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3122) Sara1970 
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Friday 20:29 Write a comment

Agreed, the actress who played Rana is lovely. That "death makeup" was very effective - scared the ever-loving tar out of me when Rana turned around on that staircase and stared down at Carla! I never thought I'd watch Corrie and get chills. The episode was well done, however I don't like the general trend of things. I want humour, mystery and characters who well, act in character, if you know what I mean.
3121) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 20:07 Write a comment

Hey Jude,Granted Robert was angry at Carla but I don't think that's enough of a motive for him to sabotage the roof.
Besides Robert has a conscience and I don't think he would be calm knowing he caused Rana's death on her wedding day to Kate,he would have turned himself in to the police.
Gary on the other hand has no conscience,was up very early the day the roof collapsed and made sure he and Sarah spent the day together at home,partly to protect her and for an alibi.
He's shown no remorse for Rana's death or Sally being injured just his relationship with Sarah which is over.

Hey Jude Friday 20:28
You could be right about Gary, but then I thought Robert had a few bones to pick with Carla, when she warned Michelle to keep away from him, or some such thing. There is far too much to recall. You must have a lot of stuff written down!

Hey Jude Friday 20:30
And you were so convinced it was Nick!LOL I just don't know anymore!LOL

Lise Friday 20:46
I thought the culprit was probably Gary from the start.

Do we know for sure that it is him?

Mark Friday 21:04
Are you people trolling?
Don't you ever watch the show? confused

Hey Jude Friday 21:06
Mark, LMAO

Lise Friday 21:10
Mark - I know! I thought it was made clear that Gary was the culprit.
But after reading some comments I did wonder! confused
3120) Lise 
TO Location
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Friday 18:41 Write a comment

About the discussion below on the Bailey family:

It is indeed a big deal! It is baffling that it took decades to have a Black family on the street. Manchester is one of the most diverse, multiracial city in Britain. Odd that Blacks were not represented on Corrie for so long.

Kudos to the producer to finally set this right.

Lise Friday 19:32
* should have been ' Black families not represented ...'

Mark Friday 21:00
Referring to people by their skin colour sounds so 1950s.

Hey Jude Friday 22:17
Amen Mark. I dont even notice people of color anymore. To me they're all *just people*

Lise Friday 22:29
People do want to see people who look like them on TV and in films!

Children want to have access to books where the pictures show kids who look
like them. Et cetera.

Mark Friday 22:48
If you bothered to watch the show, you'd notice there have been many characters of the skin colour you refer to.

(I can't even use the B word because it's no different than calling them the N word).

Angie Appleton and son George Appleton
Tony (Jason's dad)
Tony? 2 Liz's boyfriend,
Kirsty and Ruby
the massage therapist and her mom,
one of Steve's girlfriend,
Curly's girlfriend Shirley (1988)

Nell Yesterday at 00:16
It shouldn’t have to be a big deal in 2019, but unfortunately needed to be addressed.

Mark’s examples are token at best. Not good enough and even the producer realizes this. I can guarantee it isn’t lost on black viewers - those who are still watching, that is.

When it come to privilege, and all of us who are white have it whether we acknowledge it or not, we need to listen to others. And not try to speak for them or on their behalf.

Gloria Steinem said something similar. Those in society who have more power, instead of trying to speak for others, need to listen more. And those who have less power, need to be heard more. Only then can actual progress be made. In this case the producer listened to viewer feedback and probably other employees of diverse backgrounds too.

And SPOILER - when Ken sees the dad and his son doing reno work on their new residence he assumes they’re the hired help, not the actual owners. I groaned. This wasn’t lost on people in the Digital Spy soaps forum either.

Tracy Yesterday at 00:18
As per my social media feed, people are making a big deal (for lack of a better word) about it, saying it's because it is the first FAMILY on the show. To me, this is just nit-picking and making an issue of a non-issue. When did the last 'full on family' arrive? Windasses?
I hate that the media has run with it, and has to make an issue of their race/skin colour. To me, its a new family, and I am sad to see they will be filling Emily's home, its a new era, but at the same time, it is good for it to be a whole family as opposed to single random newcomers adding to an already large cast.
I will say this, my bestie tells me, sarcastic, 'Tracy, there is no other group that knows the cause of the black woman more than the liberal white woman.' (off topic and banned topic, I know). We have discussed race a lot.
Really, when you think about it - we are all on the same page. We all want racism to be wiped out. I am like you HJ, I just see people. I do see diff cultures, but it truly isn't their skin colour I see/notice. We have a black friend who is English. I see him as cockney English, never black.

Everyone has a diff idea/opinion on how to handle/erase such issues. Same with the LGBT community... Far too big a topic to be discussed on here surely - I agree with Gail on that.

I repeat, we all agree we want prejudice and racism gone. My comments here are not to stir it up.

Tracy Yesterday at 00:25
We posted at the same time. I will agree, we should not speak on others' behalf. The actors themselves in the interview said it shouldn't be an issue and they are shocked it is one.

Similar to what my best friend explained to me. Doesn't need white women sticking up for her (for lack of a more detailed explanation).

Mark's examples are not token. Dismissive. Not cool.

Nell Yesterday at 00:30
Not dismissive of Mark. Token on behalf of decision making people working at CS (past or present). Not the same as having families who, along with their white counterparts, buy their own homes too and stick around.

The characters in the list have come on the show at different points, and who of them are still there? None. The neighbourhood doesn’t look like a real city neighbourhood.

I’ve lived in many multicultural neighbourhoods. Corrie is pretty much white bread in comparison. Not real life.

Mark Yesterday at 00:54
Complaining about too many white people is as racist as saying there are too many black people on a TV show.

Mark Yesterday at 01:02
Tracy, stop wasting your time arguing with her
and go watch Thursday's and Friday's episodes. lol

Nell Yesterday at 01:08
“Referring to people by their skin colour sounds so 1950s.”

Hardly. Talk to a black man or woman, and you’ll know they themselves think of themselves as a black man or woman of colour, etc. It’s a part of their identity, culture, heritage. Nothing racist about it. Why should they deny who they are and their life experience.

Look at how Aboriginals were forced to assimilate, taken to white schools, stolen from their families and forced to speak only English. It robbed them of who they are, Mark. It’s about identity.

I generally don’t see skin colour either, unless those people aren’t represented when they have as much right to be represented as anyone else.

Gail Yesterday at 02:16
We are definitely all on the same page, as Tracy says and want racism and prejudice GONE. BUT gay people, blacks and other nationalities have been and still are represented on Corrie!!! They have not been excluded! So there's been no black family living on the street? There isn't a black family on MY street either in the nearly 30 years I have lived here. As the actors themselves said, why does that have to still be an issue in 2019? I find it a little offensive that they have to point out their skin colour and can't just call them a new family. If I were them I would feel marginalized by that.

Gail Yesterday at 02:37
I haven't seen the episode yet, but about Ken thinking they were trades working and not the owners. Maybe it was because they were working on the house, not because they're black?? He's never met them and he sees 2 guys working on a house. Who would not think they're trades/worker? I think that's why Ken was thinking that, not because they're black men.

Nell Yesterday at 03:10
As Lise said, it’s Manchester - a richly diverse city. It’s not small town Ontario. No doubt where we as individuals live shapes our perspective.

The actors represent their employer when they do interviews. They can only say so much. As does anyone employed by any company or organization.

Lots of interesting discussions about this on other forums. Every forum has a personality of its own. On the UK one with many posting from the Manchester area, Lise and I would be amongst the majority on this issue.

Different perspectives, that’s all.

Mark Yesterday at 03:18
And also there was Luke.
There was the dead woman Kylie put make up
and that same woman's husband who worked at the garage.
so that is 3 more people.

Nell Yesterday at 03:31
You forgot Steph, Luke’s sister. Lol. More people who are gone now that their storylines are done. Unlike the Websters, Platts, Barlows and now Connors who, as some producers have said, are the foundation of the show (in their eyes). I’ll bet there was a whopping salary difference too.

Nell Yesterday at 13:10
By ‘white bread’ above, I meant bland. The pun was unintended.

Alexandra Yesterday at 13:33
Another point of view:


Alexandra Yesterday at 13:35

Alexandra Yesterday at 13:37

Nell Yesterday at 13:49
Alexandra, exactly! I also used the expression above, and it did (and does) make me very uncomfortable.

Lise Yesterday at 14:31
"As a black woman, I hate the term, people of colour".


Nell Yesterday at 14:58
If I was black I’d sooner call myself black too. What is the Canadian equivalent of African American?

Nell Yesterday at 15:25
To answer myself, lol, there isn’t really one. You don’t generally hear African Canadian. Mostly I hear black people, my friends and acquaintances, refer to themselves as black. One girlfriend sometimes uses the term “woman of colour” but she also uses ‘multiracial’ just as much if not more. Since one of her parents is white and the other is black.

Lise Yesterday at 15:34
As far as I know Nell, they refer to themselves as Black Canadians.

Louise Yesterday at 15:46
The American use of hyphenated identity terms is so ubiquitous that I heard a woman on a news story in Calgary refer to her black neighbour as African-American!
3119) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 18:04 Write a comment

Ooops I did it again! I should have watched the missing scenes before I posted below. Chris, too right they should have def kept those scenes in - those were also critical scenes. Uggh, its so frustrating when the editors or whoever pull this crap on us! When will they listen and hire a hard core fan who knows the history of the show and can do a proper job of editing?!LOL I'm just so frustrated by the carelessness #@*%!

Dianne Friday 18:24
This is one of the reasons I only watch UK episodes online now. It was so annoying having to piece together the show and keeping track of the preemptions and time changes on CBC.

Louise Friday 18:24
Wow, I just watched that too. Very important scenes!
I agree the episode was very well done. It included sound effects, very dark and menacing and but not cheesy or soap opera-ish. Well done.

Nell Yesterday at 14:28
It’s one of two reasons why I more regularly watch the UK episodes online now too. The missing scenes and trying to piece things together after the fact were frustrating. Also I like to be on the same page as UK viewer commenters, who write the funniest comments about the show. It’s nice to be in on the jokes and other clever observations. Then I pop back here quickly to see, often times, such vastly different opinions. Often the exact opposite. Except for opinions on Gemma. That doesn’t change from one forum to the next. lol
3118) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 17:57 Write a comment

Chris: I agree that the darker lighting, the different camera angles, etc, worked well for last night's episode. It was def creepy and was extra creepy when Carla saw Aiden and Rana. It was all well done IMHO, but I also had to giggle when Carla thought it was Hailey she was seeing walking away in that red anorak and clip clopping along on the pavement!LOL Nice touch! I couldn't wait till later tonight, so I got up and watched it. It was stll dark enough to create the ambiance!LOL
3117) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 17:52 Write a comment

Shirley: From what we can all gather, Gary admitted to being the sabateur when he left that message on Sarah's phone, and unless there is yet another twist to this story, looks like he was the one up on the roof that night.
3116) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 15:42 Write a comment

I know I'm in the minority, but I'm still banking on Robert being the sabateur(sp?).
He also had reason to be PO'd with Carla, and he has had some odd reactions to things he has been told, and been shifty eyed a few times. Just sayin'!
OH! And the actor is leaving Corrie

Mark Friday 15:50
Carla admitted she did it so the police and judge need to lock her up.

Louise Friday 16:41
Mark I rather doubt an admission of guilt from a person diagnosed as psychotic would be admissible in any court. She also saw and spoke to Rana and Aiden and thinks the nurse implanted a microchip in her ear - but I'm sure you're aware of all that! lol

Hey Jude Friday 17:47
Good one Louise! lol
3115) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 15:17 Write a comment

Gail,I don't think Nick ever had any guilt over stealing his gran's money as he even bought an expensive diamond necklace for Leanne with it.
I think Nick just said that to get his mother on his side so she would pressure Audrey to drop the charges.

Dianne,I agree about Gary's lack of remorse.
When Richard Hillman murdered Maxine Peacock,I got a sense he did feel remorse,attending her funeral [even though he didn't want too]and being uncomfortable around Ashley but with Gary there's no sign of guilt at all.He didn't attend Rana's funeral and the day after her funeral,Gary was in the pub with Nick and Sarah being served by Johnny acting like he didn't have a care in the world without a word of condolence to Imram who was also in the pub.
I also think that Gary knew that someone could get hurt or killed hence his taking the day off to ensure Sarah spends the day with him so she wouldn't be near the factory,concerned about her safety but no one else.

Wow,what a powerful spooky episode last night!
I know it may never happen but I would love to see the Connor family go after Alya for her phone calls from the dead Rana as she is the reason Carla who was already feeling guilty over Rana's death driven over the
Congratulations to the NBA champs Raptors!

haili Friday 15:44
I thought Nick felt guilty about the money and intended to pay it back, at least at first, then David blackmailed him into buying the barbershop. I was hoping Nick would make some money from the factory but Carla wouldn't work with him and the place was in trouble. Nick is becoming more and more of a bad guy and I wondered if he would kill David when he was choking him. Both David and Nick have a violent streak as I remember David pushing Gail down the stairs and leaving her there. He has mellowed a lot since then but Nick is getting worse.

Gail Yesterday at 16:52
UH, but Hillman killed Maxine with his bare hands and in cold blood. He was a true psychopath which explains why he was able to go and attend her funeral and had absolutely zero remorse. It's pretty obvious and clear that Gary wasn't setting out to kill anyone. He thought the factory was empty and Sarah was his partner. Of course he would spend the day with her and would be concerned about her safety. I doubt he even knew that something would go wrong that particular day anyway. If Sally and Gina had not been on the roof, the roof might still be intact!
3114) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 12:55 Write a comment


From CorrieBlog - Updated: Corrie list of who is leaving, joining, and returning [coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com]

One kookie character departs as another returns to the cobbles. wink
3113) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Friday 07:30 Write a comment

Congrats to the Raptors . Really not sure I think Gary is really the one to blame for Rana's death. First of all Carla knew from Gary the roof needed repair and she put it off, then Rob may've done something, then Gary and I forget who else might've done something ( help me?).

haili Friday 10:15
Gary said that he did it because he needed work.

Rana really did look dead and kind of scary. The actress who plays Carla did a really good job, even though these dark episodes are not my favorites. At least she is finally in hospital where she belongs and I hope she doesn't run away again.

Mark Friday 15:54
Rana really did look dead and kind of scary.

No special effects were needed; just remove her make up and voila! lol

Lise Friday 18:24
Rana is beautiful. Make-up or no make-up.

Pearl Friday 22:56
Was Rana's image seen by anyone else or was it another delusion Carla was having? When Gary was talking to her to get his phone back, she saw 5 people peering at them for the end of the ginnel. There was no one there. How did Carla collect all those phones? There must have been half a dozen in her purse.

Hey Jude Friday 23:25
It was all in her head Pearl. Carla is completely delusional
3112) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 04:47 Write a comment

Congratulations Raptors!!! I knew you could do it!!!

Gail Friday 10:40
Yes! Huge Congratulations to the team and thanks for aging me about 10 years last night in those last several minutes! lol

Lise Friday 12:30
Bravo bravo Raptors!!! How sweet it is!
3111) Louise 
AB Location
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Friday 03:49 Write a comment

All hail, Raptors!

Dianne Friday 12:25
Well done Raptors!🇨🇦🏀👏👏👏

Jan Friday 12:53
Hear hear!!
3110) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 02:21 Write a comment

From Digital Spy - Mikey North reacts to Gary Windass's huge storyline twist [www.digitalspy.com]

Dianne Friday 12:29
I just don’t see the remorse one might expect to see after causing someone’s death.

I think it was a very poorly put together storyline.

Nancy Friday 18:26
That's odd, Dianne. I do think they should have played his supposed remorse a little differently, but I was sorry I had been spoiled (which is rare for me) because I thought it would be so much fun to watch it unfold because it was so enjoyable. I find Mad Carla and the phones somewhat amusing because of the effect on her purse and her inability to find anything. I have the same problem although I don't steal phones to cause it.
3109) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 01:12 Write a comment

I'm glad the timing worked out for CBC to air this episode in the evening as it is too dark for an afternoon airing.

I thought the lighting and camera work was excellent for the mood of the episode.

Tracy Friday 02:11
Oh no, I will maybe save it for tomorrow night then, instead of watching it in the morning. Thanks for another tip tonight!
Watching Raps now, eek!

Gail Friday 02:55
I'm excited to see it tomorrow night along with Friday's episode! Sounds like it's definitely not to be missed!

Hey Jude Friday 04:55
Count me in as well Gail and Tracy! I fell asleep for an hour after dinner (the heat makes me do that) and will now catch Corrie tomorrow night
3108) Alice 
GTA Location
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Friday 00:40 Write a comment

They left a crazed, suicidal woman alone in the hospital room while they chatted in the hall.

Lovely to see Hayley's red anorak again.

Gayle Friday 11:20
I was thinking the exact same thing Alice! I'm glad she has been hospitalized and hopefully she will get the help she so desperately needs. It is obvious that Peter was way out of his element trying to cope with her on his own. Hopefully this will be the end to this storyline. I found it very upsetting to watch, as it hits a little too close to home for me.

Lynn Friday 12:19
I thought the same thing. Soap logic.

The whole "taking care of Carla" plot bothers me. Sure some things are taken care of at home, but someone this mentally ill, sent home to be cared for by an alcoholic ...and not even at her own home?

I must have missed something. Why wasn't she kept in the hospital? Was she being kept at home because of Peter's insistence that he could look after her?

The dead Rana was really creepy though...good job on that.
3107) carolyn 
toronto Location
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Friday 00:20 Write a comment

Another excellent episode! So wonderful without Mary or more so Gemma! Great acting and plots. Chris - I can't believe the cut they made - I agree with your "grrrr" - that was SO significant. As it happens we just saw the ambulance arriving and that was that - we didn't see Carla's response to being taken away and her father, Peter, etc. looking so worried. Whoever does these cuts should be slapped - obviously he or she could care less as long as they cut out something to throw in a boring commercial. That was a significant scene!

Oh its going to be SO difficult to watch the show when the idiot returns with her 4 babies and the balls on her head.

Nell Friday 12:44
My guess is not all 4 of the babies will survive, as is often the case. They'll try to drum up viewer sympathy for Gemma when she's in the hospital (or wherever) in labour.
3106) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 00:06 Write a comment

Did anyone else notice the darker screen colours
and the weird close up and fast camera movements?
That was weird. I hope they don't keep that up.

I'm glad Rana came back to haunt Carla.
Rana said it was Carla who killed her and I believe her.

Why was Gary at the hospital when he was discharged earlier?

I'm piecing together that he stole Sarah's phone from Carla's hospital room
to hide the voice mail evidence that he sabotaged the roof.
But the sound of this voice was so scratchy that I didn't hear
if he gave a reason why he did it.

This would mean Marie was right eek! .
But originally Marie blamed Sarah. double eek! eek!

Tracy Friday 00:17
I haven't watched it yet, I'm a taxi driver for teenagers tonight, sigh!

Mark, Sarah lost her phone before the holiday, and it seemed like Gary might have left the confession message when he thought Rick was going to kill him. So I'm not sure your theory fits. But again, I haven't seen Thurs eppy.

I will say this - for a guy who managed to bash Phelan over the head with a 2x4, he really has softened on his anger management skills towards Rick lol

Mark Friday 00:22
Tracy it's not evident for us first time viewers but in reflection open you eyes when Gary confronts Carla in the tunnel.
Look inside Carla's handbag when you watch Thursday's episode.

Tracy Friday 00:24
Ok will do! cheers for the tip!
3105) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 00:02 Write a comment

What an amazing episode - Ali's acting a psychotic sufferer and Rana's deadly re-appearance were great. And the writing, the directing, the lighting, and the make-up. Wow, just wow!

Thursday's missing scenes from Bradley's YouTube channel should not have been cut! #grr [youtu.be]

I wonder if Rana's scenes were filmed before Bhavda's leaving or if she returned to film Rana's scene atop the staircase later. Whoever portrayed Hayley's little trotting walk had it down perfect. smile

Ah, now we know who the saboteur is! Gary!
3104) Jeannie 
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Thursday 21:52 Write a comment

One thing that seems to be happening more lately on Corrie, is that characters refer to their own and each other's back stories. Gail talked about Nick's brain injury. Sally commented that she'd paid Paula's bill and so on.

But I am a little upset with Leeane's short memory and her holier than thou attitude. No mention of Nick's brain injury from her. No memories of her own less than illustrious past, no attempt to try to understand.

I know, I know, what Nick & David did is beyond despicable but Leeane Battersby climbing up on her high horse is a little hard to take.

Hey Jude Thursday 22:40
That's true about Leanne, Jeannie. I was sitting here thinking the same thing while she was going off in the kitchen. Leanne has always been like that - she has always been the pot calling the kettle black (and she always stomps off like a stroppy teenager), good grief. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Pearl Thursday 23:02
You are right Jeannie, there has been more mention of back stories lately. Maybe there is an archivist on staff who researched past stories and can be consulted by the writers when need some back ground filler.

Credit must be given to Gary - he can take beating after beating and still keep crawling. The makeup dept must have a bottomless pot of 'bruise blush' marked for Gary.

Jeannie Thursday 23:09
You're right, Hey Jude, Leanne has been consistent with her pot calling the kettle black reaction. :)

Yes, Pearl, Gary is nothing if not resilient. I've lost track of how many times he's been beaten up by Rick and I think Phelan did a number on him too?

As someone mentioned, this could be a lead-in for a concussion story line - a subject that would be worth exploring. So much harm can come from a blow to the head. It's something we need to be concerned about.

Tracy Friday 00:11
Yes, as Mark said below somewhere, Leanne really needs to look at herself and how desperate she once was, burning down the restaurant for the insurance payout and letting someone else take the blame for it. Two peas in a pod, them two!!!

Mark Friday 00:19
I agree with Tracy, that Mark fellow said it in post 3100.

Tracy Friday 00:23
lol lmao
3103) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 19:45 Write a comment

Gail,It was Nick who stole Audrey's money because he needed to pay back ELsa the money he stole from her [an inheritance] to buy Peter's share of the factory.
In David's defense[sort of]when he found out what Nick had done,he wanted to tell Audrey but Nick blackmailed David into keeping quiet by threatening to tell the police about Callum's death and David's and Sarah's roles in his death after the fact.
It was when Audrey sold the salon to Claudia[due to Nick's theft]that David agreed to keep silent if Nick 'invested'in the barbershop.
So Nick is lying to Leanne when he said David blackmailed him into the the theft when it was the other way around!

I'm also enjoying the Gemma free episodes as we're now seeing the other residents of the Street.

Gail Thursday 21:35
I think there was some blackmailing going on on both sides Marie. It was a bit complicated!

Gail Thursday 22:15
Just to add to my comment Marie, I'm not fan of Nick either and will always be on team David! David would not have done what Nick did to Audrey. I believe that he loves and greatly respects his Gran even though he was very angry that Audrey sold the salon to Claudia. I had forgotten that Nick held the Callum secrets over David's head so that was definitely a factor in David not going to Audrey. David was trying to protect a lot of people there including himself of course. In the end it was David who finally did tell Audrey the truth even though he knew that he was also guilty of using her money and keeping the truth from her for so long. Nick kept saying he planned to put the money back and I wonder if that's even true. I think Nick just liked to say that and believed it himself to ease his guilty conscience but he may have never been able to do it! The intention was enough for him.

Louise Thursday 22:56
Thanks Marie for the excellent summary.
Gail you’re right about Nick absolving himself claiming he planned to pay Audrey back. Yeah right, he “meant well” so that makes him a good guy...? Firstly I don’t believe it, second it’s still theft. From his granny - how low is that? About as low as sending his brother to prison and leaving his kiddies without a father.

Tracy Friday 02:21
Marie is like the memory bank of Corrie! :)

Nick Friday 11:14
I'm not on Team David nor Team Nick. Those two are both morally bankrupt and both know how to look out for number one.

Nell Friday 11:20
Not Nick above but Nell.
3102) Gail 
Toronto Location
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Thursday 18:04 Write a comment

I'm thoroughly enjoying Corrie this week! Loving the humour and the drama and NO GEMMA! Technically Nick is right when he says it was David's idea to put the money into the Barbershop business. He did blackmail Nick into it, at least that's how I remember it. But he has neglected to tell Leanne that HE stole the money in the first place and David had nothing to do with that! David told Nick they should at least do something positive with the money.(or he would tell Audrey!) What I'm trying to remember is why Nick stole the money in the first place? I thought he needed it to pay back Elsa the money he stole from her unless he had enough to pay her back AND invest in the barbershop business. That must be it.

blitzen Thursday 18:09
Yes, he stole 40K from Elsa, so Audrey's 80K was enough to pay her back and still have 40K left over to put into the barbershop.

Gail Thursday 18:23
Thanks Blitzen, that's what I thought. Thinking a bit more about how nice it is without Gemma. Having absolutely none of her for the past couple of weeks is going to make it even harder to endure her again once we start getting big doses of her in that upcoming pregnancy storyline. frown

Mark Thursday 19:14
When Nick said to David, you will have all this,
did he include the building or just the business.
The Corrie folk are so dumb in business that they buy a building every time instead of renting the business space.

Nick said that he'll have this place when he comes out of prison.
But "this place" will be a financial drain if David is not in the barber shop earning money to pay for the power, taxes, insurance.
3101) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 17:16 Write a comment

Throwback video showing the last time Rick Neelan tangled with Corrie residents #Ibeback [twitter.com]

Louise Thursday 17:26
I believe I saw Kirsty walk by at the end. Was that her?

Dianne Thursday 17:33
I really think it was him who caused the factory roof to collapse. We shall see.

Dianne Thursday 17:37
Yes, that was Kirsten.

Dianne Thursday 17:38
Dang autocorrect, Kirsty.

Dianne Thursday 17:39
Yes, that was Kirsten.

Louise Thursday 18:41
That happened to me too Dianne. Autocratic insists on Kirsten! Thought it was she.
About the roof, do you mean Rick?

Lise Thursday 18:47
Love the AUTOCRATIC Louise. Clever clever!

Dianne Thursday 18:54
Rick or one of his henchmen.

Love autocratic!🤣

Louise Thursday 18:59
Thanks Lise. It does describe that annoying little device quite accurately - a ruler with absolute power haha. Come to think of it, it applies to computer technology and AI in general! Life in the 21st century aka 1984. But we won’t go there. lol

Louise Thursday 19:00
And Dianne.
3100) Taffy  Female
Ontario Location
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Thursday 16:46 Write a comment

Just when I think Nick couldn't get any worse he expects David to take all the blame for stealing Audrey's money. Words fail me!! Then he tells Leeanne it was all David's idea. I'm yelling at the TV, He's lying Leeanne. Don't believe him.

Mark Thursday 19:31
I kept thinking of Leanne's hypocrisy of having burned down a restaurant for the insurance money and letting Paul take the blame.
Nick should throw that back in her face.

Nell Friday 10:53
Nick is thoroughly unlikeable. He's one of those characters I love to dislike. Ben Price does a fantastic job.

Any marriage counsellor will tell you Mark, you don't keep throwing up the past in your partner's face. It's a recipe for disaster. Cdns won't have long to wait until Leanne does some things in the PRESENT that don't make her look too good. As people keep saying, Leanne and Nick really are made for each other.
3099) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 15:31 Write a comment

Meet the Bailey Family, number three's new residents, interviewed on ITV's This Morning smile [youtu.be]

Dianne Thursday 16:23
Thanks Chris for sharing.

I watched the first 2 episodes last night where they make a full appearance. They are very funny but definitely hiding something. Can't wait to see what it is.

I agree with what was said in the interview, sad that so much is being said about them being the "first black family" on Corrie.

Gail Thursday 18:06
I wish also that they wouldn't make such a big deal about them being black! There have been lots of black, brown, and other nationalities on Corrie over the years. What does it even matter?

blitzen Thursday 18:22
It matters because they are the first black family to live on the Street. The others have always been individual characters (with the odd parent or sibling showing up as well), who have generally been brought in as a love interest and left when the relationship ended. This is the first time a black family will be established as full residents with connections to multiple characters. Like just neighbours. It's easy to dismiss it as irrelevant, but you and I have grown up seeing ourselves represented in every TV role out there. That's not true for other demographics. But there have always been black families living next door in RL. That's why so much is being said about this family moving in. It's reflecting the normal, not the unusual.

Sorry, don't mean to be preachy. But it IS important to talk about media representation.

Gail Thursday 18:32
I do understand all of that Blitzen. My question was meant rather rhetorically and I should have explained it as such. But I think this could be a subject that we shouldn't get too deep into so I won't comment further!

Mark Thursday 18:56
I disagree with Blitzen, there were lots of dark pigmented families on TV shows like:
All in the family, Sanford and son, The jeffersons, Cosbies,
I'm in agreement with Gail, it is condescending to point at the new family for their skin colour.

Gail Thursday 22:21
OK one last word! LOL It's like they're pointing them out as the token black family and it puts a label on them IMO which is wrong. The actors said as much themselves, that it's too bad we still have to be talking about this subject!

Mark Friday 00:11
I agree with Gail it's wrong to point and refer to them as token coloured family.
After all they must have mirrors in their house.

Tracy Friday 00:35
I tend to agree it shouldn't be of any matter at all. A new family rolls up on the street. End of. It seems the media care more about their race than the fans do.
I've heard they have been well received by the Brits, so I'm looking forward to them.

Nell Friday 02:19
Totally agree with blitzen yet again. It's relevant and overdue. Corrie lags behind other shows like EE in this regard, as has been said by critics. It's one thing the producer has done right so kudos to him.

Nell Friday 11:04
It's also good to finally see a black family who own their own home. Ken's initial scenes with them show a decidedly white bias, but believable in Ken's case.

Mark Friday 15:07
Referring to people by their skin colour is so 1950s.

Nell Friday 23:57
Mark, you can stop the pretence. It’s called white privilege and if you were a person of colour you’d understand.

Partially agree with Gail, in that it shouldn’t have to be a big deal in 2019. But Corrie is behind other shows and many have noticed even if some of you are blissfully unaware.
3098) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 15:26 Write a comment

Lynn,I also agree wholeheartedly with your comments and I am also beginning to wonder if Nick did sabotage the factory after all?
I mean if Nick has no qualms about David going to jail and his children losing their father,then certainly he has no qualms about Rana dying in the factory and letting Carla take the blame for it.
I wonder though if Nick is jealous of David and the fact he has two children of his own[Max always considered David his dad more so after Callum's death]while Nick has to share being a father to Oliver with Steve and hence his wanting David to take the fall so he can be daddy to Max and Lily.
I was surprised that Gary was even released from hospital in his condition,he could barely walk!

Lise Thursday 15:34
Gary is still my number one suspect.

Maggie Thursday 15:39
I don't think Gary was released from hospital - I think he just left.

Hey Jude Thursday 17:06
Marie, Maggie is right, Gary just left. As if he would wait to get cleaned up and released!LOL lol

Hey Jude Thursday 17:08
Marie: No I don't think that's it about Nick and the Dad stuff. That is too far out in left field for me to believe and I don't even think he is that attached to Max and Lily. Nick is just sick - sick in the head.

Hey Jude Thursday 17:32
He was also supposed to get x-rays! Lol

Gail Thursday 18:08
I don't think Nick likes children at all so I doubt he would want to raise David's children. He acts like children are something he scraped off his shoe LOL

Hey Jude Thursday 18:51
Gail: he does! Good way of putting it

Mark Thursday 19:10
Based on her guilt, I say it's Carla.

Nell Friday 11:26
Lol Gail. lol

People, esp. women, often blame themselves when it's down to other people's doing. Just as guilty people often have no conscience or remorse.
3097) Lynn 
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Thursday 12:52 Write a comment

I am so pleased that Audrey went to the police. Good for her. The horrified look on Gail's face was priceless.

Really, why should Audrey listen to the excuses of the the Platt/Tillsley Gang because they happen to be related to her? Audrey is at an age when she was looking to wind down and take it easy on that money and they destroyed that for her. Gail...the Ma Barker of Coronation Street as she defends "her boys".

Nick is disgusting, and we know that he will manipulate the situation to make David take the fall.

Nick's obsession with Leeanne is creepy.

Tim and the horse has been played out, IMHO. I thought that the taxi business was on the brink of going under and all we see is horsey stuff; what is going on with that?

Gary limping home like an injured bird. I have had enough of Gary and wish he would have expired on the floor of Rick's...sorry to all those who are happy to see Gary fight another day.

Gayle Thursday 13:21
Lynn, as usual I agree with all of your comments. What I can never get over is everytime Gary gets beaten up, the medical staff never seem to clean the blood off his face.
Nick sickens me, expecting David to take the fall...David has two children depending on him, who have already lost their mother. What a self-absorbed jerk!

Dianne Thursday 14:35
It always amazes me that Gail always sticks up for Golden Boy Nick. My heart breaks for David, always has.

Gary just isn't acting like someone who caused an accident that killed someone.
I'm beginning to have my doubts that he was the one who sabotaged the factory roof.

Hey Jude Thursday 15:12
Dianne, I agree about Gary. Still wondering if it was Robert. Sometimes I think he looks a bit shifty confused

Louise Thursday 16:16
I have doubts about Gary too. Sabotaging a roof because you need the work seem like a very weak motive imo. He’s not even a roofer. Just wander down a few streets and find work somewhere else, you goof! Though granted he’s not that swift is he. Or ambitious. Desperate yes but not ambitious.

Nell Friday 11:12
Sabotaging a roof for work may be a weak motive, but it fits with who Gary is because he's rash, impulsive and doesn't think. He was desperate for cash. We see in RL how that alone leads people to do crazy, stupid things.
3096) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 00:49 Write a comment

Carla's travel booking app on her phone indicated May 31.
So we are 12 days ahead of them. lol
3095) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 00:39 Write a comment


Chris what kind of cake did you end up eating?

2. Did someone give you a balloon?
and if so, was it metallic or latex?

Personally I don't trust those metalic balloons (they attract UFOs)
as for the cake I like cherry cheese cake.

Chris Thursday 01:12
No baloons. Strawberry and Custard Cake. smile

Mark Thursday 02:11
Yummy! razz (stick out tongue)

Lise Thursday 16:36
With whip cream -like a shortcake Chris?


Chris Thursday 22:58
Yes, with freshly whipped cream on top. Fabulous.
3094) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Thursday 00:10 Write a comment

I just checked the missing scenes (thanks again Chris), but they should have left the scenes at the cottage in.
3093) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Thursday 00:05 Write a comment

Mark and others: I laughed out loud when Gary turned up at the Platt household when he barely had the strength to talk to the dr. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Mark Thursday 00:44
I was surprised that he told the hospital staff about his girlfriend (aka Sarah) as I thought they had broken up.

He must have escaped the hospital to warn Sarah.
He must internal injuries.

We never saw the outcome of the police coming in and finding him.
And why would dumbo Gary crawl to hide in another room when the police are coming in? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Alice Thursday 11:16
I forget the exact words but when Sarah saw Gary all messed up she said something like, "So that's why you didn't show up at the campsite." Dah!!! Sarah, you're a real genius.
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