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5806) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Thursday 16:22 Write a comment

Lise,In Mark's defense,I also remember Roy paying Nina's back rent and for the next year at least.

Mark As for Roy and Carla,I see them as very close friends nothing more.
Unlike Bethany with Daniel,Carla would never disrespect Hayley's memory by pursuing Roy romantically.

Gail, BC Thursday 17:04
Roy paid the back rent, definitely. I think he paid several months ahead, but am not sure. I believe he told her to let him know if she needed help with the rent in the future.
Roy and Carla, a good platonic friendship, will never be anything else.
Marie, I see what you did there, slipping in a dig at B&D, in the guise of defending C&R!
Bethany and Daniel are NOT disrespecting Sinead's memory. They are sensitive, caring people who have both been through hell in their young lives, and have found intellectual common ground, which is leading to future romance. Unlike a lot of the women (and men) who regularly bed-hop, without any emotional attachment.

haili Thursday 17:10
I wonder if Roy actually paid the rent or if he gave the money to Nina and she applied it to bills instead. Anyway, the writers had to find a way to have her move in with Roy.

Tim has really been dumbed down. Some are calling him dim Tim.

Lise Thursday 18:11
No need to come to Mark's defence Marie!! All I said was that I did not remember Roy paying Nina's rent. ( that IS not attack!!)
5805) Alice 
GTA Location
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Thursday 12:27 Write a comment

Surely Tim would know something about his parents' relationship??? I'm surprised he hasn't caught on to Yasmeen's situation, though he's clearly thinking about it. Geoff is so disgusting. Does he honestly believe he hasn't abused Yasmeen because he hasn't hit her and 'would never hit a woman'?

I still don't get the gender inequality. Everybody hates Geoff for abusing Yasmeen. Tracy killed three people and everybody loves her. Go figure. Mark, help me out please.

Alice Thursday 13:14
PS A cool way out of this mess would be that Geoff's first wife comes back. She reveals that they never divorced. Therefore Geoff and Yasmeen aren't really married and he has no claim on her property.

blitzen Thursday 14:54
Ali killed someone and no one hates him. Rob Donovan killed Tina and everybody loves him. It's not a gender thing. Just stop.

Lynn Thursday 15:12
I wondered about Tim and what he knows about his mother and why his parents marriage ended too(assuming he was not a young child at the time).

I also have been thinking the maybe DIM TIM will redeem himself by figuring out what his father is doing to Yasmeen. It crossed my mind, but I do not have a lot of faith in Tim.

Blitzen: I am tired of the gender comparisons too.

There are times when gender matters, but whether someone is liked or disliked over a criminal act is not usually decided over gender, IMHO. It has much to do with the character before they committed the crime/act.

Hey Jude Thursday 16:32
I get the impression Tim was a young boy when his Dad was abusing Tim's Mom. Tim may have subconciously blocked it out of his memory, but hopefully soon he will remember something from his childhood that will make him realize he is doing the same to Yazmean. Imagine that scumbag Geoff saying Tim's Mother abused Geoff! He is one disgusting human being. I started to get a little excited when Yazmean said she knew Geoff lied about how she got locked in the trunk and it seemed like she was def going to challenge him, but then she backed down, uggh frown

Nell Thursday 19:18
Blitzen and Lynn, amen to that.

Alice, did Tracy kill 3 people? I only know of one. I'm confused. For the record, I don't like Tracy. But she's preferable to Geoff for too many reasons to list here.

Gail, BC Thursday 20:08
Nell, Tracy actively murdered Charlie Stubbs.
She was responsible for Kal's death, as she went to kill Carla, but bottled it. She left the lit candle, which started the fire.
I don't recall a third, but there have certainly been incidents when she TRIED to kill someone. Remember Karen McDonald?

Maggie Thursday 21:33
Alice - I like your idea about Geoff not being divorced, nullifying his marriage to Yasmeen. I had the same thought about Charlie and Tim - if she was previously married and not divorced, their Vegas wedding wouldn't be legitimate.

Lynn - Me too. Do we know if Tim's mother is still alive or what happened there? Who raised Tim? I don't recall him ever mentioning his mother. Maybe Geoff manipulated Tim into believing she was terrible and he cut off ties with her?!

Hey Jude - I also thought for a moment that Yasmeen was going end all this...but no...at least not yet. I really hate Geoff.

Nell and Gail,BC - Maddie (Sophie's girlfriend) was also killed by the fire that Tracy started. That would make it 3.

Gail, BC Thursday 22:01
Maggie, I had forgotten about Maddie. So, one actual murder and 2 she was responsible for. Never mind all the pain and trouble she has caused, mental torture, financial hardship, etc.

Maggie Thursday 22:42
Gail,BC - and that's just those we know about. Apparently, Tracy was getting up to all sorts while in prison wink - who knows what other secrets she is keeping from us. Haha.

Nell Thursday 23:40
Thanks for the reminders. I think they should have kept Tracy as a baddie instead of trying to make her into a modern day Vera to Steve's Jack. They picked the wrong character for that, imo.

But like I've said before, if the current producer can give Tracy such a big personality transplant, can he not do the same for Rob Donovan??

Maggie Thursday 23:56
Nell - one thing I like about the "new" Tracy is that I'm never sure when she'll revert to her old ways. I don't think she's really changed and is still capable to doing evil and despicable things. I expect we'll see that again from her at some point. Anyway, it's always a possibility and that makes her more interesting to me.

Nell Friday 00:14
Maggie, interesting. But would the old Tracy have hired Mary and been on friendly terms with her? I remember how Tracy was with Clare, and how she mocked Clare cruelly.

Pearl Friday 00:32
In my opinion Kal is responsible for his own death, stopping on the fire excape to propose to Leanne was stupid beyond belief. If tPYB need an exit for him (also for Maddie) they could have written less violent departures but that would not be as dramatic. Tracy was used as a pone for their exits.

Being a Barlow I think there will always be a Tracy in CS even if the actor is changed again.

Maggie Friday 00:37
Good point, Nell. Tracy is certainly not as one-dimensional as she had been but I'm not convinced the nasty/evil part of her personality is actually gone. It wasn't that long ago that she tried to set fire to Carla's apartment. I anticipate there will be a situation when she reverts back to her old form, one day.

Nell Friday 12:08
Maggie, I see your point. I think it depends on whoever happens to be producing at any given time and what their vision for Tracy is. With the next producer, as with the previous one, we could well see more of Tracy's different sides again. Macleod has said in interviews he wanted to turn Tracy into a comedy act with both Steve and Mary. With one year down, he should have 1-2 years left producing. After that, anything goes.
5804) Elizabeth 
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Thursday 05:36 Write a comment

Reading through the comments regarding the Yasmeen/Geoff abuse storylines I have noticed a couple of people say they don’t get why Yasmeen has not figured out what he is doing. Take it from someone who has lived it, the abuser has the upper hand and the person has no choice but to remain with the abuser because all resources are cut off from them leaving them with no options. Sadly by the time the person does see what is happening it is too late to turn to family for help because the abuser has isolated them from friends and family. My abuser moved me 400 miles away from my only family member. The financial abuse Geoff is handing her keeps her dependent on him therefore not being able to seek other accommodations. Shelters usually cater to physically abused women not mentally as much unless there are children involved. I know all too well how the mental abuser works. It started so gradually that of course I didn’t heed others warnings. If only I had. Geoff allowing Yasmeen £15 for a weeks groceries was similar to what I went through. Although it was the late 80s when I was only allowed $40 a month for groceries it still was a struggle to feed 2 people on that. Especially when he wanted decent meals of meat and two veggies every night. It easy for those who have not experienced this life to say just wake up but until you have lived it you will never know how difficult it is to break free from it.I just seethe when Geoff is on the screen.

Chris Thursday 06:32
Elizabeth, I've missed your posts. I'm so sorry what you went throuh with your abusing partner. I hove you have come out the other-side healthy.

Thanks for posting.

Maggie Thursday 07:57
Thank you for sharing your terrible experience to help us understand, Elizabeth. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that and am glad you made it through.

Although I absolutely hate this storyline, I think they have done a good job of showing how this can be done to even a pretty independent and confident woman. The Shelley/Charlie story was another example.

haili Thursday 11:39
Elizabeth: I hope you made it out of that relationship. I had a similar experience and for a long time you don't see any other option. That's why it's important that Yasmeen shows that there are ways out. I worked in a shelter and they also cater to emotionally abused women nowadays and also the police are much better than they used to be. Locking her in a box would give Yasmeen a good reason to call police and have him locked up, at least overnight. I think she is finally starting to see what he's doing but he talked her around again. Please, let this end soon, and show some options. She has friends and family. Good friends were a big help to me years ago.

Alice Thursday 12:19
Elizabeth, sorry you went through such an awful period in your life. I hope all is well now. Your insight helps to understand Yasmeen's submission and I appreciate it very much.

Lise Thursday 13:21
Elizabeth and Haili: I am so so sorry you went through a similar experience.

I am thinking of relatives, friends and neighbours and cannot think of anyone in that situation. And yet I know they must exist.

Hey Jude Thursday 16:35
Elizabeth: Thankyou for telling us your story. I can't imagine having to live like that, but I'm glad you came out of it a much stronger person. That helps a lot in understanding what some women have had to live with.

Nancy Thursday 17:45
Elizabeth, I've been thinking about you a fair amount as I hit the ff button on this story. I hope you consider hitting the ff button sometimes too. It's horrible enough to have to live it once. Thanks for speaking up again. I think that a LOT of the point of this story is that it can happen to the least likely people and it shows how quick we can be to blame the victim and look for causes in the victim's behaviours. I hope the denouement of this one is fully satisfactory when it comes.

Lynn Thursday 18:27
Thank you for telling us your story, Elizabeth. I hope that life is much better for you now.

Nell Thursday 19:31
Elizabeth, thank you for sharing, from me too. When I was younger I used to think it could never happen to some women. I've since learned sadly, it can happen to a lot more women than people would normally think. Unscrupulous, con artists know how to use every trick in the book.

I'm so glad that's behind you now.
5803) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Thursday 05:23 Write a comment

I figure though the rent was paid, Roy's neice is too scared to stay there so let it be rented? by new tenants.

Lise Thursday 15:22
Shirley, I think Nina's Dad was months behind in the rent before he died...

Hey Jude Thursday 16:27
Lise, you're right, so I am guessing Roy probably did pay the rent, but we never saw it happen. I think he suggested it, but it never made it on screen.
5802) Chris 
Ontario Location
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Thursday 03:27 Write a comment

I was reading about a new BBC Scotland TV food program called Corner Shop Cook-Off. It's premise is sending a qualified chef shopping at a Corner Shop for the fixin's for a three-course meal with only £15 spending money.

I immediately thought of Yazmeen doing a full shop for two adults for five days for a little over £18. The producer of Corner Shop Cook-Off should hire Yazmeen as a guest chef. She would smash it. wink [www.bbc.co.uk]

Mark Thursday 04:36
Yasmean has $40
She could buy a 10 lbs bag of onions and potatoes and ground pork, some cans of corn or beans and make a meatloaf.

Of course Jeff will complain and throw it in the garbage frown

Lise Thursday 15:30
It would take a gargantuan meatloaf to feed them both for 5 days !
5801) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 02:25 Write a comment

I read on Twitter that the quads' last name would be the double-barreled surname Winter-Brown; e.g. Aled Winter-Brown. I don't mind it, actually. smile

No cut scenes posted to YouTube at the time of writing this. So, no more scenes with Pathetic Geoff.
5800) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 02:18 Write a comment

Tonight's hole in the story is that Roy has been paying Nadia's rent.
I think he had even paid several months.
I'm surprised Roy let Nadia's rent go in arrears.
Did he forget about Nadia's rent?

This would be a good time to move the Roy-Carla romance
along by having Carla and Roy to sleep in the same bed
to give Nadia Carla's room.

Lise Thursday 15:27
I don't remember Roy paying Nina's rent.

I know Nina's Dad was a few months in arrears ..

Mark: you do have a bee in your bonnet about Roy and Carla! LOL

Hey Jude Thursday 16:23
Mark you're cracking me up!LOL No way would Roy and Carla sleep together! lol

Lynn Thursday 20:01
I thought that Roy had pre-paid some rent too.

I do not see Roy and Carla as a couple either. Good friends are hard to find, and they are great as friends.
5799) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Thursday 02:12 Write a comment

Daniel isn't giving Bethany good career advice.
Writing isn't going to give her a garanteed income
so she might as well take hair style courses
or esthetian courses and work at Grans.
Also she'd be with old women who would be more calming
than a pub-restaurant full of drunks and yahoos.

Or she Daniel could send her to work with Carla
to make or market the beard lotions she's making.

Haili must be happy to see Eileen is back.

Chris Thursday 02:34
Mark, I agree with you about Daniel promoting Bethany's writing career. There was an earlier story-line about Bethany's spelling/grammar which needed help from him with a potential story she was writing for the Weatherfield Gazette. For a small local newspaper, I think it would be unlikely for them to employ a copy-editor just to edit submissions for grammar and spelling.

It's not surprising as Bethany did not receive her English education in the U.K. Rather, it was in Milan, Italy. So, not up to scratch, imo.

Mark Thursday 04:27
Chris, I didn't remember about Bethany needing Daniel to check her spelling-grammar, thanks for reminding me and about her getting her education in Milan.
I don't think it's just about where one was schooled,
I'm sure there are lots of illiterates (like Tim) in the UK.
I think it's because people don't read enough.
Also I just can't see anyone making much money writing
unless it's technical writing.

Maggie Thursday 07:43
Wasn't Bethany talking about taking a writing course? I think that's a good idea. It's not always only about getting a job, it's about expanding your horizons and learning new things and finding out where your talents lie. Even if she doesn't end up in journalism or creative writing or online publishing (there are lots of jobs out there for good writers), I'd say it's better than another young woman resigning herself to some dead-end job on the street.
5798) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Wednesday 23:03 Write a comment

Gail/ON: I've been watching Shetland for a couple of weeks and it's also been about human trafficking.

Dianne W. Thursday 00:34
I really enjoyed the Shetland series and wonderful vistas. Also, the dialect was not difficult to understand.

Hey Jude Thursday 16:25
Dianne: I found the Scottish accents hard to pick up, so I had to use the CC when watching the show. And my ancestors were Scottish!LOL
5797) Gail 
BC Location
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Wednesday 22:45 Write a comment

Off Topic February 29th.
It's a Leap Year. I asked one of my young friends if they still have Sadie Hawkins' Day dances. Blank look. Then I asked their father. Blank look. Then I started explaining about Dogpatch and L'il Abner comic strip. He had heard of that.
Got into a discussion of the sophistication of the strip. Shakespeare reference 'pound of flesh' when Mammy Yokum was defending the pig."You can have your pound of flesh, but not her life." (paraphrased)
5796) Lise 
TO Location
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Wednesday 21:20 Write a comment

How about this?

P olitics Without P oliticians.

The p olitical scientist Hélène Landemore asks: If government is for the people, why can’t the people do the governing?

By Nathan Heller

Mark Thursday 02:13
frown Oh I thought you had been cured of your Guestbook #@*%!s obsession.

Nell Thursday 04:39
Here's the link.


Nell Thursday 04:40
No, sorry. It redirected to another article.

Lise Thursday 18:20
An obsession it may be but not a GB one! :<)
5795) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 19:31 Write a comment

From Susie Dent on Twitter -

Word-find of the day: A 'mamamouchi' is someone who believes they are far more important than they actually are.

(From the 17th century, invented by Molière in one of his comedies).

My Corrie vote for current or former 'mamamouchi' is Norris.

Do you have a candidate?

Maggie Wednesday 20:04
Sally, of course! smile

Alice Wednesday 20:53
Brian for his previous war on junk food in the school and his more recent campaign for proper recycling.

Lise Wednesday 21:02
I've always adored this expression.

"A pompous title, from that supposed to have been conferred by the Sultan on M. Jourdain in Molière's play, ‘Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme’; hence, one who takes such a title; an ostentatious, self-important, and ridiculous pretender".

For those of you who have watched Corrie for donkeys years I would
nominate Mrs Walker. The expression 'mamamouchi' would have fitted her to a tee.

Dianne W. Thursday 00:33
Would the term be 'papamouchi' for the males?

Gail, BC Thursday 21:42
Or maybe Scaramouche?
a stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who is a cowardly braggart, easily beaten and frightened.
(lowercase) a rascal or scamp.
5794) Gail/ON 
Toronto Location
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Wednesday 16:52 Write a comment

Some of you may have seen it. There was a story on The National last night about human trafficking of young girls and it was quite eye opening and very upsetting. Clearly they did their research very well for the grooming/trafficking story on Corrie because the policeman and the young lady working with them who was trafficked herself as a teen described how these creeps lure the girls into their web and it was exactly like what Nathan did to Bethany. It has to be a difficult job for those police to see this going on but as he said, very rewarding when they can rescue one of them and it isn't as easy as we might think it is to get them out of that life.

Lise Wednesday 18:03
It must be especially hard on these officers who have daughters.

What a sad world we live in.

Hey Jude Wednesday 19:12
I did see that Gail. It was very upsetting indeed.
Lise, I thought of that too.
5793) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Wednesday 16:01 Write a comment

haili,If Bethany is still having flashbacks of Nathan,then Sarah should get her daughter in counselling and Bethany should quit working at the Bistro.
What Bethany did was immature ans childish to say the least and fortunately she didn't try to glass the customer this time as she did with the patron at the club where she was dancing [underage I may add].

I'm also hoping that Geoff's abuse of Yasmeen is revealed soon as yesterday's episode was one of the hardest ones to watch.
One thing I did wonder though is Bethany dropping in on Daniel going to be a scene in every episode now?
I mean for someone who claims that she's only Daniel's 'friend',Bethany drops in a lot and surely this would disrupt Daniel's [who should be at work too]routine with Bertie who just came home from the hospital.

Lynn Wednesday 16:04
Marie...we were posting at the same time.
I agree, get Bethany in therapy. I made a similar comment below.

Beachy Carol Wednesday 16:33
I think Bethany and Daniel pretty much declared to one another the other day. He said he wasn’t ready, she said she would wait. They weren’t talking about friendship.

Gail Wednesday 16:43
Bethany smiled sweetly all the while as she delivered the ice cream speech. I thought the man was very good about the whole thing and didn't seem to clue in at all so she was lucky. Ray not so much! (Oh yes, let's blame Sarah again! wink

Maggie Wednesday 19:55
Gail, actually the man was completely clued in - he even said that Ray always tries to get a pretty girl to sweeten him up so he'll give Ray a good deal. He knows Ray's game - and Bethany clearly does too.

gAIL, bc Wednesday 23:55
Sorry ladies, you are all off-course except for MAGGIE, some farther than others.
This was not a flashback situation, Bethany knew exactly who all the players were. She was following Ray's instructions to the letter, and letting him and the customer know that she was aware of EXACTLY what was going on. The customer appreciated it, called her a firecracker. He might also have called her "a cheeky mare" smile
Bethany doesn't need any more therapy, she is taking care of it herself,in a spirited way.

Dianne W. Thursday 00:41
WHen I watched the scene with Ray, Bethany and Faye, and observed later his reaction to Bethany and the ice cream with sparkler, I immediately thought of the many situations in which Harvey Weinstein might have participated.

Gail/ON Thursday 01:42
I guess I wasn’t paying close attention to the dialogue. I must rewatch the scene. thanks for clarifying!

Maggie Thursday 07:22
That was certainly my take, Gail,BC - Bethany wasn't suffering a flashback - she was completely lucid and knew exactly what she was doing. Also, she was taking a well-aimed (and well-deserved) shot at Ray, not at the other man.

This was certainly inappropriate behaviour for an employee but I doubt Bethany could have continued to work for a creep like Ray after what he told her to do, anyway.
5792) Sara 
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Wednesday 15:22 Write a comment

Well, it's official - I need a brand new TV set and another pair of slippers!

Lynn Wednesday 15:59
lol ..I ca see how a thing like that happens.

I want to throw something at Yasmeen too to get that woman to wake up and fight back!!!

Hey Jude Wednesday 16:26
Me too!! I was yelling at my TV last night!LOL

Gail/ON Wednesday 16:55
I hope Geoff doesn't have Yasmeen sectioned in a psychiatric ward while he lives it up in her house spending her money. I could see that happening as a result of her "locking herself" into the magic box thingy. :(

Lise Wednesday 18:01
OMG Gail! Noooo!!
5791) Gail/ON 
Toronto Location
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Wednesday 13:05 Write a comment

Geoff is doing a good job of covering his tracks and making sure that everyone only sees what a long suffering caring guy he is while letting it be known that he’s the one suffering abuse from Yasmeen the alcoholic. Fortunately Kathy has heard him mouthing off at her and Alya is on to him but I wish they would do more than they’re doing. She keeps putting them both off though when they have questioned her. Hopefully now Tim will get a clue as well but no doubt Yasmeen will feed him sone garbage about accidentally locking herself in there and Dim Tim will buy it. She’s going to be in hot water with Geoff now because Tim found her. He’ll blame her for that! I hope he goes out in a body bag and soon. Maybe Tracy could lend Yasmeen that heavy sculpture she used on Charlie. That would be a good attitude adjuster for good old Geoff!

Gayle Wednesday 14:54
I really, really hope Geoff gets caught soon. He is ramping up his abuse big time! What a nasty piece of work.
I grew up with an abusive parent and am finding this storyline very painful to watch. Sadly I'm sure I am not alone. Is Tim smart enough to figure out what is going on? Somehow I doubt it. I thought Beth was unnecessarily nasty to Nina, and then mouthing off about her in the cafe? She becoming very tiresome with her nastiness.

Hey Jude Wednesday 15:58
Gail/ON: I bet you are right about Yazmean likely saying she foolishly locked herself in the trunk roll eyes (sarcastic)

Gail/ON Wednesday 16:03
Everyone knows Yasmeen is a sweet gentle lady so why would they believe Geoff? Although when she first appeared she was a lot more aggressive and bossy than she is now as I recall. I feel like they have made her a lot more meek and milld the past couple of years.

Gail, BC Wednesday 21:24
Let's have Ali kill off Geoff. Assume Ali is reinstated at hospital, Geoff is doing his radio show, gets an apoplectic fit, and Ali is treating him, when Geoff, in a befuddled state, brags about everything he is doing to Yasmeen.
Ali realizes Geoff is just as bad as the drug dealer he let die, and silences the machines, so no-one comes to save Geoff when he codes.
Ali was wearing gloves (it IS a hospital), nobody sees him anywhere near.
And Ali walks into the sunset. Yasmeen, as widow, gets all her money and property back; and the Street will help her through the guilt of feeling relieved.

Dianne W. Thursday 00:47
H Gail - I loved your adjective - ' lol attitude adjuster.'
5790) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Wednesday 05:19 Write a comment

so, Tim found Yazmeen. She should blurt out the true situation and decide the best way to get control of her life again ( talk to the banks, change the locks on the doors, etc. get a lawyer).
5789) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Wednesday 03:48 Write a comment

It seems The Sun was throwing a teaser at us (I think)
5788) Mark  Male
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 03:38 Write a comment

I was shouldn't have been rude to the customer.
It's not fair on the customer, he's not her boss and he wasn't rude to her.

Beth is always rude. What a nasty woman.

If Nina abandoned her apartment, what happened to all the board games
and other possessions?
Didn't Roy pay her rent?

I'm not sure if Tim is has legal claim to the house.

Mark Wednesday 04:22
Edit: Bethany shouldn't have been rude to the customer.

It was rude of Jeff to throw out the breakfast Yasmean prepared for him.

Hey Jude Wednesday 04:36
I wonder how the public treat the actor playing Geoff when he's off set.

Janice from British Columbia Wednesday 07:37
Hey Jude, I also wonder about what the public think of Geoff. Other actors have been stigmatised when they have played bad characters or when good characters have been jailed.

And Geoff the actor really has made a good job of being unlikable.

haili Wednesday 10:53
Beth should probably be fired for the way she treated that customer since she should be nice to all customers. I suppose she had a flashback of how she was treated in the past by Duncan? I'm not sure of the name of the man who got her into prostitution.

Maybe Nina is just afraid of being in that apt. because of the nasty neighbours.

If Tim is not legally married to Sally, he would probably not have a claim but the laws in Britain are unknown to me. He was breaking the law by marrying her.

Lynn Wednesday 16:03
Yes, Bethany was well out of line.

She should have been asked to leave the job after that incident.

I understand that she has had a big trauma in her life, but if every loud, drunken lout triggers her, she should not be working in a bar or restaurant until she can sort out her feelings.

I can completely understand how some of the things said by some of these men could bring back horrible memories and feelings, all the more reason to get some help.

Gail, BC Thursday 03:12
Bethany was not rude to the customer, she did exactly as Ray asked her. What 'triggered' her was Ray's innuendo that she be 'sweet'. Her experiences with Nathan have sharpened her awareness of what is being meant under what is said. The customer was well aware of Ray's slimy tactics.
Now BETH on the other hand is constantly rude and snarky. She needs to be barred from the cafe, prevented from being around Bertie, and put in her place at Underworld, if not outright fired. She sold her shares, she has no right to be involved in decisions.
5787) Patricia  Female
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Wednesday 01:16 Write a comment

Please get rid of Jeff’s charactee

Chrissy Wednesday 02:36
Please, this has to end soon. Poor Yasmeen. When Geoff was sitting at the table and Yasmeen was standing behind him in one of the first scenes, I was really hoping she would bash him over the head with a nice heavy pan! Hopefully sometime soon he’ll come to a really bad end.

Lynn Wednesday 14:49

A woman after my own heart lol (we are joking people...we know we cannot bash people with frying pans); I thought the same thing.

It is not a great quality, I know, but, s someone who has never been seen as meek, and has a rather short fuse, I would take about 30 seconds of Geoff's behavior before mutual destruction would commence.
5786) Chris  Male
Ontario Location
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Wednesday 00:34 Write a comment

(CANADA ONLY) Missing Coronation Street Scenes Feb 18th 2020 smile [youtu.be]
5785) Marie  Female
Montreal,Canada Location
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Tuesday 21:30 Write a comment

Hey Jude\Gail[BC]I think Ryan is paying off his debt to Gary by doing jobs for him for free.

Beachy Carol,I'm also looking forward to more storylines with Nina[who looked nice yesterday]and they're positive storylines too.
I was wondering what happened to Asha's storyline,I'm glad the writers are going back to it.

Beachy Carol Tuesday 21:50
I’m very happy about Asha too, Marie. I think the pairing of Nina and Asha as friends is brilliant.

Hey Jude Tuesday 22:53
Marie, OK, thx.
I like Nina as well, without all the heavy goth makeup!LOL But seriously, I'm glad her and Roy seem to be getting along.

Chris Tuesday 23:31
The Coronation Street wardrobe department must have an easy time in caring for Nina's costumes. wink

Hey Jude Wednesday 01:01
Too funny Chris!

Dianne W. Wednesday 02:24
I wish Nina would lose that nose ring.
5784) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Tuesday 18:50 Write a comment

Gail/BC: To answer your question below, no I don't believe Ryan has paid Gary back. In fact, we haven't seen much of Ryan recently, have we?
5783) Gail 
BC Location
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Tuesday 17:26 Write a comment

I posted a link on Feb 7th (don't know Thread #) with a link to an interview with 'Yasmeen' discussing the storyline. This was from june or july 2019, and she talks about how the writers started so subtly, the actors didn't realize it, until they looked back later. She said 6 months earlier. So it has been drawn out slowly ...(as the Actress said to the Bishop!)
At the end of Feb 17 edisode, I thought I sawthe penny drop. Standing in the pouring rain, after talking with Emma, the realization.

Spent close to two hours yesterday trying to find one of my posts, a reply to another thread, for proof, but here goes anyway.
I had posted, when Steve gave Tracy the kitten, that I wondered how long it would be before Tracy found a way to 'rehome' it. Suggested that Rita be the one to rescue it. And now "Steve, I think I have allergies." TRUE animal lovers go through allergy shots and treatments and just suck it up. Sometimes lurk on Quora, and testimonies are all over that.
5782) Hey Jude 
BC Location
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Tuesday 15:48 Write a comment

Just read who may discover Geoff tormenting Yazmean, and it's not on that list

Jackie Tuesday 20:43
Would not have thought of that person, but can see how that will work. An upcoming storyline allows the person they talk to about it, the time to help.

Nell Wednesday 01:31
I don't know who you mean. Do you have a link? Thx.

Jackie Wednesday 01:45
Its a spoiler. I think it was in the Sun. Is that it, Hey Jude?

Hey Jude Wednesday 01:55
Yes Jackie front page I believe. Sorry Nell, not sure how to make a link

Nell Wednesday 15:35
I found it, thanks. Here it is.


Hey Jude, I just highlight the url address, copy it, and paste it here.

Hey Jude Wednesday 15:54
Thanks Nell, I'll try that next time
5781) Monique 
Halifax Location
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Tuesday 15:29 Write a comment

Regarding the Goeff and Yasmeen storyline, I did a quick search of coercive control abuse. It describes exactly what Geoff is doing. It's a different form of abuse than gaslighting, although gaslighting may be used as a tactic of coercion. It involves harsh criticism and violent reactions, potentially including some sort of physical violence. It also involves excessive restrictions on spending. It is very direct and harsh. Gaslighting, which is as damaging and mentally cruel, is so insidious the victim doubts themselves without realizing what's happening.

It's hard to understand why a partner would be confused when the mistreatment is so direct. Some partners put up with extreme physical abuse because they're scared of leaving, but in Yasmeen's case she seems to not realize there's abuse going on. She keeps apologizing and he even had her convinced she had a drinking problem. Even when he called her an clumsy, oafish bitch she didn't catch on and said the video going viral might provide more work.

Maybe we don't understand because in real life the abuse would escalate gradually but the writers are speeding it up for the storyline.

Lynn Tuesday 15:40
Thank you, Monique for looking that up.

blitzen Tuesday 16:13
Also because Geoff alternates it with bouts of extreme affection and affability, like taking Yasmeen shopping or making a special dinner. So she never knows which Geoff she is going to get, and tells herself that if she can only get things just right everything will be fine.

Hey Jude Tuesday 17:02
Monique and Blitzen, it would be enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown. In fact I'm surprised Yazmean is able to hold up

haili Tuesday 17:10
They can't speed up this story line fast enough for me! There is lots of help for abused women as the shelters have legal help and counselling and Yasmeen should know about it from working and using the library. I just hope that Geoff hasn't transferred her money to his account and doesn't have a claim on her house, though he's probably entitled to half the assets now that they're married. May this all end soon! - and I want her to do it herself rather than just be rescued, though she will need al her friends for support later.

blitzen Tuesday 17:17
He doesn't have any claim on the house, but I think their half of Speed Daal is in Geoff's name. Or if it's in both their names he is entitled to half anyway.

Monique Tuesday 19:00
Most women stay in openly abusive relationships because they`re scared and/or lack resources. Yasmeen was an independent woman before this relationship and the relationship has not been going on for very long. It`s hard to understand how he could destroy her in such a short period and how she seems oblivious that he is abusing her. She had no problem telling Sharif where to go.
5780) Beachy Carol  Female
On Location
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Tuesday 15:28 Write a comment

Mark, you will be happy! I am too, for both storylines. I don’t normally seek out or post spoilers but for anyone who needs a shot of “nice” right now, this is it.


Gail/ON Tuesday 15:52
I like Nina. I did right from the first scene she was in. I think this will be a lovely relationship between her and Roy. At least I hope it will be and that the writers don't decide to make it otherwise.

Gail Tuesday 17:39
I am also happy that the line early on about liking bats wasn't just a 'Goth' throwaway. Maybe they can go down to SW area, where one bat inhabits woodland. It also is quite cute, important for TV.
5779) Lynn 
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Tuesday 13:40 Write a comment

SPOILER...I don't think anyone posted this yet.

Another young cast member will be departing in the near future


Gayle Tuesday 15:09
The announcement of his departure seemed to come out of the blue. Just wondering why.

blitzen Tuesday 15:22
He's looked very unkempt and uninterested lately on the show. I don't know if that is supposed to be a character choice or if the actor is going through something himself. Either way I'm tired of him threatening/being threatened by Gary and trying to warn off Maria. She's made her choice, stupid as it is. Move on.

Lynn Tuesday 15:35

I am wondering too. It does seem rather sudden. Maybe he does not see the character going anywhere, anytime soon so he decided to move on.

Gail Tuesday 17:45
The character used to have a lot going for him. Since the drugs, misdiagnosing Emma, fire at Maria's, and obsession about Gary, Ali has lost a lot of his credibility and most, if not all, of his charm.
I trace it to the bad haircut(by the PTB). Since he has been sporting that off-to-the-side, full-forehead exposed style, his personality has gone into the dumpster.
Used to like him more than Ryan, but Ryan's character has been growing up lately. BTW, has Ryan ever paid Gary back for the money he stole?

Chris Tuesday 23:11
I had read that the actor had no intention of being a permanent or even long-term cast member when he joined the show. It's just time for him to move on to other roles. Good luck! smile

Nell Wednesday 01:34
Thanks Lynn. I'd forgotten how cute he is with shorter hair. Maybe the actor is leaving to spend time with his new baby. I'm sad to see him go.
5778) haili 
ont Location
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Tuesday 11:36 Write a comment

I want Yasmeen to rescue herself and it's about time she smartened up and quit taking his crap. So many abused women make the move and get out and she's supposed to be intelligent. This has gone on long enough - much too long.

I enjoyed the scene with Steve and Tracy. They really do love each other but have been taking each other for granted.

Gail Tuesday 14:21
I agree about Steve and Tracy haili! In fact, I think they love each other too and unlike most couples on the street, they actually talk about their problems! I think Kate and Simon are wonderful together.

I'm also very puzzled as to why Yasmeen continues to put up with that monster's abuse when she knows that she's not guilty of any of his accusations and HE is the one with the drinking problem, not her! I'm not one to want to rush along story lines and usually defend it when other's think it's gone on too long but in this case, I agree! I also wonder when the others will get their blinders off and see what's going on there. Alya seems to know something isn't right and Kathy does too! Tim seems oblivious. I hope that soon Geoff will get what he deserves. I'm going to enjoy every moment of it when he does! I just want to see and hear Yasmeen tell him off good and proper and a good well aimed kick in the gonads wouldn't go amiss either!

Beachy Carol Tuesday 14:38
My hubby thinks Geoff will abscond with all of Yasmeen’s money and do something with ownership of the house. Geoff is himself finding it harder to pretend to be nice, even in public and with his son, so the theory in my house is that he will do a runner, leaving Yasmeen destitute. But safe thank goodness!

Gail/ON Tuesday 15:29
That's a possibility. At first he just seemed like he was overly controlling but now he's getting dangerously nasty and threatening toward her. I don't get the impression that getting her money and leaving her is part of his agenda. It's more about him dominating and controlling her and breaking her spirit. But maybe when others start to realize what he's doing, he might make a run for it and leave her destitute. She'll probably be glad to be rid of him, even if she is left with nothing! I'm wondering if it's going to turn to physical violence soon because he's getting more and more threatening.

Nancy Tuesday 15:51
I want the story over, but I find Yasmeen's plight fairly believable. For years, and certainly during Yasmeen's upbringing, even the strongest women were co-opted by parents and society into being people pleasers - if you look up a test for co-dependency, a huge number of women from my generation (Y is about 5 years older than I am, which makes it more likely not less) would test positive because of those social gender expectations. As someone whom others consider to be quite strong and independent, I amazed myself by ticking almost all the boxes on codependent behaviour, so her confusion and attempts to smooth the waters seem authentic enough. But it doesn't mean I want to watch it happening as an after-school special on important relationship issues on my evening soap.
5777) Shirley  Female
Edmonton Location
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Tuesday 07:25 Write a comment

So sad watching Yazmeen. Want a rescue for her. Who is Gary going to murder now?

Gail Tuesday 14:23
I would like to suggest that Geoff might be a good choice. Maybe he could practice on him. lol
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