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4432) Lise 
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Bianca Andreescu got a note from a stranger while she was on a plane.

The note said:

"Thank you. I have two young daughters. You have already inspired them both deeply. Neither are tennis players, but they both know what you have done. Because of you, they know that nothing is impossible if they want it enough. As a parent I am so grateful for the positive impact you have made on my kid’s life.

Thank you, and may your journey bring you as much joy as you have brought others.

A Canadian".

“I wish I knew who it was so I can say thank you,”

Andreescu said she had tears in her eyes when she read the note.
4431) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Hey Jude,I doubt neither Chesney or Gemma will be of much support towards Daniel and Bertie after Sinead passes away,they'll be too busy with the quads.
Even when Chesney told Gemma the bad news about Sinead,her reaction was low key and in the next scene [or moment]Sinead was forgotten.
4430) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Jeannie,It was I who thought that 'Aunty Fiz' should be part of the quads story line.
As for Chesney I still believe that he and Gemma should not have been shoe horned in during Ken's 'eulogy' or Chesney breaking down in front of Daniel feeling sorry for himself instead of supporting Daniel.
I wished instead it was Adam or Peter in that scene instead.
4429) Lise 
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Louise - as a follow up to thread below..

Did you hear the PM speak about reaching out to Naheed Nenshi ?
Sounds like a good idea!!

Louise Today at 18:27
No I didn’t, just got home. Great idea, Nenshi is the best!
Will check it out.

Lise 24 minutes ago
Just heard your lovely Mayor in interview on CBC Louise.

He said he had a very good conversation with the PM.

When asked if he thought the pipeline would go ahead he said if the Libs want it they'll have the support of the Cons.

Will see what happens.

Lise 9 minutes ago
Naheed Nenshi also said that the rumours that he was offered a cabinet post are untrue.. :<)
4428) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Alice,Granted Paula was being sneaky but perhaps she felt it was the only way that Sophie would go?
In one of the deleted scenes,Paula expressed concerns that because of their age difference she was holding Sophie back hence her tricking Sophie to join Kate travelling and broaden her horizons instead of staying with her in Weatherfield.

Maybe it's just me but I wished that Ken's 'eulogy'[that's what it seemed liked to me]about Sinead should have been at the end of the episode like Gail's speech about Aidan was.It was lost in the midst of all the other drama
The whole scene didn't have that same emotional impact that Gail's scene did[why did Gemma and Chesney have to be shoe-horned in this episode?].
I was particurely disappointed that it was Liz on the bench with Ken rather than Claudia who's been supporting the Barlows and Sinead through her cancer diagnosis from the beginning keeping her secret because she was afraid that Daniel would want Sinead to get an abortion while Liz was busy dealing with Johnny and Jim.
I hope Liz being on the bench with Ken doesn't mean these two will have an affair because Ken claims that Claudia doesn't understand what he's going through.

Hey Jude Today at 15:53
I was glad to see Liz listening to Ken. He needed to let it all out and let's face it, he's known Liz a lot longer than Claudia, who I've still not warmed up to.
Very emotional scenes. They all must be exhausted

Jeannie Today at 16:17
Marie, I think Chesney needed to be in this episode because he was once very close to Sinead and they still care about each other very much.

And wasn't someone just saying recently that Chesney needed to be more visible in this storyline?
Or was that Fiz with the quad storyline?

Hey Jude Today at 16:35
Of course Ches and Gemma should have been there. It wasn't shoe horning. As Jeannie has said, Ches and Sinead were together once and have become good friends, Gemma too. I have no problem with them and they will be a good support to Daniel when the end comes IMHO

blitzen Today at 17:56
I have to admit that when Chesney was breaking down, my sympathies were with Daiel. Go cry at your own house. They have enough problems to deal with without having to comfort you as well.

Hey Jude Today at 18:32
Blitzen, you're right, but Ches is a sensitive guy. Sam played that part well and convincingly though

Louise Today at 19:37
I agree Ken’s speech should have been at the end. But it was touching and beautifully done. For me the emotional impact was powerful.
I didn’t mind Ches’s tears. I don’t think he deliberately came over to cry. It happens.
4427) Alice 
GTA Location
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The way Paula backed out of the trip with Sophie was nasty.

Gayle Today at 12:41
Alice I agree. Personally I'm glad Sophie left (I wish Brooke all the best) I don't like her character and think that she and Paula had zero chemistry. Paula treated Sophie more like a daughter than a girlfriend. Hopefully when Sophie returns the writers will give her a proper storyline.

blitzen Today at 14:12
Exactly. She could have sat down with her and told her why she thought Sophie needed to go out and spread her wings, but in true Corrie style she had to maipulate and trick her into going by herself. Ugh. Although Sophie seemed to get over it pretty quickly. I suspect there is a missing scene showing them making up.

Jeannie Today at 16:14
I thought it was nasty too Alice.
Sophie got it right when she said Paula is a control freak, or words to that effect, but well played by all concerned.

I wonder if Paula will stay on the street with Sophie gone.
Anyone else think Kevin and Abbie will be getting together?

Hey Jude Today at 18:34
Jeannie: I can see Kevin and Ab as a couple, but I hope Paula goes. Her and Sophie have absolutely no chemistry
4426) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Off topic: Coming Nov 7 on Netflix - The Crown Season 3 smile [youtu.be]
4425) Chris 
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From ITV Granada Reports - Corrie's Katie McGlynn spoke to us about the story-line that's got the nation talking #cervicalcancer #CancerAwareness [twitter.com]

Chris Today at 03:29
Contains a SPOILER - [u]Katie McGlynn Says an Emotional Goodbye to Sinead | Loose Women[u] [youtu.be]
4424) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Did I hear that right? When Norris was talking about Freda, did he say. "Freda only has to look at an airplane and she gets DVD"? lol

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Oct 22nd 2019 smile[youtu.be]

Nell Today at 01:48
I haven't watched it yet, but could he have meant DVT - deep vein thrombosis.

Dianne Today at 03:25
I thought he said DVT.

Hey Jude Today at 06:18
I havent watched it yet either, but dvt makes more sense

Hey Jude Today at 15:30
Norris def said DVT. Totally makes sense

Chris Today at 18:14
Thanks, that makes sense now.
4423) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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haili,I don't think Sinead intended to tell her bad news at Ken's party as she and Daniel were putting on brave faces when they arrived and making a real effort for Ken's birthday.
It was when that Sinead discovered that Beth had organized an early 1st birthday party for Bertie that she lost her strength to go on and told everyone the news.
What is sadly ironic is that Ken didn't want a birthday party in the first place because he was worried about Sinead.

Louise Yesterday at 16:25
I think we need to cut Sinead a little slack for ruining the party. Marie I think you’re right she didn’t intend to but it just happened. It’s an unusual and awful situation – imagine learning you won’t live to see your baby’s first birthday! If a dying woman falls apart I think the guests just need to deal with it.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 16:34
I dont blame Sinead either. I would have fallen apart too. I was sniffling through those scenes frown

haili Yesterday at 18:13
I don't blame Sinead either it was intended as black humour, but it would have been nice if the writers had let Ken and the viewers have a fun party for a change instead of all the sadness most of the time that we seem to be getting lately. Emily and Norris were wasted on what could have been a fun, sentimental nod to the past.

Pearl Yesterday at 22:37
I thought Daniel had told Sinead before hand that Beth had planed a BD party for Bertie to co-inside with Ken's so it wasn't coming out of left field. It is Corrie story planners and writers who love to lay misery upon misery.
When Albert Tatlock reached 80 the whole cast celebrated with a street party that covered a full episode. And Albert was a grumpy old sod on his best day.

haili Today at 10:21
Pearl: that's what I wanted to see for Ken; not misery piled upon misery! Emily and Norris deserved better too. I couldn't even look at Ken at the end and switched to another channel. This is the worst story
line ever and brings back sad memories and thoughts of people who are going through this now. Last Christmas week my grandson's dad died of cancer. I hate all this sadness.
4422) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 02:19 Write a comment

For viewers able to see episodes in the U.K. timeline: This week, ITV/Corrie will return to its normal broadcast schedule, plus one additional catch-up episode on Thursday. Earlier, due to the footie, a week's worth of episodes was shelved. The plan is to evenually catch-up to the normal number of episodes, but expect more interruptions over the coming weeks due to the footie.

Dianne Yesterday at 03:16
Thanks for the heads up Chris.

Chris Yesterday at 04:11
Not only do we have to put up with scheduling issues with CBC, but also with ITV. wink wink wink

Dianne Yesterday at 04:29
Whether it’s hockey , Olympics or football, sports #@*%!s Corrie.

Dianne Yesterday at 04:30
Oh for goodness sake!!! Small t rumps

Louise Yesterday at 16:26
That's funny Dianne! lol

Alice Yesterday at 22:29
Went to Scotland for three weeks last month and watched Corrie there. The one great advantage we have over the Brits is that we can watch Corrie without those damned annoying meerkats that appear all too often in the UK. They make the Trivago guy more bearable by comparison.
4421) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Monday 23:52 Write a comment

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Oct 21st 2019 smile [youtu.be]
4420) haili 
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Monday 22:19 Write a comment

That Sinead sure knows how to put a damper on a party! I wish the writers had let Ken and the older characters have some time to enjoy themselves and give us a smile or two before the misery starts again. It was nice to see Emily and Norris and it could have been a nice farewell to them.

I hope Sinead doesn't linger too long. This story line brings back sad memories to a lot of people.
4419) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Monday 22:19 Write a comment

Not a spoiler, just my speculation.

With Sophie traveling the far east, will she meet up with her older sister Rosie who is living in Tokyo? Will that visit be the start of Rosie's return storyline.?

Dianne Yesterday at 04:33
I hope so. She does have to come back and pick up her windfall. I enjoy Rosie. I wish she would become a regular again and get a serious storyline.
4418) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Are you tired of voting? If you have a little remaining energy, you have until Friday, 25 October to vote for Corrie in the National Television Awards. smile [www.nationaltvawards.com] smile

Nell Yesterday at 00:18
Thanks. I voted in all but one category. Not fo Corrie this year, but I was surprised by how many other shows and personalities were familiar to me. First time ever I didn't vote for Corrie. I can't reward Macleod for his hatchet job. frown

Dianne Yesterday at 04:45
I’m surprised we can vote. Very hard choice between Rob Mallard and Jack P Shepard.
4417) Lynn  Female
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Monday 21:13 Write a comment


Katie Simpson of CBC News is looking FABULOUS.

She has lost some weight over the last few months and has been styling her hair a bit different and looks great, IMHO. She was always a pretty girl, but with a bit of weight off, her hair looking sleek, and her on point make up (tv people need make up and all do not do it well) she looks absolutely stunning. smile

She is a great reporter and I hope to see her work her way into the big jobs at the corp if she desires a news desk job or something.

I noticed it a few weeks ago and forgot to mention it until I just saw her on CBC.

Hey Jude Monday 21:18
Lynn: Yes! You're so right! Gail and I were talking about that the other day! She is a superb reporter and she always looks fantastic. I'm glad she's lost some weight. The other one I really like is Rosmary Barton. She has worked hard to get where she is on The National every night. I also like Adrienne Arsenault

Lise Monday 21:26
I noticed how well Katie Simpson suited her new slick hairdo.

We have great women journalists. Adrienne Arsenault is very courageous going to war areas.

Rosie Barton has a joie de vivre that is hard to resist. She's got the greatest laugh.

Hey Jude Monday 21:28
Lise: I have told friends and family how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rosie and that laugh of hers! So genuine and real. Unfortunately my husband can't stand her. What is there to not like?! confused

Lise Monday 21:28
I must add that Rosie is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Hey Jude Monday 21:29
Oh! There was also Susan Ormiston who was in war zones long before Adrienne came along. Am sure there are a few of them

Hey Jude Monday 21:31
Lise: Also Katie is good at asking the tough questions. I loved her the other day repeatedly grilling Scheer on a question, and the bugger just wouldn't answer her. For shame.

Lise Monday 21:37
I've forgotten the female journalist based in London. She was in a war zone last week.
Must not forget Nahlah Ayed! She's often in the Middle East. She has a collection of great scarves. :<) She was also based in London but I think she's back in Toronto now.

What does your husband find objectionable in Rosemary Barton Hey Jude? She is so lovable.

Hey Jude Monday 21:49
Not sure Lise. He just doesnt like her personality. I love her personality.

Are you thinking of Ann McMillan? She is married to a Brit and retired from the CBC few years ago and lives in the U.K. Loved her as well

Lise Monday 21:58
No not McMillan.

Looked it up:
Margaret Evans is a correspondent based in the CBC News London bureau. A veteran conflict reporter, Evans has covered civil wars and strife in Angola, Chad and Sudan, as well as the myriad battlefields of the Middle East.

Hey Jude Monday 22:05
Oh yes, she is amazing too. Just saw her the other day

Louise Yesterday at 03:51
I thought our Mayor Nenshi spoke well about Alberta. Not a bunch of climate change denying rednecks, despite what that panelist said. He’s a very smart man.

Nell Yesterday at 12:43
I like Rosie too. It was a good night. The best case scenario. I shudder at what might have happened.

Lise Yesterday at 12:57
It's a shame that Ralph Goodale and Lisa Raitt both lost.

Mayor Nenshi is great.

Nell Yesterday at 13:08
I lived in Alberta for 2 years. Outside of the major cities it can feel like Texas in some ways. Or at least that's how it felt to me.

Too bad about Ralph Goodale and Lisa Raitt, I agree.

Nell Yesterday at 13:13
Areas of BC can be difficult too. Esp. in comparison to other parts of the country. I'm so happy Ontario came through!

N. Yesterday at 13:48
That was supposed to be * happy Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Quebec came through.

Louise Yesterday at 15:59
Nell you’re mostly right - I’m surrounded by blue (didn’t vote that way!) However I think in many provinces the attitudes in rural areas are often different than in the cities. As for the oil patch, I’ve never been sympathetic especially when they made tons of money (that has changed with 130,000 jobs lost). But I must say I find it odd that the pipeline is a complete no-no yet nobody ever says we should shut down the car industry in Ontario or airplane manufacturing in Quebec or the export of BC coal to be burned in Asia (American coal is also shipped from the Vancouver port). All of those, and the products they make, are major emitters of CO2 and they are never protested. Just food for thought. smile

Hey Jude Yesterday at 17:59
Louise: Its quite a conundrum. Look how many things are made from oil. Almost everything we use every day, even things some of us may not be aware of, like televisions, cell phones, appliances, just about everything. #@*%! is going to have to get that pipeline started now that he's been re-elected. To save face, if nothing else!LOL

Lise Yesterday at 19:14
What is oil used for?

Some of the things surprised me.

Lise Yesterday at 19:21
If the liberals were to try to push the pipelines through, they would get the support of the Cons but not from either the Greens the NDPs. ( or the Block!)

Would a non-confidence vote be called? I'm not quite sure how this would work.

The country has just got a lot harder to govern. The Libs may not be in power for very long...

Hey Jude Yesterday at 19:27
Those items didnt surprise me and we cant live without them. Like I said, quite the conundrum

Louise Yesterday at 20:31
It is complicated, and so true that governing Canada is increasingly difficult! Sadly we seem to have a bunch of regions with competing interests. I believe Jagmeet has been rather vague about ruling out a provincial veto on pipelines. The Greens and BQ are 100% against pipelines, though they are apparently not against airplanes, SUVs, cruise ships (Victoria, Vancouver, Quebec City etc.) or allowing oil tankers to bring oil from foreign countries.

They could shut down all of Alberta’s oil tomorrow and it wouldn’t change the national (or global) demand for oil one bit. It would only change where the oil comes from. Stopping all emissions immediately isn’t happening overnight, we need to develop and transition to alternate energy sources. Revenues from Canadian oil can help fund research for that. Buying it from the US, Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc. does nothing to alleviate CO2 emissions, and selling it cheap to the US (because we’re landlocked) doesn’t help either. Climate change is global, not exclusive to the Alberta region. I support renewable energy too and I'd like to say I'm opposed to all fossil fuels but it's not that simple. I realize it isn’t popular to talk about this stuff!

Lise Yesterday at 21:53
I agree Louise. Well said.
It's complicate and it's not simple.

Never a truer word spoken!

Louise Yesterday at 23:27
Thank you Lise.

Nell Today at 00:23
Louise, I agree it's complicated and a lot needs to be done in virtually all the provinces. I also think Albertans need more support pol.itically to get through these changing times. Small posts can't begin to sum up all our feelings on most topics.

Nell Today at 00:26
I didn't vote for #@*%!, but realizing the various possible outcomes, I know it could have been worse (last night). I'm happy about the minority gov't.

Nell Today at 00:30
* Tru.deau.

Hey Jude Today at 00:34
One panelist, cant recall who, said Ontario and another province just dont get how important Alberta and the oil and gas and forestry industry is. No kidding. Where do they think most of the oil and gas come from?

Nell Today at 00:45
On CBC they interviewed an ex-CEO of an Albertan oil company, followed by an environmentalist, for two very contrasting points of view. It was fascinating. I do think people tend to over simplify what environmentalists supposedly think.

Like Lise said, it's complicated and not simple. That goes for both sides of the debate. I think a good many environmentalists understand more than we give them credit for.

I know our household has done a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, likely more than many who post here. We're open to looking for ways to further reduce it. Many of the things we think we need as consumers, we really don't.

Nell Today at 03:13
Louise, no argument, yes attitudes in rural areas tend to be different from cities. I was actually thinking that too, when the mayor of Calgary, eloquent as he was, spoke as the mayor of a city in Alberta.

The provinces all have their own distinct personalities - thar's what makes them special and unique. Travelling through numerous provinces, living in various provinces, can give someone an appreciation of some of the differences. Both good and bad. In more ways than spending all or most of one's life in one province. There's certainly a divide between western provinces and other parts of Canada. Last night's results illustrated some of those differences. Complexities - of course! That goes for my birth province as well. It doesn't always make BC right either, though. It saddens me to see how separate BC often sees itself. I'll refrain from speaking about my experiences in Alberta as I usually do on the GB.

But I won't pretend I'm not relieved the western provinces don't dictate Canada-wide election results. I wince every time I hear a British Columbian &/or Albertan talk about wanting to separate from the rest of Canada!

Lise Today at 13:46
I don't know how T rudeau will manage to name someone from Alberta and Saskatchewan in the government. It's not going to be an easy feat. It will need a mini miracle.

In reality, the pipeline has to be built. Alberta feels left out, Similar scenario to how Ontario, Québec and the eastern provinces felt under Harper.

Compromises are needed!

Heard a lot of chat from Albertans wanting to separate from Canada. Being landlocked, how would that work?

Lise Today at 14:45
I'm also deeply concerned about the rise of nationalism in Québec.

Louise Today at 16:05
I am too Lise.
I also wince Nell because I don’t want to separate. For many years I would’ve agreed about Alberta being as you imply (think Ralph Klein). There still are some stupid yahoos around, but Alberta does not have a monopoly on them. We don’t have a Bill 21. We’ve welcomed people from all over Canada (and the world) and the Alberta you speak of did not have Rachel Notley or my Mayor Nenshi or Edmonton’s Mayor Don Iveson. I spent years apologizing for Alberta but will do so no longer, we have very legitimate reasons to complain. Oil made us a rich province and for two decades we contributed billions in transfer payments from which Quebec and other provinces received billions (gladly accepting our dirty money - but no pipelines allowed…we prefer rail!). Now 130K jobs are gone and Alberta is treated with hostility by the east and BC, like we’re the black sheep of Canada, the greedy uncouth embarrassing cousin who should just pay up and keep quiet. Even when Har.per was PM he did nothing for the west, as soon as he got elected he knew to stay in power he had to appeal to vote-rich Ontario and Quebec. He got rid of income trusts, built zero pipelines, and altered the equalization formula so that Quebec got more and Ontario became a have-not province receiving benefits. In the French language debate Tru-deau bragged about fighting the oil industry. Quebec would never be treated the way Alberta is – and look, they just elected 32 Quebec-nationalist MPs. Some Albertans are starting to think why not here? As I heard Ujjal Dosanjh say, NO province has the right to deny another province the ability to get its products to tidewater – that’s not how we build a country! I heard a Wexit guy (I'm not one) talking about how we need to ship our oil to reduce CO2 emissions around the world, not to increase them!
There are reasons for discontent, not to be dismissed, and a good PM would listen and try to unify this country. If that happens all Albertans would be happy to stay in Canada.
There’s too much polarization, geographically and ideologically (and the p word!). I appreciate your comments Nell and Lise and Hey Jude and welcome the dialogue with such respectful intelligent fellow citizens, unlike the nasty trolls we see elsewhere. smile

Louise Today at 16:22
Quite right Lise, separating would not seem to benefit landlocked Alberta and they know that. I think they just want to be heard. Some are suggesting Alta-Sask and whoever should become a “nation” within Canada the way Quebec is. Not sure how that works either. But we have big problems to solve.

Lise Today at 17:36
Beautifully expressed Louise . So clear and to the point.
I wish there were an easy solution. As I said before I don't see any way out but to build the pipeline.

As for Québec, the courts may rule against Bill 21 but Québec plans to invoke the notwithstanding clause. Sighhh....

I don't envy T rudeau's job.

Hey Jude Today at 18:43
Louise, great post and beautifully written. I lived just north of Edmonton for 20 years and have a soft spot in my heart for Alberta. I come from Ontario, grew up there, until my early 30's, and have lived in BC twice now, so I have had the advantage of getting to know a couple of different areas of Canada and can sympathize with whats going on. I wouldn't want ANY part of Canada to separate. No way!

Louise 15 minutes ago
Thank you friends.
4416) blitzen 
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Just got back from voting, and took my mother as well. I had to vouch for her because her voting card went missing. Remember, all you need is ID and proof of address. The important thing is to get out and VOTE!

Hey Jude Monday 21:15
I realize your Mom may be quite elderly and the card may have sprouted legs, but get your mom a cork board Blitzen, and put it on a wall in her kitchen. Its where I keep important stuff like appointment cards, etc, that I need. This morning my hubby couldn't find his driver's licence, but it was in his wallet all along. He thought he had left it at Home Depot.
4415) Lise 
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The long awaiting of Eataly's OPENING is almost done.

(opening Nov. 13th).

Foodie Paradiso!

4414) Bruce  Male
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well dear sweet Emily (Eileen Derbyshire) how I miss her so much. I am guessing that will be her last appearance (albeit on skype), still nice to see her once again!!
4413) Dianne 
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***FYI*** The ITV interview with Harry and Meghan will be shown on your local ABC station this Wednesday at 10 pm EST.
4412) haili 
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Don't forget to tune in at 4 p.m. if you're in Ont.

I don't know why they start commenting on the election before the polls close but the commentators will be scrambling to find things to say about it at 7.

Lise Monday 19:00
The election coverage "Canada Votes" starts at 6:30pm...! Why?
4411) Lise 
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Prince Harry and Meghan in a fragile state says Prince William:


Hey Jude Monday 18:55
I feel badly for them. There will always be people who have negative opinions about them. Social media and the press have ruined many lives, I hope they can overcome the haters. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Lise Monday 19:02
I am not a royalist but I would like to see the documentary.

The press in England is brutal. I feel sorry for them too.

Lise Monday 19:04
The tabloids that is -perhaps not the legitimate press.

Lise Monday 19:17
Interesting article on the documentary -Harry and Meghan.

Forbes Mag.:


Louise Monday 19:33
I’m not a royal fan but I feel bad too especially for Meghan. She gets horrific press – I’ve seen some appalling headlines in the grocery store calling her a man-hater and every insult the trolls can imagine (what can we expect from that disgusting rag the National Enquirer!!). She was famous (though I’d never heard of her till Harry) but I don’t think she anticipated the nightmare it would be marrying into that family. It’s certainly no fairytale life, as Diana found out. People, especially (dare I say) women struggle to maintain a healthy self-image but it must be hurtful to be trashed by the public who don’t even know her. Even when being idolized, I don't think it would be an easy life being constantly scrutinized.

Hey Jude Monday 21:10
Well said Louise. It would be wonderful to have all the money in the world and never have to worry about a mortgage, car payments, etc, the list goes on, but not at that price. I even heard they may spend some time in Toronto as well as LA.

Janice from British Columbia Monday 22:10
Often. when I stand at the check-out counter and see the tabloids behind the counter-clerk, I thank heaven I am not famous.

Alice Monday 23:06
Is there anything to stop them from ditching the screwed up royal family and moving to another country?

Hey Jude Today at 00:28
I would think security for all 3 of them Alice, and I doubt it would ever be a permanent move, am sure Harry would love that though smile
4410) Nell 
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Has anyone seen the movie Colette, with Keira Knightly playing the title role. I'm usually neutral about Keira Knightly, but she does a convincing job portraying Colette who was a fascinating woman and writer. I saw it on Netflix but it's also out on dvd.


If not Colette, what are some other good films people have seen lately?

Nell Sunday 22:19
There's a trailer video of Colette on the Amazon link above.

Hey Jude Sunday 23:22
I havent seen that one Nell, but I saw KK in a movie a few nights ago and she spoke with an American accent. She was very good in the movie.

Chris Monday 00:17
For fans of Breaking Bad, there's the El Camino movie on Netflix which I enjoyed. It tells the further story of Jesse Pinkman after he escapes his captors in Mexico. Skinny Pete and Badger are in the flick, as well as flashback scenes with Mike, Walter, and Jane. IMDB link with trailer - [www.imdb.com]

Hey Jude Monday 01:39
Thanks Chris! I really enjoyed Breaking Bad. Didnt think I would

Chris Monday 12:53
Netflix releases the Panama Papers film, The Laundromat, starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, and Antonio Banderas.

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, has created a project that aims to tackle the controversy surrounding the infamous Panama Papers scandal, while also entertaining the average viewer, which Soderbergh has consistently done throughout this career.

Linked article and trailer - [theplaylist.net]

Nell Monday 13:12
Thanks Chris, I haven't seen The Laundromat yet.

I watched i]El Camino[/i] the day it came out and liked it more than Breaking Bad. I prefer Better Call Saul too. Jesse was portrayed as reflective and conflicted, and everything psycho Walter White was not. It was done well imo.

In Colette, French people, including Colette and her husband, were played by English actors who didn't pretend to have French accents. They spoke as they normally do (very English), which I thought was a good choice. It let them focus on the acting. In close up shots of Colette's book scripts everything was written in French. So many great shots of the beautiful countryside, presumably French, and in Paris. Although it could just as easily have been filmed in England. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Look how often film crews come to Cdn cities to film movies and shows, and then say they take place in one American city or another.

Jeannie Monday 18:23
Meryl Streep is wonderful in The Laundromat.
Highly recommend.

Hey Jude Monday 21:22
Jeannie: Meryl Streep is wonderful in anything she does. Loved her in Mamma Mia too! lol
4409) Marie  Female
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Nell,*****spoiler-non UK I guess this means that Sally would be Tim's third marriage then as he was married to Faye's mum who died of an overdose.
I wonder how Kevin finds out and why is he even shoehorned in this storyline?
As for Robert,his storyline sounds like the plot for the movie 'Gone Girl'in which a woman fakes her death and frames her husband for her 'murder'.Perhaps this is how Vicky gets her revenge for Robert lying to her?******end spoiler.

Nell Sunday 20:59
Maybe Vicky just leaves town after discovering the truth about Robert. Without intending for him to be accused of anything other than his exposed lies and double life. It's time for Michelle and Vicky to know the truth, anyway.

Lise Sunday 21:42
It's about time the jig was up! It's gone on far too long and it wasn't interesting in the slightest. Same goes for the Gary nonsense. Or Ali's addiction. Not happy about the Jade story or Tim the bigamist either. Not looking forward to Sinead;'s demise

It doesn't leave much ...

I keep watching for Asha's story.
4408) Nell 
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Spoiler about Tim. Because Peter wasn't enough, apparently. roll eyes (sarcastic)


Nell Sunday 19:46
A bit more info here.


Nancy Sunday 19:50
And Beth. How many bigamists do we all apparently have in our lives, according to Corrie writers? And Robert would become a bigamist if he had the brain power.

Nell Sunday 19:57
Good old Robert... More to come where he's concerned.


I'd forgotten about Beth.

Dianne Sunday 21:59
Okay, in the second picture of Michelle yelling at Robert it looks like she is wearing a thong. Nasty!

And if Robert goes to prison I wonder what colour his hair will turn this time? lol

Nell Sunday 22:37
Dianne, do you mean Vicky. I felt sorry for the actor, as that's down to the wardrobe people making her wear clothes that are a size too small.

Nell Sunday 22:44
I looked at the picture again and I can't figure out if it's Vicky or Michelle from behind. confused

Hey Jude Sunday 23:18
Dianne: that's Vicky, if thats the right
pic I'm looking at. Michelle's hair is much longer than that. I would think wearing a thong underwear is a personal preference! lol but then again, maybe not!

Nell Monday 00:14
I thought so. If she was given the right sized outer clothing no one would be any the wiser. Personal is right.

Dianne Monday 01:22
It is Vicky, my bad, still nasty though.

Hey Jude Monday 01:47
I dont know how some women wear those things! lol eek!

Dianne Monday 02:10
Now that I think of it, it may be the strap holding on her baby bump. Makes more sense. Still a bad shot.

Nell Monday 13:54
Yes, trust the tabloids to print the most unflattering shot they could find of her. That was no accident. Lucky for us, we're not celebs.

I'm just glad Michelle and Vicky will finally discover the truth about Robert. It's been a long haul... smile
4407) Gail 
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I can't believe how young Jade looks! She looks even younger than Bethany. Does anyone know how old she's supposed to be? SPOILER**** Is she related to John Stape?? Not sure if this is just a rumour or not.

Dianne Sunday 22:01
Very convenient coincidence if she is related to State.
4406) Marie  Female
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*******spoiler-non UK [sort of]Apparently Sinead does become even weaker to the point of needing a wheelchair like Hayley did and maybe this will lead her to spend her last few weeks in a hospice?****end spoiler.
4405) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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From blanche's polish hip blogspot - Coronation Street Catch Up: the beast with two backs edition [blanchespolishhip.blogspot.com]

Best line of the week award goes to Mary:

Mary to Asha during the sex talk:
"Your father is worried that you might be about to make the beast with two backs" lol

Lise Sunday 17:22
Debbie looks exactly like Annie Lennox!

Beachy Carol Sunday 17:28
Lise, that’s what I said out loud too! She is the spitting image. Great smile.

Lise Sunday 17:42
"Requiem For A Private War" .

Annie Lennox

Gail Sunday 17:53
I wish Debbie would stick around. She's a great character and from what I saw briefly, a very good actress! I could see her getting involved in the factory as a partner of Carla's. She's clearly a business woman. And YES, a clone of Annie Lennox a fact that hasn't been lost on anyone apparently!


Hey Jude Sunday 17:54
Lise and Beachy Carol. I said that last week and only Gail agreed with me. They could be sisters!

Gail Sunday 17:58
Yes, you were the first person I saw mention Annie Lennox HJ. It's funny that I didn't think of it too when I first saw her! I just thought of a more glammed up Sally! But she is the spitting immage of AL!

Lise Sunday 18:02
I missed your post Hey Jude. frown

Louise Sunday 18:37
I checked her online - seems to me she is more attractive now (at 52) than when she was young.

Beachy Carol Sunday 20:53
Sorry that I missed your post too, Hey Jude. I wonder if Annie is a fan of Corrie :). For you, HJ: 💐

Nell Sunday 20:55
She might have hair like Anne Lennox, but I see no other similarity.

Nell Sunday 21:03
ie. my friend has the same hair style and colour too. It's not uncommon.

Hey Jude Monday 21:26
Lise, and Beachy Carol: no problem!

Nell, yes, its def the hair, same style, same colour, just parted on the opposite side, but I really did have to do a second take!
4404) Beachy Carol 
On Location
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Wondering what it is Michelle needs to “handle” with Ray? He made a pass several weeks ago and was put in his place. Michelle accepted and has stayed in the job. She told Maria that she rarely sees Ray. She certainly seems stressed and upset, possibly because, as she also said to Maria, it is good for the Bistro that she manages Ray’s hotels and doesn’t actually like it/want to? But it is hotel chefs that make all the food, not Robert. If she had said it is good for her and Robert, I would take that to mean the extra income. But I don’t see how the Bistro benefits.

Maggie Sunday 15:22
After Michelle was already working for Rick, he made an offer to franchise the Bistro at his hotels. I took that to mean that outlets of the Bistro would be opened at each of Rick's hotels and Michelle would manage them.

Beachy Carol Sunday 16:34
Thank you, Maggie! I totally missed that. In that case, and although I am not a fan of Michelle’s, I am glad she told Maria that she rarely sees Ray. It would be beyond awful if she had to put up with Ray’s inappropriate advances in order to help the Bistro.
4403) Chris 
Ontario Location
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Given Sinéad's weakening condition, how is she able to negotiate the stairs to the Corner Shop flat? It is on the upper floor of the Corner Shop and I don't think Daniel has installed a chair-lift. confused

Maggie Sunday 15:26
Good point, Chris. That should be a major issue considered when talking about going to a hospice vs care at home.
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