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5390) Lynn 
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Friday, 17 January 2020 16:03

I am going to be the dissenter about the David courtroom drama we witnessed. Of course, we have to suspend reality for the scene to work, but I can only go so far.

I did not like it at all. No defense lawyer would allow the speech to be given without copious objections to the narrative David gave. I find that Jack S overacts to the point of chewing the scenery. It verged on maudlin to me.

My gosh, is Josh even represented? It sure did not look like it based on the scene we saw. Yes, it is tv drama, but give the viewer a bit of credit for knowing how a legal proceeding works and that courtrooms have rules of evidence and how testimony is given.

and what hit Nick on the head to be so caring...from cad to concerned and
caring big brother...I must have missed something.

sorry to all the David fans

Jade...I do not care...I would love to see the end of Fizz and Jade along with Hope. The Dobbs family was better with just Evelyn, Ruby and Ty, IMHO. Dumping Fizz could open up lots of possibilities for story lines.

Gayle Friday, 17 January 2020 19:36
Lynn, first of all I completely agree with your comments regarding Jade, absolutely hate this storyline. I'm sorry but I find Fizz very tiresome and quite a nag. At least she stopped nagging Roy. Like you I would not miss Fizz, Hope and Jade if they left.

As far as the court room scene is concerned, from what I have gathered from watching a lot of British Detective Shows and Court Room Dramas over a number of years, my impression is that court rooms in the U.K. are run differently than the US and Canada. I don't think the lawyers/solicitors have as much control in the courtroom and they don't appear to object as much as their counterparts in the U.S. My impression is that we have only seen the Crown questioning David, I think that we will see Josh's lawyer question David (I am assuming tonite). I did think though that the judge let David talk too much and should have told him to just answer the questions. I really hope Josh gets the punishment he deserves.

carolyn Saturday, 18 January 2020 02:30
For me, Jack P Shepherd is the best actor on the Street consistently. He's a natural. I didn't feel that he over acted in court and he's great with one-line witty comments. He's amazed me since he was a child.

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