Yesterday at 23:26
Most producers seem to have a favorite character or two that get more air time than others during their time at the helm.
Dianne, I remember the Michelle era and before that Sean was in most scenes for a year or more. Now it is Gemma's turn, so we either grin and bear it or take a break until the producer changes again.
1471) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 02:28 Write a comment

OFF TROPICS: Alice, I watched The Favourite on Sunday and enjoyed it as a film. I knew a little of Queen Anne's life before viewing the film, but I realised right away that the producer/writers were taking liberties. I agree with you that Olivia Colman was great. Thanks for the recommendation. smile

I've linked a BBC article which contains a video presentation with Ophelia Field, a biographer of Sarah Churchill, and Matthew Storey, a curator at Kensington Palace, who fact check just how much the film gets right about the real story of Queen Anne and her favourites. [www.bbc.com]

Alice Yesterday at 04:26
Chris, glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the link. I read another that said there were no bunnies in Queen Anne's bedroom. At that time rabbits were considered either food or pests but not pets. smile They were cute though. Anne was also considered a good queen, wasn't she? I thought the film made her look a bit too scatterbrained and helpless.

Chris Yesterday at 05:12
Alice - I think, in reality, Anne was a good monarch who cared for her people. I would need to read some more about her reign to fully appreciate how history remembers her.

I was surprised to learn that The Favourite has been nominated for several Academy Awards; e.g. Best Picture, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress (2).

When I saw the duck racing event in the film and the punters wagering on it, I was reminded of attending a charitable fund-raising event back in the 70s or 80s. One of the games offered was goldfish racing and punters would bet on the fish which would swim and cross the finish line first. The racecourse consisted of several individual rain troughs, placed on a table. Each trough was sealed at both ends and filled with water. A single goldfish was placed in each trough at the starting line and then it swam about until it reached the finish line. A 'jockey' was allowed to 'encourage' the fish to swim in the right direction by blowing air bubbles into the water using a drinking straw. I remember the bets were fairly small, only a dollar or two on each race, and the winning pot was split 50/50 between the winners and the charity. I have no idea how much money was raised, but it was a fun event. As I recall, adult beverages were available to those attending the fund-raiser. wink
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