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Thursday, 16 January 2020 01:18

To the poster who told me Gary only cares about money
my answer is what Abby being over joyed that Ray is a rich man.

And I hope Kevin learned his lesson as far as Abby is concerned.

haili Thursday, 16 January 2020 01:40
Abi and Ray seem like a good match and he's better looking than Kevin who should decide whether to shave or grow a beard and forget that stubbly look.

As for Nick and Sarah, why don't they just pay the rent and if they can't afford it, how can they expect to buy supplies and pay the workers?

I still find Tracy's one night stand unrealistic. They say it happens a lot these days but I've never known anyone who did it or talked about it, unless they were gay.

Mark Thursday, 16 January 2020 02:04
Sarah wants everything for free. Adam won't be able to afford her lol

Bear in mind that Tracy was so drunk she didn't know what she was doing. Paula took advantage of that and it's called rape.

Gail from ON Thursday, 16 January 2020 17:50
I agree Mark. If Paula was a man, we'd probably be a lot more upset about their one night stand. Paula did take advantage. Tracy was so drunk she doesn't remember going home with her and Paula is well aware that Tracy is a married woman too and she should have respected that fact. She's a lawyer! You'd expect that what's right and wrong in a situation would be uppermost in her mind and also what the legal repercussions are when someone is so drunk that they can't be considered to have given consent. Paula said that Tracy was the one who insisted on going back to her place yet she doesn't remember any of that! So she says anyway but she seemed clearly confused and shocked when she woke up in Paula's bed.

Abi and Ray are FAR better suited to each other than Abi and Kevin. She's not his type at all! She's too wild and free spirited while he's a set in his ways and she'd be bored stiff with him in no time at all. I don't see any chemistry or anything about him that she would be remotely interested in. Not saying he wouldn't be a good catch for someone, but not Abi!

Nell Friday, 17 January 2020 11:20
Gail, both were crazy drunk and physically, neither one could easily overpower the other. So there isn't the usual power imbalance in that sense. As in, one doesn't weigh 50 to 100 lbs more than the other. But I agree as a lawyer. you'd think Paula would have backed off and waited until both were sober just to make sure, even if Tracy made the first move. Writers often don't write Paula realistically as the lawyer she is.

As I recall, some weren't even remotely concerned when Robert took advantage of a clearly very drunk and out of it Carla at the casino, who could barely talk coherently and walk on her own without help. Unlike Tracy, Carla wasn't even showing any interest in Robert that night. He engineered everything and lack of capacity to consent was far more evident.

I'm with Pearl, I enjoyed the street conversation between the two the next day. Tracy and Paula are more clearly matched than most.

Nell Friday, 17 January 2020 15:07
By well matched, I mean in a battle of wits.

Like others, I'm relieved Tracy and Paula together was just a one night fling. Which as I said before, is all too realistic in my view and judging by everything I've read and heard. A long term liaison would have struck me as fake. But no less so than Marcus and Maria, made worse by the number of GBers who cheered on that ridiculous union.

And I'm pretty sure Tracy would have had female lovers in prison, given the length of time she was incarcerated. I'm only surprised it took writers this long to acknowledge that.

Gail/ON Friday, 17 January 2020 19:25
Nell, I got the impression that Tracy was a lot drunker than Paula was from the conversation they had. Paula was aware and recalled that Tracy was insisting they go back to her place and Tracy had no memory of it. But I suppose you could argue that Paula couldn't know that Tracy wouldn't remember and because Paula wasn't setting out to take sexual advantage of someone against their will, her perspective was that Tracy was a very willing participant in having sex with her! Still, she knows she's a married heterosexual woman which makes me think that Paula wouldn't have wanted to go there. Alcohol is great inhibitor though and she was also drunk!

Nell Saturday, 18 January 2020 01:05
Ah, therein lies the difference. Does Tracy, the manipulative murderer, really not remember, or is she telling herself that to make herself feel better, the way she has rewritten history about the murder she was sent down for. I was under the impression when she woke up that she remembered more than she's letting on. Maybe not everything, but enough. This is Tracy we're talking about. Not exactly your average human being on any count.

I think both Tracy and Paula should accept responsibility for what happened. Although the only one who cheated here is Tracy. Paula didn't ply her with drinks with a hidden agenda. Everyone's cards were on the table. Tracy bragged about having had plenty of female lovers and while the number may not be as high as she claimed... I believe her about that. And so too apparently, did Paula.

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