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6373) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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48 minutes ago Write a comment

Jim\Gail[ON]Perhaps Stillwaters is a coven like in 'Rosemary's Baby'and the couple who befriended Claudia and Ken are the neighbors, the Casevetes in the film and Norris is the character Hutch,Rosemary's friend who tries to warn Ken before it's too late just as Hutch tried to do with Rosemary?

Jim 36 minutes ago
I havent seen that movie in decades so thanks reminding me of who the characters were...i myself never found the movie scary but it still a neat little suspense thriller..
6372) Jim  Male
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Today at 16:54 Write a comment

Whatever happen to Ken's son Lawrence with Susan Cunningham and Lawrence son James(Ken's grandson and a con artist)

Jeannie 10 minutes ago
Jim, I don't remember Ken's son Lawrence.

Can you give us a hint? About what decade would that have been? (I'm kinda no help if it was pre- 1994....)

What else was going on?
Who was landlady/lord at the Rovers?
6371) Jim 
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Today at 15:27 Write a comment

Possible Spoiler....not sure if true or not but there was claim Still Water is actually a cult...if true maybe Cultdia is the leader..as for Norris and his humiliating? Ken-perhaps that Norris is under their control and Norris was hoping to upset Ken so much he would leave in an effort to save him!!!! wink

Gail/ON Today at 15:31
LOL That would be brilliant Jim! Is there also a lady named Rosemary with a baby who is the spawn of the Devil?

Jim Today at 15:45
Gail/ON...if this was an American soap Cultdia would be using Ken and get herself pregnant and she would really be The Devil-look at that flaming head of hair of hers-that should be the first clue!!! lol

Jeannie Today at 16:08
Norris was just awful to ask Ken to name the books he had had published (None of course). Can’t wait to hear Ken’s comeback tonight.

He’s always been a mixture of good and nasty; most times he’s just good and nasty, but it makes for an interesting character.

I’d cut Claudia a bit of slack on this one too. I see her as very proud of Ken and his accomplishments and wanting potential new friends to see the great guy that she sees.

Jeannie Today at 16:18
oops! Pasted this in the wrong spot. Sorry, people.

As for Still Waters being a cult, stranger things have happened on Corrie. smile

But the only cult story line I can recall was when Ashley Peacock was living wit Zoey?? Didn't she join a cult?

Louise Today at 16:19
That’s one way of looking at it Jeannie. I’m a bit more cynical. I see Claudia showing off Ken because she considers him a social asset, good looking, well-read, articulate – the male equivalent of the old “rose in his lapel” idea. There’s a line between that and true unconditional love, in my humble opinion. Maybe it’s just that I see Claudia as pretentious and shallow...?

Louise Today at 16:25
For reference - remember Margaret #@*%! using that term?

Louise Today at 16:26
Ooops I forgot that's a banned word. That's Tru-deau.

Jeannie Today at 16:29
Hmmm.... I see your line of reasoning, Louise and you could be right.

I'm not saying Claudia doesn't appreciate all of the attributes of Ken, but I see a tenderness there too. And, she's not coasting on his coat tails which is admirable.

I like how she, without apology, declares herself a Jackie Collins fan. (Some gals, now that they're with scholarly Ken might air brush facts like that just a little.)

jeannie Today at 16:30
I DO remember Margaret T using that term! smile

Louise Today at 16:34
Well that's a point Jeannie. In that way she's not unlike Deirdre - she certainly doesn't have a lot in common with Ken. And on the plus side she can't be after his money.

Still there's something I just don't like about her. The fact that she seems in her element in that snotty place doesn't help.

Too bad Ken was never able to track down the Barge Lady!

Jeannie Today at 16:41
Yes, Dierdre wasn't pretending to be who she wasn't either.

I do rather like Claudia, and I wouldn't want to see her get hurt if the barge lady came back, but on the other hand I would like to see how THAT story would play out if the BL did come sailing down the canal. smile

Louise Today at 16:49
Wouldn’t that be a great story line?! smile

Jeannie Today at 16:57
It would.

It has just occurred to me, Louise, that Dierdre didn't really appreciate Ken's intellect and education. Like most of the street in the old days (not now) thought him a bit odd and "boring" So, maybe we can't compare her to Claudia in that way.

What do you think?

Louise Today at 17:19
It’s true she did not, in fact she made fun of him at times for his music and books. But somehow they loved each other. Claudia is similar only in not sharing Ken’s interests even though she’s totally different than Deirdre. Deirdre didn’t have a pretentious bone in her body! wink
We talk about soulmates. If Ken ever had a soulmate it was Martha of the barge.

Jeannie 14 minutes ago
It was indeed!
6370) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Today at 05:32 Write a comment


This linked article has the reason why, in the U.K., instead of the usual hour-long Corrie Friday episode, there was no episode broadcast at all. It is the beginning of ITV's rescheduling.

Starting Monday, 30 March, ITV will air a single episode of Coronation Street thrice weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until they run-out or are able to resume filming. [www.radiotimes.com]
6369) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Today at 04:33 Write a comment

I noticed, as Ken left number one, that the picture on the hallway wall near the door had been removed. I think it had been there for ages. Where it had previously hung, there was now a dark, rectangular, shadow.

The pic depicted a man, possibly a boy scout leader, with his hand resting on a boy's shoulder. Years ago, I read that it was a pic of Baden-Powell. Anyone know?

Louise Today at 14:39
The Pathfinder is by Ernest Stafford Carlos. The original is owned by the Boy Scouts. I wonder if dahling Claudia has granted Ken permission to take it with him and hang it.

My first impression of Still Waters is not positive. It seems snobby and Ken looks uncomfortable. Claudia is in her glory.


Hey Jude Today at 14:45
Louise, that was my impression and am surprised Ken let her get away with volunteering him like that for the reading. His face said it all. I cant see them lasting too long

Lise Today at 15:02
Did Ken not have a tour of the place, meet a few of the inmates? Did he leave all this to Claudia?

Such a bunch of highfalutin toffy-nosed gits in that place!

And Norris! what a little bitter man. He knew well Ken had not had a book published. He meant to humiliate him. I'm sure he succeeded.

How come Ken , Audrey and specially Rita did not know Norris lived at Still Waters.

It does not augur well for poor Ken

Louise Today at 15:04
Hey Jude, she's a real bossypants!

Louise Today at 15:06
Good description Lise, highfalutin toffy-nosed gits.

Lise Today at 15:11
Chris: Baden Powell is not in the picture.

"This painting depicts Percy Greaves with the hand of Christ on his shoulder to emphasise the religious or spiritual dimension to Scouting. This painting by Carlos is most well known as a print of the painting has featured on the set of Coronation Street since 1961".

Lise Today at 15:13
Thanks Louise. :<) My husband is British so I've learned a few choiced words and expressions.
6368) Gail/ON 
Toronto Location
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Today at 03:34 Write a comment

I haven't seen the last 3 episodes yet, plan to have a mini marathon in an hour or so! I haven't read any posts for that reason. I'm really enjoying Roy and Nina's scenes and the way they're slowly and somewhat cautiously developing a relationship and how Nina is beginning to open up a bit more to Roy and trust him. It's very sweet and both actors are making it very realistic. One thing I have noticed, and I wondered if anyone else has noticed it. Is it just my very good sound/ surround home theatre system in our TV room or does Roy seem to be whistling a lot through his teeth when he pronounces his S's??? I noticed that Ken does it too. LOL It can be a bit distracting and I hadn't noticed it before! Maybe some new dental work or something?? Anyway, I'm going to enjoy Corrie so much while it lasts. Not looking forward to it being disrupted for a while, same with East Enders.

Gail/ON Today at 15:37
I guess no one else has noticed Roy's whistling teeth, and Ken's. lol

Lise Today at 15:52
Gail - I think you must have to be musical to notice.. smile

Gail/ON Today at 16:02
Lise, unfortunately I'm not the least bit musical! I wish!
6367) Jim  Male
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Today at 01:28 Write a comment

A tad eerie cut scene moment...is it possible Geof knew what was coming in real life...he tells Yasmeen you have to celebrate the here and now because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring...then tells Yasmeen to wash her hands!!!

Carolyn Today at 04:01
I noticed that too Jim - and he said you sing "happy birthday" twice so you do it for the right amount of time. But I would suspect that was filmed weeks or months ago before the pandemic reached England - I could be wrong - but if I am not, then its a weird coincidence.

Chris Today at 04:52
Hi Carolyn, yes I agree it was entirely co-incidental. As I posted in #6366, the scene was filmed in January.

Corrie normally films 6 to 8 weeks in advance of episodes being aired in Britain. Since CBC is about 2 weeks behind the U.K., that makes it 8 to 10 weeks ago.

The script-writer would have written the lines a month or more before giving it to the producer. The story-line would have been crafted months before that.

Gail/ON Today at 15:34
That is really strange. Unless they did the scene later as it became relevant and edited it into the episode ?

Louise Today at 16:09
It's not new, it's been around a long time. My granddaughter was doing the Happy Birthday while washing her hands at least a couple of years ago.

Jeannie Today at 16:36
Right, Louise.

I remember hearing this when I was volunteering at a health care facility back in the days of H1N1 in 2009
6366) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Today at 01:06 Write a comment

Ali and his mop have, finally, left the Street. He really did drag out his departure but, his goodbye scenes were good. And with Ryan, they were especially good since they haven't always been the closest of brothers. As he pulled away, I thought, for a moment, Ali was considering driving his car into Gary and Sharon. Although, I'm not sure Ali realises that it was Sharon who spiked his OJ with Diazepam.

The hand-washing scene with Geoff and Yazmeen has nothing to do with the current situation. The scene was filmed in January and it is just a co-incidence. Good advice, nevertheless. The lead-up to the scene is in Bradley's snipped scenes, which will explain why Geoff was so insistent.

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Mar 27th 2020 - [youtu.be]

Jim Today at 01:23
wish he took a pic of Gary and Sharon and sent it to Maria...maybe it would had gotten her a little suspicious!!!

Chris Today at 01:29
Yes Jim, good point. I did wonder why Ali was holding his mobile, but did he grab it when he saw Gary and Sharon together or was it in his hand before that. I guess the writers are teasing us.

Dianne W. Today at 01:38
Perhaps Ali will text Maria with the picture and tell her that Sharon was the person standing beside him in the Rovers, and spiked his drink.

Jim Today at 03:00
Chris...yes it could be a teaser and off camera did take a pic...and like Dianne W. said will send the pic and tells Maria Sharon was the person standing by him in the rovers and spiked his drink..thanks for that Dianne-i missed that scene!!!

Chris Today at 04:41
I re-watched the scene and it looked like Ali picked-up the phone as he spied Gary and Sharon, but I don't think he took a pic.

Jeannie Today at 16:50
See, I totally missed the point in that scene. I was too busy yelling at Ali to put down his phone when he was driving! lol
6365) Alice 
GTA Location
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Today at 00:55 Write a comment

I thought the quad story was supposed to be funny. If it proves anything it's that looking after 4 babies and their older brother is hard work.

Question: If you were emotionally blackmailed into babysitting the Brown kids for a weekend, how would you manage it and keep your sanity?

Jim Today at 01:03
First i would have to take my meds but having to talk to Gemma even briefly and Sad Sack Ches i dont think its enough to keep my sanity...especially if her mum starts again to walk around naked!!!

Chris Today at 01:26
OMG, I had forgotten Bernie's habit. eek!

Just Sayin' Today at 15:28
I would bring 4 of my best friends, one for each baby, a bottle of wine and a few good books or DVD's for me.
6364) Jim  Male
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Yesterday at 22:57 Write a comment

Bonnie, Nell, Nancy and any former Guestbooker since this site began...that we havent heard for a long time...sending well wishes and hope all is ok...we miss your posts and comments!!!

Nancy Today at 00:30
Thanks for the shout-out, Jim. I'm doing alright -- had chemo this week, so really really really staying home. Too busy with school work and disinfecting and food prep and mask making to keep up with tv and just not drawn in by so many of the stories. Also, saving them up won't hurt too much as we go to 3 epis per week, eh?

Hope everyone else is doing well. Oh Nell, where are you?

Jim Today at 00:57
Glad your ok...i just got some gloves and mask and trying to keep up with cleaning with limited supplies..thanks for checking in...hopefully others will soon!!!

Louise Today at 02:19
Good to hear from you Nancy. Stay safe and well.

Lise Today at 10:53
Oh Nancy, so glad to hear from you. What stamina you have. Getting chemo and doing school work, making masks and preparing foods.

Hats off to you!
Hope your mother is doing well.

Jeannie Today at 16:10
Adding my well wishes, Nancy, and sending virtual hugs!
6363) Jim 
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Yesterday at 22:53 Write a comment

How about being stuck on an island with 7 of the characters kind of Gilligan style..instead of Gilligan...the Skipper too...a millionaire and his wife...a movieee star...the Professor and Mary Ann...its Kirk...Johnny too...book reader Ken and Audrey as his wife...a 70s commercial star(Claudia)...a sandwich shop owner(Roy) and his niece Nina...here on Kirkee's Island!!! big grin

Beachy Carol Today at 00:14
Brilliant, Jim, just brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻

Jim Today at 00:59
Beachy glad you like it..thanks for the compliment!!!

Gail/ON Today at 15:39
Good casting Jim. It all works perfectly well
6362) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 22:11 Write a comment

According to a Daily Star article, ITV/Corrie have enough episodes banked to keep Corrie on air for the next few months and that includes the reduced airing schedule from six episodes to three episodes per week. So, we will still have Corrie to watch, just fewer than we are used to be able to view. But, inevitably, they will run-out.

As Bev Callard is supposed to leave Coronation Street in the early summer, I wonder if Liz McDonald's final episodes have been filmed?

The site wouldn't accept the link because it contains the current banned word.
6361) Just Sayin' 
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Yesterday at 21:01 Write a comment

Sally Carman and Joe Duttine are engaged! (Tim and Abby)

6360) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 18:08 Write a comment

blitzen,As funny as this may sound,I would like to be quarantined with Ken due to his vast collection of books[that Claudia wants him to get rid of] and his taste in classical music which I find rather soothing to listen to during this crisis.

carolyn Yesterday at 18:38
I don't find it "funny" Marie as I would choose Ken too. I have never thought he was the snob so many make him out to be. He is always polite, caring and kind. He is a sensitive man who loves classical music and books which I do too. That doesn't make him a snob. Now Claudia I find a snob, haughty, annoying, self centered and controlling. That voice! That hair! UGH. This is why I don't see them together as a couple.

blitzen Yesterday at 18:51
I wouldn't mind being quarantined with Ken either, or Roy for that matter. At least the conversation would be good. Brian is well-read too, but he would drive me nuts with a few hours I'm sure.

And personally I love Claudia. Yes, she's a snob, but she's pretty self-aware about it. She is funny, smart, and ultimately kind even though she does like to get a dig in. She has been nothing but generous towards Ken's family, and her rivalry with Audrey is built on a solid foundation of friendship. And if she's a bit pushy towards Ken, maybe it's good for him to be with someone who won't put up with his dithering. She gets things done.

haili Yesterday at 19:01
I'd have to pick Ken too because of the books and music.

I enjoy Claudia as a character, though I doubt I would like her in real life. The acrtress does a good job and at least she has an interesting personality. There are some very good actors on Corrie and some who should have elocution lessons and a few who might be good in other parts but are just so so as characters.

Louise Yesterday at 19:10
I agree Ken would be a good choice.
I might also pick Yasmeen - obviously with Geoff gone, either by succumbing quickly to the virus, or having been booted out of town (maybe murdered by Gary as a public service?) Yasmeen would be sweet, quiet company and it would be fun to see her old spark renewed. She could be a lot of fun, again.

blitzen Yesterday at 19:37
Geoff can be quarantined inside his magic box. #@*%!

Louise Yesterday at 20:22
I love it! wink The box being stored in the basement of the Rovers, which is closed of course.

Beachy Carol Yesterday at 20:25
Blitzen, I would absolutely go along with folks choosing Jenny - a lot of laughs, a few drinks, we’d move the coffee table to dance :)) I would add Peter because he seems broody and deep and would bring a sexy gravitas to the situation, and also Audrey because she has wisdom and strength and can be fun. So it would be the four of us, lol.

Alexandra Yesterday at 21:06
Beachy Carol, I did't realize we could have a posse! I'm going to have to rethink this. big grin

Beachy Carol Yesterday at 21:30
Haha, Alexandra, I guess I got carried away lol embarrassment

Louise Yesterday at 21:59
I would have trouble living with that many people for any length of time. I like my alone time.

Chrissy Yesterday at 22:00
Can’t believe nobody has picked being quarantined with Johnny! Looks like I will have him all to myself, lol.
6359) Jim  Male
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Yesterday at 17:38 Write a comment

Depending on Corrie's hiatus and if its a long one i wonder if it will affect the show's 60th anniversary in some way...didnt i read they were planning something for it???

Alexandra Yesterday at 18:03
Jim, the 60th anniversary isn't until December, so it would have to be a very long hiatus. If everything is still in shutdown by then, TV shows will probably be the least of our worries.

I've read that they are not planning a live episode this time.

Dianne W. Yesterday at 18:13
I had an email from Daily Mirror, and ITV will stop all production of Corrie and Emmerdale in early summer.

Jim Yesterday at 18:17
Thanks both of you...Alexandra yes..i agree but still curious...Dianne W,. additional thanks for the info!!!

Carolyn Yesterday at 18:39
I wonder why they will stop in early summer - the crisis is happening NOW.

Alexandra Yesterday at 18:57
According to ITV, Coronation Street and Emmerdale suspended filming on March 23rd.


Pearl Yesterday at 23:33
I think were 'early summer' comes in to it, is how long episodes already filmed will last if they are parceled out 3 per week. Filming is done 6 to 8 weeks prior to episodes being aired (UK time). For something as important as the 60th anniversary the production team would have to start working on that in September if not earlier.
6358) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Yesterday at 16:22 Write a comment

I would pick either Jenny or Eileen. Both are funny, and I love Eileen's sarcastic side.. yes we'd enjoy lots of movies and glasses of wine big grin
6357) blitzen 
Edmonton Location
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Yesterday at 16:19 Write a comment

Pick a Corrie character to go into quarantine with!

I pick Jenny, at the Rover's. We'll have hilarious drunken karaoke nights and binge-watch reality shows during the day while sipping wine in our dressing gowns.

I would not want to be quarantine with gemma and the quads.

Alice Yesterday at 16:57
Rita. We'd need each other's company.

Alexandra Yesterday at 17:01
I have to agree with Jackie, Liz would have great stories and be a lot of fun - especially now that she will have the flat to herself.

Just Sayin' Yesterday at 17:12
Rob Donovan, if he ever gets out of prison and it's about time he did. Just because he's so darn cute.

Jim Yesterday at 18:02

Jeannie Yesterday at 18:37
Even though Rob Donovan is awful cute, (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Jusy Sayin') wink I think I would choose Audrey.I would love to chat with her about her lives and loves and general views on life.
6356) Maggie  Female
Vancouver Location
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Yesterday at 16:12 Write a comment

The final show before filming shut down should end with the pandemic being announced and Weatherfield going under quarantine. I can see everyone standing in the street, giving concerned looks to each other, then turn and retreat to their own homes. And, of course, a sentimental shot of the Rover's doors being locked.

We could assume nothing much happened on the Street during that time and they could basically start up right where they left off when the crisis is over. There could be a couple of episodes of everyone getting back together and things opening up...old rivalries reignited, and feelings of love (or anger) intensified. Some reflection on what had happened and maybe how life has permanently changed but then right back on with the show.

Jackie Yesterday at 16:28
Good one. That could work. We would be waiting to see if Steve was still alive after being locked up with Tracy.

If I had to be locked up with someone, I would choose Liz, as she would have some stories to tell. We could have some fun, tv watching, cooking, drinking, and gossiping.

Jim Yesterday at 18:00
That is good Maggie..but first we need the cast overrunning Fresho and fighting over toilet paper... eek!

Maggie Yesterday at 18:34
Yes, Jackie, it would be fun to think about how the various households would fare during the lock down. Steve would be lucky to make it out alive! I'm not sure Eileen would survive with Mary and Sean either. lol

Think of all those living in David's house being there 24 hours a day!

Seb stuck in with Emma and Alina all day, every day.

Rita all alone?

A case being identified at Still Waters?

Yasmeen probably wouldn't notice the difference.

Billy, Paul and Summer would probably do okay, as would Roy and Nina (but Carla?). This could be a good thing to bring Fizz and Tyrone's family back together. Maybe even life-changing for Hope.
6355) Just Sayin' 
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Yesterday at 16:10 Write a comment

One of my all time Corrie scenes, Blanche at Peter's AA meeting. Enjoy!

6354) Lise 
TO Location
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Yesterday at 15:47 Write a comment

Nell -long time no hear.. Hope all is well.

Jeannie Yesterday at 18:48
And Nancy too.

We miss your thoughtful and articulate posts, ladies.
6353) Lise 
TO Location
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Yesterday at 15:46 Write a comment


Unskilled Man Fears He Will Lose Job in Recession.

The man, who has barely clung to his job for the past two and a half years, is justified in believing that an economic downturn would result in his unemployment, experts said.

By Andy Borowitz
6352) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 15:17 Write a comment

Mark,[I'll bite]Just to clarify,Ali did not 'kidnap' Maria,she got into his car willingly and he let her out willingly.
As for Gary,he did far worse than Ali as HE'S responible for the deaths of three people,Rana Derek and Robert,he's also responible for Shona being in a coma and losing her memory,he assaulted Daniel after Maria suffered a miscarriage,had Ali's drink drugged ruined Toyah's career in the process and provoked Ali into a fight so he would be arrested for assault because Maria wouldn't go to the police after Ali'kidnapped'her [which he didn't ].
So as far as I'm concerned Gary is much more dangerous than Ali and yet Maria believes he'll be a 'good'role model for her son Liam?!

Jim******spoiler-non UK [SORT OF]I've read the same spoiler about David and to be fair,I could understand his feelings after finding out Shona wants a divorce.

Jackie,Here are my 'wish list'scenarios.Ken to dump Claudia for Audrey and remain on the Street,Tim to get a brain and realise what his father is doing to Yasmeen and saves her from him and for Sarah who's now married to Adam,to finally move out of David's house and the two of them get their own flat as I always found it unrealistic [and selfish]for Sarah to continue to live in her brother's house when there's no room and both Max and Lily need their own bedrooms.
One thing I do wonder though,if Daniel,Adam and Sarah return before the shutdown,I wonder if the writers will them self-isolate particurely if Adam and Sarah had their honeymoon abroad?

One thing I am not looking forward to are the hyporcrites coming out of the woodwork having a go at David particurly Eileen who had an affair with a married man whose wife had Alzheimers****end spoiler.

Jackie Yesterday at 16:30
Great ideas there, Marie. Love that you remind me of so many things I forget. Thanks

Jeannie Yesterday at 18:41
Lord yes, Marie.

Eileen even moved lover and his Alzheimer's afflicted wife into her house, if I recall.

Gail/ON Yesterday at 18:53
I think the married man is the one to blame for that Marie. I forget his name now. Eileen didn't know he was married when she got involved with him and once she found out, he convinced her the marriage was over but his wife had Alzheimer's and he was responsible for her and couldn't just leave her. As I recall she wasn't happy about it or comfortable with the situation but the man persisted. Not that I'm condoning it but it wasn't quite a case of Eileen callously having an affair with no concern for his wife who she actually allowed to move in with them! I thought that was going above and beyond! So it's not quite as black and white as all that.
6351) Taffy  Female
Ontario Location
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Checking CBC TV schedule for the next 2 weeks, it shows Corrie only on Mon. Tues. and Wed. No Thurs. or Friday episodes. 3 episodes are better than 0.
6350) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Yesterday at 07:10 Write a comment

missed a couple of days. Gary's allowing Sharon to look after Ali, was a risky thing to do as he wasn't expecting her to dose him with drugs that nearly killed him.

Pearl Yesterday at 22:59
Shirley I think Gary may have suggested to Sharon to use a drug on Ali as he knows about his former addiction. She even used his drug of choice so must have been tipped off.
6349) Mark  Male
at home Location
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Gary is not "violent"; Ali is the violent one.
He kidnapped Maria.
He follows her around despite her telling him many times to stop stalking her.
He killed a man who was stuck in a car and he attacked Gary with a rock.

Lise Yesterday at 12:21
I know you're kidding Mark -but why?

To get a rise out of the posters of course.

Lise Yesterday at 13:25
And it worked!! lol
6348) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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I wish Ali would just leave the cobbles - it's getting boring watching him. frown

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Mar 26th 2020 smile [youtu.be]

In the missing scenes video, the scene with Tracy entering number 1 and viewing Ken napping with dramatic music playing was well done. You could see in Tracy's face that she thought her dad had pegged it; just like in the movies. Well done Corrie. lol

Jim Yesterday at 00:49
That scene with Tracy finding Ken in that chair and thinking he passed kind of reminds me when Norris found Rita in a chair and thought she had died!!!

haili Yesterday at 01:05
Too bad they cut that scene with Tracy and Ken. It was sentimental but she always makes me laugh too. The background music made it seem like a movie, yet it could have been something Ken was listening to so it sounded natural. Eccles looked so sad and he must be getting old too.

Louise Yesterday at 03:00
The scene with Ken and Eccles was lovely.

Alexandra Yesterday at 11:09
It looks as though Eccles is still played by the original dog, Tess, who came on the show in 2006 at one year old, making her 15 now. I guess that's why we haven't seen her onscreen for a while. I think they just brought the dog back for that farewell scene with Ken and we probably won't see much of her again. (She'll be upstairs playing her tapes big grin )


Monique Yesterday at 12:35
That scene with Tracy thinking Ken had passed with the dramatic music was so well done. Loved Tracy's expression!
6347) haili 
ont Location
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Yesterday at 00:38 Write a comment

Marie: I think a lot of us wish this was a Twilight Zone episode that's ending soon.
It's very weird and I hope everyone is OK.

I enjoyed Corrie tonight, especially Ken with Eccles and even Ali and Ryan, and I wish Ali all the best (the actor).

Alya is catching on to Geoff and his tricks and it looks to me like he is trying to take Yasmeen for everything - house, cafe, and money. Maybe he's been a con man in the past as well as an abuser. Maybe this will end before Corrie stops filming; I live in hope. It would be good to end this storyline and get a fresh start when all this is over.

Jim Yesterday at 00:44
Thats what i also said i think Geof will do but he will probably make it look like Alya did it all and framing him, and Yasmeen will believe Geof...they will leave the street and he will dump Yasmeen wherever they go leaving her homeless there and without a cent while Geof flies to Vegas with that prostitute!!!!!! #@*%!
6346) Jackie  Female
Michigan Location
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Thursday 23:53 Write a comment

If Coronation Street ended with this shutdown coming soon, tell us how you want it to end for your favorite or least favorite characters. For instance Geoff drawn and quartered...Emma finding real love, etc. Liz riding off into the sunset with a reformed Jim, Kirk gets a brain transplant. Lol

Jim Yesterday at 00:39
Yasmeen goes all psycho(Tony Perkins style) and attacks Geof in the shower!!!! big grin

Alice Yesterday at 00:43
Gemma, Chesney and family blast off into space never to return. David gets a happy story line before the end. Geoff visits the zoo and is eaten by a crocodile. Gary is found out and packed off to Strangeways for his crimes. All the other characters do a panto of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Jim Yesterday at 00:46
Dorthy Gale drops a house on Gary and Gary is killed and goes to H.E.L.L where he encounters Phelan!!!

Jim Yesterday at 00:47
Chesney has emergency plastic surgery and no longer looks like a sour puss!!!

Jim Yesterday at 00:52
Roy and Carla marry...ok, i just said that just to beat Mark from saying it lol lol lol

Jim Yesterday at 01:01
Gail goes to The Doctor Brain Surgeon Beauty Shop where she gets a hair trim and a brain transplant that gives us back the old stronger feisty Gail and not the Dimwitted Daffy Doodle she has become!!!

Gail/ON Yesterday at 02:51
Jim, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! I've said it before, but Liz looks like she's a good 10 years younger these days! She must have lost 20 pounds and had her surgery tweaked a bit. It looks much better. Loving her new hair style too.

haili Yesterday at 10:07
Yasmeen and Gail get brain transplants and Yasmeen gets her money and assets back and kicks Geoff to the curb. He leaves. Ali leaves. The new family leaves. Jim comes back a changed man after a brain disease was discovered and cured. He and Liz, who decides to stay get back together and move into the house the new family left. Tim and Sally live happily ever after. Seb leaves and Emma finds a hunky new guy, after her brain transplant. Eileen's boys come back and move in with her again. She stays happily single and so does Yasmeen. Gemma gets over her depression.

Monique Yesterday at 12:40
I love the idea of Liz riding off into the sunset with a reformed Jim. I would also like Ken and Audrey to get together.

Jackie Yesterday at 16:33
Monique, I like that one about Ken and Audrey, too.
I like all of your ideas, haili.

Jeannie Yesterday at 16:50
Hi Jackie.

Great question! And great idea for a survey.

I would like to see Liz stay, Jim stay away and Andy come back.

But dDon't worry too much about Corrie not coming back. I've copied part of a post that Pearl provided yesterday:

"As a point of interest this is not the first time production has halted on CS. Back in the '70s there was a labour dispute closed the show for six months."
6345) Dianne W.  Female
Dundas, ON Location
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Thursday 23:08 Write a comment

I have come across a few spoilers of future Corrie episodes, and they are not at all something to look forward too. I am not much interested in viewing old episodes, which might prove to be a little sad knowing those characters are no longer with us.

On an off topic, I am quite impressed with online shopping. Last night I ordered a pair of hiking shoes for my husband's birthday next week. They will arrive tomorrow afternoon, with no delivery charge by Canada Post.

Gail/ON Yesterday at 02:42
Just remember to wash your hands and don't touch your face after you have touched the package Dianne! As if we could forget that! wink

Dianne W. Yesterday at 03:28
Thanks, Gail. After 4 hours, the package should be safe to handle, as are products from the grocery.
6344) Jim  Male
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Thursday 20:43 Write a comment

Marie..i have always lived in The Twilight Zone...welcome to my neighborhood-lol
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