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5836) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Friday 16:32 Write a comment

Gail[BC],I was thinking of when Daniel was in the park with Bertie the day after Sinead died [and the kiss]and Bethany who just happened to walk by sat down next to Daniel acting like the 'concerned friend'with her arm around him with no remorse for the kiss that is until Beth saw them cosy together and was angry at seeing Bethany with Daniel.
Despite how many times she claims she's 'sorry',Bethany still follows Daniel and Bertie around and if Ken didn't catch them together who knows how far they would have gone as Bethany invited Daniel back to her flat while his wife was on her deathbed.

Alice,Perhaps it's part of Yasmeen's Muslim faith to be forgiving?
Alya seems to have forgiven Eileen for Phelan killing her boyfriend Luke Britton.
We've seen Tyrone forgive Kevin for sleeping with his wife and fathering the son he thought was his for 3 months and David is now married to the mother of his children's mother's murderer[try saying that fast three times].
I guess everyone finds it easier to forgive and forget.

Gail, BC Friday 16:45
Once again, I am dragged back in to defend an innocent.
Bethany is not 'acting' she WAS the concerned friend at that point. Bethany is single, Daniel was married.
Postings like these are what make me wonder if mine are read, as I have gone over this subject in depth several times. Can't we all just agree there will never be a change in our perceptions of this/these incidents and move on?
Why would Eileen need forgiveness from Alya? It was the evil Phelan, who had everyone fooled.
It took Tyrone a long time to get over that.
David falling for Shona is a bit weird, but he did not know she was Clayton's mother until he was firmly in lover with Shona. And with his history, he is able to understand that individuals are not responsible for what family members do.

Gail/ON Friday 16:52
I agree with you totally Gail/BC! Bethany cares about him and there's nothing sinister about any of it. He cares about her but feels guilty for it. They are ADULTS. In spite of Sinead's unfortunate tragic death, Bethany has feelings for Daniel and vice versa. Nothing is going to bring Sinead back and I would think she would want Daniel to be happy and not be alone. In fact, she told him that! Who cares how anything "looks" to others. They know the truth and that's all that matters IMO.

Hey Jude Friday 18:11
Gail/BC: Great posts by you and Gail from Ontario by the way! I've gone over the subject with Marie several times too, and believe me, I almost find it exhausting defending Bethany and Daniel! Like Wiley E. Coyote, I wave the white flag!! lol We are all entitled to our opinions. She has hers and we have ours!

LISE Friday 18:52
Good grief! How many times...!!

Completely agree with you Gail, BC, Gail, On. and Hey Jude.

As I've said before Marie, we must agree to disagree.


Mark Yesterday at 01:52
Lise you were asked by Sheila to stop posting #@*%!al posts
and yet continued doing so for years
so why should Marie stop posting about a Coronation st topic
that she feels strongly about. She's not posting about #@*%!s, she's posting about Coronation street which is what the guestbook is about.

Mark Yesterday at 01:58
Marie a new angle you are missing out on is that Bethany is manufacturing the crisis with Ray to get Daniel's attention to run around after her to spend more time with her.
5835) Gail 
BC Location
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Friday 16:23 Write a comment

I just wrote a long, long reply. Went to submit it, and was told I timed out. Any way to get it back, or do I have to recreate it all again?

Jackie Friday 16:38
I don't think so, but here is what you can do for next time.
Write it in Notepad or other place, then copy/paste into the text box to submit.
OR before submitting a long post, select and copy it. It will be ready to paste into the box again if you get that message.

Gail, BC Friday 16:47
Thanks Jackie, I got caught up in replying. When I have done a long original post, I have written it in a separate file.

Maggie Friday 17:13
When I get timed out, my original post is still showing and I just have to re-enter the country the show is set in and it posts. It may have something to do with which browser you are using. I use Chrome.
5834) Alice 
GTA Location
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Friday 16:16 Write a comment

I love to see the characters having fun as they are on the bus. Like the good old days.

Mark Yesterday at 02:01
Happy Birthday Alice big grin

Alice Yesterday at 13:38
Mark, thank you so much!!!
5833) Gail/ON 
Toronto Location
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Friday 15:46 Write a comment

So, now that Yasmeen has become bolder, found her voice and confronted Geoff about his mental abuses I hope that she continues to stand up to him when he starts to bully her and browbeat her again. But his reaction to it was to make excuses for it and play the victim, saying he was abused by Tim's mother. Now she feels sorry for him and being such a sweet caring person she fell for it but she needs to continue to stand up for herself and insist that Geoff goes for therapy for "his problems." Maybe even suggest that he has a drink problem!! Not fall back into being a victim. But he's going to bring out the heavy artillery and ramp up his abuse now and may even become more physically abusive. But I don't think it'll be long before this ends. I hope not anyhoo!

Gail/ON Friday 16:21
I have this fantasy where Yasmeen turns the tables on Geoff and gives as good as she gets! LOL Wouldn't that be fun to watch??

Jim Friday 18:04
Yes..i want to see her give Geof a taste of his own medicine but it would probably backfire and everyone will think she is the baddie and Geof the innocent victim #@*%!
5832) Nell 
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Friday 15:02 Write a comment


Yesterday PBS aired Rick Steves' program "Fascism in Europe", which was quite excellent - about the ideology behind fascism and how to recognize it in the early stages. I missed the first part and will be rewatching when it re-airs.

PBS Detroit will air it on March 1st at 1:00 pm and March 3rd at 10:30 pm. PBS Seattle will also show it on March 4th at 8:30 pm.

Nell Friday 15:05
Correction: PBS Detroit times above are PST. In Ontario the times are 10:00 am EST (Mar 1st), and 7:30 pm EST (Mar 3rd).

Lynn Friday 15:09
I saw it. Yes it is really good.

It might be on the PBS web site to view at your convenience.

N. Friday 15:11
Oh man, I should quit while I'm ahead. The correct EST times are:
4:00 pm (Mar 1st) and 1:30 am (Mar 4th). embarrassment

Nell Friday 15:15
Lynn, wasn't it good. At first I thought it would be yet another documentary detailing past events. But like he says, they've been covered extensively already elsewhere. This was more about what history can teach us. So relevant, when you look at what's happening worldwide and how we can't take democracy for granted.

Lise Friday 16:13
Thank you very much Nell.

Will definitely watch it.

Lynn Friday 16:38
If you are in the mood for a long read about the fascism, the rise in Germany, the war and a bit of the aftermath. I highly recommend the three volumes written by Richard Evans about a decade or so ago.


The Third Reich Trilogy is a series of three narrative history books by the British historian Richard J. Evans covering the rise and collapse of Nazi Germany in detail, with a focus on the internal #@*%!s and the decision-making process.[1] According to Ian Kershaw, it is "the most comprehensive history in any language of the disastrous epoch of the Third Reich",[2] which has been hailed as a "masterpiece of historical scholarship."[3] The three volumes of the trilogy were published between 2003 and 2008.


It is a dense read but the most comprehensive and detailed works I have ever read on the period. His bibliographies are wonderful.

I am thinking of re-reading the three books again.

Jeannie Friday 16:59
Thanks for mentioning this, Nell. I get my PBS from Seattle so I'll check and see if they are running it. It sounds like a good watch and sadly, pertinent to the times we are living in.

Nell Yesterday at 14:47
You're welcome. smile

Jeannie, my PVR shows KCTS Seattle is showing it one more time on Mar. 4 at 8:30 pm, which you probably know already. It's pretty hilarious how I got EST times wrong considering I lived in that time zone for so many years.

When I was in Ontario my PBS station was in Buffalo. Now that I'm out west I get Detroit on time shift and Seattle. PBS Buffalo is more than likely airing it too.

Lynn, thank you very much for the suggestion. I'll read more on it for sure.

I love Rick Steves and his fun travel shows. This program is a slight departure from what he normally does.
5831) Bruce  Male
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Friday 13:28 Write a comment

So we are at Corrie's 100,000th episode? (or is it 10,000)? I forget.

Anyway, my first reaction when I saw that Party Bus was I hope the producers aren't going to try for a sensationalised episode where the Bus crashes and some characters are killed off. Remember the tram crash from several years ago?

Hey Jude Friday 14:12
Oh I bet that's exactly what happens Bruce

Nell Friday 14:27
10,000th. I think the plan was for fun for this one. In contrast to the dark Christmas episodes. And Sinead's death before that. There's still the 60th anniversary coming where they can throw more gloomy drama at us. It won't be taped live this year.

Gail/ON Friday 15:32
I haven't seen anything about an accident. As Nell says, I think this was about fun and also about a long time character coming to a decision about the future. So far I'm enjoying the antics going on on the bus!

Maggie Friday 16:37
I was nervous about a crash throughout the episode too. The shots of the big bus on that narrow, curving road and the driver having moments where he seemed distracted may have been set up to make us wonder if something was going to happen around the next bend. I hope not. I'd like this to be a character-driven episode, rather than a drama-driven episode. That would be a good throw back for the 10,000th.

As Chris said, I wish we could have seen the 2 episodes together. I'm looking forward to watching tonight!

Bruce Friday 18:10
ok thanks. I guessed it only seemed like 100,000 episodes! ;
5830) Chris 
Ontario Location
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Friday 10:40 Write a comment

Happy Birth Day Alice. smile

Alice Friday 11:32
Thank you Chris.

Beachy Carol Friday 13:44
Happy birthday, Alice :)

Alice Friday 13:50
Beachy Carol,thank you.

Lynn Friday 13:59
Happy Birthday. All the best, treat yourself to a great day.

Lise Friday 14:30
Happy Happy Birthday Alice !!

Nell Friday 14:36
Enjoy your day, Alice. 🎈 🎂 🍷
Happy Birthday!

Alice Friday 15:59
Thank you Lise. Thank you Nell. I fully intend to enjoy the day. Company coming soon to pig out on lasagna and cake while watching Ford v Ferrari. That's as much of a party as I can muster at my age.

Lise Friday 16:18
Oh! my husband wanted to see that film. When he looked for the time the film had disappeared from the cinema!

Have you rented it or bought it Alice ?

Alice Friday 16:31
Lise. Don't know which TV service you get but it's available on Bell's On Demand which is how I'll be renting it. We're Formula 1 fans, but you probably guessed that already.

Maggie Friday 16:56
Happy Birthday, Alice! It sounds like you have a great day ahead!

Alice Friday 18:28
Thank you Maggie.

Janice from British Columbia Yesterday at 02:43
Hi Alice, I am a F1 as well. If you read the comments section on the BBC website, it is surprising how many people write that it is boring, so why do they bother to write in?
5829) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Friday 06:09 Write a comment

That was such a fun episode! Laughed at Jenny saying it wasnt a party, then it was! Lol Mary cracking me up, Evelyn with her one liners! I thought the next funny thing might be Rita spilling Dennis' ashes onto the floor of the bus

Lynn Friday 13:40
Yes it was. Lots of good dialogue from the characters. Even Nina looked like she was having a bit of fun.

My only issue: Geoff will use Yasmeen's day out against her in the future. He will raise how he "let" her go to Blackpool with everyone when he gets angry or displeased with anything she does. It is a set up.

Hey Jude Friday 14:14
Geoff will undoubtedly make Yazmean pay for her day out. Not looking forward to it.

Maggie Friday 16:46
Agreed! I always enjoy when friends and neighbours on the street who don't usually interact get together. It was a good way for Nina to get to know some of the others and vice versa too. It was crazy how that group came to be on the bus, but I liked it!

I hope that this brief reprieve from being under Geoff's control might help Yasmeen remember what her life was like before and how much he has been keeping her from her friends and other activities. But, I fear he will use this against her and probably make things even worse.
5828) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 05:56 Write a comment

Some more thoughts on Thursday's episode.

At the very beginning of the episode, we saw Mary complaining to Eileen about Tracy wanting her to work on her day off.

So, if both Mary and Tracy were on the coach, that means that Tracy shut the shop for the day. Preston's Petals must be a gold mine for Tracy being able to close for a day. #details

Generous Geoff gave Yazmeen a fiver for spending money for the day in Blackpool. What a guy! #not

The journey to Blackpool from Weatherfield (Salford) would normally take only about one hour to drive (47.5 miles or 74.4 km) along the M61. But, we know from Mary that they went 'off piste'. Lucy Fallon drives to and from Blackpool every time she works in the studio. Why was there a full pit-stop, other than for Disco Des' bladder? #details

Disco Des was portrayed by actor John Henshaw [www.imdb.com]

haili Friday 11:39
A lot didn't make sense but I don't care; it's just so nice to get away from all the misery and lesson based drama. It was like old time Corrie when people had some fun sometimes between dramas. Kudos to the writer and cast!

Lynn Friday 14:22
I have noticed more and more that Corrie is getting a bit "Americanized" when it comes to work. Less attention is paid to things like shops being open and people being at work.

No one seems to work full time, everyone comes and goes as they please from their job, tiny shops must make a fortune to support the number of people who work there, and everyone seems to have money and is living a great life.

I have always wanted a soap opera job. lol
5827) Nancy 
Ontario Location
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Friday 05:06 Write a comment

ZOMG - Maureen Lipman just delivered that line like she's the Dowager Countess of Corrie: "I see layers are back..." I love her.

Chris Friday 05:48
I had to look-up the meaning of ZOMG [www.urbandictionary.com]

I agree, Maureen Lipman is great delivering her lines.

Nancy Friday 15:32
Well, that was an interesting diversion, Chris. I don't know anybody who uses it sarcastically - it's nearly always a childishly excitable intensifier in my circles...

Hey Jude Friday 18:17
Nancy: I laughed out loud when Evelyn said that! Maureen is wonderful and I hope they keep her on for years to come
5826) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 04:22 Write a comment

In reply to Maggie in thread #5819 -

Maybe the story-liners had the plot to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None in mind.

When an assortment of unlikely characters were invited to a remote location... wink

Gail, BC Friday 15:43
Chris, a while back, when we were pondering who would figure rescue Yasmeen and/or off Geoff, I was thinking it might be like [i][i]the Orient Express[i][i][i]
But then I thought up an exit scenario for Ali. (my thread #5791)

Maggie Friday 17:10
Gail,BC - I know you want comments on your exit scenario so please do not take any offence, but I don't like that idea at all. I wouldn't want to see Ali let Geoff die like that (especially based on comments of a man having a fit - how would Ali know it was even true?). Yes, I'd like to see Geoff die but not for Ali to be drawn into it and have to live with that on his conscience too. There could also be legal repercussions for Ali. I wasn't going to say this but you did ask for our comments. smile

Gail, BC Friday 17:46
Maggie, I take offence when I feel I am not being heard. Different points of view are the lifeblood of this GB, and even though I try to examine things from 3 sides (yours, mine and the truth), we are limited by our own experiences. I do get frustrated when a subject has been done to death, and I have to keep posting the same things. In that case, I don't know if I am not being read, or it is just not getting through.
Intelligent back and forth debate is welcomed.

Maggie Friday 18:39
I think we've all experienced the same thing, Gail,BC. Being on the West Coast, I often don't have a chance to review and comment until late in the evening when I assume most other posters have gone to bed. By the next day, the discussions have often moved on - or maybe my comment just wasn't as interesting as I thought it was. Haha. lol I don't think you should take any offense. There are lots of different reasons why people don't reply to posts here.

Pearl Friday 22:37
Well said Maggie, as another person from BC, if we can reconcile ourselves to still be voting in federal elections after the rest of the country have made the decision then being late to the gate on Corrie discussion is a small potatoes.

Nell Yesterday at 15:00
I'm on the west coast and get the time shift package from my service provider, so I can watch or tape Corrie at 4:00pm (from CBC Ontario). I didn't get time shift for Corrie though, but for late shows. It gives me more flexibility to be able to see 9:00 or 8:00 pm shows 3 hours earlier, as I'm an early morning riser and don't stay up late most nights anymore.

I love time shift.
5825) Maggie  Female
Vancouver Location
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Friday 03:49 Write a comment

Too funny - I happened across this while looking up something else about Carla's past. Sound familiar? lol

"Liam objected to her dating so soon after Paul's death but while he argued with Carla about it, they suddenly kissed each other passionately. Carla and Liam had grown closer in recent months but due to Liam being Paul's brother they were afraid to act on their feelings and agreed to ignore the kiss."
(Paul died in June, the kiss happened in September)


Nell Friday 12:48
Things weren't so great between Carla and Paul. Remember what he did to Leanne. Vs. Daniel pretending Sinead was his great love. D and S were still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Paul's passing wasn't a big loss for Carla at that point, with everything she knew about him. In the case of Carla and Liam, it was tougher emotionally for Liam than for Carla. Otherwise it would have happened sooner.

But yes, Corrie does have a habit of repeating previous S/Ls in one form or another. Originality isn't their forte, especially now with 6 episodes a week. The current producer likes to repeat ideas from his time on other UK soaps too, as pointed out by UK viewers of his different shows, and he's made no secret of it in interviews. One thing about Kate Oates as producer, she tried to do different things rather than rehashing the same old, same old from her previous work.

Nell Friday 14:40
^ it might have happened sooner.

Gail, BC Friday 15:52
Was that when Liam and Maria were together, before the first baby died in utero? I recall L&M were on again/off again, and were married at one point.

Maggie Friday 16:55
Gail,BC - according to Corriepedia, Liam started seeing Maria sometime after 'the kiss'.

I know the circumstances were not the same but it just struck me as funny how their kiss and their reaction to the kiss (and the timing) matched what we saw with Daniel and Bethany. Recycling, indeed.
5824) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 03:48 Write a comment

Gail/BC, Nancy, and Jim, I've just now (~10.40 pm EST) read your earlier posts in thread #5808. Recently, I haven't been around the computer earlier in the day because of other interests and/or tasks. (Who knew retirement could be so busy, at times?) But, I do read all Guestbook posts when I finally sit down at the computer after dinner and CBC's Corrie episode. As I'm writing this, I am also watching the Scottie's Tournament of Hearts game. wink

Anyway, I feel that anything I add to an older thread may be missed by the poster and others.

BTW, I had never heard of the Frog and Scorpion story before. Thanks. smile

Gail/BC and Elizabeth, my high-school, too, had a Sadie Hawkins Dance although, I think it was not as frequent. But, I do recall there was a tradition on every Leap Year on Feb 29, that a girl could ask a boy out on a date. smile

Jackie Friday 16:33
I am in and out on reading the posts here, but try to read them all. Each opinion or post is appreciated. I may not add to a post, especially if I am late to respond, as Chris mentioned. It would just be lost anyway.
I do remember the Sadie Hawkins references. I did ask a very cute boy to a Sadie Hawkins type dance. It was lots of fun. Nice memory. Keep posting things like that. I may not have gotten the same things from a scene that others do, but that is the fun of reading the posts. I do go back and rewatch or see things differently when things I missed are pointed out. It is sometimes hard to keep my mouth shut when someone is totally off on what I just saw on the UK timeline. But it is sometimes funny, other times frustrating.
5823) Dianne W,  Female
Dundas, ON Location
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Friday 02:51 Write a comment

When did Rita start working in the Rovers? I was surprised to see her wearing an apron and cleaning.

Chris Friday 03:05
Rita has been staying as a guest at the Rovers since the Christmas episode when her Christmas tree fell on her. Rita is just pitching in to do what she can while she gets over the stress from he fall.

The first floor accommodation must be pretty full, what with Rita, then Adam, and finally Charlie, all having rooms at the same time. In addition to the guests, Jenny and Johnny's bedroom is also on the first floor.

Dianne W. Friday 03:14
Thanks, Chris. I remember this, but assumed that she'd have returned to her flat since the fall happened almost 2 months ago.
5822) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 02:20 Write a comment

There were a couple of good scenes cut and another euphemism from Des. Thanks as always to Bradley for providing them. smile

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Feb 20th 2020 smile [youtu.be]
5821) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 02:14 Write a comment

Alice, (and Marie and Tracy in the past) thanks for speaking up about the gender based double standards on the Guestbook.
I could give a deeper analysis of this behaviour but they are not ready for it.

Marie, wedding vows say: till death do us part.
Roy and Daniel are allowed to get married.

Hey Jude and Lise: I remember Roy telling Nina he paid the rent
I know it was for rent arrears but I think it was also for the future.

Gail BC I read and responded to your comments.
Your thoughts are similar to mine which means you are correct in your perceptions and analysis.

Tonights episode:

I agree with Evelyn that the lasers aren't good for the eyes.
I wouldn't get on a bus with no windows.
It could end up in a organ harvesting camp or a cult camp.
Jenny said there would be no party but there was so she is a liar.

Chris Friday 02:31
Roy did pay the rent arrears plus one future month. Roy then told Nina to let him know if she need any help.

I thought Roy should have inquired more into Nina's finances before and after Richard's death. Richard couldn't have had much if the rent was months in arrears. I hope he had insurance, but as time goes on it seems unlikely. I don't understand how he could leave his child without a safety net of some sort. I think Roy may end up with caring for her long-term.

Maggie Friday 03:46
I agree, Chris. Plus, there must be some sort of executor involved in all of this, or would that fall to Nina? Even if not of great value, Richard had possessions that would need to be properly distributed or disposed of. What if there's a life insurance policy? Lots of plot holes here but it's just a show, right?! smile

Gail/ON Friday 16:13
In real life, (and I've witnessed it!) lots of people just don't take care of those things or simply don't have the money to put insurance policies and safety nets in place for anyone and I've even heard people say they'll be dead so it won't matter to them. Richard having been ill for so long probably depleted his personal resources and didn't think much into the future.

Maggie Friday 17:25
Good points, Gail/ON but Richard did know he'd be leaving his daughter behind, and soon - and he didn't know a long-lost brother would show up to help. I'd think he'd have taken some steps to see that she was not left completely destitute and responsible for all the dealings of his "estate".

On the other hand, wouldn't it be great if it turned out Robert owned a collection of valuable books (or even collectible board games, etc..) that Nina would inherit and give her a better start on her own life?! I don't see any indication that the story is going that way, but it would be nice.
5820) Beachy Carol  Female
On Location
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Friday 02:01 Write a comment


Beautiful! I never really thought so before but with the new hairdo I think Lucy looks a lot like Kate Hudson.

Gail/ON Friday 17:18
I don't care for that hair style or shade. I liked it better as it was. I think she looks adorable when she wears her hair off her face and up in a high pony tail that falls in cascades of soft waves. She has those big doe eyes that really pop when she wears her hair up and back.

Pearl Friday 22:14
One day this week I think Bethnay had the top of her hair braided with the sides up and back loose. It was really different and attractive. L.F. does have lovely hair.
5819) haili 
ont Location
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Friday 01:51 Write a comment

Loved tonight's show! The writer and cast were fabulous and gave me lots of laughs. Of course there was a short scene with the G man but maybe he won't be on at all tomorrow. I really wish we had more episodes like tonights and I enjoyed the humour and characters.

As for Tracy, the actress is great and plays a good part. As I've said before, she did the women of Weatherfield a favour when she bashed Charlie and the other deaths were accidental. What the G man is doing to Yasmeen is far worse IMO. Tracy is no angel but at least she is entertaining which is more than I can say for some of the newer characters.

As for answering posts, it would take ages to answer them all and often other posters have the same opinions as me. It's nothing personal as it depends on whether I'm in a chatty mood or not. I love the various ways we have of seeing things from different perspectives and according to our life experience. It takes all kinds to make a world and it would be pretty boring if we all thought the same.

Alice Friday 02:10
Haili, what Tracy did to Yasmeen was cause the death of her son yet both characters seem to have forgotten all about that. Tonight they were cheerfully sharing a bus ride. It's very unreal that Yasmeen could forgive to that extent and never mention what happened. Shona isn't the only character suffering amnesia.

Mark Friday 02:19
So if I find Geoff magic tricks entertaining, we should forgive him like we do for Tracy? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Tracy killed 2 people and Carla injured 2 women while driving drunk but it's ok because they are entertaining women.

haili Friday 02:44
Yasmeen is a very forgiving person, plus Tracy didn't murder her son. It was an accident when the candle tipped over.

Mark: I don't find Carla that entertaining. A character can be flawed but still interesting to watch which is why I enjoy Tracy. She comes out with some zingers.

Chris Friday 02:55
Haili, I agree with you about the writing and humour in tonight's show.

I chuckled as Tracy just invited herself, Amy and Emma along for the trip. And, much as Claudia said, it didn't seem to be a thing you would expect her to want to participate in, especially as Yazmeen was one of the passengers.

Also funny was Evelyn's nerve in getting a seat. lol

Mark there was a previous discussion on the deaths caused by Tracy. Firstly, Tracy bashed Charlie in the head. Then she scored a double when she left the candle burning in Carla's flat: Kal and Maddie.

Maggie Friday 03:29
I don't usually check spoilers but did see one about who would be taking the trip to Blackpool. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how that particular collection of characters could come together for a day out at the seaside! lol I enjoyed the way it played out.

Gail/ON Friday 15:52
Mark, I think Tracy and Carla won us over, over time. The circumstances of those crimes were a little different than they are in the case of Geoff and Yasmeen. Yasmeen is completely undeserving and innocent of any of the things he accuses her of. He's a bully and a monster. I don't believe that he was ever intended to be a long term permanent character so like Phelan, when all is revealed he'll likely be gone for good. In the case of Tracy and Carla, they're more permanent characters and for that reason, they were given room for redemption in our eyes if that makes any sense. I don't think he will be!
5818) Hey Jude 
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Friday 01:05 Write a comment

Chris I might PVR tonight and then have a mini Corrie marathon tomorrow.

Chris Friday 03:08
Good idea. I might re-watch tonight's episode before I view Friday's episodes, just so I get the flow of the story-line.
5817) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 00:49 Write a comment

Nina said the World is her Oyster, but Arthur Daily told Terry McCann that it was The World is your Lobster. [youtu.be]

Terry McCann was the beaten boxer and minder and was played by Dennis Waterman in the program Minder. For a year or so, Dennis was married to Rula Lenska.

It was nice the late Hayley and Roy remembered God-daughter Amy's sixteenth birthday with a card and a gift.

Mary was over-the-top as usual and Des the driver was funny with his comebacks. smile

Eileen told Rita that there was a connection between the Grimshaw families and the Tanners, but it was so far back that she didn't know what it was. Here is what I found in searching Corriepedia:

Elsie Tanner (nee Grimshaw)
Father Arthur Grimshaw
Mother Alice Grimshaw

Both Arthur and Alice and seven of their ten children were killed during the second World War when the Luftwafe dropped a bomb on their home on Gas Street.

Elsie was the eldest of the children and she and another older sister survived.

Julie Carp (half-sister) to Eileen Grimshaw tried to find the connection between the two Grimshaw families, but was unsuccessful.

From Corriepedia: In 2011, when Julie Carp was attempting to trace the relationship between the Grimshaw family and Tanner family, Alice was mentioned in passing by Dennis Tanner.

The second-half of the bus journey will continue tomorrow.

Beachy Carol Friday 01:24
It was very touching to see the card (and beautiful gift) from Haley and Roy. I had forgotten they were Amy’s godparents. This was a poignant moment and also reminded me what incredibly good people Roy and Haley are and were.

Thanks for that great history piece about the Grimshaws and Tanners. I very much enjoyed reading “Christmas on Coronation Street” about the early years of Elsie Tanner.

Maggie Friday 03:22
I loved that Roy had a gift for Amy from them both. If I understood it correctly, Haley and Roy picked out the 16th birthday gift together, before she had passed. That's incredibly lovely and so like something Haley would have thought to do.
5816) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Friday 00:01 Write a comment

Tonight's CBC episode is the first half of episode #10000 which was an hour-long program when it aired in the U.K. It's too bad CBC couldn't find a way to air #10000 in its entirety on Friday when Corrie has a one-hour slot.
5815) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 21:32 Write a comment

Gail[BC][me again]I don't think Beth is anything like Ivy Brennan.
Ivy was a control freak who's 'golden boy'Brian could do no wrong in her eyes just as Nick is Gail's golden boy who can do no wrong in her eyes.
Beth is a grief stricken aunt whose beloved niece who she thought had her whole life ahead of her died too young and understandbly is upset on how quickly Daniel is moving [four months after her death is a bit soon]on with Bethany who kissed him while Sinead was on her deathbed and set her sights on him the day after Sinead died acting as a 'concerned friend'.
I'm beginning to have some sympathy for Beth who is being portrayed as the 'villian' trying to keep 'star crossed'lovers Daniel and Bethany apart with her grief over Sinead not being given any consideration.
If Daniel truly cared about Sinead then out of respect for her family a little reassurance that whatever happens with Bethany,he'll always remember Sinead and that Beth,Craig and Kirk will always be a part of Bertie's life would go a long way to calm Beth down.

Gail, BC Thursday 21:56
Marie, I have no problem with your post other than one line. "Bethany who kissed him while Sinead was on her deathbed and set her sights on him the day after Sinead died acting as a 'concerned friend'"
We will never agree on this point. You see Bethany this way. I see -- Daniel kissed her and she responded; She IS a concerned friend, she has experience in hiding trauma after her own troubles; she did not 'set her sights on him', if she had, there were several instances she could have bedded him, and didn't.
Other characters would have taken advantage -- not necessarily with Daniel but have in the past, and I am sure will in the future. Tracy, Carla, Michelle; Ali, Steve.
What do you feel about the toxic atmosphere that Beth brings around Bertie??

Hey Jude Thursday 21:59
Once again, I think it was Daniel who kissed first. We've been through this for weeks now. Can't we let it go? The actress is leaving, time to move on. There isn't going to be a scene with the two of them in bed. I also think Ivy was worse than Beth is now. Ivy was def a control freak and I don't think Beth is anywhere near that.

Hey Jude Thursday 22:02
One more time, then I'm finished. As Maggie said last week: if Bethany was trying to bed Daniel, she was sure doing a rotten job of it! lol

haili Thursday 23:09
It doesn't matter now but Bethany did throw herself at Daniel many times. Yes, he kissed her but she was standing very close, gazing adoringly at him and sending the signal that she wanted him. I don't blame them for moving on now and Beth should butt out but I kind of get how she feels. If it wasn't for the stupid kiss which ruined Sinead and Daniel's last days together, I don't think anyone would care that much - and yes, I know he was the married one but Daniel is very emotional at the best of times.

Nell Thursday 23:25
Beth is indeed a grief stricken aunt. I can forgive her displays of emotion because of what she's going through. Anger is of course one of the stages to pass through when dealing with death before someone can come to a place of acceptance. I hope eventually Daniel and Beth are on better terms with each other. But Bethany and Daniel aren't making things any easier on anyone, in their rush to do what they're doing regardless of who initiated a kiss, etc etc - (those are just details).

Casting Beth as a so-called villain is too much and somewhat heartless, I think. I wish people would cut her some slack now, of all times.

Marie, I appreciate your posts about Beth. She should be allowed to grieve in her own way without having to be a perfect human being. I think she'd want Daniel to be happy... down the road, given a chance.

Daniel isn't the man Roy is. Perhaps it's youth and his own imperfections as a human. Whatever it is, discretion isn't his or Bethany's middle name. Bethany comes across as too desperate for a man, and is way too clingy and adoring and always, constantly there by Daniel, like a pitbull that won't let go.

I know... Round and round in circles we go. smile Poor Beth.

Maggie Friday 00:14
I don't want to belabour this disagreement any further either but think it's important to remember the circumstances of the Daniel and Bethany kiss. Bethany was walking along minding her own business when she came across Daniel distraught, crying and punching a brick wall. What else could she do but try to comfort him and tell him he's not a terrible person? She sure wasn't stalking him.

I maintain that both Daniel and Bethany (wrongly) think they can be close friends and not give into their feelings. As long as they hold back, they don't think they are doing anything so there's no reason for them to feel they need to avoid seeing each other.

As for Beth, keep in mind that this isn't the first time she's acted this way - confrontation and 'sticking her nose in' is part of her character.

Monique Friday 03:17
I agree that Beth is grief stricken and feel bad for her that she doesn't seem to get any support from anyone in her grief. I think to her it doesn't matter who initiated the kiss, it just reminds her of how it made Sinead suffer while she had to cope with dying and ruined her last days. And Bethany hanging on to Daniel every chance she got immediately after Sinead's death just kept rubbing salt in the wound. I think if a reasonable amount if time had passed no one including Beth would mind Daniel and Bethany getting together and everyone would wish them the best.

I really don't get how Daniel can have feelings for someone else so soon after his wife's death. They were in their honeymoon phase and their feelings were intensified by the drama of her dying. I can only think that if Daniel can develop feelings for someone else so soon then his feelings for Sinead can't have been that strong. Maybe that's what is hurting Beth too. It seems that Sinead was easily forgettable and disposable. It's as if when Sinead died it opened up a vacancy for a young blond female partner to fulfill the role, just like an employee is quickly replaced when they leave.

Nell Friday 11:54
That thought crossed my mind too, Monique, that Daniel's feelings for Sinead couldn't have been that strong. And Beth, who truly loved Sinead, sees that all too clearly.

If Bethany is leaving the show by moving away, I'd be happy if Daniel joins her and leaves too at this point. It's hard for me to take any of his declarations seriously anymore. Just empty words.

Gail, BC Friday 17:00
Nell, as Sinead was the first sexual encounter for Daniel, you may be right. He may have confused those feelings for "soulmate" love. Perhaps Bethany is closer to a soulmate?
Daniel can stay, but he has to lose the beard, or at least trim it close to the jawline. He is starting to look like the wild man of Borneo, with his colouring and the beard length. I don't care if he's selling beard oil, he looks scruffy to me.
5814) Hey Jude 
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Thursday 21:25 Write a comment

Shirley from your post further below:

Not to be a nit picker, but Yazmean would need proof in order to do all you say Shirley. I doubt she could change the locks until she had proof. Get a lawyer, yes, then get some good advice
5813) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 21:19 Write a comment

Gail [BC]Granted Daniel is being a friend to Bethany right now encouraging her to pursue her writing by applying for the course in Preston but somehow it's too soon for Daniel who I think still misses Sinead and did tell Bethany he's not ready yet for anything more than friendship but Bethany doesn't listen to this or her mother's advice to give Daniel space,something that Bethany hasn't done but needs to do since Sinead died.

Gail, BC Thursday 21:48
Aiden was given space, and look how that turned out.
Bethany was given space, until Craig? helped her out.
Craig was given space, until Bethany? helped him out.
Carla, Peter, Johnny, etcetera.
5812) Nell 
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Thursday 20:20 Write a comment

SPOILER [Not that we know the answer yet]

Coronation Street to reveal Number 1's new owners after Ken Barlow's decision to move.

Peter and Tracy both make sealed bids for the house and whoever is willing to pay the highest amount will be the lucky new owner.

As the family gathers around the living room table at Number 1, joined by Tracy's husband Steve and Peter's partner Carla, Adam Barlow does the honours when it comes to opening the bids and revealing the winner.

Who'll be celebrating by the end of the evening?


Nell Friday 14:24
It's a strange way to pass on a house. My hope is for Peter and Carla to win the draw. But I won't be surprised if Tracy and Steve end up getting it.
5811) Gail 
BC Location
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Thursday 18:30 Write a comment

Too bad Carla doesn't still run Underworld. She could hire Nina to do designs and sewing for the new Victorian Gothic line. Boy would THAT put Beth's nose out of joint. wink

Hey Jude Thursday 18:55
Yes it might happen eventually. Speaking of noses, I don't like Nina's nose rings. She is such a pretty girl, glad she seems to have ditched the heavy black eye make up and lipstick, but I realize she is probably out of that stuff and will buy more soon wink

Nell Thursday 19:03
I'm quite liking Beth these days. She can carry off looks other people can't, like that fuschia coat for instance. Every time I see her in it I think, that's so Beth. A nice change from all the black coats people wear in the winter anyway. I wanted to buy a white winter coat a few months back, but the stores had nothing but rack after rack of mostly black coats and other dark colours.

As for Carla, I hope to see her running the Bistro eventually. Do we even know who is cooking the food there nowadays. They need to hire some new chefs.

Nell Thursday 19:42
Oh and I disagree with your post further down, Gail. Beth has the right to see Bertie, as do grandparents who are sometimes barred from seeing their grandkids when they don't see eye to eye with the parents. The child has a right to a relationship with family members, unless there are concerns over the child's safety and wellbeing.

Alec Thursday 20:04
Hey Jude, agree on the nose rings. One might be ok but the two together is really annoying! They will be gone at one point though I bet.

Alec Thursday 20:08
Nell, not sure if a Great Aunt would have rights to see the child. An aunt maybe in some jurisdictions but can't see the right extended to great aunts. If I were Daniel I'd have a sit down with her to tell her to calm it or no Bertie!

Gail, BC Thursday 20:11
Nell, Beth is creating a toxic emotional environment, which a baby could pick up on. I compare her with Ivy Brennan, who twisted Nick into the selfish lying toad he became. Although they have been trying to redeem Nick lately.

Nell Thursday 20:15
Oops, I was thinking Beth was the baby's aunt. I forgot she's the great aunt. Thanks for pointing that out, Alec.

Hey Jude Thursday 21:28
Nell: I like Beth too, except when she scrunches up her face and is yelling like a banshee!LOL Her quirkie hairstyles make me laugh!

Nell Thursday 23:35
Hey Jude, I love her quirky hairstyles too.

I miss Carolyn's posts. I think she left, or took a break, after someone tried to censor her posts about appearances.

Lynn Friday 14:42

As a person who has not lived a day without an allergy shot, pill or something since the age of 7 (when little was known about allergies) I understand something there are extreme allergies. One side of my family is very prone to allergies of many types, including pets.

Generations of my family are allergic to something including drugs, airborne everything, pollen, trees, grasses, sunlight, foods like corn; the list is endless and always shifting. Some recede and new ones emerge, and so it goes.
5810) Gail 
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Thursday 18:17 Write a comment

At the end of yesterday's episode, when Geoff & Yasmeen were hugging, she said "I've got you" and he said (emphasis mine) "and I'VE GOT YOU"
I was waiting for the camera to give us a shot of Geoff's smug grinning face, as in "AHA, my ploy worked, I sucked her back in!" but it didn't. frown

Hey Jude Thursday 18:29
We'll prob see something similar tonight, or tomorrow. At least Tim discussed it with Eileen and Brian. Maybe now they'll be more on their guard but how stupid of Geoff to do that with his own son living there, knowing he could walk in the door at any time, thats what got me eek!
5809) Elizabeth 
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Thursday 18:09 Write a comment

Just wanted to say a big thank you to those who posted replies of support for what I went through. I know someone earlier posted that they were uncomfortable with the term “rescuing” someone from it but believe me that is exactly how the abused person sees it. I was grateful enough to have someone who didn’t really know me all that well, just a neighbour from up the street a couple of blocks, who unbeknownst to me had gotten to know my abuser and could see what was happening came to me and kindly offered a wonderful helping hand to extract myself from the life I had. I will always be grateful to him and we actually are partners now and my life is fantastic with him.

Chris, thanks for saying you missed my posts. Gail, I read your posts but I no longer post messages very often because I am afraid of saying something that will encourage certain silliness that can sometimes start over what I feel is deliberate attempts to sadly pit readers against each other by someone. No need to point them out out as we all know what I am referring to. I love the show and I do enjoy this forum for the most part.
5808) Gail 
BC Location
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Thursday 17:12 Write a comment

I am going to whine a bit now. Almost nobody seems to be reading my posts, or if they are, they are not responding.
#5783 -- about Yasmeen; about the kitten
#5791 -- in which I propose a brilliant (in my own mind) scenario to kill off Geoff
#5797 -- Sadie Hawkins' Day and Dogpatch. Come on people I know there are some of you who are old enough to remember.

Do I have to slag off some other poster to get a response? Maybe I need to log in as a second person and talk to myself, it feels like I am beating against the window, and no one is hearing me.
Love my posts, hate my posts, don't care. Just hate being ignored.

Okay, rant over. confused

Nancy Thursday 17:37
Happens to me all the time, so you have my sympathies. I try not to take it personally, but sometimes it's hard.

Jim Thursday 17:44
i dont get many replies and sometimes none at all but im ok either way...and sometimes i do read other post yours included but dont always have a reply...i myself written about Geof...Yasmeen will either kill him or harm him and spent time in prison until Alya or Dimmy Timmy finds evidence to get her released!!

Hey Jude Thursday 18:18
Gail/BC, please dont feel ignored. For me, I read everyones posts here, but sometimes I just have nothing to add, or I get busy and go away for a while and forget. I dont think most here would choose to ignore, I think its more a case that sometimes people just arent that interested or they've forgotten the situation. Happens to me a lot. Dont be mad, and as Jim says it happens to me too, but I dont let it bother me. Sometimes life just gets in the way

Lynn Thursday 18:19
Sorry, I meant to reply with the frog comparison when you posted. Remember the old one about hot water and a frog? I find it annoying too when people ignore relevant points made and yours were very relevant.

Yasmeen: The situation seems like that old comparison: like the turning up the water on the frog, is what came to mind. The frog gets boiled because it doesn't realize that the water is getting hotter and gets boiled to death.

I can see how the slow taking of things away from Yasmeen may seem like the "best" thing to do according to Geoff and his brainwashing of her makes her receptive...this kind of brainwashing and abuse is so vile and insidious.

The cat: I would kick out Tracy and keep the cat if I had to make a choice. wink I am a get a pet for life person so.. Tracy take some antihistamines and shut up. If the cat gets dumped on anyone less than a great owner (like Rita) I will be very annoyed. Since they are so big on the socially relevant message; how about pet ownership is a lifetime commitment.

Gail, BC Thursday 18:21
Thanks, guys. I feel better after my rant and your replies. I've always been the one to grit my teeth and soldier on, but most people only react to the drama queens. smile
Now, go read 5791, and tell me what you think!

Gail, BC Thursday 18:28
Lynn, I thought you were going with the Frog & Scorpion at first."A scorpion, which cannot swim, asks a frog to carry it across a river on the frog's back. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung by the scorpion, but the scorpion argues that if it did that, they would both drown. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung the frog despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: "I couldn't help it. It's in my nature."[1]

After I posted about the cat, I thought maybe NINA would be a good fit as well.

Nell Thursday 18:43
Nancy, I've been enjoying Makeful and thank you again for the reminder that it's back. So nice to see reality shows where people support each other.

People- pleasers... (and co-dependent behaviour)... I was searching for the term in another post (re. Katie Redford). That's it, exactly. It's how Yasmeen was undoubtedly raised and it's holding her back. frown

Hey Jude Thursday 18:44
I'm with Lynn about the cat! I would prefer the kitten to Tracy hands down!LOL Didn't read too much about the frog reference I admit, because I just didn't have the time, been dealing with issues here. But yes, its the slow demoralizing of Yazmean that bothers all of us. Sadie Hawkins Day? I don't know what that is or was, sorry.

Elizabeth Thursday 18:51
I should have mentioned it earlier so sorry for the tardiness Gail but when I went to high school in the late 70s we had a dance every February called the turnabout dance. Like Sadie Hawkins the girls did the asking out and taking their date for a lovely meal before the dance.

Hey Jude Thursday 19:00
Gail/BC. Also, I've been visiting this GB for over 20 years, I've heard it all!

Lise Thursday 19:00
For you Hey Jude:

What Sadie Hawkins is/means:


Nell Thursday 19:06
Hey Jude, lol at your last comment. Ain't that the truth.

Hey Jude Thursday 19:15
Thanks Lise! I did look it up, and vaguely remember the comic strip in the newspaper, but never read it.
Nell: big grin

Lynn Thursday 19:47
Oh, yes we had the Sadie Hawkins dances at my high school.
I believe my high school might have done a production of I'll Abner too.

Cora Thursday 23:05
Gail I read and enjoy your posts all the time. I don't post often but enjoy what most of you have to say. Sometimes I think that people forget it is a show and the writers decide how the "actors" will act. I enjoy the show for the most part and enjoy this guestbook all the time. I am sure there are many others who read but don't post because someone has likely already posted our thoughts.

Anon Friday 03:07
Antihistamines are not the full time answer for allergies. Insulting to those who have been heartbroken over pet allergies, especially concerning newborns or toddlers. Just get rid of the kids then?

Gail, BC Friday 06:03
Anon, yes, if you are allergic to them you should get rid of the kids! big grin
Tracy could easily deal with the 'allergies' which probably don't exist, it being Tracy.

Nell Friday 11:58
lol Gail. I don't believe Tracy is allergic either.
5807) Alec  Male
Toronto Location
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Thursday 16:22 Write a comment

I just finished reading some spoilers, yes I read spoilers and thank goodness people are all different in this world (that comment is for one poster), and I must say in general that Gemma is turning out to be a really good mum!

Nell Thursday 18:30
I'm glad you like Gemma. It's good to read a different viewpoint about her. So long as she's not eating or shouting I don't mind her as much these days. Though I wish Gemma and Chesney had one or two babies. The quad theme is wearing me down a bit. But far less so than Geoff of course.

I'm wondering why Bernie left, esp. now of all times. With so many grandbabies you'd think they'd have found lots for the character to do.

Nell Thursday 18:46
Not that I think that's Bernie's reason for being. But I am surprised they let Bernie go, unless it was the actor's choice.

Alec Thursday 20:02
Yeah Bernie seemed more in the way then of assistance! Unless you wanted her to grab you a beer from fridge.

Gail, BC Friday 16:53
Alec, Bernie would be very helpful. Not only would she 'grab you a beer', but she'd drink if for you!! big grin
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