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529) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Today at 18:19 Write a comment

Lise,No,I don't think Jenny will make it about her relationship with Rita as she already considers Rita her 'mum'.
I did wonder though if Rita's comments opened some emotional wounds for Jenny as she thought about her son who also died?
So in this regard,perhaps Rita was being insensitive after all[it was a very strange scene].
528) Barbara Marlow Anderson 
Guelph, Ontario, Canada Location
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Today at 17:26 Write a comment

I have been lurking on this guestbook for years. I would love to comment on someone's message. How do I do this?

Lise Today at 17:36
Welcome Barbara.

To comment on someone's post click on the bubble next to the date and time.
(sometimes it's just the time).
527) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Today at 16:38 Write a comment

Lise\Tracy,I didn't think that Rita was being insensitive to Jenny who I believe she does consider her daughter as Jenny was fostered by her rather I think Rita realised that it would be Johnny's first Christmas without Aidan hence her concern about being insensitve.
I was more annoyed about Johnny wanting a grandchild as he seems to have forgotten about Susie,Aidan's daughter.

Lise Today at 17:31
Yes, that is what Rita intended. But will Jenny make it about her relationship with Rita?
526) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Today at 05:10 Write a comment

It's time for U.K. PM Teresa May to forget about that Brexit malarkey and deal with the Real Issue of the Day. Save Our Sally! #sos

Louise Today at 13:19
Love it Chris! lol

Mark Today at 16:04
Only if big crowds protest outside the prison will she be saved.
525) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Today at 00:03 Write a comment

Karen MacDonald: she became a medical doctor and her name is now Dr Foster.
You can get a glimpse of her on Radio Canada at 9 pm.

If Steve finds out about this he will be regretting how he treated her.
This shows the characters can succeed once they leave Coronation st for better pastures.

Tracy Today at 01:25
Mark, if you are able to watch Doctor Foster, I highly recommend it. Really good series.

Daisy Today at 11:59
Karen M was believable as policewoman Rachel Bailey. Scott and Bailey. I hope PBS reruns it sometime.

Mark Today at 16:02
Tracy: I've watched a few episodes.
I don't like the story but I liked seeing Karen again.
She has aged well.

Daisy: thanks for letting me know about "Scott and Bailey".
Hopefully I will see it one day.

Louise Today at 17:47
I wasn't a viewer when Karen McDonald was on, but these posts reminded me of a poem in a book we had when I was a kid in the 50s. I can still picture the drawing:
Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
In a shower of rain.
He stepped in a puddle
Right up to his middle
And never went there again.
524) Tracy 
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Yesterday at 23:13 Write a comment

When Rita asked Johnny if she'd been insensitive, I thought she was talking about Jenny! not about Johnny and Aiden!!!

Lise Today at 15:30
So did I. I thought Rita's comment was rather insensitive for Jenny.

"You're like a daughter to me -but not quite". :<(
523) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 20:33 Write a comment

The weekly update from blanche's polish hip blog: Coronation Street Catch Up: the Extramarital Bed edition [blanchespolishhip.blogspot.com]
522) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 17:18 Write a comment

Haili: I feel the same.
Before finding out that the dead man wasn't Jude,
I was hoping they do a DNA test on the body and Mary.
Jude is a compulsive liar so he could have lied to Mary
and Mary was so determined that Jude was her son she could
have pushed this fantasy onto Jude.
The DNA test should have been done at the start.
but I'm guessing that Jude is not her son.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 19:57
Mark: I've felt from the very first time we saw Jude that he isn't Marys bio son, but i think some here suggested a DNA test was done. I dont remember it if it happened. I still think Jude conned Mary into thinking they are mother and son. I just havent figured out why

Mark Yesterday at 20:50
Ever since you mentioned about Simon not looking like Peter or Lucy, I think of that when I see him.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 23:11
LOL! I stll do that too Mark. That kid was so miscast IMHO.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:21
Total miscast.
I read an article stating the actor who plays Simon is not bi-racial, but he really does look like he is. I had a teen boyfriend who resembles Simon actually, and he had a bi-racial grandparent (or great-grandparent, I can't remember).
Anyways, yes, he certainly does not look anything remotely like Peter and his blond mother Lucy.

I watched UK drama SAFE last night, and both Maddie and Lucy are in it. Its "okay" but not great imo
521) Dianne 
Canada Location
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Yesterday at 16:36 Write a comment

So there is an upcoming scene with Liz, Eileen and Sean at Eileen's. There was a framed photo of Eileen and Todd on the side table. It's been replaced with one of Eileen and Jason. So I guess Todd is finally out of the picture so to speak.

Lise Yesterday at 19:37
Todd has been erased.. It's as if he never existed.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:24
Thanks Diane, I will try and pay attention to the upcoming scene.
I guess they are really breaking ties with the actor.

The actor who played Tommy Duckworth was fired for his rap song lyrics, saying he was going to rape someone. The actor has since been welcomed back into the industry and stars in another soap. I think.
520) Mark  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Yesterday at 16:35 Write a comment

Mark,The only side I would take is my sibling's not a complete stranger's as Gina did.
Sally has been good to Gina,taking her in trying to help her with her mental health issues even making it part of her campaign for mayor in terms of better access for help and to show her 'appreciation',Gina develops feelings for her sister's husband,poisoning his ear with Duncan's lies so she can have Tim for herself.
I'm hoping for two things that Geoff gets involved telling Tim to smarten up and support his wife and for Tim to find out about Gina seeing Duncan[whom Tim didn't trust] and taking his side so she can destroy his marriage.

Mark Yesterday at 17:07
I haven't written this or moved to Montreal lol

But Gina knew Sally had affairs in the past and wanted to be certain.
The show is good for showing sibling rivalries.
(Todd-Jason, Nick-David, Sally-Gina).

Daisy Yesterday at 19:27
Gina's certain. She wants what Sally has and this is the only way she thinks she can get it. Or him. Whatever.

Mark no. 1 from Montreal: well said. Who is Geoff? I've forgotten who Geoff is.

Lise Yesterday at 19:32
Daisy - I think Geoff is Tim's dad .

Hey Jude Yesterday at 23:12
Yes Geoff is def Tims Dad

Pearl Yesterday at 23:59
Reads like a Marie post to me.

Mark Today at 00:11
Goef is living with Yasmean.

Daisy Today at 02:19
So that's Geoff. Thanks.
519) Alice 
GTA Location
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Yesterday at 16:33 Write a comment

For the first time in decades I couldn't watch an episode of Corrie. Knew what was going to happen and couldn't face it. I'm so sick of recycled prison plots. I'll be back when this one is over.
518) lizphor  Female
Hamilton Location
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Yesterday at 16:06 Write a comment

Hoping that UK viewers are taking the Writers to task---I am not enjoying the Nick/Sally/Duncan/Tim/Gina/Kate/Rana predictaments!!
517) Taffy  Female
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 14:54 Write a comment

Regarding next weeks episodes; 1 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday. So we won't get behind. I saw the UK schedule for Xmas and New Years.It looks like they are airing 7 episodes each week. Maybe CBC will do the same? Has anyone heard about our episodes?

Mark Yesterday at 17:02
Good news! thanks.
516) Monique 
Halifax Location
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Yesterday at 14:20 Write a comment

I'm fed up with the way Tim wavers in his trust of Sally whenever anyone makes the slightest comment expressing doubt. He can be expressing his undying trust and devotion one moment and if someone makes the slightest comment he is doubtful again. He should know Sally is not a con woman. He himself always warned her that he didn't trust Duncan. And he has known for some time that Gina has feelings for him so he should see through her game. It was cruel of him not to even take Sally's call based on flimsy doubts that he didn't even have 5 minutes before. I'm very disappointed in Tim.

Gina is a two-faced manipulator. At least Sophie is on to her. Tim should realize that Sophie was right. Too bad Sophie wasn't there to hear her auntie Gina's words to Tim. I hope Sophie succeeds in exposing Gina and getting her thrown out of the house.

Lise Yesterday at 14:45
I'm disgusted with Tim's attitude. Couldn't believe he wouldn't answer the phone.

His love for Sally doesn't run deep. He's easily swayed.

When this is all over and Sally is found innocent, I hope she'll clean house. Starting with both disloyal sister Gina and husband Tim.

Louise Yesterday at 15:59
Couldn't agree more! Such a shame too - I always thought Tim and Sally had a solid marriage but he's letting her down. She did a really stupid thing getting conned by Duncan's lies and skirting the rules but she's being punished as a fraudster and a con not to mention a cheater, none of which she is. She's a silly dupe who should've known better. Meanwhile why isn't Duncan in prison?

Lise Yesterday at 16:07
Shame that the writers are messing up a good and popular couple.

Not too many of these on the Street. (if any).

Mark Yesterday at 17:09
Not answering Sally's phone call was cruel IMO.

Daisy Yesterday at 19:24
I'm disappointed in Tim too. Sally is better off without Tim and Gina. With family like that who needs family. Too bad it's happening when she's most vulnerable. Tim is so undecided about everything, I could see him discovering his bisexual side and starting up a relationship with Sean. Sally can be annoying and far from perfect, but if annoying and imperfect are the reasons someone should go to jail, almost everyone would end up behind bars!

Louise, yes, what about Duncan and putting him under the microscope. There's a jail cell with Duncan's name on it, just waiting for him.

Mark Yesterday at 20:54
Daisy: Tim told Sally many times that Duncan was a crook.
He even tried to break into his office to prove it.
What more was he supposed to do?
Sally was too stubborn to listen and dismissed him.
She didn't go to jail for being imperfect, she went to jail because the woman from the city came to her house and told her they were charging her with fraud.

Lise Yesterday at 21:32
Except Sally did NOT commit fraud. Duncan did.

Mark Yesterday at 22:11
She didn't follow the city's regulation which was fraud.
She knew the rules and chose to bypass them.
Now she has to pay the consequences.

Lise Yesterday at 22:23
I don't see it that way. It was a minor infraction, not fraud. Losing her job as mayor was deserved. But Sally does not deserve 4 years in jail. It's a grave injustice. Don't you think Duncan is the criminal in this case and Sally the innocent victim?

Monique Yesterday at 22:23
The fact that Tim went to great lengths to convince Sally that Duncan is a crook means that he knows what Duncan is capable of and he knows that Sally, for all her flaws, is not dishonest. Assuming that Sally could have masterminded a fraud and Duncan is the innocent victim makes no sense.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:33
Sally was definitely arrogant in her position, breaking the city rules and pushing thru Duncan's charity bid. She abused her role as Mayor and has broke the law.
She was a fool to trust Duncan and made the wrong decision. Tim warned her time and again, and she did not listen.
I am interested to see how long her sentence will be; custodial seems a bit harsh, I think paying the money back and some community service would be more realistic.
But at the end of the day - Sally bent the rules and she knew she bent them.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:35
and I am very annoyed with the way this is playing out with Tim. I thought him and Sally were solid; they are great together, even though they are opposites. Tim has let me down :(

Mark Yesterday at 23:44
No Monique: Duncan was the mastermind of the fraud and Sally didn't follow the proper protocol and carried it out.
One can say an outsider doesn't know the protocol but Sally can't say she didn't know.
So she committed fraud.
She knew the protocol but didn't follow it.
She was told by Tim that Duncan is a crook but she didn't listen.
She disregarded all the legal advice from her lawyer.
She is the creator of her own legal mess.

Mark Yesterday at 23:48
Tracy: In Tim's defense he tried to protect Sally from Duncan and she wouldn't listen and treated him as a child.
Tim also wonders why would she listen to Duncan and not him.
He even went so far as to break into Duncan's office and punch Imran.

Tracy Today at 01:15
yes Tim tried very hard to warn Sally not to trust Duncan. I just wish he would show more faith in Sally, as far as the cheating goes. But she did kiss Kevin, so that teeny tiny niggle of doubt will linger ...

Daisy Today at 02:32
Sally was convicted on 3 charges.
Money Laundering

Was bribery supposed to mean bribing Duncan? They didn't try very hard to look closer at Duncan, his credibility or to recover the money from him. He said he made a mistake doing what Sally told him to do. If true then why did he keep the money. Or did he return it to cover his own behind. Usually police are suspicious of all people involved in a crime together. Why in this case are they assuming Duncan is as honest and pure as the driven snow.

Mark Today at 16:17
Thanks for itemizing the charges Daisy.
I'm confused. Didn't we see Duncan on trial at first
or was it always Sally on trial?
Hopefully the city got the money back.
I don't know on what charge could they get Duncan on?
Receiving fraud money?
It looks like he got away with it unfortunately.
But the show will warn others know to follow procedures.

Mark Today at 16:24

Bribery: didn't Tim return the money that went into his account?
Which made is seem like a bribe?

Money laundering: that is a weird charge.
She didn't launder her own money.
515) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Yesterday at 14:02 Write a comment


Jim: I read Kate and Rana do split up, and know why. I just dont know when it happens. Personally, I find these 2 so dead boring and so predictable roll eyes (sarcastic)

514) Jim 
IP logged Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.80 Safari/537.36
Yesterday at 13:50 Write a comment

Spoiler: a drunken Kate to get preg by Adam Barlow and splits with Rana...drunk or not thought she was gay...and is Adam drunk too and desperate???...so this is the only way to break them up instead of Kate and Rana arguing over starting a family????????

Lise Yesterday at 14:05
Oh well.. Anything to split up Rana and Kate sounds good to me.

This story line is absurd.
Why IVF at this point ? ( or IOU as Johnny said:<)

Has Kate never heard of sperm donors?
513) Lise 
TO Location
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Yesterday at 13:45 Write a comment

Sally Dynevor's performance was outstanding last night.

When the forewoman of the jury pronounced her guilty on the first charge, you could see Sally's body tremble, and on the subsequent guilty charges, her body was collapsing. She is a remarkable actress.

512) haili 
ont Location
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Yesterday at 11:44 Write a comment

I felt sorry for Sally, She made a mistake in trusting Duncan but she doesn't deserve jail; resigning as mayor would have been punishment enough IMO. I was disappointed in Tim when he didn't take her call since she won't likely have much access to a phone now that she's convicted. The lawyer and her whole family have let her down badly and she deserved better.

As for Jude, I don't care that much and neither does his wife it seems. I wish we knew for sure that he really is Mary's son and don't recall any mention of DNA testing.

Nancy Yesterday at 16:01
I don't feel particularly sorry for Sally because she's made the same mistake repetitively - she falls for flattery, every time, and it always turns out wrong. It's like the universe is trying to show her this lesson and she's refusing to learn. I suspect that she won't learn it this time either. What it will take for her to bottom out and understand her own vulnerabiity to flattery is an unfathomed ocean.

Lise Yesterday at 16:47
Nancy - Duncan had a heart wrenching sob story. Sally was moved by his tale of woe. She was flattered, certainly but her main goal was to help Duncan with his charity plan.
Sally is guilty of being naive and helping Duncan jump the queue.

Mark Yesterday at 17:13
I second Nancy.

As another poster said before, Sally is arrogant.
The rules don't apply to her.
The city has rules in place and Sally bypassed them.
Early on they had a woman from the city tell her she broke the rules and procedures and she's going to get charged.
The city made the complaint to the police not Duncan.

Mark Yesterday at 17:25
The lawyer didn't let her down.
She told Sally her plan but Sally kept sabotaging it
with her court room outbursts
and her injury to delay the proceedings.

She told Sally many times not to yell in the court room.
What was the lawyer supposed to do?
Drug Sally to keep her quiet?
Sally has been stubborn all her life and this has cost her
and like Nancy says above, Sally will never learn.

Mark Yesterday at 18:25
Another example of Sally's stubbornness and arrogance:
Tim told her many times he did not trust Duncan.
Did Sally listen to him? Nooooo.
She dismissed Tim like he's a child.

Lise Yesterday at 19:06
Sally never struck me as arrogant. Ambitious, yes!

It's a bit odd that lawyer Paula didn't dig into Duncan's past or
advised Sally and Tim to hire a private eye. They know nothing at all about Duncan, except for what he said.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:38
Tend to see your points Nancy and Mark. A legal action had to be taken, in the interest of the taxpayers of Weatherfield. The Mayor can't just get away with it. (even tho its our Sal!)

Pearl Yesterday at 23:46
That is so true Nancy, not only does it apply to Sally in her court case but to most of the Corrie characters when they make a mess of their lives and have to face the consequence. eg Eve in her revenge plot against Adian, never learned her lesson. Leanne with her go arounds with Steve and now Nick, Peter, Carla, Michelle all live tempetious lives making the same mistakes over and over. Of course it is the way soaps are planed and written so there is drama on the drama but sometimes it would be nice to see characters learn from their mistakes and reform.

Mark Today at 00:41
Peter is a character who improved. He became sober and while he made the mistake to try to be back with Carla he got out of that potential mess (and gave it to Nick) soon enough.
He needs to find another Tina.

Mark Today at 16:12
Pearl and Nancy: the worse one on the show for not learning from experiences is Steve!
511) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Yesterday at 07:56 Write a comment

Hope Mary will be able to get footage of her son at an ATM to see if someone was trying to get him to withdraw his money for them or whatever is going on there. Felt sorry for Sally at the verdict + when Tim wouldn't answer the phone when she called. At least she has Abi with her in jail for however long.

Mark Yesterday at 17:51
That was cruel of Tim not to answer.
At least Sally will be a ping pong champ when she gets out.
They can't keep her in for long, they need the space for others coming soon.
510) carolyn 
IP logged Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.140 Safari/537.36 Edge/17.17134
Yesterday at 05:09 Write a comment

Regarding "Duncan" - Lesley Sharpe (amazing British actress) has been married to "Duncan", Nicolas Greaves, for 24 years, and they have 2 sons. They are both fantastic actors. I have Scott and Bailey on DVD (all seasons) so I rewatch it - can't get enough. Well, Sally's been sent down and like Diedre said "I didn't do it!" They really should have some legal expert to assist with the legal aspects of the show - as well as the medical - the writers just don't seem to care about being accurate and believable. But at least tonight it was a Gemma-free zone!!!!

Daisy Yesterday at 12:20
Deirdre, Gail, Anna, and now Sally have all been convicted on charges for offences they didn't commit and sent to jail. Tracy is the exception, she was guilty. More storyine recycling - women who are framed by con artists and fraudsters. Have we seen any men framed by a man or woman and falsely sent to jail? I can't remember.

So when will Duncan be found guilty of his multiple crimes and how will his story unravel, I wonder.

Lynn Yesterday at 14:01
I am with you, Daisy. I am so tired of the unfortunately incarcerated, who seem to be a feature every few years on the show. Done to death and I just cannot get interested in the whole sorry story.

I feel badly for Sally, but Gina is someone I have not watched since she arrived. I think that the character is very poorly drawn so I just ignore her, and never watch any scenes with her in them.

Mark Yesterday at 17:46
carolyn: I wished that Gemma was still around so that Jenny could ship her to Rita's shop as a way to get rid of her.
And so that after Gemma scares off all of Rita's customers
Rita can wake up from her fantasy that Gemma is a wonderful lady.
But ya, no Gemma was a respite for me too.

Tracy Yesterday at 23:42
you can add Fizz to that list as well.
Peter and Tyrone spent time in jail for crimes they didn't commit either: killing Tina, and beating Kirsty. I'm sure there must be others too...
But yes, it does appear women in Weatherfield trust the wrong men and are foolish in love ;)

Daisy Today at 02:50
Fizz! Thanks. I knew I forgot someone.

If I remember right Rob Donovan tried to make Peter look guilty. Unlike Tim, Carla knew Peter was innocent of the charge. Despite his other lies. And Tyrone too. Those closest to Tyrone didn't doubt his word either. Fizz stood by him.

Sally has Sophie in her corner. Probably Rita too, once Rita hears the news. Otherwise she's all alone.

D Today at 11:47
Kevin didn't stand by Anna when she was in jail. Her son Gary was her only support. Anna would have stood by Kevin if Kevin was framed and put in jail. If Tim and Kevin lack loyalty to their mates, which men can the women of Weatherfield trust and rely on. Carla stood by Peter despite his ongoing adultery. The lesson might be the women in Weatherfield need to branch out and date men who live elsewhere.

Mark Today at 16:09
Daisy: also because I'm tired of seeing the same people dating with Carla, Leanne, Nick, Peter, Steve, etc.

It's funny how Maria seems to be the only independent one.
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