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499) Tracy 
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Friday 12:45 Write a comment


I just wanted to say, I've enjoyed reading the guestbook lately. Everyone has great comments and I like hearing all our varying opinions.

THANK YOU to our new posters, bringing in new outlooks, and I will add I am glad Mark is back posting too.

I would love to know if Joanne from BC is still out there, and Pat from Michigan. You are missed. And Im sure there are others out there who are missed as well.


Jackie Friday 14:24
Tracy, i agree.
I also miss Pat. I think she went with Britbox, which is two weeks ahead on the British timeline. It means it is confusing to keep up with where the guestbook is at. I also went to Britbox but i am determined to stay with you all. It is hard to not post about something I just heard a character say, but I enjoy the company here.

If you are still here Pat, chime in.

Louise Friday 22:03
Thank you Tracy. You're way nicer than Tracy Barlow!

Mark Friday 22:11
Thank you Tracy!

I miss Annette and our spot the changes in the sets game.
498) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Friday 07:49 Write a comment

I didn't mean that Evelyn directly caused the child to act out directly. I just meant her verbal actions didn't have a good influence for the child and didn't help her cope with her problems. I still like the psychologists, etc. to try to help the family before taking her away from a regular kids life at school. Agree with most all of your ideas of what should happen.

Tracy Friday 12:27
yes she certainly isn't a good influence on them. but then again, some good old fashioned discipline might be the way to go with Hope ;)

Louise Friday 22:20
I get what you’re saying Shirley. The last thing a troubled child (or any child for that matter) needs is a nasty old woman putting her down at every opportunity. Being told she's bad does not help her or make her "good".
497) Carolyn 
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Friday 06:12 Write a comment

I was glad to read the responses to my comment about detesting Gemma. The comment about how she wraps her legs around men and the snogging with Spike in the Rovers was right on. Also she has no respect for Rita and brings men home and to her bed whenever she has the whim, as well as having had booze parties in Rita's flat without asking - and Spike is obviously a criminal! At Rita's age I don't know why she would want a childish dumb roommate - living alone would be so much more peaceful. I don't know why she feels this affinity with Gemma when Gemma can be so nasty to others and kicks off so easily before understanding a situation - frankly she is as dumb as a plank and yes very much OTT! As for chewing gum with her mouth open, its worse when she EATS with her mouth open. I have to look away especially if I am having my dinner while watching! Then Mary wearing a t shirt with Jude's face on it - that was a bit funny even though she is so trying at times. Brian bores me but I am enjoying Sally's court case. I can't imagine how she must be feeling with all the lies said by Duncan. If any of you are Scott and Bailey fans, "Duncan" had a starring role as a detective and he was amazing - Nicholas Greaves.

Tracy Friday 12:25
"Duncan" is married to "Janet Scott" of Scott & Bailey. Lesley Sharp is the actresses name.
I find he is playing a similiar role here, as he ended up to be a bit sneaky and possessive in Scott & Bailey if I recall... its been many years since I watched it.

Daisy Yesterday at 02:15
Oh so that's where I've seen Duncan before! Thanks Carolyn! Janet Scott had an affair with fellow cop "Duncan" while married to someone else. Duncan didn't take it well when she ended things with him.
496) Jim  Male
Mi Location
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Friday 05:31 Write a comment

So i am the only one who kind of likes Evelyn...the writers need to tone her down a tad or two instead of making her seem so hateful, mean ect...she could be the show's answer to Blanche but Blanche still cared about her family and really wasnt mean-just said things in a more joking way most of the time and when they werent a joke still didnt even sound like she was being hateful or anything imho!!!!....and as for Gina...all Gina had to say at the trial was that she knows her sister loves Tim and never showed any signs of cheating...why do the writers want us to hate so many characters???

Tracy Friday 12:29
I'm ENJOYING her. Doesn't necessarily mean I like her. I love Tracy Barlow, but obviously she is a terrible person.
And you raise a good point, the writers are giving us a lot of characters to diskike.
495) Mark  Male
computer desk Location
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Friday 01:48 Write a comment

For once I loved Sally's lawyer for yelling at Tim and Sophie and Gina
then for yelling at Sally.
But I doubt that Sally and Sophie are capable of understanding her points.
Sally and her family sabotaged her legal defense at every step
but like everyone on else on Corrie, they expect someone else to fix the problems they created.
Sally will be good at playing ping pong by the time she's released.

And it's so nice for Sophie to want the lawyer to continue lying
and putting her career in jeopardy.
What a caring girlfriend Sophie turned out to be ... roll eyes (sarcastic)

blitzen Friday 04:35
Mark, I can't believe I'm sa wink ying this, but...I agree with every word you said here. Well, maybe not about the ping pong.

Tracy Friday 12:30
Boom! 👊
494) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 01:01 Write a comment

Why does Kate need IVF treatment? I think she's missed and important step to becoming pregnant. wink Kate should talk to Sean about how it's done. And £3,500 for a turkey baster? You can get one cheaper at a Poundshop!

Thursday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]

I can't believe I'm watching this Friday 08:20
Viewers can email the producer to educate him and the writers, and give them the lowdown on the ABCs of female health and reproduction. This blunder is huge. Evidently research is a thing of the past. Are we to believe people in the medical professions have lost their marbles along with Kate??? 😱 I nominate Coronation Street for the Stupid award.

Tracy Friday 12:32
I guess Rana's nursing training didn't go so well.
I wish Kate would go away. She is the weak link in the show (along with Jude).

Gayle Friday 19:34
I agree with everyone above. As someone who suffered from fertility issues for years I can't understand why Kate would need IVF. Very, very sloppy writing and obvious lack of any kind of research. For heaven's sake Rana is a Registered Nurse!
493) Tracy 
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Thursday 22:32 Write a comment

wow, a lot of GREAT posts from EVERYONE :)

I've been so busy, but I've just caught up with ya'll now.

First and Foremost - sleeping Pat Phelan photo... oh I've seen it, and I love it. I adore him, and if I could meet anyone in the cast, it would be him, hands down. He can out-act the whole cast. JHMO just my humble opinion. I'm not really into art, but if you are, you should check him out. He paints and supports up and coming artists too. (okay, I'll shut up now!)

Evil-lyn is supposed to be a 'right auld battleaxe' as the Scots would say. I'm enjoying her.

And further to my obvious love of the nasty characters - Blanche Hunt was one of my all-time faves. Brilliant actress, impeccable delivery of her lines - just amazing. She was brash, sarcastic and had an acid tongue. She hated everyone equally and put the pompous Kenneth in his place many a time! Sorely missed, so she is...

Hope is a brat. She is troubled and should not be allowed to disrupt the class. A suspension would be in order, with 1 last chance to improve. Fizz annoys the heck out of me - cannot stand her frowning nasty expressions. She should be more concerned about Hope's issues than shrieking at Brian.

Evil-lyn should not be living there, I agree. But - its a storyline and it is taking us somewhere...

Brian's boss is a baddie. And nope, I don't love him! haha. He can go anytime.

I cannot wait to see what Gina does. Is she foolish? or is she not? It is leaving me hanging, I must admit. It could go either way. She has shown us both integrity and deceit. Time will tell...

T Thursday 22:35
oh, and I liked Aby in jail last night. She was good; helping daft Sally out as she did! lol
She too is a good actress, and could be a good character if she can kick the drug habit and more importantly the 'so hard done by' attitude. (and yes, I gather she has had it tough, but enoughs enough, start to clean yourself up woman!)

Mark Thursday 23:48
sleeping Pat Phelan photo

Did you frame that photo and put it on your bedside table yet? lol
"Good night Patsie" kiss kiss embarrassment

Pearl Thursday 23:49
Abi and Sally could be very good for each other. Abi could use building her confidence and Sally could learn to be less entitled. If they stay cell mates maybe they could rub off on each other to become nicer people.

Maggie Friday 04:44
Tracy: I also thought the lead up to Gina's testimony was well done and really could see it going either way. While I mostly feel Gina is plotting against Sally (albeit MAYBE unintentionally), then she'd say something that made me think she was going to stick up for her sister, regardless of her doubts.

Tracy Friday 12:37
well, now we know what happened with Gina... although I'm not quite willing to accept she intended on ruining things for Sally from the start. She isn't too bright, they were foolish to allow her to testify, she is always on shakey edge imo.
I want to hold onto the good characteristics we have seen in her, but I fear I will have misplaced my loyalty lol
492) Lise 
TO Location
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Thursday 21:10 Write a comment

My grandson's school was in lockdown since 10am. An 18 year old man with a gun was spotted in the hallways.

Grandson now home , safe and sound.


Beachy Carol Thursday 21:35
So good to hear your grandson and his school mates/all staff are safe! That was a terrifying time for you and your family, Lise 😔

Lise Thursday 21:44
Thank you Carol. Stressful day.

Very grateful it didn't turn into a tragedy.

Hey Jude Thursday 22:25
I'm also glad to hear everyone is safe now Lise! What a horrible, stressful day it must have been

Tracy Thursday 22:39
There was a stabbing at my daughter's school years ago - right in front of her, a girl's knees buckled and she fell to the ground. Minor injuries, just the shock, thank goodness. Very bad scene, and trauma too. Luckily, my daughter handled what she witnessed quite well and we moved forward without long lasting affects. But it was a horrible day/week, let me tell you!

Thankfully all is well today for your grandson

Lise Thursday 22:48
Thank you everyone.

Thankful everyone is safe.

An ex-student they say. Has not been found. :<(

Jeannie Thursday 22:51
Oh Lise... I can only imagine what Hell today must have been for you.
So glad, so thankful all is well now.

Lise Thursday 23:01
Thank you Jeannie.

It always seems to happen at someone else's school -which is terrible.
And then one day it touches you...

T Thursday 23:19
exactly. you get a frantic text from your daughter, sneaking her phone inside her jacket, telling you it's not a joke, it's for real, there has been a stabbing,a lock-down, and I'm scared.

Hellish. :(

At least the student was in custody within minutes.
Hope they locate today's criminal.

Lise Thursday 23:27
Tracy: that it happened in front of your child is horrible. Your daughter must have beeb traumatized. Glad to hear the girl who was stabbed was ok.

My daughter texted her son after she got the news and she asked him if he was okay. He said: Ya why? oh because of that kid with the gun?
Cool dude that one.

Alice Thursday 23:57
Lise, I'm so glad your grandson is safe.

Lise Friday 00:01
Thank you Alice.

What a world we live in.

Bonnie Friday 00:43
Lise, how awful! I'm so glad everyone is safe, what a nightmare.

Monique Friday 02:35
Lise, I just read your post after coming back from seeing the film Polytechnique at the Halifax library. It was the first time I saw it, I missed it when I was living in Montreal. The film was very scary and troubling and I remember the day the shooting happened at the University of Montreal clearly. It was so shocking because you never heard of things like that in Canada in those days. I remember people saying that the classroom feels like the safest place you could be.

Tracy Friday 12:19
Thank you Lise.
My daughter handled it quite well. It was absolute chaos in the hallways with all the students; it happened so quickly, it was very random, mental health issues; my daughter was very swift and even instructed others on the nearest hallway/exit.

Lise Friday 12:41
Thank you Bonnie.

It's admirable your daughter kept a cool head Tracy. Specially in one so young.

I saw that film Monique. It was well done. We have a friend who was a Prof at the Polytechnique. He was there that day.

Fourteen beams of light — one for each of the victims — illuminated the Montreal skyline between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m last night.
491) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Thursday 16:53 Write a comment

I wonder how long they will keep Evelyn on the street. She is obviously cast to be an unpopular character and seems to have replaced Blanche, although Blanche did show a soft side once in a while. Once in a very long while!LOL I dont know what it would take for Tyrone to tell her he has had enough of her bullying and nasty remarks. Probably if she hit Hope that would do it roll eyes (sarcastic)

Lise Thursday 19:44
I was looking forward to seeing this actress but so far I think her role is dreadful.

There is enough nastiness on Corrie to go around, we didn't need more of it.

Mark Thursday 20:43
They don't throw Hope to the street for hurting and falsely accusing Ruby but they should throw out Evelyn?
They can't do that as it will cause a double standard based on age discrimination.

louise Friday 00:39
Throw their 8 year old daughter out on the street?
Evelyn is an adult. I expect family to discriminate between a child and an adult.

Mark Friday 01:38
Getting rid of Evelyn is age based discrimination.
Elderly people deserve a place to live, care and some kindness in their old age.

Louise Friday 02:33
As an elderly person I appreciate the kind sentiment Mark! But Evelyn had other options she rejected when she moved in, and wouldn’t be kicked to the curb. She imay be old - not that old,! - but is capable of adjusting her behaviour. If I was living with my child and being rude and nasty to my grandchildren I think it would be reasonable for them to ask me to behave respectfully, and I hope they would do that. We’re never too old to learn! 😊

Mark Friday 02:44
You are right on those points you made.

Tracy Friday 12:41
Good thread here, btw...

I'm enjoying all the comments THANK YOU TO THE NEW COMMENTORS too
490) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 16:21 Write a comment

Hey Jude\Shirley,I haven't warmed up to Evelyn either but I don't think it's her fault that Hope is acting up again,I believe it's down to her mother[and maybe character traits from her grandmother Cilla].
Hope has been acting up long before Evelyn arrived but Fiz turned a blind eye to it and letting Ruby take the blame and when Tyrone confronted Fiz about Ruby being falsely accused,Fiz threw his one night stand with Gemma back in his face implying she kept quiet on purpose as revenge and nothing was done about Hope since.
Even now Fiz seemed more upset at Brian[despite his best efforts] for not be able to do anything to help Hope rather than Hope biting her teacher!

Charlie,I never liked Gina either and her sudden decision to testify to 'help' her sister after her date with Duncan makes me even more suspicious as I think Gima believes Duncan and will lie about Sally ensure she's found guilty so Gina can get her claws into Tim!

blitzen Thursday 18:16
Hope is supposed to be in counselling for her behaviour problems. I remember that was part of the whole reconciliation process of Fiz and Tyrone. I guess it's not working!

Mark Thursday 19:54
Marie, I can't wait to see what Gina will say during her testimony.
I get the feeling it's not going to be good.
But who knows, we might be surprised.

Lise Thursday 20:09
Gina had a determined look in her eyes when she said: it's high time people knew what Sally is really like. ( or words to that effect).

It does not bode well.
489) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Thursday 14:05 Write a comment

I think its time Tyrone and Fizz gave Evelyn her marching orders. She is not the reason Hooe bit the teacher. The kid has psychological problems and had them a long time ago, but to put up with Evelyn in their own home is just plain ridiculous. I'm waiting for Fizz to take a swing at the old hag!

Alice Thursday 14:32
Remember how difficult Faye was when she first arrived? So bad that Eddy Windass left. Yet after a few hours of babysitting Mary had her polishing her school shoes. I think Mary would be the best caregiver--if not full-time at least for the odd evening. Also she needs the help of a child psychologist. Expelling her won't help at all.

Louise Thursday 16:26
Evelyn creates tension in that little household and her negativity and animosity just make Hope worse. She’s rude and nasty to practically everyone (I was surprised to hear her call Ruby beautiful) and Ty and Fiz need badly to tell her clearly to change her attitude or she’s out.
Another problem is Brian’s boss Phil – that man is a blatant child-hater! Not only that but he’s a workplace bully. Poor Brian is finally trying but he needs to be more assertive in response – and keep a daily record of the unreasonable and contradictory demands. Brian is in a terrible predicament, kept down by the hierarchy of the system – complaining about the boss isn’t likely get him far. But he needs to stand up to him, better than jumping through hoops in a useless effort to please. That head teacher is a menace to the school.

Mark Thursday 20:23
I disagree. The Headmaster isn't sending Hope home or on the streets.
He's sending her to a specialized school where she will get more attention and psychological help with teachers who are trained to deal with children who have psychological issues
while at the same this will help the regular class move on with their curriculum instead of it being retarded by disruptions and disciplining.
The other students in the class don't deserve to be held back in their learning because of Hope's behavioural problems.

Pearl Thursday 23:36
Agree with Louise. I think Phil is deputy head so second in command. He is waiting for the head master (mistress in this case) to retire which is why he is pushing his weight around to impress the board of governors that his should be her replacement. He is not displacing Hope for her benefit but for his own. Workplace bully for sure.

Louise Thursday 23:54
Thanks Pearl. Regardless of Hope’s troubles, I still say Phil is a bully and a nasty person who has no regard for anything beyond his own desire to claw his way to the top of the career ladder. Have you heard the way he talks about the children and the way he belittles and abuses Brian? He's a totally erratic boss. Plus, he’s a right twit.
488) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Thursday 08:44 Write a comment

Yes, Evelyn is horrible and the reason the daughter bit someone.

haili Thursday 12:24
I don't understand how Evelyn is the reason for Hope biting the teacher. Hope has been acting out for ages and maybe it's a delayed reaction to her cancer. Either way, she needs to be punished for biting but expelling her is a bit extreme.

Mark Thursday 20:13
I agree with the headmaster's decision to send Hope to a special school.
There she will get the help she needs.
The teacher is not equipped in time and skills to deal with a disturbed child.

Other students' mild learning difficulties can be exacerbated by the most disruptive student (Hope).
And all the students suffer and have their lessons retarded
when the teacher has to discipline a disruptive student.
Why should all the other students' education suffer because of one child?

What signal is this sending to the good students when the class biter is being rewarded?
Should all the students in the class bite the teacher to get attention?

The headmaster made the right decision.
Don't reward the class biter-disruptor.
487) Alice 
GTA Location
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Thursday 03:34 Write a comment

Sorry to put it so bluntly and it's no refection on the actress, but I find Evelyn absolutely loathsome.

Hey Jude Thursday 06:27
Yep, that's the point Alice! Lol she reminds me of Bkanche who could also be loathsome! lol

Alice Thursday 13:17
Hey Jude, this is going to sound like sacrilege and again, it's no reflection on the actress who played her. I didn't like Blanche. I don't understand why mouthy bitches have become iconic characters.

Lise Thursday 13:41
Blanche had funny lines sometimes. She could be kind once in a while. A rare occurence admittedly but it happened.

So far Evelyn is not funny, she's just nasty,

Jackie Thursday 13:56
Her real name is EVIL-lyn.

Lise Thursday 14:36
Ha! Good one Jackie!

Bonnie Thursday 16:50
Alice, I completely agree. I really liked the actress, but found that Blanche was cruel and nasty and very rarely kind. And Evelyn is even worse. I also am puzzled as to why obnoxious nasty characters are considered funny. I guess the writing for them can be good, but is pretty mean spirited.

Alice Thursday 17:28
Bonnie, thank you for your comment. Nice to know I'm not alone. I never understood why Blanche was revered. She leeched off Ken and Deirdre and let them wait on her. Yet instead of being grateful she insulted them every chance she got and shafted Deirdre in her will. Her favourite hobby was going to funerals. What's to like?

Mark Thursday 19:49
Alice a few weeks ago when Guestbookers were writing lines from Blanche's humour, I mentioned the double standard
that her style of bigoted humour was similar to Archie Bunker but some here defended her saying she's not a racist.
IMO Archie Bunker was old style ignorant; Blanche was plain cruel and heartless.
And we know where Tracy gets her selfish side.

Lise Thursday 20:13
I think Blanche was an equal opportunity bigot. She had it in for everyone. No matter what race or colour.

Jeannie Thursday 20:22
Alice, you are definitely not alone re Blanche. I remember a similar discussion about Blanche several years ago. At that time one of the guestbookers who remembered the corset making Blanche said that she had originally been a fairly nice person but that when she had a stroke it knocked out her filters.
Since then I've encountered that "filter loss" in stroke patients I've worked with as a volunteer, but it's not quite the same.

Their remarks just kind of "fall out" sometimes followed by what looks like remorse, sometimes just withdrawal. Blanche's comments seemed pretty well planned and executed with no remorse, whatsoever. smile
486) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 01:06 Write a comment

Wednesday's snipped scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]
485) Charlie 
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 21:41 Write a comment

I've never liked Gina. When we first met her she was bullying Sally on the internet. Rosie and Sophie found her. Gina also had a daughter. What happened to her?

As for Duncan. Isn't he the father of one of Rosie's model friends? I would have thought Rosie would know if the wife really was a wife and if she really did die. She would also know if this has happened before. He did this so well I would think it wasn't his first time taking advantage of someone.

Chris Wednesday 21:52
Duncan is Olivia's father. Olivia was a model whom Rosie helped avoid becoming a drug's mule for Rosie's former boyfriend Antoine. [coronationstreet.wikia.com]

Beachy Carol Wednesday 22:59
Good recall, Charlie and Chris! I forgot that. Sally and Sophie have mentioned talking to Rosie about this awful situation too. I don’t mean to say I expect the writers and producers to acquiesce to all our wishes, but like so many of you I am a long time (over 40 years) viewer and there are times I do wish continuity meant more. For me it goes to there being an awful lot of characters, too many to keep some important story threads together. :(

Alice Wednesday 23:00
Charlie, it was discovered that Gina's daughter was the one bullying Sally on the internet and Gina was blamed for it. The daughter disappeared into thin air once she was found out.

Chris Wednesday 23:17
Leah Buckley was Gina's step-daughter and Sally's stalker. [coronationstreet.wikia.com]

Mark Thursday 04:26
Thank you all for this review. I had forgotten all that.

Jeannie Thursday 16:52
Yes, thank you all!
With this information we can see a couple of ways this situation could be resolved but I'm afraid that before that happens Gina will get the wrong end of the stick and use it to beat up her sister. frown
484) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 20:02 Write a comment

Here's the late Peter Armitage in the 1985 - Classic Yellow Pages 'bike' advert [youtu.be]
483) Mark  Male
Netizen Location
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Wednesday 19:35 Write a comment

Pearl: you mentioned before that Sally was in Remand.
But now they put Aby in the same prison so is it a mixed prison?

Lise Wednesday 19:46
I wondered about remanded versus being jailed;

When a person is remanded in custody it means that they will be detained in a prison until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing will take place. The majority of prisoners on remand have not been convicted of a criminal offence and are awaiting trial following a not guilty plea.

Mark Wednesday 20:03
Ok thanks, so it means that they are mixed in with convicted prisoners if she is with Aby.
I don't think that is good but I guess that's how it goes.

Mark Wednesday 20:07
Pearl: Emma Brooker is 19
but the actress Alexandra Mardell is older at 25.

Pearl Wednesday 23:57
Thanks Mark for Emma's age.
482) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Wednesday 16:26 Write a comment

Chris,After reading about Peter Armitage's passing,I wonder if there will be a story line in which Kevin is told of his father's death and he returns to Germany with Jack for for the funeral and perhaps stays there?
I liked Bill Webster until it hit the fan about Kevin's and Molly's affair and he seemed to condone it showing no sympathy towards Sally or Tyrone especially when it was revealed that Kevin was Jack's father and not poor Tyrone.Then Bill was ruined for me.

Mark,Since they're 'foster sisters' as they've both been taken under Rita's wing,I think if Jenny were to fire Gemma [who deserves to be fired]s,Jenny would be in trouble with Rita!
Just once though I would love to see a male character throw a pint over a female character and get away with as the barmaids[Gemma,Tina] do!

I love Emma[who's one of the nicest characters on the Street] and Chesney together and hope they are not broken up for Gemma and Chesney

Alice,Michelle isn't the only character who doesn't have any girl friends,Sarah aside from her mother or maybe even her boss Carla don't have any girl friends either.The same with Bethany who I thought would have been friends with Emma when they worked together in the salon but no.It seems these three characters seek out male companionship only as perhaps they see other women as 'rivals?

Beachy Carol Wednesday 16:40
I would hate to see Rita interfere with a business decision by Jenny. Rita is a tough old bird with a heart of gold, something perhaps Gemma aspires to be but misses by a mile; I think as a former business owner Rita would more get it that this is Jenny’s livelihood and there is a time and place for Gemma - serving the public behind the bar and possibly jeopardizing Jenny’s and Johnny’s business is not the place.

Mark Wednesday 17:10
Ironically the one with the most friends is nasty Tracy: Beth and formerly Aby.
Michelle is friends with Carla.
Jenny is friends with Rita.
Sean has Billy,
Steve used to play golf with Dev but that ended.
Kirk used to play board games with Norris but Beth put an end to that.

Outside of work none of them have friends.
Maria doesn't have friends. (only Claudia for a while)
Tyronne doesn't. Kevin doesn't,
David doesn't. Robert has none. Peter has none.
Steve and Tim are .... work friends.
Audrey doesn't.
Sophie doesn't.

Bethany... this isn't realistic, with Instagram and facebook young women have tons of friends.

And weirdest of all, the kids are never seen playing
or visiting each other.

I come to the conclusion that Coronation street is a cult! eek!

Mark Wednesday 17:56
With Mary working in the flower shop and Norris gone,
Jenny should send Gemma the ogress back to Rita's shop
and let Rita deal with her fits and tantrums at work and at home. frown

I'm all for that Marie, dump beer on women's heads
as long as it's done to explain gender equality
and not for the publics amusement.
It has to be part of the show's educational component.

Rubyrosebuds Wednesday 19:02
When I was a kid, my mom used to use beer to rinse her hair, she said it made her hair lustrous and thick.

Gemma is indeed an Ogress with her vicious manners and chomping her gum like a dog on a bone.

I also find the latest story about Robert wanting a baby bizarre, how old is he anyway? He must be in his late forties or early 50s? To say nothing about the bad timing with all that’s going on at the moment.

Lise Wednesday 19:06
Rubyrosebuds, I used to use beer to give my hair more body. :<)

Mark Wednesday 19:23
Rubyrosebuds: Robert Preston was born in 1971 so he's really old.

Ok, then they should use a sticky soft drink that attracts fire ants.
That will be even better.

Cora Wednesday 23:27
Mark, you realize that if they all had friends and the kids were seen together all the time, the show would have to run for hours every day. You have to use your imagination Man

Pearl Wednesday 23:55
As for impromptu beer on heads, Maria experienced worse with chocolate milk/pudding thanks to Eva's revenge.

Mark Thursday 04:38
Cora you are addressing the wrong person.
Others started the topic by pointing out female characters who have no friends below and Marie added to it.
I added that it's not just the ones mentioned earlier who had no friends but that most of the characters have no friends including the children.
I never asked for the writers to give the characters more friends.
So use your imagination to find the right people who started this friends topic.
481) Taffy 
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When did Brian become such a wimp? When he was with Julie, he at least had a backbone. Now he is pathetic.

Alice Thursday 14:50
Taffy, I have a suspicion that Brian will soon discover his backbone. I also wouldn't be surprised if this conflict led to Phil's exposure as a jerk and Brian getting back his job as principal. No spoiler--just guessing.
480) Alice 
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As a former principal of the school, Brian should know what steps to take when his boss is being unreasonable. When I was teaching, teachers quite often said no to the principal or vice principal. In fact I had one principal who lamented that the teachers gave him more grief than the kids.

Mark Wednesday 20:09
Maybe he got a level entry job and he's trying to impress the principal to get a better position.
I don't know why the principal is being so mean to him.

Mark Wednesday 20:12
And I didn't like how Tyronne and Fizzona were mean to Brian.
(and how Gemma blamed Chesney for the arrest of her boyfriend).

Gayle Wednesday 23:27
I thought Tyronne and Fizz were way out line yapping at Brian to "fix this". Hope is far too old to be biting anyone (she is not a toddler) especially a teacher! I think she is little brat who needs further counselling and proper discipline.

Mark Thursday 04:32
In tonight's episode I fully agree with the headmaster's decision.
Why let one child disrupt the learning for all the rest of the students in the class.
Tyronne and Fiz worried about Hope not getting an education
but what about all the other kids in the class who miss out
on lessons because of one brat causing distraction
and injury to the teacher who has to stop to get his arm bandaged and discipline Hope.

While Fizz was yelling like a shrew, I saw where Hope gets it.

Mark Thursday 04:41
Gayle, it's a pattern on the show for the characters like Aby, Gemma, Fiz and Tyrone to blame others for their problems and mistakes. It's cringy.
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