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1440) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Monday 16:43 Write a comment

Hey Jude,I am aware that the Cole's marriage is one of convience but stranger things have happened.
Although I do agree that Norris and Mary getting married to win a contest was a ridiculous story line,Eva giving away her and Aidan's baby to Toyah with no one realising that she was pregnant not even Leanne was far worse!
I also think it's a bit harsh to say that Roy and Mary are weirdos,eccentric yes but weirdos no as they are two of the kindest characters on the Street.

Hey Jude Monday 17:30
Yep I get how you feel Marie and you are certainly entitled to feel the way you do, but so do I! smile Mary and Norris lol have never been my favorite people. Can you tell?

Nell Monday 18:07
I always thought they had plans to take Mary and Norris' marriage further eventually, but never had the chance. By themselves I don't care for Norris or Mary. But together they have a different kind of chemistry. I preferred it when those two were in scenes together, vs. Norris and Rita at the Kabin. Norris and Rita together were just two grumpy, whinging people. Norris and Mary, irritating as they are, brought out different sides to each other.

Hey Jude Monday 21:13
I dont think the actor playing Norris will be back for good. I think I read he will only be back for a short time

Nell Tuesday 08:45
BTW I do normally like Rita. I just didn't care for how she and Norris were around and towards each other.
1439) Alexandra 
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Monday 09:10 Write a comment

Just catching up on recent posts and notice we have another Alexandra (in Ottawa) posting. I hope this doesn't lead to confusion.

Janice from British Columbia Monday 12:09
That's why I sign myself Janice in British Columbia.
1438) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Monday 01:35 Write a comment

Here is a link to Jane Danson and Sylvain Longchambon's performance tonight on Dancing on Ice. Although, they earned better scores than in previous performances, they were dropped from future performances.

I thought Jane performed pretty well and I enjoyed the Leanne Battersby influence on her routine, but there was some hesitation or uncertainty in her skating; maybe lack of confidence is a better way of saying it. Sorry to see them leaving the competition. [youtu.be]

Dianne W. Monday 01:51
Thanks, Chris. I always loved the stern (p.o'd) expressions on Sylvain's face when the first judge is being critical.

I like seeing Jane and Sylvain together, and there is certainly a chemistry between them smile

Dianne Monday 03:10
Thanks Chris! Jane certainly looked more comfortable and confident this week. Pity they had to go.
1437) Nell 
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Sunday 21:22 Write a comment

Where are they hiding Moira?

SPOILER -- Someone's husband will suffer a heart attack.


Lise Sunday 22:43
Hmmm... raising awareness . Life style. Heart attack.

Not why I watch Corrie. :(

Nancy Sunday 23:39
Tedious. It's like epic virtue signalling.

Lise Sunday 23:54
Corrie is getting a little too preachy.

Maybe they have a new mandate: teach the populace a thing or two.

Pearl Monday 00:16
When I read this spoiler my first thought was Johnny or Roy, much more likely candidates than who they picked. Even Steve but he has already had a medical story so maybe that would be over kill. Anyone remember when it was Lloyd after competing in a race? That was unexpected.

Nell Monday 00:53
It feels tedious to me too. I'm trying to think of something positive to say about this, but I'm not coming up with anything.

Dianne Monday 03:23
Sounds like an interesting story line. I wished they had picked a female though to be the victim. We recently almost lost a close female relative to a massive heart attack. Thanks to early intervention she came through it well and is almost back to her old self. She will never be 100% again but we'll have her a bit longer!

There is more focus on women's increase in having heart disease. It's actually kills more women than all cancers combined. Finally we are getting more information and research on treatment and prevention. Having a woman would have helped bring more attention to the problem.

Lynn Monday 15:27
NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO. Not more medical/hospital drama. I do not watch Corrie to see a parade of pregnant and/or badly behaved teens, Gemma wiping and sniffing, villains victimizing their neighbours..... (add your favourite annoyance).

I have not watched a medical show since St. Elsewhere and I do not plan to start now. I flip to other shows for all hospital scenes and will continue this practice. I could not tell you if Sinead and Daniel had a boy or girl...ignored it all.

I must get fresh batteries for my remote since it looks like much flipping in the months ahead. eek!

haili Monday 17:21
When will they run out of diseases? And if they do will they start all over again?
1436) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Sunday 20:25 Write a comment

After tonight's performance, Jane Danson and Sylvain Longchambon were dropped from further competition on Dancing on Ice. They had a good run, though. [twitter.com]
1435) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Sunday 19:42 Write a comment

Chris,Thank you for that clarification as I thought Mary lived alone in number 7.
It does bring to mind another question though,due to her friendship with Bethany,why doesn't Mary rent out number 7 to Bethany's mother and join her husband on his travels[I guess that makes too much sense to be a story line?LOL!}?

Chris Sunday 20:51
I, too, wonder why Norris hasn't asked Mary to rent out number 3. It would be perfect for Sarah, Gary, and ickle Harry. There could be lots of Platt scenes back-and-forth across the Street. Also, Sarah and Gary would have and opportunity to interact with Ken and Peter at number 1 and Chesney at number 5. And, Mary is just two doors down at number 7.

I hope they don't write-out Mary by sending her traveling with Norris, as she is one of my favourite characters. Maybe we'll just have to wait until Norris' return to meet the future tenants or owners of number 3. Last I read, it was rumoured that Norris would make a brief return to the Street in the late spring.
1434) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Sunday 18:24 Write a comment

Kate,Rita could also take Liz's job in the medical center .

With regards to Norris travelling with Emily and Frieda,the first question that comes to my mind is what about his wife Mary?
Poor Mary, who a few weeks ago found out her son is a liar,said goodbye to Angie and her only grandson George all alone without Norris's support and now he's going travelling with Emily and Freida and doesn't even invite his wife to join them?!
This is not the Norris I remember and I think it's a terrible way to write him out.I am relieved though that at least Norris is [for now]not selling the house otherwise poor Mary will be left homeless.

Chris Sunday 18:34
Mary still lives in number 7 with Dev, Asha, and Aadi. Number 3 is entirely vacant, whilst people are sleeping on the living-room floor in number 8. confused

Hey Jude Sunday 21:05
Marie: I think you are hoping their marriage is real. Marys marriage to Norris is a sham. They arent in love, never slept together that I know of. Really I dont think he owes her anything by inviting her along. And besides, she needs to stay behind to cook meals and babysit Devs kids. I never saw them as a couple, just 2 weirdos who got married to try and win a contest! lol

Hey Jude Sunday 21:55
And I doubt Rita would want to take a job at the medical centre, even if she was a receptionist

Lise Sunday 22:58
Is their marriage even legal?

That was such an idiotic story.

I didn't realise Mary was living in Dev's house. When did that happen. When her family moved in?

Pearl Monday 00:06
Just checked in Corriepedia, Mary Cole (her married name) does live and #7 (Alahans) but did marry Norris in 2017. The reason for the marriage not stated but it is legal.

Hey Jude Monday 00:19
Pearl: I'm positive Norris and Mary entered a contest for a round the world trip. The catch? They had to be married. It was such a stupid storyline. They were def never in love roll eyes (sarcastic)

Kate Monday 14:14
According to the gov.uk site ,a marriage is defective or avoidable if it has never been consummated .
There are other interesting reasons too.

1433) Alexandra  Female
Ottawa Location
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Sunday 17:53 Write a comment

couple of things who is the father of Seb and the twins?

Also loved Steve<s reaction to moving to Kent! I grew up in Kent and we could do with a few more down to earth Steve MacDonalds in our stuffy pubs!

I thought they - writers etc - were going to changer the hair of Gemma and others.

| think the writers are not helping Gemma's character When I see her on screen |I fast forward to next one

Chris Sunday 21:26
As far as I know, Seb's biological father has never been identified. A man by the name of Darren is Charlie and Lexi's father. [coronationstreet.fandom.com]

It seems Gemma is popular with some of the younger U.K. viewers as she plays a chav role.

Nell Monday 19:12
The last time I read any positive comments about Gemma on UK boards were one or two back in 2016/ 2017. (It might be different on social media like Twitter). I saw a more recent comment from someone who had taken time off from the show, who came back bewildered and mystified, wondering who the blonde xxxx (I forget the adjectives used) woman with heavy eyeliner is, and why has she taken over the show. They didn't get the benefit of a gradual introduction like the rest of us. I could well understand the bewilderment. Lol. Imagine going from 'no Corrie' to the new full on 'Gemma Corrie' show. I can't imagine anyone who's left high school liking Gemma. confused
1432) lizphor  Female
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Sunday 16:19 Write a comment

As a Sunday viewer has it been established that Evelyn is Tyrone's Mom NOT grannie?

Beachy Carol Sunday 17:20
No, lizphor, Evelyn is Tyrone’s Nana. She told Tyrone that his mother, Cassie I think her name was, was a drug addict and incapable of taking care of a newborn. Evelyn explained that she had to make a difficult choice: taking care of her own child, or taking care of Cassie’s child. It was Evelyn who left 3 week old Tyrone on the doorstep of a police station, to be found and later adopted by Jackie. Tragically Cassie got sober but then soon met a man who was not sober himself; she moved to South Africa with him and subsequently died of a drug overdose.
1431) Beachy Carol 
ON Location
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Sunday 15:26 Write a comment

Beachy Carol Sunday 15:27
Sorry, should have added a description - “Abi” and “Tim” open a bridal boutique to support local hospice.
1430) Pearl 
BC Location
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Sunday 00:27 Write a comment

I've been poking around Corriepedia looking up ages of various characters. Their background history on Evelyn is different from what she told Tyrone. Of course the whole story line that Tyrone is not Jackie Dobbs child is a rewrite of his background to start with. That has been done before on Corrie (eg Betty owning the Rovers) even though she worked for various owners, being fired or quitting ever couple of years. I find ignoring story history more annoying than how characters are presented.

Brian and Rita's talk in the Rovers is disturbing if Rita buys back the Kabin from Norris. For Pete's sake the woman is going to be 87 in nine days, time she retired and put her feet up.

Kate Sunday 01:29
I sense Brian and Kathy will buy the Kabin .Were they not going to open a hardware store anyway? (another loose end).
Then they will keep Rita on till she keels over. Or maybe let her go but that will be a big foofah.She will be in bits.
Rita could always go work at the faktry where you learn to be a seamstress in half a day, or the garage as a mechanic where it may take a full day to be up and running, or I could see Rita in a Kebab shop uniform.Or like Pearl says retire and put her feet up and maybe go travelling with Norris ,Emily and Freda.
1429) Lise 
TO Location
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Saturday 23:48 Write a comment

Are there any Gemma fans here or abroad?

Perhaps the producer is her one and only. :(

Louise Sunday 00:32
Truth is, for a time I actually did. She was brash, coarse and low class but interesting and even a bit fun. But she’s long since become so extreme, shrill and cartoonish that she’s painful to watch and excruciating to hear. This producer, her biggest fan, is responsible for making her completely boring and unbearable. She sucks the life out of every scene.

carolyn Sunday 01:23
She is testing the patience of every Corrie watching friend I have. She does indeed suck the life out of every scene. She is making me not even care if I watch the show or not - she is destroying every episode where she has a major part and if the producer adores her, we can't expect things to get better - its obvious he cares only about himself as he is not listening to the fans most of whom detest the character.

Hey Jude Sunday 02:09
Louise: I feel the same way about Gemma. She was as you described, been funny, but they've totally gone OTT with her and is very annoying. Fewer scenes with her would be so much better.

Nancy Sunday 05:49
Interestingly, that's the same reaction I have when Michelle is shrieking (or crying) every damn episode. They are loud and unpretty emotions and they're annoying to hear repetitively.

Nell Sunday 13:39
I could live with Gemma before, when we saw her less often on screen and before they took her to a further extreme. But they've turned her into a caricature. And more of that shoved down our throats seems like an odd choice and odd direction for CS to go.

Nancy Sunday 16:34
I don't think it's the first time they've turned someone into a caricature. I think it happens mostly to female characters but people who've spent time like that include Julie, Graeme, Steve, Mary, Becky, Janice, Tracy, Cilla and I'm sure there are many more. It always feels to me like the writers think something is funnier than it is, so they narrow that character down to whatever 1-3 traits they find funny and leave them there far too long. It's bizarre that they go there over and over. But we do have evidence that they can pull them out of caricature, so here's hoping with Gemma. Because I like her in little doses, too.

Gail Tuesday 14:25
I don't mind Gemma for the most part and I think the actress is good and can do comedy when she has to. I'm hoping that she and Chesney will provide some good comedy now that they're a couple. If they do have quadruplets that would seem tailor made for some humourous scenarios. But brother Paul can leave any time! He doesn't fit in at all as a Corrie character. He makes me cringe. I'm hoping his tenure will be shortlived!
1428) Nell 
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Saturday 21:58 Write a comment

Missing characters... whatever happened to Ali? He was a good character with unused potential.

Nell Saturday 22:00
And where is Craig?

Chris Saturday 22:14
I think Ali must be serving behind the counter in For Your Fries Only. wink

Nell Saturday 22:58
lol Good one!

Beachy Carol Saturday 23:04
We saw Craig and Faye speaking with Amy last week.

I really liked Ali when he came back, thought there was potential there. Unfortunately they wrote him all wrapped up with Michelle and Ryan and ruined him. I don't particularly want to see him again as working in the Bistro.

Nell Saturday 23:17
I'm thinking of all the characters I'd like to see a little more of, who we can't see all that much thanks to Gemma hogging all the screen time. Unfortunately it's a long and growing list of characters. They should just call it the Gemma show now, with special guest appearances by the Barlows. wink

haili Saturday 23:51
There is no way they can show all the characters in 22 minutes a night. I just assume some of them or on vacation or in school. Some of this week;s episodes haven't been as good as usual for me as others. I always enjoy it more when my favorites are on but it seems to me there are a few too many characters and half a dozen or so could be chopped - and I'll bet we would never all agree on which ones.

Nell Saturday 23:58
Over the course of a week they could. Kate Oates did a good balancing act, and made it look easier than it is. I remember an interview with Shobna Gulati (Sunita) who had trouble making ends meet financially when her character seldom appeared on screen. She and some others were paid according to how often they were used, and were expected to be on call for if and when things changed. It led to the actress leaving. Some excellent actors are underused.

Kate Sunday 01:41
Nell...apparently Ali is coming back soon and it's not looking good good

Nell Sunday 13:41
Thanks for the info Kate. I didn't know.
1427) Louise 
Alberta Location
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Saturday 21:30 Write a comment

In the same episode, less than 2 minutes apart, Gemma said of her brother ”People don’t change.” Then immediately she told Emma and Ches “I’ve changed, I’m not like that anymore.” Not the first or the last total contradiction in a story line full of them. It bugs me that Gemma is so completely lacking in any self awareness or insight. She’s too clueless to be interesting. Not saying I like Paul either, I don’t.

Lise Saturday 22:20
I was surprised neither Chesney or Gemma pointed it out to her.
1426) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Saturday 21:02 Write a comment

From blanche's polish hip blog - Coronation Street Catch Up: the racing snake edition [blanchespolishhip.blogspot.com]

Tracy tells Steve that Amy's baby bump won't show: "She's built like a racing snake" lol

Great line from Tracy; I was reminded of Jack Duckworth using that expression, but I can't remember the context. smile

Hey Jude Saturday 21:24
I don't get what that's supposed to mean. confused

Chris Saturday 21:41
It just means that Amy has a slim build.

Hey Jude Saturday 22:28
Thanks Chris, I get it now and thought of that just after I posted

Janice from British Columbia Sunday 08:01
Slim women's bumps are very noticeable.
1425) Alice 
GTA Location
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Saturday 19:42 Write a comment

OFF TOPIC Any seen The Favourite? A case of truth being stranger than fiction but a great movie. Olivia Colman is fabulous. Recommended if you like British history and I love the fact that for once it's not about the Tudors.

Chris Saturday 20:13
Looking forward to seeing it soon. smile

Kate Saturday 22:19
Where did you see it Alice ?I only see it on Google Play ..not available for rent but can buy $14.99.
Looks funny


Nel Saturday 23:00
I couldn't access the Youtube link. More info here (incl. 2 video clips that worked for me).


Lise Saturday 23:45
It's playing in the cinema now isn't it?

Alice Sunday 01:12
For those in the GTA, I saw The Favourite yesterday at Yonge/Dundas cineplex. It's on in other theatres as well. I don't know when it was released but it must have been quite recently.
1424) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Saturday 18:58 Write a comment

Nell,*****spoiler-non UK [SORT OF]When you consider that his Uncle Len was a loan shark and he once threatened[thanks to Sarah's big mouth] David to give up all his inheritance he received from a customer to Anna,I don't think it's a stretch that Gary would inflate his prices to the Platts to get money.
Unfortunately,since loyalty to her family particurely David isn't her strong suit,I think Sarah would keep quiet about Gary's con as long as it means they will get the house she always wanted.******end spoiler

I hope when Adam returns that there will be more interesting story lines for him.
Considering that he's Mike Baldwin's son and Ken's grandson.I'm disappointed that his recent story line was his 'date'with Sarah and was falsely accused of sleeping with her.Adam deserves better than that.
As for Sarah,after making up with Gary,I thought it was ridiculous the way she ran after Adam who was leaving for the airport to ask him[and hoping]if the reason he was leaving was because of her[and disappointed when he said no] .
I thought Sarah should have left things be and let Adam go.

Nell Saturday 19:20
I have no recollection of Uncle Len. I'll do some research to see if pictures might jog my memory.

I think making Gary a central villain of the show would be a mistake, and would mean viewers seeing more of him than we already do. But then, they think Gemma is worthy of so much attention and hoopla, so anything's possible.

Hey Jude Saturday 20:01
Nell: Uncle Len that Marie talked about was the brother of Gary's Dad. I didnt like him and he was living with Anna, Gary and his Dad for a while. He was trouble as I remember him and of course Garys Dad usually went along with it.

Lise Saturday 20:13
And a spoiler says he's coming back on the street and teaming up with Gary.

Sounds like we're in for a lot of Gary viewing on our screens. :(

Chris Saturday 20:17
Uncle Len was a bad-un. [coronationstreet.fandom.com]

Nell Saturday 20:27
Thanks all. I remember him now!

Nell Saturday 20:50
Lise, are you thinking of the other loan shark, Rick Neelan. Or will there be 2 loan sharks returning to CS.

SPOILER -- [www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk]

Judging by this article, Marie, you look to be right. frown

Lise Saturday 21:00
Yes, I was Nell.

Nell Saturday 21:12
Lise, I didn't realize the show had so many loan sharks. Very easy to confuse one with the other.

After reading about Gary's new "job" in the Manchester Evening News, I'm disappointed. All that talk in interviews with the producer about the new villain being another Mike Baldwin type and not a violent person/ killer... Gary's new job will entail threatening and yes, hurting people. Whether or not he kills someone isn't the point. Mike was a lot of things, but this is in a different league.
1423) carolyn 
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Saturday 18:50 Write a comment

Friday's episode was so irritating because much of it revolved around my least favorite character, Gemma. I am sick and tired of the producer making her the center of attention far too frequently as she yells, shouts, intrudes, talks with food in her month, squeezes pimples, wears clothes that make her look like she is heading into space. She shouts at her boss that he is a wife beater in front of everyone, flits off for breaks whenever she wants, shouts at the customers and yet Johnny does nothing! I can't stand her and she is seriously putting a damper on the show. It seems from the remarks made here that the majority of people don't like her so why is the producer not listening - just because HE finds her wonderful apparently. Now I wish Kate Oates would return. The show is getting worse than ever.

Nell Saturday 19:03
Putting Gemma to work in the Rovers was a mistake IMO, and definitely no accident. Looks like they thought she wouldn't get enough exposure merely working in the kebab shop! That was one of the new producer's first decisions, making Gemma a Rovers barmaid, making sure we'd see her everyday. eek!
1422) Kate  Female
Ontario Location
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Saturday 18:20 Write a comment

When my phone, tablet or computer goes haywire,I usually do a reboot or a reset to an earlier less troublesome time .
That is what I would like to do with Coronation Street right now.
It is giving me a headache.
I have been waiting for Norris coming back for some heartwarming story lines , but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.
1421) Nell 
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Saturday 17:45 Write a comment

Here's a clue to why we're seeing so much of characters like Gemma and Steve. It looks like they're putting the focus on the characters who they think provide humour.

ITV axes sitcoms, network boss tells viewers to watch Corrie instead.

Nell Saturday 17:56
Kevin Lygo, ITV Director of Television, would be Iain MacLeod's boss.

carolyn Saturday 18:39
Gemma funny? She's irritating and annoying! Corrie doesn't do comedy well anymore.

Nell Saturday 18:47
Yes, I have yet to hear anyone say they find Gemma funny, or that they like her (outside of the producer). She's not a popular character on the UK forum either.

I suppose the emphasis would be on who "they think" is funny. confused

I think it's a mistake to get rid of sitcoms. With good writers and the focus on once a week shows, the quality is generally better. Soaps are soaps, not sitcoms.

Nell Saturday 18:49
I agree, they don't do comedy well anymore. It's too forced. Past Corrie writers would be mortified by what passes for humour nowadays.

Lynn Saturday 22:08
Good lord, Gemma is as funny as toothache.

I am finding there are some well written and delivered lines coming from some characters; they are often delivered quite quickly and are really funny. They go by quickly though.

As far as situations being funny though, I just am not seeing it. Sure David walking David is funny once or twice, but I do not get where the funny situations are supposed to be in the show. Was dirty Gemma wiping her gobby face with a bar towel an attempt at humour?

Nell Saturday 23:29
Lynn, I agree with your clarification. Some funny lines. But sadly lacking in humourous situations. Steve and Tracy are meant to be a comedy duo playing off each other. It was an odd decision to put straight man Chesney opposite Gemma, in effect putting her in the spotlight. (But then maybe that was the point). I can still remember her sniffing men's underwear. roll eyes (sarcastic)
1420) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Saturday 16:43 Write a comment

Alice\Gayle,I agree with both your comments about Gemma and Paul and wonder it can't be a relaxing evening for the other customers listening to those two scream at each other.
I also think Gemma is holding back the full story to Emma and Chesney on why Paul went to jail for a crime she committed.There's more to the story then what she wants them to believe.
As for Johnny,I think if he did sack Gemma,he would get an earful from Jenny and Rita about how 'unfair'he was to her.
1419) Gayle 
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Saturday 14:58 Write a comment

My apologies to the Gemma fans on here but her behaviour last night really got on my nerves. Why on earth does Johnny continue to employ her? She looked ridiculous with those pigtails and she is so rude and mouthy to Johnny and the customers.
What is going on with Carla, she is working all hours, not eating I really hope she does not go back to Peter.
I loved Rita giving Jenny the much needed pep talk.

Alice Saturday 15:15
Both Gemma and Paul get on my nerves. Gemma telling Johnny she's going on a break, then another one was a sackable offence. Johnny's too lenient.

Louise Saturday 17:28
Gemma is loud and rude to everyone and dresses like a tramp. It’s not like she adds any class to the place or has rapport with the punters or is a hard worker. On top of which she bosses the boss around. What's not to like? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Nell Saturday 17:34
My beef is how Gemma is inserted into almost every scene. She complained how her brother keeps showing up everywhere. How ironic. It's Gemma who keeps being thrust into our faces. Meanwhile we haven't seen much of other, more interesting characters. Adam for instance. Briefly seen that one night with Sarah, but that's about it. No storyline to speak of. I don't recall seeing Craig much lately, and others.

One thing I liked about the previous producer was her desire to involve all the characters and have them interact more with each other. Prior to her, Blackburn was very open about only finding certain families interesting, giving them all or almost all the airtime. (For the longest time he turned it into the Platt Family show). Now we seem to be going back to that, with too many characters getting overlooked once again because of obvious producer favourites, such as Gemma.

I'm not a Gemma fan but even if I was, smaller doses of the character would be most welcome. They need to stop overlooking other characters or else good actors will decide to leave the show permanently. And who could blame them.

Monique Saturday 17:35
I can't stand Gemma and Paul and they were much too present in the show last night.

Lynn Saturday 18:13
There is nothing to like about Gemma and Paul. I find that is the case with far to many characters on the show.

IMO, The viewer is being whack-a-moled with too many nasty characters. Get rid of one and another couple appear. It is getting tiresome.

There is much speculation on who the new villain will be. I do not care and it better not drag on for eons like the Phelan plot.

From digital spy:

Gary (Mikey North) is one of the suspects in the frame after show boss Iain MacLeod revealed that the upcoming stunt will be caused by a mystery villain

Nell Saturday 18:27
I hope they're wrong, and thatthe new villain won't be Gary. But it's interesting and a bit surprising, when they say he will inflate prices for doing work for the Platts too.

I remember when I first started watching Corrie, there were so many likeable characters. In those days, you actually wanted to live on that street!

Nell Saturday 18:55
So we have two potential villains tied in to the factory stunt - Gary and Nick. Nick is halfway there, it might as well be Nick. As a multiple business owner with more employees, Nick has that much more power to make other people's lives miserable, much like Mike did. Gary may own his little one or two man operation, but doesn't wield any power really to speak of. I keep hoping the talk has turned to Gary in the media only to throw people off Nick.

Hey Jude Saturday 19:51
Lynn: I know someone who has actually stopped watching the show due to some of the ridiculousness going on, and said she is not missing it at all. I get fed up but haven't given up totally. Not sure that I could.
1418) Jim  Male
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 05:15 Write a comment

Peter! Peter!...No Good Cheater...once had a beautiful wife but couldnt keep her...actually two of them at the same time!!! big grin

haili Saturday, 16 February 2019 10:44
Some things never change, I don't know what they see in him. Carla had a chance to try someone else and passed it up. It;s kind of pathetic that the only place they had was a boat in full view of half the street. He must be hot stuff to be sitting outside in Feb. in his undershirt.

Lynn Saturday 14:26
Come on Hali... what woman wouldn't want a 50ish unemployed (or under employed), recovering alcoholic, who lives with his father, has a gobby teen son, and has a parade of exes at his doorstep, with no real economic or personal goals in their life? lol

I really like Peter, but he does not have a lot going for him in the partner department.

haili Saturday 17:16
Lynn: you forgot ugly, stubbly, scratchy beard! Peter can be fun to watch and I enjoy all the Barlows, but he sure isn't boyfriend or husband material! Imagine having Simon as a stepson and Tracy as a sister in-law! And, as you say, all the exes on the same street.

Taffy Saturday 22:55
Haili and Lynn: you both forgot to mention all Peters tatoos. You would have to keep your eyes shut when in bed with him!!
1417) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 01:07 Write a comment

Come on Peter, you nauti boy, who really rocks your boat - Carla or Abi? wink [twitter.com]

Alice Saturday, 16 February 2019 01:53
Or bigamy--again?
1416) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday, 15 February 2019 18:34 Write a comment

I love that adorable pale pink coat Sarah was wearing, and has worn before, or maybe she has more than one. smile

I was sure Gary was going to thump Adam. If looks could kill eek!

Lise Friday, 15 February 2019 19:29
Sarah has had that coat for quite a while!

"Whilst some of Sarah-Louise’s clothes may not have met viewers’ approval in the past, her pink and black leather-look panel coat was an instant hit back when it first appeared on screen in April 2015 and again in 2016, 2017 and November 2018 then January 2019!"

Hey Jude Friday, 15 February 2019 21:02
Thanks Lise! Marie likes to fake report that Sarah never wears the same things twice. Nice to know Sarah has been wearing that coat regularly for yearswink
1415) Lise 
TO Location
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Friday, 15 February 2019 17:14 Write a comment

Last Wednesday in Ottawa, the weather was dreadful.

CBC Robyn Bresnahan

School cancelled tmrw. No guests will come into studio. I tell my 4-yr-old this. He immediately replies: “no problem, mom. I can come on the radio and talk about fart cannons.”

1414) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday, 15 February 2019 16:22 Write a comment

Kate,Fiz was just as abusive towards Ruby when she kept quiet about Hope's bad behaviour and allowed Ruby to take the blame and punishment from her father as revenge for Tyrone sleeping with Gemma so it will be very interesting what happens when Fiz and Hope returns and whether they will apologise to Ruby for the way they mistreated her.
As for Evelyn,I think she'll be nicer to Fiz and Hope this time as long as Fiz meets her halfway.

Tracy,Tyrone also had a miserable life being raised by Jackie and yet he never had the constant chip on his shoulder as Seb does.
Like Seb Tyrone had a family[the Duckworths] who cared about him but unlike Seb,Tyrone never acted as though everyone 'owed' him just as Seb seems to do.

Sara,I think it was a case of Gary putting two and two together and coming up with five thus jumping to conclusions!
Mind you Sarah did admit to Gary, it felt nice being 'wanted' by Adam[ouch!] due to their arguing about money all the time and her jealousy over Nicola so perhaps a part of her did want to sleep with Adam?

Lise Friday, 15 February 2019 17:08
Yes, the Duckworths really did care for Tyrone. Who cared for Seb?

blitzen Friday, 15 February 2019 17:28
Anna did, after her initial hostility towards him, she helped him take care of the twins and bought groceries and so on. And Eileen took him in. As did Nicola. Even Phelan gave Seb a job and some gruff affection before he went completely off the rails.

Nancy Friday, 15 February 2019 18:03
I was super irritated by Sarah's comment about them arguing about money all the time, because so far as I can see "they" don't. Sarah nags and nags and nags, so it's her complaining, not them arguing (except for the dangerous pay assignment, which was an argument).

Lise Friday, 15 February 2019 18:22
Oh right you are Blitzen! I couldn't think of anyone..
1413) Lynn  Female
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Friday, 15 February 2019 13:38 Write a comment


Don't get me wrong, I like the Peter character; he is one of my favourite characters, but I cannot see a 50ish man with no real prospects in life being such a great catch.

So Carla is ready to take the plunge with Peter again? Why? Lust, jealousy, loneliness?

I cannot stand Abi or Seb, and I suspect that will not change. I think Peter could very much regret his fling with Abi. She has all the earmarks of a bunny boiler if you ask me. IMHO, she and Seb cannot be trusted, they are both too immature and difficult to deal with when things are not going their way. Write them out, along with Gary.

Another issue for me: Gary...that man cannot act to save his life. His go to "mean look" with his eyes narrowed just makes me laugh. Him and Sarah are ridiculous.

Nancy Friday, 15 February 2019 18:08
My take, for a long time, has been that Peter's primary addiction is one of the romance addictions which is often intertwined with alcoholism. This is one area where I feel the writers know what they're doing, either accidentally or purposefully. Carla is an addict (gambline, alcohol) and addicts get sucked into each other's systems pretty easily. Abi is also an addict so the Peter Vortex is an obvious attraction for her. It's one of the reasons I could never see the connection between Toyah and Peter - I mean I suppose you could make a case that her saviour syndrome was tickled by his addiction, but the writers weren't hitting the psychological checkboxes with them the way they do with many of Peter's other addictive objects...

Gayle Friday, 15 February 2019 18:11
Lynn, I also like Peter (think he is a really good actor) but he doesn't have a lot going for him. He isn't working lives with his father and has a spoilt brat for a kid.
I thought I was alone in thinking that the actor who plays Gary is rather one dimensional.

Lynn Friday, 15 February 2019 18:38
Nancy, Thank you for your explanation. I think that you are on to something there.

We shall see how it all unfolds. I do not trust Abi to take rejection from Peter gracefully if things go in that direction.

Gayle: I have never been able to stand Gary; through all the years he has never appealed to me. He is always angry or annoyed, or sulking; rinse and repeat.
1412) Lise 
TO Location
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Friday, 15 February 2019 13:07 Write a comment

British Columbia repairman covers home with his own stunning replicas of masterpiece art.

A little museum:


"Girl with Pearl Earring" is especially good.

Louise Friday, 15 February 2019 16:27
Very impressive!

Nell Saturday 18:02
1411) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Friday, 15 February 2019 07:55 Write a comment

No mention of taking precautions between Abi and Peter? Are they going to make her have a pregnancy also or STD?

Hey Jude Friday, 15 February 2019 18:55
Shirley: of course not! No one on Corrie seems to know about birth control!

haili Friday, 15 February 2019 19:53
Maybe Peter is always prepared! Or Abi is on the pill. If she isn't, she should be, given her record as a mom!
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