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1470) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Yesterday at 01:03 Write a comment

Could be worse Rita - Norris could have sold the Kabin to that dreadful Colin fella. eek!

Wednesday's snipped scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]
1469) Elizabeth 
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Yesterday at 00:32 Write a comment

I know I am in the minority but I get a real kick out of Gemma. Granted she is loud and lacks social graces, she does try to do what she thinks is right most of the time. Since she grew up on an estate she didn’t likely have a good start to life. She has changed a lot since she was lusting after that criminal Callum. I can remember the days when Fiz was in care and staying with Hailey and Roy and decided to cook up a lie that Roy abused her. She changed over the years to become a character some quite like. Maybe Gemma will over time with the right crowd mellow as well and become a nice young woman. But for now I am enjoying Gemma. Especially when she told Jenny she loved her as Johnny and Jenny were off to court. And she obviously cares very much for Rita. Another one I like is Emma. I hope they keep her around and give her some good storylines. Although it was a few weeks ago I was appalled at Sarah’s greed when she told Audrey she should give her and Gary the money to buy a house. She’s always been a brat in my eyes.

Maggie Yesterday at 02:55
I can appreciate having a character like Gemma on the street (as you say, she wouldn't be the first one), but I do NOT like the idea of it being all about her. To me, the show shouldn't ever focus around one character or have that one character involved in everything - certainly not an off-putting character like Gemma! I'm not looking forward to it.

There have been rude, shrieking, interfering women all throughout history and it's never been something to celebrate or encourage.

Louise Yesterday at 05:25
Elizabeth I get what you are saying and I remember characters who improved, mellowed, matured and became more likeable. For a short time I thought Gemma was making an effort to become a better person than she had been when she lived on the rough side, but more recently it seems to me she has actually become even more (not less) crass, rude, garish, disagreeable, ill-mannered, nasty and crude than she ever was when she wandered onto Coronation Street. Just my opinion. She may dearly love Rita but she remains a nasty impudent young woman.
In addition I think you’re dead right Maggie - no other character has so completely overtaken and dominated the stories as has Gemma.
Phelan was a major villain but his story dragged on (perhaps too long for us) and he did not dominate one episode after another after another. Besides he was a good actor, and in truth the actor who plays Gemma specializes in jutting her jaw out in order to look nasty and menacing. Boring IMO.

Gail Yesterday at 15:07
I don't recall Sarah telling Audrey she should give her and Gary the money to buy a house. I somehow missed that! I beg to differ about Phelan not dominating one episode after another Louise. I think he did and I liked him! I don't think Gemma has dominated quite as much as people think. A little of her just goes a long way!

Mark Yesterday at 19:54
"A little of her just goes a long way!" lol

That sounds like saying: It's ok to use butter but spread it thinly.
1468) Chris  Male
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Wednesday 21:50 Write a comment

From ITV: Dancing on Ice 2019 - Jane Danson's Journey. Features all her performances, judges comments, interviews, behind the scenes, etc. smile [youtu.be]
1467) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Wednesday 21:09 Write a comment

Hey Jude,Rita already knew via Mary that Norris was already planning to sell the Kabin but I think she was shocked he sold it so quickly without giving her a chance to find a way to buy it from him.
I understand due to Malcolm Hebden's health problems that he couldn't reprise his role as Norris but I think the writers have ruined him by not having him tell Rita of his plans.
Rita and Norris have been good friends for a long time,been through everything together and the Norris I used to like would never treat Rita this way.It's a sad story line.

Carolyn,Hang in there,I agree with you about Gemma and as much I despise Corrie becoming the Gemma Show,I'm sticking with Corrie for now due to the other characters [when they are featured]like Jenny and Johnny.

One of the highlights for me last night was Rita in 'mama bear'mode talking to Liz,Rita doesn't condone what Jenny did but she also knew it was an accident and wasn't shy to tell Liz that her going to court isn't about justice per se ,it's about revenge for Johnny choosing his marriage with Jenny over her and buying the pub.

Beachy Carol Wednesday 22:50
Remember when Norris kinda proposed to Rita... they realized they are best as the best of friends. I see what you are saying, Marie; Norris would not normally have treated Rita, an owner of the Kabin for decades, so coldly.

I think those of us who are long time viewers (over 40 years for me) notice these personality or continuity errors. I don’t think it’s that we are looking for them, I think it is that when something is just “wrong” it jumps out at us. To me these little errors are just more evidence that, along with characters such as Gemma, the new producer is catering to the new young audience. I somehow don’t think that audience will be as loyal as so many of us, what with the huge choice of tv/movie/streaming shows out there.

Kate Wednesday 23:15
Rita is a busybody .Also she could have called Norris and told him she was interested in the Kabin. She is starting to sound like Gemma.

Hey Jude Yesterday at 00:28
Thanks Marie, I forgot

Mark Yesterday at 01:38
I agree with Kate.

In Norris' defense: Rita always nagged him in the shop even when he was the sole owner
and she mocked and disparaged him in the pub to all that would listen
so I say good on him for not considering her feelings
and for getting one up on her for years of the above.
Secondly: business and friendship don't mix.

Maggie Yesterday at 02:46
I also thought it was wrong for Mary to deliver the news from Norris. Surely, he would have at least called Rita himself. They could have even kept the exchange between Mary and Rita by simply having Mary walk in while Rita was hanging up the phone.
1466) Lise 
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Wednesday 20:24 Write a comment

Here are some Coronation Street reviews.

1465) Kate 
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 20:24 Write a comment

I cringed all the way through David and Nick's sexist conversations.
Iain MacLeod is really into smutty stuff and double meanings .
It makes me think of that dated bawdy,Two Ronnies type of humour from the past. Maybe funny at the time , but we have moved on from that.

Pearl Yesterday at 00:02
I for one enjoyed the David/Nick scene, it showed brothers knowing one another well enough to behave badly and know it would not be held against them. Family exchanges are some of the more realistic on the show. I even hope that Gemma and Paul stop fueding and support one another as it looks like that is where the story line is headed..

Daisy Yesterday at 01:08
Kate if this is the network boss' idea of humour, maybe it's just as well ITV doesn't bother with regular sitcoms anymore. So dated is right. Some people in the entertainment industry have learned from the Me Too movement, others apparently have learned nothing. I thought Corrie liked to see itself as cutting edge and ahead of its time. Hardly that. Seems more like it represents the age of dinosaurs.

Mark Yesterday at 01:56
Nick and David were just doing the same as the Guestbookettes who ask for more Corrie "eye candy" male actors.
Hypocrisy anyone?

Louise Yesterday at 17:31
I don’t recall anyone here asking for more male “eye candy”...? Guess I missed those posts.
1464) Jim  Male
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Wednesday 18:39 Write a comment

I liked Gemma in the beginning but she now overruns the show-too much of a bad thing when they added Paul!!! Gemma Gobble Cobble Street!!!

Jim Wednesday 18:52
She is even chewing up the street with her mouth open!!!
1463) Louise 
AB Location
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Wednesday 17:36 Write a comment

Bad news everyone. I found this quote: “Coronation Street is lining up a huge storyline for Gemma Winter, which will see Gemma take centre stage through 2019. Speaking about what's coming up for Gemma, Iain said: ‘I do love that character and I think she's at her best when she's at the middle of everything causing trouble’."
It's a mystery to me why he was hired as producer. confused For me the question is whether I will continue to watch what used to be my favourite show.

Louise Wednesday 17:46
One more quote, this from the Manchester Evening News Feb 16:
"Coronation Street fans are praising new producer Iain MacLeod for bringing 'good old northern humour' back to the soap. Viewers say Iain has delivered by having them in tears of laughter, with sidesplitting scenes since he took up the helm at the end of last year."

Who are these fans, and what is it they find so sidesplittingly hilarious? Alas our resistance is futile!

Alice Wednesday 17:48
Louise, I couldn't agree more. If it's going to be the all-about-Gemma year I'll skip 2019 and just stick with EastEnders. I can't stand Gemma or the new producer who is inflicting this new version of her on all of us. I didn't mind her so much before he changed her.

Lise Wednesday 18:06
Good grief!! Louise, looks like you won't be the only one who'll give up on Corrie.

What a shame.

Hey Jude Wednesday 18:38
.....and here I was hoping they would tone her down lol

Lise Wednesday 19:19
It would be very interesting to find out what the veterans on the show think...

It might just encourage them to retire sooner than they had planned.

Nell Wednesday 19:36
It's a big PR stunt using the media. The PTBs know viewers aren't happy but in their eagerness to forge ahead anyway (WE know what's good for you), they grab onto the very few social media comments that tell them what they want to hear, and pretend it's a fair representation while conveniently ignoring the majority. I still think it goes back to the ITV network head (MacLeod's boss) who has given the direction to do a hard sell, now that their sitcoms are gone. It isn't working.

Too many good actors jumped ship during Blackburn's reign. Under use who's left, and we may see a similar cycle unfold.

I think they're still talking about the quadruplets story in the article above.

Nell Wednesday 19:44
But then again, they may be thinking ahead to plans for Gemma beyond the 4 babies. It's almost funny when you think about it. Their egos are on full display.

Louise Wednesday 20:28
Nell I try to avoid spoilers but my curiosity got the better of me. This is NOT a spoiler but I will say having 4 babies isn't enough of a starring role for Gemma, there are more big stories featuring her. It really is becoming the Gemma Show.

Nell Yesterday at 01:03
Louise, thanks. I tried searching for Gemma spoilers and came up empty handed (other than a minor "comedy" thing with Joseph). Do you have a link or remember where you read it? I'd love to know more.

Louise Yesterday at 05:53
I will find it Nell and let you know.

Louise Yesterday at 17:00
Nell, I'm having trouble finding it again, not sure but this might be the article. This doesn't say much except there will be "another" big story.

Nell Today at 03:54
Thanks Louise. smile
1462) Taffy  Female
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 15:39 Write a comment

We will have to change the name to Gemma Street. I've had enough of her.The whole thing with her and Imran was just OTT .At the end he flags them down to find out what happened. Also are Cathy and Brian supposed to be the new Mavis and Derek?

Mark Yesterday at 02:18
I think it's going to be a good role with purpose for that couple.
Brian made a good decision for once.
Mavis gave me anxiety just watching her.
Fortunately Cathy is more confident.
1461) Alexandra 
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Wednesday 10:09 Write a comment

That scene with Gemma in Imran's office was absurd. When she barged in and cut off his phone call, he should have thrown her out. And when she threatened to break his windows, he should have called the police.

haili Wednesday 11:32
I hope Liz charges Gemma and Paul with kidnapping.

Tracy Wednesday 11:44
I'm looking forward to tonight's eppy, I'm hoping for a twist. I don't think Liz is in the van at all.
Gemma isn't my favourite character either, but I don't feel she is ruining the show.
Jenny is a wreck, and we can see Liz has compassion and regret. I have been enjoying Liz a lot lately.

carolyn Wednesday 12:47
No matter what that annoying little elf does, there are never recriminations - she shouts at Johnny that he is a wife beater in front of everyone - yet she's behind the pub again - she walks out of the pub and shouts at the punters but no one says a thing. She walks into Adam's office and hangs up on his phone call - once again shouting - again, nothing done. She has to be tamed or I will go out of my mind! eek!

Tracy Wednesday 13:09
Consequences are reserved for select characters only. She does indeed keep getting a pass for her bad behavior. I can only assume the residents lower the bar for her; expect nothing more from her since she is so 'common' and 'chavy'.

I am glad Gemma and Paul have called a truce on their hatred for one another, and now that she is with the drip Chesney, maybe she will have something to be happier about. You can hope! :)

Gayle Wednesday 13:09
Gemma was her usual sickening self again last night! Alexandra, I completely agree with your comments when she barged into Imran's office was ridiculously farfetched! I have been in a lot of lawyer's office related to my job and no one barges in! Does Leeanne no longer work there? Imran should have called the police, the minute she barged in. I really don't understand why she continually gets away with her outrageous behaviour. And now we've got her brother who has only been at Underworld 5 minutes driving her around in the company van? Unbelievable!

Lynn Wednesday 13:11
I rarely watch an entire episode since I dislike so many of the characters which has me flipping t something else. It makes Corrie much more enjoyable for me. Sure, I miss things but I can avoid the characters that I do not wish to see, like Gemma, or as I think of her, Cilla 2.0.

T Wednesday 13:12
Janice Battersby as well as Cilla.

Mark Yesterday at 02:13
As women have been oppress for centuries, unable to speak their minds in public, I applaud Gemma for being a role model of how a woman should be: unafraid to speak her mind.

We should not condone Gemma's behavior but rather we should feel content with the progress society has made in regards to freedom and liberties of women.

Louise Yesterday at 06:14
No role model. In fact that kind of behaviour detracts from feminism.
1460) carolyn 
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Wednesday 06:02 Write a comment

I am on the verge of not watching Corrie anymore thanks to Gemma. I truly cannot stand that gobby loud shouting voice and the constant hysteria. She makes me feel agitated and annoyed which results in my not enjoying the show and isn't that why we watch any program? To enjoy it? I note that in the cuts Chris provided today that not one cut was Gemma - it was all other characters and an important scene with Jenny and Johnny whom I enjoy. This Gemma has taken over the show and I really don't know if I can cope anymore. I have to mute the moment she comes on with her gob flapping but then seeing her squeezing pimples and eating with food falling out of her mouth is just as irritating. The brother (with the ever spreading nose) is almost as annoying but she is #1 for irritation. The yelling! Can she just stop yelling and putting her oar in everywhere with everybody. I assume the two idiots have kidnapped Liz in the van. Save me. I dislike this new producer because he is putting Gemma at the nucleus of the show and doesn't seem to care that many people dislike her immensely. Her clothes are hard on the eyes too and to say they are over the top is an understatement. The purple poncho thing she wore Monday was the worst yet but they're all terrible. As a result of Gemma my brother in law and my nephew have stopped watching the show and my sister is, like me, pondering about whether to watch it anymore. Dolly Rose Campbell - you may be a nice person but please LEAVE! (We know that is not happening due to the quads!)

Mark Yesterday at 02:25
Women have been oppressed for centuries.
It's strange to read how it's other women who want to re-oppress women into silence and servitude.
I'm glad that we live in society where women can express themselves.

Louise Yesterday at 05:48
However, there's a difference between assertiveness (expressing one's opinion openly without being offensive to others) and aggressiveness (expressing oneself with offensiveness and rudeness). Gemma is no model of feminism!
1459) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Wednesday 05:06 Write a comment

So Norris has sold the Kabin and didn't tell Rita???? Now I really dislike him, and Cathy and Brian didnt know Norris hadnt informed Rita? OMG
1458) Alice 
GTA Location
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Wednesday 01:57 Write a comment

I've started muting all Gemma's scenes. She shrieks even worse than Anna used to. Paul is just obnoxious as h***. If the new producer is going to give us more of them he should be replaced ASAP.

Alexandra Wednesday 02:20
Judging by today's episode, you're going to have to mute most of the show. If it's going to turn into the Gemma show, that may be the thing that finally makes me stop watching after more than 20 years.

Alice Wednesday 02:28
Alexandra, I hope the show gets lots of complaints about those two until the new producer comes to his senses. They're such annoying characters I can't imagine who could like them.

Hey Jude Wednesday 02:29
Ya, I wont be able to tolerate/stomach Gemma and Paul in numerous scenes on every episode. That would be way too much to expect roll eyes (sarcastic)

carolyn Wednesday 05:41
My brother in law and nephew have stopped watching due to Gemma. My sister is on the brink. She is ruining the show and taking over. I too have to mute her big flapping gob every time she comes on. Every other person has a small side story but she is the center of attention. I know NO ONE who likes the character so this producer sucks! I want Kate Oates back.

Nell Wednesday 12:40
Muting may be what I end up doing too. Paul hasn't grown on me either I'm afraid.

Kate Oates' first official EastEnders episode airs in the UK tomorrow. I think she'll be in her element, perhaps more with the gritty EE than any other soap.

Here's an interesting thread discussing CS producers over the last 10 years. Some people have such good memories when it comes to remembering storylines and new characters introduced by the various producers.


Mark Yesterday at 02:29
It's strange how it's women who want to silence other women.
I'm glad the producers give Gemma so much air time to show women not to be afraid to just be themselves and not be meek and silent.

Louise Yesterday at 06:01
As I said there’s an enormous difference between being meek/silent and being obnoxious/aggressive.

Nell Yesterday at 14:24
The way that the writers like to have Carla and Liz express themselves freely, Mark. Yet you seem to feel a great deal of disdain for those two. What makes Gemma special? Gemma was happy to have her boyfriend tricked into being trapped with the 2 posh thugs who wanted to beat him up. She and Ches thought it was funny. Many viewers found it abhorrent.

Not everything is about gender. Gemma would be disliked whether the character would be a man or woman. No one character needs to rule the show.

Mark Yesterday at 18:18
It was Chesney who told the posh thugs where Henry was hiding to score points with Gemma.
I didn't like that plot either. Poor Henry.
1457) Nancy 
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 01:42 Write a comment

We finally get to the awful sexist conversation between Nick and David about hiring and it is even more innocuous than I thought. Both Nick and David were completely clear that they had crossed a line and referred to it constantly and it was defo the kind of thing that is a brother to brother talk, as I said way earlier. Those guys were brought up in a time before sexist talk was utterly verboten -- of course they bro-talk each other like that. I actually found a lot of the lines very funny. I also found it funny that Emma was going to be their hottie. She's cute, but hot? The only thing i can think of that makes her super hot is her cutesy daftness which makes her seem easy to surmount (so-to-speak).

blitzen Wednesday 04:49
Nancy, it's not so much the conversation that was objectionable (men like to look at hot women, it's a fact), but they were literally planning to hire someone based on her looks. That's illegal. And sleazy. And sexist. They weren't making a joke--they were sorting through actual candidates and discussing their assets. That's not innocuous, it's discriminatory.

Lynn Wednesday 14:37
And, isn't it always the men who you would not look twice at making those comments? Would you look at David or Nick and think, "whoa, look at him, I have to have him"?

I caught a few funny lines between them, but overall they came off as a couple of sexist morons. Like a hot, successful woman would be dying to be with either of them lol

I have heard a saying that makes me laugh and it may apply:

"Lord, please give me the confidence of a mediocre white man".

Nancy Wednesday 15:24
Yes, blitzen, but it is absolutely true to their characters to do something like that, especially in the comfort of brotherness. I think it's super brilliant writing because it shows the audience so very many things about them, including that deepdown they have very similar aspects to each other and that there is a strange kind of love and trust between them. It's not like they didn't KNOW what they are plannign is sleazy and sexist or like they projected that they thought their behaviour was acceptable, the writers made sure we knew that they knew they were being a$$hats -- the whole Bethany thing shows exactly where they draw the line on their own behaviour. I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy the sequent "war"...

Alexandra Wednesday 16:44
Lynn, you can get that on a T-shirt.


Gayle Wednesday 22:36
Lynn, I agree with your comments regarding David and Nick. They are a couple of sexist morons, I certainly wouldn't look twice at either one of them.

Mark Yesterday at 02:38
Nick and David were just talking in the same way you women talk about Adam and Aiden and Liam in the past
and disparage Chesney, Gary, Kirk and Roy for their looks.

Gail Yesterday at 10:17
I actually thought it was funny. As Nancy said, they knew they were being sleazy and sexist but let's be real here. A straight male would prefer to be shaved and groomed by an attractive woman and a gay male would likely prefer an attractive man. That's just reality. David and Nick were thinking about their business and what would be required to make it as successful as possible. It was meant to be a private conversation between the two of them discussing their business. I doubt many of us could claim that we have never had private conversations with someone where we may have said something inappropriate that we wouldn't say to anyone else. JMO of course but it didn't bother me at all.
1456) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 01:18 Write a comment

Link to Tuesday's snipped scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be] There's a scene with Jenny and Johnny that shouldn't have been cut.

Chris Wednesday 01:21
Who wore it best? lol [twitter.com]

carolyn Wednesday 05:46
Thanks for the you tube cuts Chris - I see as expected that every cut scene had other people in them - but Gemma was not cut at all! And yes that scene with Jenny and Johnny should not have been cut. I am getting more and more angry.

Nell Wednesday 12:46
Cutting that scene with Jenny and Johnny was a mistake. I wish every Cdn watcher knew about Bradley's Youtube channel. Thanks Chris.
1455) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Tuesday 23:52 Write a comment

Here's a link to a brief upcoming scene featuring Mary lol [twitter.com]
1454) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Tuesday 22:38 Write a comment

OMG Jenny was absolutely frightening last night with her major meltdown! The actress, sorry I've forgotten her name was amazing. Poor Jenny. She's really cracked up and hit rock bottom this time. It was so good of Liz to go see her and try to have a decent conversation with her, but she should have known Jenny would turn on her again.
1453) Lise 
TO Location
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Tuesday 20:01 Write a comment

Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's cat may inherit part of his fortune...

Lise Tuesday 21:40
Designer has suggested he'll leave at least some of his fortune to the famous feline who already has £2.5million. As the fashion world mourns Chanel icon Karl Lagerfeld, his beloved cat Choupette is one of a number who could be set to inherit his £150million fortune, along with his model godson.


Lynn Wednesday 17:49
Not that animals need a fortune, but it is sad that that poor kitty will probably look for her human for awhile. Maybe she sensed that her human was ill prior to his passing.

Animals grieve the loss of their people and other creatures in their lives. It is sad for those left behind, whether they have four legs and fur, or feathers and scales, they miss their main human.
1452) Dianne 
Canada Location
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Tuesday 19:03 Write a comment

Some thoughts on Norris Cole.

He didn't return to the street to sell the Kabin.

When he does return will he sell the house? Divorce Mary?

I've never liked the character, which means the actor did a wonderful job.

Norris really made out like a bandit on the street. First he worms his way into Rita's life and buys the Kabin. Then he worms his way into Emily's house and buys the house. Then he marries Mary to enter a contest.

Hopefully we'll find out soon.

Hey Jude Tuesday 22:31
Dianne: I'm glad at least one person agrees with me about Norris. I have never cared for him either, nosey little git, always sticking his nose in other peoples' business. The actor has done a good job to make me dislike the character so much. big grin

carolyn Tuesday 22:37
And his stuttering drove me nuts too! He could never say anything without stuttering at first and it drove me nuts. He was indeed good at acting the part of a weasel. Having said that I hope Malcolm is doing well in his recovery.

Pearl Tuesday 22:50
Dianne, I have to disagree re Norris "worming his way" into buying #3 and the Kabin. He is (or was) one of the few people on the street that never spent at the drop of a hat or wasted money. If anyone in their 60's as Norris was when he made those purchases could afford it, he could. Of course finances in Corrie are anything but real. Characters who are skint fly off on vacation at a moments notice or go on extended shopping sprees. Norris was Emily's lodger (on and off) for over 10 years, she continued to live at #3 after she sold it to him.

Kate Tuesday 23:56
Did Emily give the house to Norris or sell it to him?

Alice Wednesday 02:25
Kate, Emily gave Norris the house on condition that she could live there rent-free and he would have to pay all the bills. Rather implausible, but that was the deal.

Mark Yesterday at 02:47
I thought there was a big repair that Emily couldn't afford?

I agree with Pearl, Norris saved his money.
It's not his fault if the others waste their money in the pub.

Dianne, it was Mary who pestered Norris to get married to enter a contest as I remember him saying it was wrong to do so.
1451) Nancy  Female
Ontario Location
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Tuesday 18:34 Write a comment

I'm not sure why everybody who is against Abi and Peter can't tell Abi about Peter. They're all so vague and wishy-washy -- no one comes out and says that the man has never had a monogamous relationship in his life and has been done for bigamy. How the freak is she supposed to guess that?

I feel very sorry for Abi, because she's clearly smitten with what Peter SEEMS to be (he's very comforting and humorous and relaxed with her). She may never have dated someone who's a more dangerous mess than she is.

Jeannie Tuesday 20:05
If Abi could have had a glimpse of Lover Boy Barlow with his feet stuck up on Carla's desk like he was king of the hill, then a few moments later when he grabbed her (Carla) and tried to give her a big macho kiss, I'm guessing she would have figured out what Peter Barlow all about, real quick.

Uh huh.

Jeannie Tuesday 20:08
Oops...That last line should have read:
I'm guessing she would have figured out what Peter Barlo IS all about, real quick.

carolyn Tuesday 22:39
Its those sexy brown doe eyes that get all the women - including me LOL
1450) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Tuesday 16:06 Write a comment

Lynn,I also thought that Chesney is dating a younger version of his mother.
It wasn't so long ago that Chesney was disgusted with Gemma for her drunken one night stand with Tyrone and now he's in love with her?!
I doubt when she returns that Fiz will be happy about her brother and Gemma[if they're still together].

I thought Emma was the star of the Street with the way she gracefully ended her relationship with Chesney who is a fool to let her go.
Emma deserves someone better,someone who'll sweep her off her feet and i hope we do see a new love interest for Emma soon.
I don't want to see Emma shoved aside and axed due to 'lack of storyline'which has occured too often in the past with other characters.

Lynn Tuesday 18:28
Emma is lovely, and I also hope that a suitable partner is found for her. As someone mentioned in the past, Craig might be a good partner for her.

And you are right Marie, I do not think that Fiz will be thrilled with her brother's choice for a partner.

Lise Tuesday 19:04
I still think lovely Emma could be Steve and Fiona's child.

Even though the actress has denied it.
1449) Lynn 
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Tuesday 15:33 Write a comment

Gemma and Chesney...yuck.

Does anyone else think that Gemma is a version of Cilla? I mentioned this a long time ago.

The similarities are there, IMHO. Loud, users of people, borderline criminal, big mouth and no manners, bad dressers.

Chesney is paired up with a version of his mother. eek!

I am sick to death of Jenny. Get a therapist, you have issues that need addressing. I have never warmed up to Jenny. The actress is good but the character is very unappealing to me.

Give us more Gail and Aud!

Nell Wednesday 03:27
Gemma is totally another Cilla! No wonder Chesney can't resist her. I missed the earlier comparisons posted. When I finally clued in to the similarities I wondered why I didn't see them earlier. So in that sense, as a couple they make sense.

I'd love to see more Gail and Audrey too.
1448) Nell 
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Tuesday 08:28 Write a comment

Bev Callard was on the TV show Loose Women just before Christmas. Good interview.


Gail Tuesday 15:09
Doesn't she look wonderful? Years younger than she does when she's in character. Interesting that she felt Liz wouldn't get involved with a married man. She said that Liz never has before but wasn't that gangster Fraser that she got involved with years ago married? Unless maybe Liz didn't know he was married! I forget the storyline details exactly. Possibly she was doing it to protect Steve or something?? It was a long time ago. Thanks for posting that Nell.

carolyn Tuesday 16:46
She does look wonderful but to be fair to we who don't have the money or inclination, she has had a lot of work done including a nose job and plastic surgery. If you see her 30 years ago she looks like a totally different person. But having said that, she seems like a lovely person and I know that the actress has gone through some horrendous bouts of depression some years ago, was in hospital and suicidal. My heart just broke for her then but she seems to have found the right medication and has been doing well for many years. Thanks for the youtube Nell - this site is fantastic!

Nell Wednesday 03:11
I love Bev Callard. She's so much fun and looks fabulous.
1447) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Tuesday 07:47 Write a comment

Julie Hesmondhalgh appeared on ITV's This Morning show and what a great interview it was. smile [youtu.be]

Nell Tuesday 08:29
Thanks Chris.

Carolyn Tuesday 16:55
Julie Hesmondhalgh is one of the sweetest actresses I've ever seen. She is so down to earth, so giving and so real. I love her! Thanks for that Chris.
1446) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Tuesday 05:05 Write a comment

Marie: I was talking about Norris, not Roy. Roy is lovely
1445) carolyn 
Toronto Location
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Tuesday 02:17 Write a comment

Tonight was just more shouting from Gemma - 75% Gemma and the bro. I was frustrated and bored. The only scenes that interested me were brief; Jenny's breakdown and Liz having a conversation with her; Abi and Peter were interesting - but between the dull Brian and the shouting Gemma, it was such a horrible double episode. The actress who plays Jenny is very good. Gemma - too over the top and that glittery purple poncho she had on was beyond ugly. Can we move to characters with more brains and less gobby mouth?

Alice Tuesday 02:52
Gemma is dressed for the part of Papagena in The Magic Flute

Alexandra Tuesday 03:40
Waaaay too much Gemma tonight. But I thought the actress who plays Emma did a lovely job. I hope she gets a good story line of her own soon.

The scene between Liz and Jenny was excellent.

Janice from British Columbia Tuesday 06:11
Chesney is a dimwit. Emma is well out of it, she deserves better. And we have to put up with Gemma and her brother?

Nell Tuesday 08:34
So now after much ado in the media, Chemma is officially a couple. I keep reminding myself there have been worse couples - Molvin being one! (Molly and Kevin). I hope Emma gets a good storyline of her own too.

Alice Tuesday 15:19
Also Martin Platt and Katy Harris.

blitzen Tuesday 16:00
The worst of all -- Frankie and Jamie. Made me actually ill to think about.

Alexandra Tuesday 18:17
I'd forgotten about Frankie and Jamie. Ew.

Nell Wednesday 03:35
I was taking a break (due to a move and taking extended time off from TV in general) during the Frankie and Jamie episodes. It was just the other week when I watched Fred Elliott's final scenes that I saw a bit of Frankie and Jamie. Very gagworthy! Martin Platt and Katy Harris was an unfortunate idea too. What were the producers thinking.
1444) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Tuesday 01:11 Write a comment

Monday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]
1443) Beachy Carol 
ON Location
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Tuesday 00:19 Write a comment

Makes no sense that Cathy would call buying the Kabin a “massive risk” when only a short while back she and Brian were intending to purchase an empty storefront and turn it into a hardware store. At least the Kabin is an established business. 🤔

Janice from British Columbia Tuesday 06:15
Stocking an empty hardware store from scratch would take an enormous amount of money and one would need to pay staff. Paying for the stock in the Cabin nowhere near as much and the stock is always moving and they can run it themselves with only an occasional help.

Mark Yesterday at 02:51
The hardware store involves a lot more investment.
Cathy isn't business minded.
Most of the stock in the Kabin is likely on consignment
and the magazine people come to take the expired stock back.
1442) Nell 
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Monday 20:17 Write a comment

SPOILER -- What are the wardrobe people and writers thinking? Because everyone goes camping dressed like this (see 2nd photo for the full look).


Chris Monday 20:23
Filming in February. Brr! eek!

Nell Monday 20:25
Try camping in those shoes. eek!

carolyn Monday 22:39
I read somewhere that the producer told Dolly Rose Campbell to create Gemma and go with the flow from clothes to actions. Well, that's a shame because she is way too over the top and has become a cartoon - only she is not funny at all. We're stuck with her so that's that. I am hoping the double episode tonight does not have too much of her gobby mouth flapping away with food inside.

Dianne W. Tuesday 01:14
Well said, Carolyn, and we can say that she is way too over the "muffin top." I don't like seeing her mouth filled with food when he is peaking, but I also find her habit of head turning to the side to devour something quite offensive and suggestive. embarrassment
1441) Jim 
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Monday 17:52 Write a comment

How about Ali becomes a serial killer and knocks off patients at the hospital???? This way we get a new killer without having to leave the hospital-lol

Jim Monday 17:53
Dr. Ali

Lise Monday 17:57
Good thinking Jim.

That would make room for the next bunch of sickies.

Nell Monday 19:19
Considering the obsession with hospital scenes, bringing Dr. Ali to the hospital would make sense. I like him. It's a shame they turned him into an unlikely killer. How do you come back from that, and as a doctor yet?

Nell Monday 19:22
But I could see Jim's idea too. I'm thinking of people who have made it into the news, hospital or nursing home personnel, who got away with murdering patients or residents literally for years before they were found out.

Alexandra Monday 19:36
The classic killer comeback on the Street is Tracey Barlow, who went from being a cold-blooded murderess to being one half of the new "comedy couple".

Hey Jude Monday 19:48
That's a very good idea Jim! I like it! Corrie writers should be begging some of you for your storyline ideas! big grin

Jim Tuesday 05:00
Thanks you guys...i think it would make a nice little suspense thriller!!!

Nell Tuesday 08:40
So true, about Tracy B's miracle comeback!
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