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5394) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday, 17 January 2020 20:55

Lynn,I also thought David was great in the courtroom scenes and it did not seem overdone to me conveying the humilation he felt being raped by someone he thought was a friend.
I admired David's mental strength to testify about his ordeal while his wife is in a coma.
As for Nick going from cad to concerned brother,I like to think that maybe he finally developed a conscience and is generally concerned about his brother?Maybe Leanne told him about Toyah's rape ordeal and how traumatic it was for her .

Gail,Since Steve recently found out he's Emma's biological father,maybe John didn't know Jade was his daughter either and Jade finding out about her father after his death blames Fiz and wants revenge by taking Hope?

Bonnie Friday, 17 January 2020 22:20
Marie, I've also been wondering if John Stape knew about Jade. You think he would have mentioned it to Fiz at some point.

Gail Friday, 17 January 2020 23:26
That's very possible Marie and I think in order to make it believable, they would have to write it so that John never knew about his daughter Jade. Jade is a nut case. LOL She's blaming Fiz for something that wasn't her fault. Poor Fiz. I feel bad for her even though she doesn't handle Hope very well most of the time.

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