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38553) Lynn 

NS Location
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Tuesday 16:20 Write a comment

My rant

In a country rife with CCTV on buildings, on virtually every corner; how the heck is Phelan never seen doing his dirty deeds? A huge development site with no after hours security on site, or CCTV?

My common sense, and living in the real world are being tested every time that disgusting character is given a moment of screen time.

Dumb and testing the viewer's patience with every action he takes, it is just too much of a suspension of our common sense, IMHO.

Hey Jude Tuesday 16:35
I was expecting Andy's body to pop up after the shoe eek!

There's too many characters for me to think about where they live. I just know they all live on the same street! lol

Gail Tuesday 16:43
That's so true Hey Jude! Lynn, yes Phelan is disgusting. He's supposed to be! As far as the CCTV,and security, you're right. It would be in place for sure but for purposes of driving the plot, they have decided that there isn't any which is ridiculous but I keep telling myself it's just a show! I know it's not as easy for you to do that! wink

Lynn Tuesday 17:48

I know it is just a show and I keep telling myself that too, but I wish that the PTB would not leave such obvious plot holes, and ask us to leave all common sense elsewhere when the theme comes on wink.

A whiz by comment, or short scene is supposed to fix those issues, I guess.

I missed the comment on the world's fastest settling of an insurance claim if that is what saved the Bistro, but caught the Emily returning weirdness so I guess all that is settled. It seems that is supposed to end the issue for the viewers.

T Tuesday 21:06
Yes you're quite right HJ, we know they all live on the same street. They could be inventing new flats above shops for all I'd know, and for all I'd care lol.
38552) Tracy 

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Tuesday 12:05 Write a comment

Re the threads below about Robert and the bistro.
We did see a scene where Michelle said the insurance money came through, but as mentioned below, it couldn't have been enough to solve all their problems, as we just saw Michelle's credit card decline at Dev's shop.
I assumed that when Robert was crying he lost the bistro gambling - he meant something of the finances for the bistro; that he could not longer afford the bistro and it was in jeopardy of bankruptcy. He couldn't possibly have signed paperwork over to the fellow poker players, and no-one has since come in to check on the place (like a new owner would?). Huge pothole in that story. More like a sinkhole.

Gail Tuesday 15:10
Yes Tracy. I remember him telling Michelle *I lost it all* and in that scene where he loses the hand of cards, he is so devastated as if he lost the Bistro. But I guess maxing out his business account is akin to the same thing.

Gail Tuesday 15:10
Yes Tracy. I remember him telling Michelle *I lost it all* and in that scene where he loses the hand of cards, he is so devastated as if he lost the Bistro. But I guess maxing out his business account is akin to the same thing.

38551) blitzen 

Edmonton Location
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Tuesday 06:08 Write a comment

I feel like maybe we need a round of "Who Lives Where?", since so many characters have switched lodgings recently.

Who all lives at the Rovers? Peter, Toyah, Leanne, Simon, Oliver, & Eva? That's a full house!

Are Liz and Steve living in the flat above Streetcars?

Where is Faye living?

Is Mary living with Norris or at Dev's?

Are Adam and Daniel living above the kebab shop or the corner store? Where did Billy and Todd live?

Where do Robert and Michelle live?

Where is Bryan and Cathy's apartment?

Who actually has legal guardianship of Seb?

haili Tuesday 11:18
Good questions; I lose track. Faye bounces around depending on her mood. Liz and Steve are still in the same flat I think. Seb is probably old enough to not need a guardian.

Tracy Tuesday 11:55
I lose track too. Daniel and Adam live above Dev's shop; Liz and Steve are above Streetcars yes. Billy and Todd are in the flat above the flower shop which was previously rented by Anna (owned by Peter at the time, who sold it to Tracy with the flower shop purchase, and Tracy since rented it to Todd). I think Mary is at Dev's while Norris houses Jude etc.
The question unaddressed is, where do Brian and Cathy plan to live? Did she ever sell her house? It would be nice to see that happen - it has struck me as silly she would be working in the Kebab shop, when surely her house sale would provide a fair retirement? (But this is a point we are supposed to overlook for the sake of the storylines of course, so we can watch Cathy work alongside Ches/Gemma in those ridiculous hats ;)

blitzen Tuesday 14:47
Also where is Gary living now that he and Sarah have broken up? Did he move back in with Izzy? Does Gemma still live with Rita?

As for Cathy, the last I remember she had tenants in her house. That's a good ongoing source of income for someone not ready to retire (and also presumably helping to support Alex). And she probably doesn't want to live there herself because of all the memories.

Gayle Tuesday 14:52
Blitzen, you raised some good points. I assume that Gary and Faye live with Izzy and Jake. What I don't understand is why Jude, Angie and George are still living with Norris? What on earth do they live on? No one appears to be employed. Sorry, but I wouldn't miss them at all if they went back to South Africa. I'd feel bad for Mary though.

Gail Tuesday 15:16
I think Robert and Michelle live in Victoria Court. Cathy and Alex just moved in to Number 12 with Brian according to the CBC schedule for one of Monday's episodes. I must have missed that or it was a cut scene!

Gail Tuesday 15:22
I checked the missing scenes and sure enough they cut the scenes of Cathy and Alex moving in to #12. Who's place was that? It's beside Kevin's place. Didn't know it was empty.

Gail Tuesday 15:36
Oh my mistake, it's beside Tyrone and Fiz's place, they live in #13, the Duckworth's old place. Eileen lives beside Tyrone/Fiz doesn't she? Maybe on the other side?

T Tuesday 21:03
I "think" the row of houses start at Rovers Return, Ken, Emily/Norris, Chesney/Battersbys, Dev, Tyrone/Duckworths, Eileen, Kevin, who is right next to the shop. As for the other side of the street, I forget. Platts, Nazirs, Sally, Hair Salon ?
We need an updated map lol!

Maggie Tuesday 22:09
I had to look it up. #12 is one of the flats above the Kabin. Apparently, Brian has owned it for years, I'd completely forgotten that.

"12 Coronation Street is one of the two flats above The Kabin, constructed and first occupied in 1990.

In July 1994, Ken Barlow moved to Reg Holdsworth's flat. In the spring of the following year, Ken let Samir and Deirdre Rachid stay at the property while Tracy Barlow was in hospital, and Ken temporarily lodged at the Rovers.

In 2009, Jason Grimshaw and Tina McIntyre made a bid at auction and purchased the flat, moving in to make repairs. Jason and Tina separated a year later and Jason held onto the property as his own. Jason finally sold the flat to Brian Packham and Julie Carp in 2012, although in late 2013 she was the sole owner when Brian left Weatherfield.

Marcus Dent moved in with Julie in 2014, and was followed by her relative Dennis Tanner. However they both moved out later that year, with Julie sole resident until July 2015 when she reconciled with Brian. The property remained vacant until January 2018 when Brian moved back into the property, inviting Cathy Matthews and her nephew Alex Warner to live with him."

So, why the 'eck was Brian living with Roy when he owned an empty flat this whole time?!

38550) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Tuesday 00:35 Write a comment

Monday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]

38549) Beachy Carol  Female

Ontario Location
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Tuesday 00:10 Write a comment

I have no idea how Seb’s fingerprints on the gun could possibly translate to him being a suspect in the killings of Andy and Vinny. Motive? Opportunity? Physical ability? But then again, this is today’s Coronation Street we are talking about.

Maggie Tuesday 00:49
If Anna's earring in the solicitor's office be proof that she pushed Seb off the ladder, anything is possible!

Beachy Carol Tuesday 01:24
Very true, Maggie !

jfuleki Tuesday 14:46
I made the same comment about his fingerprints since if he has never been charged of a previous crime would there be any fingerprints around to match with? I thought it was a huge sink hole. nobody has ever taken fingerprints from me so would any police station have record of them? I don't think so.

38548) Lise 

TO Location
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Monday 21:25 Write a comment

Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of the Irish rock band the Cranberries, died on Monday in London.
She was only 46.

Gail Monday 22:51
I wonder if they will reveal the cause of death. Whenever I hear this sort of thing, first thing I think is *drugs* or *suicide*, especially at such a young age. Such a shame, she had four children.

Gail Monday 23:03
She apparently struggled with depression too

Lise Monday 23:38
My daughters used to play the Cranberries and sing along. I clearly remember Zombie. Very political. Inspired by the IRA.

When I saw the headline I thought of Sinead O'Connor who also has had a lot of struggles.
It's so sad.
O'Riordan lived in Canada at some point but I don't know what the connection is. I know she'd been married to a member of Duran Duran.

Lise Monday 23:46
She was married to the tour manager of the Duran Duran band. And she and her family spent their summer in the country side in Ontario.

Tracy Tuesday 00:03
Such a shame. We played the Cranberries tunes at our wedding. Dance floor was packed.

Chris Tuesday 00:08
CBC News reported that Dolores had visited her four kids here over the holidays. Her husband is Canadian. The cottage was north of Peterborough and she loved our four seasons.

Depression is like a War; You either Win, Or You Die trying.

38547) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Monday 19:43 Write a comment


A new character, named Lulu Locket, joins Corrie tonight in the U.K.'s second episode. Pic at link - [twitter.com]

I can't find any information on the character or what storyline she appears in, but I'll take a guess that it's related to Bethany's storyline.

Jim Monday 19:45
I did read somewhere about a new character that was going to be part of Bethany's story and i think she is the one!!!

Gail Monday 20:43
She looks familiar. Apparently she did a stint on Emmerdale recently.

Maggie Monday 21:03
With a name like that, I think that's a pretty good guess, Chris! lol

38546) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Monday 16:27 Write a comment

T,Even though Sarah dumped Gary,she still can get her own flat,it's ridiculous seeing Sarah take over David's home and sponging ofF and Gail.

Lise Monday 16:30
Perhaps Sarah pays for food and lodging?

Gail Monday 16:41
Sarah has a job and pays her way obviously. I don't see what's so wrong with her living there. David lived with his mother forever, he never lived anywhere else! I think Sarah would like to have her own place but it's not easy to pay rent on a barmaid's wages.

Lynn Monday 17:08
As a person who has spent much of life living alone; the living arrangements of the residents horrify me. eek!

All those people under one roof sharing a bathroom (and a half bath if lucky), I wonder how they usually all look quite clean, bathed and made up every day! The line up for the facilities must start at 4 am in the Platt household lol

Hey Jude Monday 17:18
I also don't see anything wrong with Sarah living there. What's the big deal? I also think she probably doesn't make much money and I really think if David didn't want her there, he'd tell her, and I agree that obviously she is paying for at least some of the food and basics. Besides, since Gail also lives there, she is mostly always willing to babysit her grandson if the need comes up. I also think some of those places must have more than 1 bathroom! lol

Gail Monday 17:28
That's right Hey Jude. They also have that room they converted from the garage. I'm assuming that's been restored after Callum spent so much time in there and Tyrone drove his truck into it! LOL There are advantages to them living together this way too as you said. There are always lots of people around to help with the child care. There are 3 young kids to look after and one big girl who probably caused them more trouble than any of the little ones! wink They might just have one bathroom. You make do if you have to and you're used to that situation! I grew up in a house with four children and 2 adults and we only had one bathroom!

Hey Jude Monday 17:35
Oh, I just remembered, Gail did have a bathroom put in her bedroom that used to be the garage, so yes, that household does have 2 bathrooms, technically.
It was just my brother and I and my parents and same: 1 bathroom. Yep 6 people and 1 bathroom would have been pretty tight! I knew lots of families back then that did it. We are 3 in my household and are lucky enough to have 4 bathrooms, enough for tons of company!LOL

Lise Monday 17:35
Lynn- some folks have baths at night, others shower in the morning. It's feasible!! :<)

I'm thinking of my daughters lives while at university.

Four or five people living together. Sometimes they had guests.

They coped quite nicely.

Tracy, aka T :) Monday 21:53
Realistically, Logic doesn't come into play.
We have to remember this is all about the Set and the maximum number of characters they can have involved in 1 storyline. Same reason why everyone lives and works on the same street.
I don't mind the imaginary bedrooms/bathrooms/daycares/car parks.

Hey Jude Monday 22:13
Very true Tracy and I don't mind that part of it either, which brings me back to Sarah. What I find it hard to swallow is when someone makes assumptions that Sarah is sponging off of David. David would NEVER let her sponge off him, its just not in his DNA,and we've seen quite a few times Sarah coming in with grocery bags in hand, so where is the sponging?

Pearl Tuesday 00:02
regarding the converted garage to granny annex as I remember it after the discovery of Callum's body and reconstruction of annex, Gail refused to sleep there so she moved upstairs and David & Kylie moved in there. Remember Kylie's pillow decore!!
Now I guess it is David & Shona's master suite. And yes it has a bathroom attached.

38545) Gail 

Toronto Location
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Monday 15:51 Write a comment

Can someone jog my memory about something? I thought Robert lost The Bistro in a card game that time Johnny went along with him supposedly to keep him out of trouble. So what happened with that? He still appears to own the Bistro. No one has come along and claimed to own it now or did he pay them off and get it back? I'm also a little vague on Michelle *robbing* the Bistro. What did that accomplish? Something about insurance? I don't know if I missed something or maybe it just wasn't that clear, or maybe I'm getting forgetful!

Lise Monday 16:09
Gail, Robert certainly gambled away he Bistro. I don't know why he still seems to own it. There was no follow-up after the incident as far as I can tell. Did i Miss something?

Yes, I do think Michelle robbed the Bistro so they could claim $$$ from the insurance.

Hey Jude Monday 16:26
I also think that's what happened, but they seemed to have dropped that whole storyline and everything is back to normal. That insurance money must have come through in record time. Hmmm. Weird confused

Lise Monday 16:28
It does not much sense that the till intake would have been that big to buy back the Bistro though.

Gail Monday 16:39
Kate bashed her on the noggin before she could make a getaway didn't she? I forget how all that played out, I'm confused. Robert definitely lost the Bistro in that card game. So maybe he bought it back and mentioned that and I missed it?

Lise Monday 16:48
But he didn't have any money. Surely the insurance payment wasn't enough.

Pian and suffering for Michelle being bashed on the head?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Gail Monday 17:31
You wouldn't think it would be enough Lise! I don't recall the police investigating it thoroughly. If they did, they would have definitely thought it was very strange. I guess Michelle must have told them she surprised the burglar and he clobbered her and Kate kept quiet about being there obviously. I guess the CCTV cameras were turned off at the time and the security alarm wasn't armed... yep, lots of plot holes!

Chris Monday 18:41
Robert didn't lose the Bistro in the card game. He only used the Bistro credit card as security against his bet, as he'd run out of cash. He lost the hand and we are to assume that the credit card was charged with his losses.

In later scenes, Robert was pleading with his bank to extend his credit. And, he also had trouble using his card at the Cash & Carry.

The Bistro still has difficulties, but Robert and Michelle still own it.

Gail Monday 18:50
Thanks for that Chris. I was sure it was the Bistro itself that he lost and the way he acted, I thought that was what had happened. You obviously pay closer attention than I do! I do recall something about Zeedan complaining that he had to use his personal credit card to pay for food deliveries to the Bistro.

Lise Monday 20:13
Oh right! How quickly I forget!!
All makes sense now.
Thanks Chris.

Maggie Monday 20:56
A few things about Michelle's caper to rob the Bistro.

First, Michell broke the credit card authorization machine and so the Bistro was only taking in cash that night. She also said that she had fudged the numbers so it looked like the Bistro took in more that night than they really did (and so insurance would pay them more in compensation). Probably at least a couple of thousand. I don't think this "robbery" was intended to solve all their money problems - just to get enough to take care of the immediate bills and buy them some time to get back in the black.

After Michelle came around from the clonk on the head, she took the bag of money and left the Bistro. Kate saw her in the street with the bag and dressed just like the robber. That's how Kate knew Michelle did it. The police have no idea that Michelle was even in the Bistro at the time - Kate told them Michelle left earlier and Kate was to lock up.

The police know that Kate clonked the robber over the head and ran out, but the robber was gone by the time the police showed up so they don't know who it was. Kate is keeping this secret for Michelle in return for Michelle keeping the secret about Kate and Rana being together in the Bistro that night.

Oh, what tangled webs we weave.... smile

Gail Monday 22:49
Maggie, yes that's all sounding familiar to me now. I had forgotten that Michelle left with the bag of money but now I do recall it and Kate seeing her on the street as well and the deal. Yep, it's very complicated isn't it lol

38544) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Monday 02:15 Write a comment

(38544) Remember, you can reset your New Year's resolutions on January 14th (Orthodox New Year) and February 16th (Chinese New Year).

After that...you're stuck.

I've just found out I can see two years into the future!

Must be 2020 vision.

Joanne Monday 22:01
lol So you can buy green bananas!!

38543) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Sunday 22:41 Write a comment

From ITV/Corrie: Fancy a chuckle? Here's some hilarious Coronation Street bloopers, guaranteed to put a smile on your face! smile [twitter.com]

Dianne W. Monday 00:54
It worked, Chris. Thanks!

38542) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Sunday 22:04 Write a comment

Jim,I also found that scene with Johnny funny and admired his quick thinking to save face with Jenny who does have a bit of an ego at times.LOL!

Joanne Monday 22:04
I'm finding Jenny a bit rough around the edges, rather selfish and quick to grab everything for herself. I don't think Johnny made a good choice there at all!

38541) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Sunday 22:01 Write a comment

Pearl,I think there are three bedrooms in Maris's flat so I guess Maria has her own room,the Sutherlands have one and the boys share one.
I also wondered who does Beth think she is inviting Sinead to stay in Maria's flat when Sinead could simply have stayed with Chesney realising her 'attention games' drove him to such extremes or stayed with Izzy.
Sarah is just as bad first moving in David's house with Bethany despite the fact that it's already a full house with Gail,David and the children and then takes over the house by having Mel and Gary move in again without consulting David! When is Sarah going to get her own flat?!

T Sunday 22:28
She won't -- she dumped Gary, so that plan went down the pan.... ;)

Gail Monday 04:35
We don't see the characters who have their own flats/homes (like Izzy and Audrey for example) as often as we see the others. They like to have as many people in one home as possible so they can create stories around that and they can all get on each other's wicks and cause tension and then conflict!

38540) Jim  Male

Mi Location
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Sunday 19:51 Write a comment

When Johnny told Carla she was looking good Jenny then asked what about me? and Johnny replied to Jen she looks good all the time which made it sound as if Carla does not-i found a bit funny if you took the conversation the way i had done!!!

38539) Pearl 

BC Location
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Sunday 19:13 Write a comment

There were some scenes this past week I found interesting, also puzzling. Like that Tyrone got involved and told Daniel what his petty games where doing to Chesney's head and the responsibilities he has with his son Joseph and his household. Also liked that Chesney came clean with Sinead that he hit himself with the brick and faked his food poisoning. What puzzled me was Beth inviting Sinead to move in with them at Maria's. IT IS NOT HER HOME to invite anyone over let alone stay. Wish the PTB would make use of that living arrangement as there must be some conflict and drama going on with Beth, Kirk and Craig all crammed in the salon flat with Maria & Liam.

Guess scenes of home life other that what goes on at the Rover's or at #11 are not interesting enough to invest time on. Would like to know how Angie, Jude & baby George are fitting in with Norris and Sean at #3 and how come Mary is not living with her husband?? #7 (Dev's) has more people than rooms and Webster's both at #4 and #13 are in constant flux it seems.

38538) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Sunday 16:12 Write a comment

With regards to Emily,I thought it would have made more sense for Ken to tell Norris and Rita about her in the Kabin rather than Sophie.It seemed more like a filler scene with Sophie as though the writers don't know what to do with her.
I also wondered why didn't Emily contact Norris or Rita herself rather than Ken?

Regardless of how good Connor McIntyre[Phelan ]is the storyline has dragged for too long and frankly Corrie's credibility is being sacrificed because of it.
Brian Capron who portrayed Richard Hillman was also a good actor but his storyline unfolded at a good pace leading to a dramatic conclusion with his death in the canal whereas Phelan has dragged on to the point of ridiculousness with no end in sight!

Tracy Sunday 17:14
At first, I thought the Phelan story was dragging on, simply because the actor is brilliant and they wanted to keep him for as long as possible. But then I started to change my mind. If they wanted to keep him, they could have left him as a petty criminal and not a murderer (remember he didn't actually kill Michael); he could have remained on screen for years to come as a baddie who manages to keep himself out of jail.
So that brings me to my only explanation of sensationalism and TPTB's desire to appear on the cover of every showbiz magazine in the UK; to be talked about, and to push the boundaries more than the other soaps; and for award gratification.

Gail Sunday 17:53
Tracy, I think you're right. TPTB are looking at Corrie from a different perspective than we the viewers are and the top priority for them is to produce a show that is pusing boundaries and getting them publicity. Still, ratings are the way they measure how they're succeeding and if they're falling, they should be paying attention to what that means!

Gail Sunday 17:57
I forgot to add, I agree,if they wanted to keep CM around because of his talents, it would have been better to keep Phelan around as the sort of character that Tony was. Party dodgy and part likeable good guy instead of making him a murderer. Having said that, I have enjoyed every minute of his time on Corrie. It's just that I understand those who are tired of him!

Hey Jude Sunday 19:01
Tracy and Gail:. I'm another who would have rather seen CM on the show for ages as you both described. He is an amazing actor. I haven't kept up with all the hoopla about when he will finish on Corrie. Does anyone know? I will miss him if and when he is gone for good

T Sunday 22:25
I don't know when CM is leaving Corrie... I do know a few spoilers, but you never know when it all will be truly over for Pat Phelan!
I think they've made a massive mistake, taken it way too far. I would have loved to see him as a permanent resident.
I hope hope hope we will see him in some other programs in the future. As Canadians, we don't get to see the ex-Corrie characters as much as the Brits do!

38537) Laurel 

BC Location
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Saturday 23:02 Write a comment

So Ken mentioned that Emily was in town. I so hope she visits Coronation Street. We need more characters like our Emily. I agree with all posting about the dark scenes. Phelan has dragged on and on. I’m not sure what purpose the writers have in doing this, other than Phelan is a good actor.

Nancy Sunday 00:15
I thought that scene was utterly bizarre. I usually like Sophie and was offput by how stilted she seemed, and the whole thing seemed to be being brought forward to answer some odd side question. It felt really forced and weird to me

Hey Jude Sunday 01:54
Me too Nancy. It was all very strange IMHO

T Sunday 02:47
I thought it was fine; although it should have been Norris who received the contact from Emily, and Norris could have mentioned it in the pub. I am happy they at least gave Emily a mention. I'm assuming this is a lead-up to her goodbye, and I'm glad she won't be staying in Peru forever. It's a loose end, and it needs tied up.

Gail Sunday 15:23
I always liked Emily but there's only so much they can do with a character like her. She's quite old now. She was always very old fashioned even in her youth and not that exciting. More the voice of reason and stability. The most exciting thing she has done took her off the screen! Ok she climbed a tree in protest once and she had some adventures but she's not like Audrey who I could see being a bit more interesting into her golden years. I'm glad they addressed it too and didn't just forget Emily existed.

38536) Lynn 

NS Location
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Saturday 13:54 Write a comment

I did not pay attention to the show because too much Phelan.

It seems that we are not the only ones complaining. Too violent for the time slot and ratings are down.


Gail Saturday 14:24
Let's hope that Kate Oates will listen to the UK viewers.

Jim Saturday 15:52
It is too violent for a soap and i dont believe Tony Warren ever wanted it that that way when the show was created-it was suppose to be about working class people with some humour thrown in...also too much sex/baby drama-we(SPOILER) also have to deal with yet another pregnancy story..i still like Corrie but i feel there is too many episodes to fill and not enough story to write for all the cast unless they keep repeating themselves, especially with the baby drama...i think Kate Oates is trying too hard to outdo other UK soaps with shocking violent stories and stunts like Billy's fall off the cliff...they could do a successful popular show without so much violence!!!!...Downtown Abby is an example-what a classy show that was!!!!

Nancy Saturday 17:58
I wish I could get behind the DA fans, but I merely felt that Downton was alright (unless Maggie Smith was chewing scenery -- I did get very tired of her rimshot jokes once they caught on that people likd them), but suffered from some very poor writing (season 2 in particular) and some incredibly shoddy historicity (as it presented itself as a historically-set show, this IS on them). I keep watching Corrie trying to see what it is I like - for my money the Daniel Tyrone interaction last night was great - Daniel had to think beyond reaction and we don't actually know whether he believes what he said to Sinead or whether he was doing the Dangerous Liaisons thang ("it's beyond my control") because he feels that he can't do to Joseph what was done to him? Very interesting and character based and no bloodshed or flashy chase scenes or hospitalization was required (despite its presence brick-wise) of that kind of story.

Tracy Saturday 18:59
Nancy, did you find DA to be inaccurate? I watched all the behind the scenes and interviews (via my friends DVD set) and they had an advisor who explained so much about the historical accuracy and how he even instructed the actors to behave/walk/stand etc. I absolutely loved all of it, and thought he was brilliant. I will be so disappointed to learn mistakes were made - after watching his segment, my enjoyment increased immensely. I re-watched a few seasons of DA over the holidays with the same enjoyment. A Downton Abbey fan, I am I am! :)

Nancy Saturday 20:37
Tracy - I thought many aspects of DA were very accurate - in particularly those things you mention about stance and body language - that added to why I would get so p.o.'d when the scripts deviated from historical accuracy, mostly in relationships between upstairs and downstairs and in particular such annoyingnesses such as how they treated Thomas's gender preference or the marriage of Mrs. Hughes and Carson and that kind of nonsense. These things COULD putatively happen (but Thomas would have been fired on the spot for going for Jimmy), but they're pretty fairytale. So many aspects of what the servants were allowed to get away with would have put the Crawleys in bad social odeur just for their inability to control their household. I agree with you that the historical advisor did a pretty good job with modern people, but the actual stories themselves were often fantastical in how they treated the staff/staff and staff/employer relationship. And don't even get me started on Sybil and Branson living a merry life amongst the aristos, particularly Branson's acceptance after Sybil's death. Ha. Way too many fairytales in one house.

T Saturday 21:57
Thanks for your reply Nancy. Im glad you were referring moreso to the script than the behind-the-scenes sort of stuff. If I recall correctly, are you a secondary school teacher? I was wondering if history was your major and if you were going to challenge the DA advisor. Phew, Im glad you did not. I really enjoyed the segments with the gentleman and basically hung onto every word he said! I think his name was Bruce... I loved how they used a ruler to measure the chair distance to table, etc.

Lise Saturday 22:10
Interesting article in HuffPost,

Ask a historian:

Lise Saturday 22:17
Hers's another articlewith historical advior Alastair Bruce on Downton Abbey:


Joanne Saturday 22:37
Nancy, I have to agree with you. I watched Downton Abbey and enjoyed much of it, but the inaccuracies and several language anachronisms did jar. Two small examples: Lady Mary saying "Tell me about it!", in one scene. For another, when Lady Edith ran off to London with her baby, she moved into a single, rather shabby, hotel room and later told her mother and sisters that Marigold was with a baby-sitter. As one the aristocracy and her own money, she would have rented a suite, at least, and hired a nanny. Some I thought was simple research laziness. Julian Fellowes should have known better; he married into the aristocracy and later became titled in his own right.

Joanne Saturday 22:40
Meant to add that, as everyone knows, the term "baby-sitter" was an Americanism that surfaced post World War Two and there was no such thing in that particular Downton Abbey era.

Nancy Saturday 23:53
It's funny, but accidents with diction and one way signs on streets that never had them, etc. didn't bother me overmuch because that's more accidental, but when the whole story is skewed by an anachronistic desire to fluff over how we have been as people and pretend it was all cozy and familial and tolerant, then I get upset. I'm a high school English teacher, Tracy, but I've been a historian all my life with a specialty in the late 18th century and women's clothing of that period, so well before DA's times. I'm an amateur, so I'm not making any claims beyond a strong interest in western culture's former life and times. This means a lot of shows get shelved by me because I can't bear the hideously irresponsible historicity. DA was entertaining enough to keep me on board (although as a writing teacher that second season nearly did for me and it did get increasingly cliched as it went on) but I'm sure I miss some good elements in other shows because of this bias in favour of my idea of authenticity.

Nancy Sunday 00:03
I went hunting to see if my claim about the writing in the second season was backed up anywhere (I thought it was at the time) and found this article which accounts for why the bad writing didn't bother most of the audience. Given that we're on a soap chatboard here, I thought the author's claim was pretty interesting: [www.vulture.com]

Hey Jude Sunday 01:52
I thought I also heard Mary say "get over it" to someone. No one would have said that back then.
Tracy:. I believe they still use the ruler to get the correct distance between chairs. Same with the plates and cutlery. Saw it on one of those documentaries about the royal family.

T Sunday 02:40
I recall the 'get over it' too (just watched it 2 weeks ago). I still enjoyed the romance of DA, and any inconsistencies or unlikely storylines wouldn't diminish my enjoyment. But I can understand what you are saying Nancy, with respect to your bias and need for accuracy.

Gail Sunday 04:03
I think that it was so good in so many ways. It would be a shame to let the odd historical inaccuracy spoil it. Even if there were more than the odd one, it was entertaining and a good story and I think that the relationships between the upstairs and downstairs people was the strength of the entire thing and After all when it all comes down to is it was a soap so you have to accept it for what it was.

Hey Jude Sunday 04:39
Gail:. Well said and I agree with you. It was a good escape and a peek into the past of how the super rich lived. I loved it and have all the DVDs.

Gail Sunday 16:39
I think Corrie always was supposed to deal with the darker side of the lives of the working class people who populate the street as well as the every day things and humour and I believe that Tony Warren
intended it to be so. It always had those elements from the beginning if you think about the story lines from the early days. There were unwed pregnancy storylines, infidelity, murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, you name it, much the same as we have today. Maybe not as much but it was still in there. It's darker now, there are more of those things, maybe more than necessary but my point is that Corrie was always meant to glimpse all the aspects of the lives of the residents of the street and it always has stuck to that. Tony Warren was a gay man himself and he probably would have liked to have had gay characters on the street back in his day but it wouldn't have been accepted on television at that time so he would probably applaud Corrie now for including them!

38535) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Saturday 01:03 Write a comment

(38535) From The Express: Remember Coronation Street's original Bethany Platt? She looks VERY different now

Snipped: Bethany was played by twins Emily and Amy Walton. The twins, now aged 17, played Bethany from 2000 to 2007 where the character was part of some pivotal plots.

More at the link including pics - [www.express.co.uk]

Friday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]

Dianne W. Saturday 01:29
Thanks, Chris. I remember these girls. They look more like sisters but not twins.

Hey Jude Saturday 15:37
Stories about them say they are identical, but one looks taller than the other. They look identical to me, its just that their hair is diffeent. My husband has an identical twin and its the same with them, one is slightly taller and a little more filled out, but they are def identical.

38534) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Friday 22:48 Write a comment

Happy Birthday TerBear. smile


38533) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 21:01 Write a comment

haili,To answer your question about Daniel,I think he's studying journalism as he told Sinead during one of their 'dates as friends' [while Chesney was at work I may add]that he's back working in the obituaries in the paper after his investigation of Phelan was for naught.
Speaking of professional counseling, I agree that Chesney who's being pushed to the brink by Daniel's manipulations and Sinead's flirtations does need it as I don't think he fully recovered from being stabbed in the bistro.at the same time,I wondered why professional counselling never came up when Daniel attempted to murder his father blaming Ken for Sinead having an abortion?
That was the main reason Sinead dumped Daniel in the first place and makes me wonder why would she want someone who's mentally unstable as Daniel is becoming with his obsession to prove he's better for Sinead than Chesney?

38532) Marie  Female

Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 16:30 Write a comment

haili,Although I agree that Chesney is being ruined with this storyline so is Sinead who is annoying to watch now.
When she was first introduced, Sinead was a nice sensible girl until she suffered a personality transplant and became the Street's latest tart when she cheated on Chesney with Daniel[and still expected to live in Chesney's home]
I don't think Sinead even loves either Chesney or Daniel but the attention she's getting and the lengths they would go to win her]although she's not much of a prize].
I think Sinead is the villain in this storyline not Chesney.It's not right for Sinead to lead Chesney on nor is it fair to Joseph who is still grieving for his mother and is possibly getting attached to her.
Sinead needs to make up her mind,make a commitment to Chesney and be a step mum to Joseph and stop giving longing looks to Daniel or break up with Chesney instead of leading him on.

Beachy Carol Friday 16:46
I totally agree, Marie. Like others I think Gemma would be a better match for Chesney and I think she would be good for Joseph. I am not a big Gemma fan and frankly am glad she is not getting as much screen time right now, but I don’t think she would string Chesney along. They might have gotten too close as friends, though, working together in the kebab shop, so perhaps a romance would be unlikely.

Bonnie Friday 16:52
Marie and Beachy Carol, I agree with both of you. TPTB have made Sinead so annoying I don't know why Daniel and Chesney would be fighting over her. Stupid writing has ruined both Chesney and Sinead.

haili Friday 16:57
Sinead really doesn't know her own mind. Even when she was with Daniel she didn't want to move to Oxford so he could go to school. What ever became of the school idea anyway? Is he still studying or taking courses? I think Chesney needs some professional counselling; anyone who hits himself in the face with a brick is not mentally stable.

Pearl Friday 23:42
I agree Marie, I find Daniel sneaky and manipulative while Chesney is demoralized since being stabbed in the Bistro but Sinead is worse than the two put together. She is flying her true Tinker colours at present.

haili Saturday 20:01
Much as I like to complain at times, Corrie and Downton are usually the best things on TV. Yes, they are dragging out the Phelan stuff far too long, but on the plus side we have Daniel, Ken, Tracy and Adam who are doing a great job, also Steve, Liz and others. I try to ignore the boring scenes and characters and look forward to the good ones.

Gail Sunday 15:53
I like your attitude haili! I'm sure that things will improve and they'll come up with some good storylines in future. They always do. I think Carla's storyline is promising. I know that I'm probably the only one who does though!

38531) Alice 

GTA Location
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Friday 04:52 Write a comment

Happy birthday, TerBear. happy birthday

38530) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Friday, 12 January 2018 01:26 Write a comment

Thursday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]

38529) Lisa 

Apohaqui Location
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 22:20 Write a comment

About the racist comments, in the episode probably that aired on Tuesday, what was the comment the Parkers made? Before the bleach or jungle or check your glove box comments. What was the comment that alerted them to the racism?

Lise Thursday, 11 January 2018 22:24
Alya was drinking orange juice. One brother said something like: Oh yea, YOU PEOPLE don't drink alcohol. Something along these lines I think.

Tracy Thursday, 11 January 2018 22:44
The nasty Parker then commented "your lot are so boring" then "lighten up" "oh you can't, you're stuck with that colour skin"
(Something like that)

Maggie Friday 03:47
And the Parker brothers had been cutting Alya out of important meetings and didn't take her seriously or give her any respect when they did meet. This is actually a good example of how racism still exists and how it can quietly affect people in business - it's not just about hurtful comments.

Hmm, Corrie might be deeper than I thought! lol

Gail Friday 14:01
Yes, I heard the comments that Lise and Tracy mentioned. What a couple of jerks! Good for Corrie for exploring this.

Lise Friday 16:05
Racism has become more blatant everywhere now . They are embolden by a certain person in high office

38528) haili 

ont Location
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:13 Write a comment

I watched the show again and thought it was pretty funny in places. Now that I know the guys were supposed to be G.I. Jo figures and that Roy was practising lying, it made more sense. I didn't hear the racist remark that one of the Parker Bros. made to Luke and find that characters often talk too fast for me to hear, even though I played it back, but I got the crack about the jungle. Every time I hear about the Parker Bros. I expect them to be selling a new game.

It's hard for me to care much about Aiden and Alya, Kate, etc.

I loved the way Tracy just pushed past everyone and put on the video. Daniel is learning a lot by watching her.

blitzen Thursday, 11 January 2018 19:21
You know, I get that the racism plot is topical and important, but the way they are going about it makes me roll my eyes. Even blatant racists aren't usually that...blatant...about it. These are businessmen, not middle-schoolers. It would be much more believable for them to just ignore Alya completely in person and then make the nasty remarks behind her back to each other or Aidan (which she would overhear, of course). Of course I don't have direct experience of racism so I guess I wouldn't know, but I find it hard to believe that these guys would deliberately antagonize someone they are trying to do business with, no matter what they think of her. Just seems clumsy.

Maggie Thursday, 11 January 2018 19:56
Haili, the first racist remark came when the Parker brothers were going inside because it was going to rain and one of them said maybe it will rain bleach, directed at Luke. That prompted the first punch, and the second punch was over the jungle comment.

I'm not sure if Corrie is this "leading-edge" but there has been lots of discussion about racists being emboldened and "normalized" of late. I do think that's true, to at least some extent. It used to be that racists would hide their opinions but some seem to feel it's "okay" to be public about these kind of thoughts now. That might be what Corrie is trying to reflect.

haili Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:05
blitzen: I didn't find it believable either.

Maggie: thanks; I heard something about bleach but didn't connect it to race and thought I'd missed something. That was a pretty stupid thing to say to someone who was going to fix his tire!

Beachy Carol Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:26
Even before the bleach comment one of the Parkers said he hoped the glove compartment was locked (when Luke started jacking up the car to fix the tire).

Tracy Thursday, 11 January 2018 22:49
I read the actress who plays Alya, came up with the idea of racism. She wanted to highlight the issue.

38527) haili 

ont Location
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 11:31 Write a comment

I hate what they've done to the Chesney character. He really has lost it lately and hurting Beth won't help him with Sinead. I enjoyed Daniel's revenge and thought it was pretty clever. Chesney used to be so mature for his age, supporting his family with the market stall etc. but now there isn't much to like about him. I hope he learns a lesson from all this, dumps Sinead and becomes more of an entrepreneur again. Maybe he and Gemma would have more fun together; he doesn't enjoy himself or have fun with Sinead any more.

Gayle Thursday, 11 January 2018 12:50
Haili, I also hate what they have done to Chesney. He seems miserable all the time, I fail to see how any woman would find him attractive. I found last night's eppie bazaar to say the least. Drunken parties in the Bistro and pub, yet Ayla, Aiden having business meetings and Luke working at the garage in day time?? Anyone else think it odd that a supposedly upscale bistro would host drunken hen nights while other customers would be there for a nice dinner? I really hope Sinead and Chesney do not get married - they will not be happy.

Lynn Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:08
I really liked Daniel's clever little move. It sure flushed out the truth about Chesney.

Is Daniel really that "in love" with Sinead or is it just the idea of her marrying Chesney getting to him?

I do not see D&S as a love for the ages either.

And, so true, Chesney is very hard to like..like so many of our residents these days, IMHO wink

Lise Thursday, 11 January 2018 16:15
I agree Lynn, Daniel was clever. Cool and collected too .

Also agree that Sinead is not the woman for Daniel.

38526) Dianne 

Canada Location
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 02:34 Write a comment

Who was the woman dressed as a slapper?

DIanne W. Thursday, 11 January 2018 03:09
Sinead called her Mum, and I think she is Beth's sister.

Dianne W. Thursday, 11 January 2018 03:36
The actress playing the mother is Alison Burrows.

Chris Thursday, 11 January 2018 05:09
I think she was Sinéad's mum.

Nancy Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:28

Dianne Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:32

38525) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 01:02 Write a comment

I have no idea why they dressed-up the stag-do party with green helmets, suits, and facepaint; no idea whatsoever. Were they supposed to be cartoon characters, or video game characters, or a movie tie-in? confused

From CorrieMakeup - [www.instagram.com] [www.instagram.com] [www.instagram.com]

Wednesday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel smile [youtu.be]

Beachy Carol Thursday, 11 January 2018 01:16
My guess is they were GI Joe or similar plastic soldiers. When they “froze” they were in the positions like these toy soldiers. I believe dress-up stags/stagettes are pretty big in the UK. I thought they looked kinda silly and I can’t imagine that makeup would really be comfortable for hours.

Chris Thursday, 11 January 2018 01:28
Beach Carol: Thanks for the explanation of GI Joe characters; I never thought of that.

I seem to remember that Kirk and Beth's wedding was a themed do.

Jim Thursday, 11 January 2018 02:32
They were just preparing Chesney for the war(fighting) that often comes with married life...lol

38524) Chris  Male

Ontario Location
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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 21:28 Write a comment

Here's a storyline idea: Carla is terminally ill with kidney failure; Michelle's son Alex returns, dies from eating a dodgy kebab Chesney made for Daniel, and his kidneys get donated to Carla. Hallelujah! Hey, it could happen! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Dianne W. Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:50
Chris, you have been reading too many plot suggestions from Jim... lol

Jim Thursday, 11 January 2018 02:35
Dianne W. lol i was going to say Tracy gives Carla her last kidney but still lives without any and Carla starts acting and dressing like Tracy and has a baby from Steve wink

Chris Thursday, 11 January 2018 05:11
What happened to Samir's second kidney? If it is still available, it could be given to Carla and she and Tracy would be, sort of, kidney sisters.
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