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3932) Jim  Male
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Yesterday at 22:26 Write a comment

I know longer care about the roof story...when i watch now its like it never happened!!!...Evelyn is a mix of Blanche/Ena Sharples...i enjoy the character!!!...

Lise Yesterday at 22:47
LOL I no longer care either Jim.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 22:52
I never cared about the roof collapse either, but I love Evelyn lol

Lise Yesterday at 22:56
Yes me too HJ. Evelyn is the most fun character to watch.

Jim Yesterday at 23:16
All welcome to the club-lol

Hey Jude Yesterday at 23:40
She def cracks me up! I wish my MIL was that entertaining! lol
3931) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 18:15 Write a comment

haili,I was referring to when Gary lied and said it was Rick[whom Gary killed in self defense] who sabotaged the roof because Gary wasn't paying the money he owed Rick and Gary didn't tell the police because he was 'afraid 'for his life but had no concern [with the exception of Sarahwho stayed at home with him on his 'day off']for the lives of the factory workers.
When punters in the Rovers heard about this,Jenny]pressured by Nick and Leanne] had no choice but to ask Gary to leave the Rovers after he asked Imram'Can you get past this?referring to the death of Imram's sister Rana.
Hence my disgust for the writers having Gary[who never showed any remorse]get away with the sabotage and Rana's death and profiting from it,getting his way in the end.

Mark Yesterday at 19:22
Marie, I replied with my defense of Gary at post 3926.
The bubble next to the time is what allows to reply to people.

haili Yesterday at 19:44
Let's hope that the truth comes out soon. They are really milking this story line.

Mark Yesterday at 19:59
NO! I want Gary to stay.
I just need to convince him to switch to cargo pants like real men wear.
He can stuff his wad of cash in his leg pockets like I do.

Nell Yesterday at 20:35
Marie, they're playing the long game. It isn't that Gary is going to get away with anything, I don't think. Just that it will take a long time for the residents to become aware of what viewers know about him. Remember Phelan. That went on for a long time too.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 23:42
I miss Phelan. Seriously. I miss him

Nell 54 minutes ago
Hey Jude, Connor McIntyre has gone on record to say he'd be open to coming back as Pat's twin, possibly to avenge the death of his brother.
3930) Alice 
GTA Location
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Yesterday at 18:00 Write a comment

I know they're setting Steve up to be Emma's dad but I think it would be more of a laugh if it turned out to be Jim. Then Steve would have his long lost sister after all and the look on Liz's face would be priceless. Besides that would give TPTB a reason to bring back Big Jim.

Louise Yesterday at 18:18
If it came down to a DNA test I’m not sure the could differentiate which McDonald it was.
Those father and son, mother and daughter (Lewis) pairings are disgusting imo.

Nell Yesterday at 20:47
I'd like to see Jim and Andy return. The McDonald family should be a prominent family on the street imo. More so than the Winter clan.

haili Yesterday at 22:45
It was a lot more interesting with Jim in the family but I think the actor has health problems, and they've made his character into a villain, which is the kiss of death for a character. I miss the old days when they were all together.

I also miss Ken and Dierdre so I hope Claudia can help with the Barlow family. I'd like to see more of them and less of characters like Seb and Jan.

Eileen's house is not the same without the boys either and the show just doesn't interest me as much as it did when there were more interesting characters.

Lise Yesterday at 23:21
Haili -I remember reading an article about Charles Lawson aka Jim McDonald. He suffered a mini-stroke on stage but he has fully recovered.

I think there were talks of him coming back to Corrie but at the tie he'd signed up to do a play or some project he's planned.

Pearl Yesterday at 23:26
As I've noted below Jim could not be Emma father, the timing is wrong. Agree with haili that Jim's last visit ruined his chances of returning again but I'd like to see Andy pop over for a visit sometime.
3929) Nell 
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Yesterday at 16:20 Write a comment

Here's a link to pictures of Gemma and Chesney filming in Llandudno. There are a few theories being floated around, such as Gemma possibly going into labour while stuck in a high cable car. They also speculated Chesney might be proposing in the photo where he's crouching down. But it doesn't look quite like a proposal shot to me. confused For all we know he might be picking something up from the ground.


Those cable cars in Wales close down to the public in the fall, so the CS crew might be filming a bit earlier than they might otherwise to be able to use that location.

Again, it's a high risk pregnancy with a likelihood of the mother going into early labour, and not all the babies would necessarily survive. IRL a doctor would warn Gemma of the possible complications and a real life Gemma wouldn't let herself get trapped in a cable car that high up at this stage in her pregnancy especially. Anything for a laugh on Corrie. eek!

Nell Yesterday at 16:25
But maybe he is proposing in those pictures. It's hard to tell. Then we'd have their wedding to look forward to... I can only imagine the types of wedding dresses they'd pick out for Gemma.

Nell Yesterday at 16:35
Here are more pictures of those two in the cable car itself.

3928) Alice 
GTA Location
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Yesterday at 16:14 Write a comment

So at no time in the sixteen months Emma has been on the show has she ever said to Audrey, "Oh my mother is Fiona Middleton, she used to own this salon. You probably remember her." Granted her mother moved to Australia leaving her 'father' to raise her but she obviously hasn't been completely out of touch. Bruce is right. It's beyond belief. Fonzie only jumped one shark. Corrie leaps over them all the time as if they are skipping stones.

Louise Yesterday at 16:25
Did Emma know her mum owned that very salon? If so I agree it's very odd she never mentioned it to anyone.
It's highly unlikely she would coincidentally end up on the very street where her unknown real dad lives - assuming it's Steve. Or worse, Jim...Yikes!

Beachy Carol Yesterday at 16:34
It could be that Fiona specifically chose not to mention Coronation Street in any manner after her involvement with both Steve and Jim. I’m going to give the writers a bye on this one although there are other storyline holes that just make me go ‘grrrr’.

I liked that Audrey was able to speak to Emma with some authority after keeping Gail’s real father a secret, and that she shared that information knowing it may help. And I liked that Emma deeply loves her dad who was obviously a very good father.

Nell Yesterday at 16:37
It's very possible Fiona didn't mention Coronation Street to Emma. I was thinking that too. Do most of us know the details of where our parents worked exactly around the time of our conception? I don't. I'm giving the writers a pass on this too.

Alice Yesterday at 17:30
Yes, I see your points but even if Fiona didn't mention Coronation Street and the salon, it's likely Emma would have asked her dad about her mum. Hard to believe she knew nothing at all about her mum's past.

Alexandra Yesterday at 17:40
I agree that Fiona probably didn't talk about her time on Coronation Street with Emma, especially given that events just before she left were rather unpleasant. As well, if they hadn't told Emma that her dad was not her real father, they would have no reason to mention Fiona's time living there to Emma.

Alice, she might have known many things about her mum's past (childhood, education, other jobs) but just not about the time Fiona lived on Coronation Street.

Louise, without coincidences, there would be not soaps. big grin

Louise Yesterday at 17:59
Very true Alexandra. And if everyone was faithful to their spouse there would be no soaps!

Beachy Carol Yesterday at 18:15
The more I think of it the more I love how this storyline has developed, from Emma’s arrival on the Street as a hopeful hairdressing apprentice, to Audrey’s realization as to who Emma’s mother is. I think it has allowed us to get to know Emma (and in my case like many others, love) without her having been rammed down our throats; it has felt natural and real. What a pleasant change not to have a major storyline rushed! And what superb acting by Alexandra. This to me is a very believable and so far fantastically written storyline and I think everyone will handle their part very very well.

Nell Yesterday at 20:39
I don't think any of us expect everyone to be faithful to their spouses on the show. It's just weird when literally everyone isn't. Regardless of the person's character. The PTBs decide it's time for a new infidelity S/L, and it's a case of eeny meeny miny mo. Anyone and everyone is a possibility.

It's one reason why I prefer regular shows, where there's at least an attempt (in many shows, not all) to give thought to what each individual character would and wouldn't do, realistically. Character driven storylines.
3927) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Yesterday at 16:14 Write a comment

Chris and Carolyn, yes Mrs. Wilson was very good. And yes I knew Ruth Wilson played her grandmother in it. Excellent movie, and the guy that played the husband was also in Downton Abbey.
3926) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 15:59 Write a comment

Mark,No I was not abducted by aliens!LOL!
I am sincerely impressed with how Sarah is holding her ground even having Adam investigate Derek's business background and having her worst fears confirmed and yet Nick who a few weeks ago didn't want anything to do with Gary has problem having him rebuild the roof?
This storyline is not sitting well with me,I don't like how Gary whose sabotage caused Rana's death and Carla's breakdown not only gets away with it but is profiting from it!
I also find the factory workers hyporcritical,they constantly harassed Carla to no end blaming her for Rana's death but when the 'truth' came out about Gary's dealings with Rick resulting in the roof being sabotaged,not a word particurely Izzy who could have been killed.
Sean was the only one who remembered Rana died when the roof collapsed whereas everyone else was indifferent.

haili Yesterday at 16:52
The truth hasn't come out yet about Gary sabotaging the roof. Wayne knew someone did it but didn't know who and the police are useless. Gary erased the message to Sarah where he confessed to the roof damage so all he admitted to was telling Carla the roof needed fixing and she told him to do a quick patch up job.

Mark Yesterday at 19:12
haili so that would mean that Wayne's job was to figure out how the roof collapsed but not WHO caused the collapse.
That is the job of the Paullisse.

Marie, Gary told Carla that the roof was ready to collapse
so it would have collapsed anyways when more workers were in the factory.

Gary sabotaged the roof because Carla didn't pay him for the work which caused him to go to the loan shark so he could pay his employees and for the materials.
3925) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 14:39 Write a comment

Saturday Sneak Peaks from ITV/Corrie smile [twitter.com]
3924) carolyn 
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Yesterday at 01:58 Write a comment

Its about time Emma got a storyline - too much time spent on the Emma with a G.

Off topic just watched 2 fantastic British dramas on DVD - one is called Mrs. Wilson based on a true story - which makes it obvious that truth IS stranger than fiction; the other is Liar (psychological thriller) with Joanne Frogget who was on the Street as Zoe a million years ago but has gone on to do Downton Abbey and many others.

Chris Yesterday at 12:14
Carolyn, both those series are excellent. What I liked about Mrs Wilson was that Alison Wilson was portrayed by her own granddaughter -- actress Ruth Wilson.

Alec Wilson's secrets went with him to the grave and the U.K. government still won't reveal his full role in WW II to the family.

Taffy Yesterday at 19:34
Carolyn and Chris: I agree both excellent series.
They are going to make a second series of Liar, to find out who the killer is. Another good series is Safe, with Mark Warren and the actress that played Sophie's girlfriend who was killed in the fire.(her name escapes me) also stars Amanda Abigdon and Michael C Hall who plays a Brit.
3923) Dianne W.  Female
Dundas, ON Location
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Yesterday at 01:35 Write a comment

I just watched Friday's episode with Emma's father in the hospital bed. The actor looks so much like Ryan Connor. I wonder if he is the actor Ryan's Dad IRL.

Mark Yesterday at 01:52
I thought the exact same thing earlier while watching the episode.

Dianne W. Yesterday at 02:07
At first, I thought it was Ryan playing two roles! Great acting by Emma.
3922) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 00:24 Write a comment

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Aug 23rd 2019 smile [youtu.be]
3921) Bruce 
Toronto Location
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Friday 23:14 Write a comment

Sorry for the irate rant I am about to make. Emma has been on the show for what? Months? A year even? And only now we see (or Audrey sees) a picture of Fiona? Ok. So I am only guessing here, but the Corrie writers must sit around their meeting table and say "Ok what storyline can we come up with for this poor character Emma" who until now has been hanging around the sets waiting for a storyline? "Ok, let's make Steve her long-lost Dad"? Sorry it all sounds too hurried and contrived for my liking. The writers had all this time for some kind of build-up which we (the viewers) did not get.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 00:27
I agree to some extent. They spent way too much time on the roof collapse crap, and the Gemma gang. Its just the way ot goes Bruce. I doubt it will change, so for now all we can do is go with the flow. I know others will disagree, but that's my take on it eek!

Chris Yesterday at 01:38
Emma Brooker has been around since April 2018 -- about sixteen months. In my opinion, Alexandra Mardell was cast specifically for this storyline which must have been created nearly two years ago. Look at Alexandra's colouration -- she's perfectly cast as a mixed race daughter to Fiona and Steve. Corrie fans, both in the U.K. and Canada have been calling for this storyline to come to the fore for months. In my opinion, the writers and Iain Macleod have got it right with the timing for storyline. Bring it on, I say. smile

Nancy Yesterday at 03:21
I would argue that this has been long planned. I keep being amazed at how much she looks like Liz (it's not huge, but it's defo there) which I hadn't noticed before. Also, she is a gormless nitwit who is constantly taken advantage of by others around her, just like her dad. I'm glad she hasn't learned to lie like he does.

Maggie Yesterday at 03:42
My feeling is that the character of Emma was created to be Steve's daughter all along. I remember many comments about how her looks and her age could be a fit for Steve and Fiona's daughter. I like this better than when some long-lost-something-or-other shows up out of the blue and causes a stir.

As for the connection to Fiona not being made, she and Emma weren't on good terms and didn't speak much. Emma probably never mentioned her.

Alexandra Yesterday at 15:40
Good point Maggie. It appears that Fiona has lived overseas for years (US?) while Emma lived with her dad and was not really close with her mother, so she probably wouldn't have had pictures of her mother on display. Also, if Emma did mention her to other people, she would have called her 'my mum', not Fiona, so no one on the street would have made the connection.

Louise Yesterday at 16:12
I wasn't watching in those days so never saw Fiona. But having just read up on their past I see that she also had a dalliance with Jim. Kind of sordid to say the least - it makes me wonder if Jim could be the dad. confused

Pearl Yesterday at 23:01
Louise Fiona & Jim's one night was before her aborted wedding to Alan Mckenna which was in the first part of November '97. Fiona's son Morgan (Alan's child) was born Feb 16 '98. She and Steve got together again after that. Fiona left the street September 25/98.

Emma may not be close with her mother (now living in Australia) but if she was raised with her brother Morgan who would be a year and bit older than her, you would think she would mention him from time to time.
3920) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 20:46 Write a comment

See Marie? I've always said Sarah is one of the good people on the street. She's always had a conscience IMHO big grin Glad you may have finally seen the light! lol
3919) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 19:54 Write a comment

Louise,The way I understand it is that Derek is the one leasing the building and the rent Nick pays Derek goes to Gary hence my belief that Gary is the one who owns the property but is using Derek as a'front'because he owes Gary money and once the debt is paid Gary will become Nick's partner.

I was on Sarah's side last night,she was the only one who seemed have a conscience about Rana's death and Gary being the cause of it because of Rick [I loved how she reminded Nick how he stole from their gran when he was putting her down]and not wanting him involved with the factory because of his dubious past.
Hopefully Nick will rue the day he got involved with Gary and I hope Sarah is the one who says 'I told you so'.
I did wonder why was Leanne involved in the meeting?She's not a shareholder in the factory,Where was Beth?

Jane Friday 20:46
I assume Leanne was there as Nick’s partner, but of course had to express her opinion. As for Beth, didn’t she sell her shares equally to everyone else? I agree, I hope Sarah is able to say “I told you so” when this storyline comes to an end.

Louise Friday 21:15
I do understand Marie that the building will be leased under Derek's name and that he will turn the lease payments over to Gary. What I do not understand is "Gary owns the property"...? Did he just buy it, and from whom did he buy it? From the workers/cooperative? Would they sell it to him - and if so why wouldn't they all take the cash and go on holidays? (Which is what they all do when they come into some money). Or is the owner some unknown person? Is the title henceforth supposed to be in Gary's name? And if it's supposed to be in Derek's name how is Gary going to extract (extort) the lease payments paid to Derek? I think Derek is just a plant, he is not buying the land or anything else, he's just a loan shark client dressed in a suit.

I don't know a lot about business but I think this whole scam is completely full of holes. Sorry, I realize it's just a soap!

Mark Friday 23:03
I was on Sarah's side last night

Marie was abducted by aliens last night and in their UFO lab they changed her opinion of Sarah. eek!
3918) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 18:43 Write a comment

OFF TOPIC: Michelle Keegan's latest TV series commenced airing in the U.K. last night. Called Brassic, it is a six-part comedy series written by and also starring Joe Gilgun. Joe has many credits including the role of Jamie Armstrong in 1997 Corrie.

I'm not sure if it is yet available on any streaming service, but it's worth looking out for. The second season has already been commissioned and filming commences at the end of September 2019 (that was fast.) Brassic [www.imdb.com]

Dianne Friday 20:03
Found it!


Funny, British humour.

Nell Yesterday at 21:08
Thanks for the link, Dianne. The video looks promising.

Michelle Keegan is overrated imo. But I do like Joe Gilgun.

Dianne Yesterday at 22:59
Your welcome Nell. Unfortunately I read the article after watching the episode and posting. It looks like they are only going to show the first episode for free then we have to watch the rest on the telly in the UK. I'm about ready for a vacay if you care to join me for a 6 week trip to Manchester, to watch the rest. lol

Nell 49 minutes ago
Sounds good to me, Dianne. I could use a vacation myself.
3917) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 03:03 Write a comment

Are they hiding Alena so the traffickers don't kill the witnesses?

Gary is a Geniouuuuus! cool

I still don't get why they are hanging on the old memories
of the factory and not just renting in another place.
At least Carla is smart enough to stay clear of these ridiculous schemes.

Louise Friday 03:27
Who owns the factory building? Maybe Gary has the found money for a renovation but how can Derek/Gary collect the rent if they don’t own the place?

Mark Friday 03:39
Since they can't afford to pay for the clearing of the debris and pay for a new building (costs more than 20 000)
Gary is financing the project so Nick and Sarah and the shareholders will have to pay a lease for the building.
Not sure if it's lease to own or lease to rent.

What is stupid is that the land must have more value than 20 000 pounds.
They could use the money to clear all the debris and then sell the land.

I still say just to rent elsewhere. It's so stupid beyond belief. roll eyes (sarcastic)

hali Friday 09:58
I am totally confused about Gary and why he hasn't been arrested yet, if only for stealing from Rick's office, and why the factory roof stuff seems to have been forgotten by the police; and, I have no idea how this latest scheme will work financially and who owns what. If the workers are shareholders, why don't they form a work party and clear the place out - or hire someone else to do it. Surely the insurance money would at least pay for that. But then Sarah seems to have been in charge of everything so I guess that might explain the confusion, but why doesn't Nick take charge?

Louise Friday 14:58
Further to Mark’s questions in 3910: Is the insurance pay out for the building? Do the workers still own the land?

So the insurance will pay out 20K, but what is that for? Damage to the building? The land itself must be worth a lot more than that. I gather Gary is planning to invest his found/stolen money to repair the damage to the building rather than raze it and rebuild, so the building is still worth something too. So who owns it? If it’s the workers they could sell it, thus pocketing a lot more than 20k. But my biggest question – if Gary (Derek being the phony front man) is going to lease the building to Underworld/The Company/The Workers, how can he lease it to the people who already own it? A lease agreement has to be entered by the owner of the building, right? Or is Gary in fact buying the building (under Derek’s name, not an easy deal to fake) from The Company and then leasing it back to them?

Am I missing something or am I trying to make too much sense of a crazy plot? Oh yes there’s the roof collapse which has been forgotten. Another minor point, is Gary even a licensed contractor?

Alexandra Friday 19:25
According to Corriepedia, Mike Baldwin bought the premises in 1998. According to both the Cambridge English Dictionary and a legal dictionary, premises means both the land and the buildings.

So, presumably, both the land and building changed hands with each owner, now being jointly owned by Nick and the staff members. The 20k insurance payout is probably for the damage to the building. Nick and staff would still own the land and building. Given the price of real estate in the UK these days, it must be worth quite a bit.

As I understood Gary's proposal, Derek will buy the premises (Gary said Derek was only interested in the land) and lease the factory (which Gary will rebuild) to Nick and the staff.

Let's hope there was an awful lot of money in Rick's safe to finance this scheme.

Pearl Friday 22:58
Thanks Alexandra for the link to Underworld's history. It is a bigger disaster than Gail's marriages. Best use; cemetery or haunted house for touring. eek! The latest disaster and death haven't made the list yet. If the workers are leary about moving back because of recent events, they would be horrified to know the full history. Corrie history is so interesting!

Louise Friday 23:26
Yes, thanks Alexandra for the background! That faktry has been the centre of so much drama and so many disasters!
3916) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 00:32 Write a comment

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Aug 22nd 2019 smile [youtu.be]
3915) Nell 
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Friday 00:28 Write a comment

My apologies for not clarifying what I read about Daniel and Bethany. I was out the door this morning when it occurred to me I probably should have mentioned the papers said it's a kiss (after you get past the headlines).

Still it's interesting reading the varied points of view on this topic. The differing perspectives (even at this early date) are fascinating.

Does anyone know when the actors who play Sinead and Bethany are due to leave? I'm curious as to how many months we'll have to wait to see what transpires. They do have a tendency to leak things about Corrie way, way in advance. It's the most leaked soap in the UK.

Louise Friday 00:42
No problem Nell. The discussion has been very interesting. There’s no shortage of indiscretions and always lots of drama around these matters!

Nell Friday 13:42
smile For sure. I have to remind myself it is a soap, after all.

Hey Jude Friday 15:32
I forgot that too lol
3914) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 20:03 Write a comment

Gail,*******SPOILER-NON UK [sort of]From what I've read,Bethany and Daniel get closer after she encounters one of Nathan's 'clients;in the Bistro and Daniel teaches him a lesson and they share a kiss after she talks about her ordeal and he cries on her shoulder about Sinead.
The reason why I brought Sarah up is that since she's dating Adam who is Daniel's nephew and sharing the flat with Daniel and Sinead,the secret about the 'kiss'is bound to come out and I think Sarah would defend Bethany by using the encounter with Nathan's 'client' as an excuse saying that Bethany was confused and needed someone to turn to thus putting Adam in a very difficult between his girlfriend and his nephew and niece-in law.*****end spoiler

I have a very bad feeling about Gary's 'investor friend' for Underworlds.
I think he's one of Gary's clients who owes him money[there was a brief scene in which Gary scowled at a name on his phone]and that he's a 'front' for Gary to be Nick's new 'partner' so he can stay close to Sarah.

Lise Thursday 20:53
Re: Daniel etc. : it's a bit of a reach Marie.

Gail Thursday 21:12
AND if Daniel kisses Bethany, well, that's down to him, no one holds a gun to his head I'm sure. He makes that decision to kiss her. You COULD say, Daniel is taking advantage of her! And well yes, I think Sarah would be quite right to defend Bethany for that very reason. She was very upset seeing one of those scumbags again. Whatever Daniel does is his decision. Sarah would not want to deliberately put anyone in a difficult position.

Maggie Thursday 21:15
What if Bethany was confused and needed someone to turn?

Beachy Carol Thursday 22:05
Quite honestly I hope everyone else stays out of it! However it happens and I do believe it will be two people in emotional pain turning to one another for support and a moment of comfort, Bethany and Daniel will be hard enough on themselves without anyone else butting in. They are adults, they will know the extent and ramifications of their kiss. Nothing anyone else says could possibly make them feel worse than I suspect they will. Butt out everyone else!

Lise Thursday 22:30
Yes! Well said Carol.

That will probably be the reason Bethany leaves the street -for good.

Hey Jude Thursday 22:45
That was well said Beachy. And we all know the Bethany actress is going soon.

I must say Sarah is really managing the factory/labelling/packing place well. Good for her!

Louise Thursday 23:18
We don’t know whether this little “cheating” episode will amount to anything or not. What we do know is that nobody ever butts out of other people’s business.

Hey Jude Thursday 23:36
I'm sure it'll be a harmless kiss and won't amount to anything

Nell Friday 00:06
Hey Jude, by harmless, do you mean a peck on the cheek? smile Even emotional intimacy (without physical contact) can make a partner feel like they've been cheated on. Although in this case Sinead will have other things on her mind besides Daniel.

Is it too much to ask that Daniel wait until after Sinead's passing to kiss another woman.

Hey Jude Friday 00:22
Nell, let's hope it's just a peck on the cheek, we just dont know yet and I should have clarified that. Poor Sinead and poor Daniel. I will be quite upset watching Sinead pass away (if that's what happens)

Nell Friday 00:39
Hey Jude, I was just teasing. I don't think it'll be that scenario because that would be more in the friend zone. (And no one at Corrie would go to the trouble of leaking it). But if it is, then the tabloids really will look silly.

Hey Jude Friday 00:42
Haha, sorry I didnt pick up that you were teasing me Nell! Lol I missed the little smiley face! Duh! Lol
3913) Lise 
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Thursday 16:13 Write a comment

Got some field tomatoes at the weekly farmers' market yesterday Haili. After being told to wait till the Fall it was a nice surprise.

Missed the first half of Corrie last night. Who is it that was diagnosed with stomach cancer Emma mentioned?

Louise Thursday 16:15
It's her dad.

Lise Thursday 17:04
Thank you Louise. Poor man, poor Emma.

Lise Thursday 17:07
Making room for Steve to step in the role of Daddy -once again !

Gail Thursday 18:50
The niagara peaches are amazing this year too Lise. I'm on my third basket!

Lise Thursday 18:53
Oh I know Gail. I am enjoying them. Peaches are my favourite fruits.

haili Thursday 18:54
Thanks Lise. The tomatoes are probably in some stores by now; will try tomorrow. The peaches and nectarines are really good lately.

Hey Jude Thursday 19:12
I will def be picking up some nectarines soon. yumm

Mark Thursday 21:02
I bought the Nectarines at Walmart from a Jordan Station in Ontario.
I don't trust the peach fur so I bought the Nectarines.
I followed Gail's advice to leave them out but I only do this with one nectarine at a time.
The center is a bit harder and sour but I don't mind.
I don't like sweet that much.

Gail Thursday 21:14
If you run the peaches under water and rub them, the furry stuff washes away.

Maggie Thursday 21:19
Mark, do you keep the others in the fridge? They won't ripen properly that way - that may be your problem. Peaches and nectarines should only be refrigerated after they have ripened.

Lise Thursday 22:33
Fruit that should ripen on the counter are: apricots, avocados, guava, kiwi, mangoes, melons, nectarines, papaya, peaches, bananas and plums.

Once they are ripe, you can store them in the fridge
3912) Marie  Female
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Thursday 15:55 Write a comment

Nell,That is a new low for an affair storyline!
Sarah better not defend her daughter this time or Bethany portrayed as the'victim' when it comes out.
I want Tracy to go after her!

Louise Thursday 16:09
Will she go after Daniel while she's at it?

Maggie Thursday 17:36
SPOILER: Without knowing any of the details, why would anyone automatically blame Bethany?

Gail Thursday 18:48
We're talking about Bethany and Daniel. I don't see what that has to do with Sarah, and why you would bring her into it. Unless you think she would be to blame! LOL

Lise Thursday 18:54
LOL Gail!

Hey Jude Thursday 19:05
Lol Gail! I can't even say it! lol

Louise Thursday 19:22
And these things are always the woman's fault so Daniel would be blameless.

Nell Thursday 23:55
I was thinking of the irony that this will all lead to Bethany and Sinead leaving Corrie. And Daniel remains. Ok, so the actors who play the first two decided to go on their own accord. Still, we end up stuck with Daniel!

Marie, do you also want Ken to go after Daniel? confused

Nell Thursday 23:57
Louise, I just saw your earlier comment. Great minds think alike.
3911) Nell 
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Daniel to cheat on dying Sinead with Bethany...

Who comes up with this stuff. roll eyes (sarcastic)

haili Thursday 16:10
I can see it happening in real life. They had Peter cheat on Leanne while she was having a miscarriage and he cheated on Carla on their wedding night. Liam cheated on Maria with Carla while Maria was in labour, so this isn't really much of a stretch. The poor lad will probably be stressed out and vulnerable from watching Sinead suffer and Bethany will probably be drunk.

Louise Thursday 16:17
If the poor lad cheats on his young dying wife I'm afraid I have no sympathy for him.

Maggie Thursday 18:03
Not to nit-pick but I think what is defined as 'cheating' matters too. The spoiler I read only mentioned a kiss. They really try to hype the spoilers and leaks - they don't always turn out to be what might be assumed.

Hey Jude Thursday 18:20
Not to worry Maggie, I think you have a valid point there. Yes, they really do try to amp up the spoilers/teasers. Some even say things that aren't even true. I hate that. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Gail Thursday 18:46
It may not be as sordid as it sounds! Bethany has shown she's a genuinely caring person and it may just be that she offers comfort and support to Daniel. It may not be a full blown affair. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Alexandra Thursday 21:09
I think you're right, Maggie. I remember the stories of Tim having an affair with Gina while Sally was in prison. That turned out to be less than the hype too.

Gail Thursday 21:32
That's true Alexandra. I remember thinking Gina and Tim were going to have an affair from what I had read, and that never happened at all! She tried to make him think they slept together once when he was drunk but it didn't happen.

Maggie Thursday 22:19
Yes, and what about Tyrone and Mary having an affair?! That never happened either.

Nell Thursday 23:52
I don't think it's a full blown affair either. But it's bad enough, from what I've read in 3 different papers. Or it's enough to make Daniel feel like he's inherited the worst of Ken and it will send him off the rails. By it, I mean guilt.

Whether it's a kiss and emotional bonding, or worse, I don't think the writers should have gone there.

Nell Friday 00:03
True, to all you voices of reason - you're right. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Then again, we all hoped the leaked story about Gemma getting pregnant with quads wasn't real too. And that was even more farfetched. Time will tell.
3910) Mark  Male
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Is the insurance pay out for the building?

Do the workers still own the land?

Sarah and Leanne have more business brains than the rest
in wanting to cut their loses and move on.
If they do want to continue sewing labels on clothes
they should just rent a warehouse.
3909) Alice 
GTA Location
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Thursday 02:27 Write a comment

How much freakin' money is Gary going to find? Every drawer, cupboard or storage unit he finds is full of cash. It's getting ridiculous and I'm starting to laugh each time he opens something. Still I wouldn't mind if it were like that in real life.

Louise Thursday 16:08
He found that blue key and stared at it a long time. Then somehow found that storage locker, how - I'm not sure. Then called Tim for that number, I didn't quite make out his question but the answer was 1887. I'm confused, can anyone enlighten me what that was all about? With all that cash I assume it was Rick's storage locker, right?

blitzen Thursday 18:11
Michael saw the key and oh-so-coincidentally mentioned that it belonged to a storage facility that he had done some work for. So Gary was able to track it down from that. "1887" was the answer to the question "What year did Wetherfield County win the league?" IIRC, but I don't know how Gary knew that was what Rick based his security code on.

Louise Thursday 19:20
Thank you blitzen, all I had heard is something about county.
Still the question was a bit of a stretch to say the least!! Why would he even think it? confused

Alexandra Thursday 21:06
I thought the question was 'what year was Weatherfield County founded?'

I think the question was a nod to this relationship:


There may have been some mention somewhere of Rich being a County fan.

Alexandra Thursday 21:13

roll eyes (sarcastic)
3908) carolyn 
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Being an animal lover, and assuming that dead animal skin was real, I am very disappointed in Jenny for considering THAT as a decoration in her home. Disgusting. So ethically wrong in this day and age.

I felt so sorry for Emma tonight and was glad that Maria seemed kind to her. She is one of the few really nice people on the Street.

Alexandra Thursday 01:37
To me, the zebra skin looked like fake fur.

Hey Jude Thursday 16:08
If its fake fur, then its okay, and they make some very good fake items these days
3907) Chris  Male
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(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Aug 21st 2019 smile [youtu.be]
3906) Jim  Male
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Wednesday 23:13 Write a comment

Beachy Carol...did Jan have any family..perhaps he had a daughter who died(suicide, murdered)because of thugs like those and Jan decided to do something about it so future families wouldnt have to suffer they way he done!!!

Beachy Carol Thursday 00:15
Such an interesting, and thoughtful, theory Jim! Hmmm, it’s not that long ago but when he and Eileen realized their attraction and she told him about Pat Phelan, did Jan say something about lost love for himself? I’m thinking he might have but just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe [/b]Chris[b] can help us?

I love your theories and intuitions, Jim. You have a real feel for the characters.

Jim Thursday 01:15
I guess i got a real feel for them by watching so many over the years..started watching soaps 55 years ago...

Jim Thursday 01:18
I dont recall that scene...missed a lot and sometimes i miss something when i do watch because i still dont feel well..hope we know something more about Jan,,,hopefully a good character for a change!!!

Alexandra Thursday 01:34
I seem to recall that Jan told that story to Moira, when he was trying to discourage her advances. However, he and Eileen were making plans to visit his family in Poland.

Beachy Carol Thursday 02:04
That was it, Alexandra! Thank you for recalling. And you again are right that Jan and Eileen were planning that visit. Thank you ;)

Louise Thursday 16:22
It's nice that Jan turns out to be the "hero" who saves the day but I think Eileen has Seb/Abi to thank for saving her skin by calling the cops. Without that call Eileen was in big trouble.

Gail Thursday 19:03
I'm just relieved that the writers didn't yet again match Eileen up with a villain who is using her like Phelan did. There was something I liked about Jan even when I thought he was a villain! Maybe it's his accent and intense eyes. Definitely not his hair LOL

Louise Thursday 20:12
I liked two things about Jan: his accent and his voice.
3905) Jim  Male
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Wednesday 18:45 Write a comment

So back in May i was right about Jan...working undercover...better than having another villain unless he is working both sides and fooled all

Alexandra Wednesday 19:14
Jim, it looks as though those of us who thought Jan would turn out to be a good guy (you were first!) got it right. I don't think he was working both sides. He put himself at risk to protect Seb and Eileen. I just hope this isn't the last we see of him, and that Eileen finds out that he wasn't a criminal after all.

Jim Wednesday 19:33
Alexandra-i really hope he is a good guy...not too many of those on the street these days...

Alexandra Wednesday 19:58
Me too, Jim.

Beachy Carol Wednesday 23:01
I’m with you both :). In retrospect Jan played it all so very well. He is fond of Seb I would say and did try to protect him. Can you imagine how badly he must have wanted to blurt out that Seb’s beloved Alina would be fine in short course! I think he truly has feelings for Eileen too; I liked how he looked to her when they all were brought to the police station, and how the first thing he asked Paula was when could he see Eileen. I hope we hear more about how/why Jan is a police informant; did he come across the dirty dealings when doing work at one of the salons?

Maggie Thursday 02:09
BC - Jan's involvement may have something to do with his arrest for selling drugs - was it Valium? That could be connected to the trafficking, might they drug the girls to keep them calm and quiet? He could have got a lesser sentence if he agreed to go undercover and expose a larger criminal enterprise. As always, I guess we'll find out one of these days!
3904) Marie  Female
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Wednesday 18:04 Write a comment

Chris,******SPOILER-NON UK How can Gemma and Chesney afford a holiday in Wales?
I guess they are spending the money Jenny raised for their children in the Rovers!
I hope Joseph is on holiday with them and not stuck at home with the 'grandma from hell'Bernie******end spoiler.

Although it was great seeing Joseph in the cafe with Emma,at the same time I wished there was a scene in which his father told him about the quads and how he's going to be a big brother to four brothers or sisters.
I'm disappointed that Joseph is left out of this story line as it has a huge impact on his life and will affect his relationship with his father.

Chris Wednesday 19:00
Marie, I don't know the story behind their trip to Wales. I came across the pic whilst going through my Twitter feed. It can't be too far in the future, so we'll just have to be a little patient for the storyline to be revealed. smile

Maggie Thursday 02:03
I'm pretty sure we can assume Chez has talked to Joseph about the babies coming. And I do not think he'd ever leave Joseph with Gemma's mother. Or, I sure hope he wouldn't!

Mind you, I'd also hope he wouldn't leave Gemma's mom alone in his house either. Imagine the damage she could/would do!

Nell Yesterday at 16:01
The Gemma/ Chesney filming was in Llandudno. Someone who lives there mentioned it a little while ago on another forum. They'd been to the same local pub on the same day as the two actors.

The storyline itself is an example of CS people playing a high risk pregnancy for 'laughs'. Considering all the risks, no woman in Gemma's position would go on a high cable car like that, knowing going into early labour (with quads) is such a strong possibility. How clueless. roll eyes (sarcastic)
3903) Hey Jude 
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Wednesday 17:26 Write a comment

So, am trying to catch up. Someone mentioned Jan is working undercover. Is this true or just speculation? Is the woman working at the nail salon also undercover?

blitzen Wednesday 17:34
Jan was arrested with the others, but then at the police station Paula came in to talk to him, where it was confirmed that he had been working as an informant. He asked to see Eileen, but Paula said he would be putting her in danger and he should leave the area completely. I suspect he will leave for a while but we will see him again.

Hey Jude Wednesday 18:07
Thanks Blitzen!
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